F1 on HD – SD from next year?

{ Posted on Oct 29 2008 by dScribe }

I have to commend Channel Ten Australia for showing most of the grand prix this year live on their HD channel. For those overseas readers, in Australia most “high definition” (HD) digital TV channels here are just a mirror of our “standard definition” (SD) channels.

As of this year Channel Ten has been broadcasting different content on their HD and SD channels. This means that instead of getting a delayed telecast due to time conflicts with other television shows, Ten HD has been showing the Grand Prix live.

Only problem is, what about those of us that only have SD? We still just get the old program timing carried over from the analogue broadcast (ie. delayed – GPs usually starting from 10:30pm onward).

It seems as of next year Ten will be releasing a dedicated sports channel broadcast in both HD and SD! :) The new channel will be known as ONE and will be a direct competitor to FoxSports and ESPN – albeit, free :)

Ten HD will become ONE HD but will have a simulcast on ONE SD.

No doubt this will mean better motorsport (especially F1) coverage. Again, props to Channel Ten for taking things to the next level… 8)

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  1. The F1 might have been broadcast on Channel Ten’s HD channel, but the signal itself comes from ITV in SD, so it really doesn’t make that much of a difference. A quick peek of NASCAR on ESPN’s HD channel on Foxtel and you’ll notice the difference.

    However with F1 on the BBC next year it might be a different story. For one I really hope Ten continues to broadcast F1 and not have it sold to Foxtel.

  2. there is no one SD only one HD, and even if there was you would still need a digital set-top box to get it

  3. @Anthony – Unless something has changed, ONE will be broadcast on both SD and HD (see http://www.tencorporate.com.au/library/documents/Network%20Ten%20announces%20new%20sports%20multi-channel%20ONE%20-%2028%20October%202008.pdf). And of course you need a digital set-top box! You’re lucky they didn’t cut the analogue signal in 2008 like originally planned :)

  4. Channel 10 in Sydney didn’t have the Malaysian GP scheduled until 11:10pm at night, some 2 hours after the expected end time, so I thought that they might have it live on their new service One. I was wrong.

    Instead I found NCAA College Basketball between NCar and Villa (which I;m assuming is not of the Aston kind), so I gave up and thought I’d tune in Channel 10 at 11:10pm. I was still wrong.

    At 11:10pm I found some guy getting his head sliced open and over on One, the basketball was still on between UConn and Mich. So I ended up finding out that Button had won the race on Teletext (Ceefax) and then finally watched the race at 11:45.

    One SD and HD is still a total farce – Well done Channel 10.

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