F1 on HD – SD from next year?

{ Posted on Oct 29 2008 by dScribe }

I have to commend Channel Ten Australia for showing most of the grand prix this year live on their HD channel. For those overseas readers, in Australia most “high definition” (HD) digital TV channels here are just a mirror of our “standard definition” (SD) channels.

As of this year Channel Ten has been broadcasting different content on their HD and SD channels. This means that instead of getting a delayed telecast due to time conflicts with other television shows, Ten HD has been showing the Grand Prix live.

Only problem is, what about those of us that only have SD? We still just get the old program timing carried over from the analogue broadcast (ie. delayed – GPs usually starting from 10:30pm onward).

It seems as of next year Ten will be releasing a dedicated sports channel broadcast in both HD and SD! :) The new channel will be known as ONE and will be a direct competitor to FoxSports and ESPN – albeit, free :)

Ten HD will become ONE HD but will have a simulcast on ONE SD.

No doubt this will mean better motorsport (especially F1) coverage. Again, props to Channel Ten for taking things to the next level… 8)

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