Brazilian GP – Glock Hands Hamilton Championship

{ Posted on Nov 03 2008 by dScribe }

What an AMAZING race! :)

On most race weekends 5th place would be a walk in the park for Lewis Hamilton but somehow in Brazil we were treated to every twist, turn and drama possible! I find it amazing that the World Championship so often comes down to the last race, let alone the last corner!

Lewis Hamilton – Congratulations to Lewis on his first Formula One Drivers World Championship! He almost let it slip away again, not really through any fault of his own, but managed to wrestle it back. He’s not the mosts loved driver but he’s certainly one of the fastest men in F1 so thoroughly deserves the championship :)

Felipe Massa – Poor Felipe. While he probably doesn’t have the outright pace and talent of Lewis, he managed his season better and ended up with more wins. Very respectable. Felipe certainly is a different driver this year. He’s finally stepped out of his “number 2 upbringing” at Ferrari.

I keep thinking back to how Felipe’s engine blew a few laps from the end of the Hungarian Grand Prix – a Grand Prix he absolutely dominated. That was where the championship was lost along with the pit lane blunder in Singapore.

Unfortunately for Felipe, and with all due respect to him, I have a feeling this might have been his only shot at a drivers world title…

Felipe Massa’s family and some Ferrari crew – I felt SO bad for them seeing they thought they’d won the Championship only to discover Lewis passed Timo Glock in the last corners… It would have been great to see Brazil erupt like they did when Ayrton Senna did the impossible in the 1993 Brazilian Grand Prix. At least they had a perfect qualifying to celebrate over the weekend I guess…

Fernando Alonso, Sebastian Vettel – It’s such a shame these guys didn’t have the car they needed to be in the championship hunt in the start of the season. They’ve been nothing short of brilliant in the 2nd half of the year (and on occassion in the first half).

Robert Kubica – I mention Robert here because he’s another driver who it would have been nice to see in the championship race. However while Renault and Toro Rosso have improved throughout the season, BMW have gone backward.

Giancarlo Fisichella – Fantastic decision to switch to dry tyres early on! It doesn’t often pay off for those people who brave the conditions first, but it’s nice to see when it does pay off. A special shout-out to Kaushal who wanted us to cover Force India in our post-race comments! And a big hi to all our Indian readers too! :)

Timo Glock – I don’t think Timo will be on Felipe Massa’s Christmas card list this year :)   To be fair though, even though Timo was terrible on the last 2 laps, his decision to stay out on dry tyres in the wet was the only reason he leapfrogged the other drivers anyway. So all up another good points race for the Toyota driver :)

Heikki Kovalianen – I really wonder whether McLaren develop the car completely around Lewis because I didn’t think Heikki was that bad… but maybe he is… Anyway, Heikki cost McLaren the constructors title with his under-par performances throughout the year.

Kimi Raikkonen – Did a very solid job to finish 3rd. Probably could have taken Alonso, but needed to minimise the risk to give Massa a chance at the title. Great team spirit from the FInn.

David Coulthard – I remember when David first came in to Williams to replace Ayrton Senna. He was an exciting young talent. While he did well after moving to McLaren he really got moulded into the classic “number 2″, in many ways like Felipe Massa has been in previous years.

It’s a shame David never got to have a good shot at the title like Felipe did this year, but he seems to have had a good time in F1 with his share of gorgeous girlfriends, casinos, hotels, lucky escapes (both on track and from a private jet crash)… so David, we wish you all the best and thank you for the exciting times ;)

14 Responses to “Brazilian GP – Glock Hands Hamilton Championship”

  1. this is a complete hamilton fan so the bias towards felipe…!!
    lets just wait and watch..!!

  2. I’m so sad.
    p.s. I don’t see any bias towards anyone? Just telling it like it is, I think.

  3. I feel so sad…. So sad for Massa.. But happy enough for Lewis and his family..(especially his bro who has cerebral palsy and had made it to see his bro lifting the most thrilling title races EVER!!!!)

    But let me be my usual.. Why DID NOT Timo try and defend the 2 cars (amazing vettel and hammy) on the last corner, cause he had only one straight after that… Didnt think that the track got so so worse for the slicks??

  4. it was one fantastic race… i was so nevrous in the end…Massa didn’t win the champioship and i’m so sad for that.. i was cry with Massa…..Alonso of course did very good job and i agree Alonso didn’t have the car he needed to be in the championship hunt in the start of the season…. but he will be the next champion don’t worry be happy :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

  5. I absolutely salute for vettel’s war with hamilton…unfortunately the title was not meant to be for Massa. Hate Timo..

  6. Oh, I’m in on the Timo-hating club too.

  7. im loving TIMO!!!

    So chuft for Lewis. I was in a pub in Twnholm ( DC’s home village) to watch it, gutted for DC on the first corner. The whole place was so down and wen Lewis lost out to Vettel the whole bit was like a morgue. but the state of ecstacy wen we realised that in fatc that was glock dwindling was such a great feeling. the whole place was jumping around like loonies!!

    Love it. Well done LEWIS!!!!!!

  8. Amazing Race, exciting season. Thank you Vettel:) You was great.
    Hete you Timo!!

  9. i think the people who hate Hamilton now they hate Timo too….
    i am in the Timo-hating club too….

  10. Well, Dont be too soon to hate Glock… In my eyes he is one of the challenger’s who can make beat Lewis anytime in the future..

  11. alonso is the beast of the formula one lewis hamilton is a poor and bad player of the formula one!!! xd xd xd…


  12. HAha… Did u mean beast or the best??? .. The former suits him the best…
    Alonso 2010 Champion???? What happened to him in 2009???

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