Malaysian GP – What could have been?

{ Posted on Apr 07 2009 by dScribe }

I have mixed feelings about the Malaysian Grand Prix. It started off great and was building up to be fantastic with people running different strategies. The rain came, the excitement stayed high, yet the finish was a bit of an anti-climax.

Jenson Button – Did a great job to hold everything together and take the win.

Rubens Barrichello – I dunno… I wish they would have put Bruno Senna in the car this year :(

Nick Heidfeld – Didn’t really drive a race worthy of 2nd place, but hey, sometimes the cards just fall like that and today was his day :)

Timo Glock – Timo seemed very happy in the wet and did seem to have everything under control. He’s starting to impress me this guy :)

KERS – The KERS teams suffered quite a bit in the wet. However I’m actually confident with enough experience they’ll be able to sort out the balance of the cars. Then, when they have learnt how to set it up properly they might actually have an advantage..

Red Bull Racing – If these guys work out a new diffuser, watch out! Very impressive once again.

Williams – Seem really strong in qualifying but don’t know what’s happening in the race? Brawn GP and Toyota are leaving them for dead in the races.

Lewis Hamilton – Seemed to make the most of his equipment but the McLaren is still an extremly lacking car.

Ferrari – I put Ferrari as the last point on this list because they deserve to be after sending Kimi Raikkonen out on monsoon tyres on a virtually dry track. Insane. As for Massa, not much better..

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  1. “Rubens Barrichello – I dunno… I wish they would have put Bruno Senna in the car this year”

    i dont think so… in 2008 Massa do nothing in the Australia and Malasya GP(like this year) and dont win the champioship for one point…

    The Championship just begin… last see what Rubens can do it.

    Ps.: Senna will for Mclaren in 2010… bye bye kovaleinen.

  2. “let” see what Rubens can do it. – sorry… lol

  3. As a Ferrari fan…. that was PAINFUL to watch. And at 4 a.m., no less!

    Speaking of the early morning race for me: thanks a lot, Charlie Whiting, for taking 50 minutes to decide not to restart the race, when it was clear it was impossible to get it going again 5 mins. after the red flag. I could have gone back to bed 50 minutes earlier.

  4. …for me this race brings a lot of flavours. very impressed to see the under-dog teams stand up and do great job..

    congrats to redbull, brawngp n toyota..hehehe

  5. As for me I think since Stefano Domicanlly (not sure how to write his name) he’s been messing Ferrari’s strategy since a while..since John Todd left the team, I’ve no idea about Kimi’s strategy and that it’s a heavy gamble, but I think they should have gambled with Felipe cause he was already out of points he had nothing to lose, but Kimi was in the 5th place and noone could know what happens with the rain, Ferrari has no chance when they stay like this I think, and Jenson Button is a driver who was giving a car and he knows how to use it, very nice driving from him, and he deserves it…

  6. Barrichello didn’t do too badly, he ended up making up 3 positions by the end of the race. Didn’t perform as well as Button, though.

    Kovalainen had another terrible race, he should have nursed the car a bit more, he should have known that cold brake and tyres while driving on the rubber marbles on the outside of the track was a bad idea.

    Webber drove quite well, Reb Bull seem to have two good wet weather drivers.

  7. Brazilian Boy – Sorry but I’m really losing hope in Rubens. I think you could be right about Senna for McLaren though. It’s certainly going to be good media for whichever team picks up Bruno :)

    Caitlin – It’s a shame Ferrari (and McLaren) haven’t been able to keep Brawn GP honest so far this year (so to speak, nothing meant by “honest” LOL! :) ). At least Red Bull Racing did a good job in China :)

    Thankfully they eventually started the race in China but that must have been painful to get up early and have to wait for the start too!

    YNA – Funny you put Red Bull first now that we’ve seen how well they did in China :)

    Nedal – Bring Jean back I say. Agree? ;)

    Kovy – I assume you’re a Kovalainen fan or just have a similar name? :)

    What a great comment you made about Red Bull having two good wet weather drivers. After China you can say that again!! :) You should have placed a bet! hehe ;)

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