Chinese GP – Brawn Slipping

{ Posted on Apr 21 2009 by dScribe }

One thing is clear from the Chinese GPas soon as the “top” teams sort out their new diffusers completely, Brawn GP won’t be a championship contender. It’s a big call I know, but to see how quick some of the teams were with their new diffuser designs straight out of the box, it just shows the Brawn will have to pump a lot of money into R&D to have any chance of staying in the championship.

Sebastian Vettel – Can’t say enough good things about this guy. What a magnificent pole and an even better victory!

Sebastien Buemi – Apart from almost taking Sebastian Vettel out of the race, Buemi was brilliant! It’s so great to see so much talent in F1 at the same time! :)

Mark Webber – It’s sad but here in Australia when Webber qualifys well you usually hear comments like “that’s good, but will he finish the race?”. Thankfully he finished the race this time and was unfortunate to not be closer to Vettel. Great job both in quali as usual and great to see him follow it up with a good race.

Red Bull Racing – Thankfully the cars held together. I have to say that again – thankfully the cars held together!! RBR looks very good in pre-season testing. If they can get their cars reliable and sort out a nice diffuser solution they really could have a shot at the championship.

Jenson Button – Solid job. Possibly took it easy to be “safe”?

Rubens Barrichello – Really needs to beat Button one of these days if he doesn’t want to relive his Ferrari days as the designated “number 2″.

Fernando Alonso – Unbelievable qualifying effort regardless of fuel loads. Not sure whether Renault could have managed the pitstops better though. I mean look at the position Force India managed to get Adrian Sutil in by pitting early during the safety car… Still, at least there’s a lot of potential for the future.

Adrian Sutil – So close to grabbing some serious points! It was like Monaco 2008 all over again. Heartbreaking :(

Lewis Hamilton – You have to give it to Lewis – he always seems to get the maximum out of the car. The results don’t reflect it, but without his spins off the track could he have been on the podium? Which step I wonder…

McLaren – Can someone confirm McLaren had a new diffuser and were running KERS? If so they could be a threat very soon…

Ferrari – Come on Ferrari, you shouldn’t be last of these points and you definitely shouldn’t be last in the race (or thereabouts). With that said I don’t think the panic surrounding Ferrari is justified. During the race they’ve been in some good positions on the track and often have quite good pace. Just get on top of that reliability and make sure Massa gets into Q3!! :)

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  1. According to the commentators at Speed, Hamilton had a new temporary diffuser, Kovalainen did not. Not sure about KERS on either.

  2. I believe that Hamilton had a modified diffuser as Susan mentioned, and both McLarens had KERS for China. I think the current plan is for McLaren to also use KERS in Bahrain.

    I think you are right dScribe, the diffusers seem be the success of Brawn this year. It won’t take Ferrari, McLaren and the others to get it right…..I hope :)

  3. Yeah, that may be true about Brawn GP not being a championship contender after everyone gets the whole diffuser situation sorted, but they do have a nice points cushion over everyone right now that they can work with.

    I love Sebastian Vettel! I think he’s so underrated too. Nobody else seems to appreciate him as much as I do. Except Germans.

    God. Is it bad that I’m kind of embarassed to be a Ferrari fan right now? I even had a dream the other night that Kimi was selling hot dogs at a Grand Prix.

  4. iim not a big fan of ferrari however i still felt sad about their peformance for this 3 previous races…n for the RBR, hopefully they can maintain their performance throughout this season…

  5. No Caitlin its not bad…you should be embarrassed to be a Ferrari fan ;) I am only kidding. I had a good laugh at your dream of Kimi selling hotdogs.

    I am sure Ferrari will be back in the thick of the battle in the next few GPs

  6. ….besides how do you think us McLaren fans feel? We have been going from one scandal/drama to the next for the past few seasons…now that’s embarassing ;)

    It has become so common that I don’t think the lie-gate has even been discussed here. I am not suggesting it should be…I would rather discuss the actual racing any day. :)

  7. That’s true. I guess I’m not quite as bad off as you are. :)

  8. Uhhh. That’s very bad season for BMW too. Robert Kubica is in bad situation. Wrrr I don’t like it

  9. Susan – The difference the new diffuser made for Lewis seemed pretty clear didn’t it? I just fear that when the “top” teams sort out their diffusers we won’t have as many surprise winners.

    Jason – It’s interesting that McLaren are still running KERS. They seem to believe in it. I can’t believe so many teams invested so heavily into it only to abandon their program. But I guess the only thing that matters is the lap time at the end of the day :)

    In regard to all the scandal with McLaren it’s a real shame. I think lying is a serious issue, but on the other hand it’s been seriously blown out of proportion. Can you imagine if McLaren was the only team running the double-decker diffuser – it’d be banned within a single race :)

    The other thing is McLaren is gearing up to produce a whole series of road cars which look like they’ll be magnificent. The last thing they need is all this bad PR.

    Caitlin – Kimi selling hot dogs… LOL! :D Well at least you have Vettel to cheer about while Ferrari get their act together :) Deep down I have to wonder how badly do Ferrari need someone like Alonso to develop the car?

    YNA – Ferrari seem to have the potential, they just keep missing a piece or 2 in each race. Once they put it all together they should be ok. I just hope it’s not too late :(

    Agata – I think BMW is just as disappointing as Ferrari and McLaren this season. I guess it serves them right for creating such an ugly car… just kidding ;) Funny to think Vettel could have been in the BMW camp but ended up in the “secondary” Red Bull Racing yet now he’s looking very good in the championship :)

  10. “One thing is clear from the Chinese GP – as soon as the “top” teams sort out their new diffusers completely, Brawn GP won’t be a championship contender.”

    I think this is the best observation I’ve read this season. And I couldn’t agree more. I guess time will show. I’m kinda interested to see what happens with McLaren now, especially after that public apology. Hope Renault pull their horses together soon. We need it.

  11. Ferrari does not need Fernando Alonso, thank you very much.

  12. That is a big call on the Brawn team not being competitive when the big teams sort themselves out… With the limits on testing it is going to be more difficult than in past seasons to move the cars forward significantly. Having said this the other teams, especially Ferrari and McLaren have some very talented people… We will see.. personally I see Button for the championship..

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