British Grand Prix – Why Didn’t I Bet?

{ Posted on Jun 23 2009 by dScribe }

Isn’t it amazing – Jenson Button has been unstoppable this season yet come his home Grand Prix and that dominance goes out the window. It’s the complete reverse of what I like to call the “Spanish motobike rider syndrome” – which is a phenomenon you see in MotoGP and other bike events where Spanish riders are much MUCH more competitive in their home Grand Prix than in other races (provided they keep the thing on the track ;) ).

I had a feeling this would be one race that escaped Jenson… should have taken that bet :)

I think the point form works better so we’ll go back to that for this round:

  • Sebastian Vettel – Wow.
  • Mark Webber – Almost wow :) Great job getting ahead of Barrichello though! And good to see the Aussie media start to give some front page coverage to him (at least on the news web sites).
  • Rubens Barrichello – Great that he managed to beat his teammate, but should have drove it home by taking the win.
  • Felipe Massa – After Vettel I vote Felipe for drive of the race. He fought hard and got a great result.
  • Nico Rosberg – Solid. Williams edging ahead of Toyota?
  • Jenson Button – Hard to tell whether he could have done more. I really hope he doesn’t settle for playing a numbers game for the rest of the season :(
  • Giancarlo Fisichella – What happened there? Wasn’t he ahead of Alonso and Hamilton at one point? Then he ends up 10th. I guess that’s still good for Force India though :)
  • Kimi Raikkonen & Kazuki Nakajima – Didn’t quite catch where they dropped down the pack so much?
  • McLaren, Renault, BMW – Oh dear…

2 Responses to “British Grand Prix – Why Didn’t I Bet?”

  1. More Vettely goodness. Enjoyed that. I hope he’s the champ this year. I’m very happy for Felipe too; he’s giving me hope for Ferrari :)

    I don’t know what happened to Raikkonen and Nakajima either? They were looking pretty stable until the pit stops and then somehow… what? I don’t even know who leapfrogged them! It’s like they teleported backwards or something.

    McLaren and BMW… eeks! They might as well pull a Honda: scratch this year and start working on next year’s car. I don’t even know if they can turn it around in time if they tried, anyway. :(

  2. Caitlin – It’ll be hard for Sebastian, but hopefully he can help make it a close championship by the end of the season :) Who knows, we may yet see someone else challenge too (Webber perhaps?)

    I really don’t understand how teams like McLaren and BMW can pump so many millions of dollars into development then go from being at the front of the championship one year to the back of the championship the next year.

    Oh, and just so you know the new site is almost ready but in the meantime we’ve got some picture posts coming up (wait for the Adrian Newey post.. it’s really really bad LOL! ;) )

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