McLaren Exhaust – Problems?

{ Posted on Jun 29 2009 by dScribe }

I know everything doesn’t have to be symmetrical on a car, but during the British Grand Prix I noticed how completely different the 2 sides of McLaren’s exhaust were.

McLaren Exhaust. No symmetry. British Grand Prix.

Now there’s nothing wrong with trying new things and setting up a car to be baised for a particular direction, but I think McLaren needs to get to basics with their car. The 2 different exhaust exits are symbolic of their problems. Forget the fancy stuff – just keep the car simple and work on making it fast.

6 Responses to “McLaren Exhaust – Problems?”

  1. These exhausts are different sizes to cater for the cooling needs for each side of the car for this circuit. Ultimately improving Aerodynamic efficiency which is paramount at silverstone…

  2. Andy – Ahh.. good point! But wouldn’t different cooling requirements on each side of the car then disrupt the balance of air flowing to the back of the car?

  3. not really. you get the same amount of airflow trough the back, it’s just that on one side it flows trough the radiator and on the other it dosen’t (as much)

  4. Are you sure it’s not a shadow?

  5. Actually nevermind, that’d be a pretty effed up shadow.

  6. Kimi – I guess so :) But it just seems like they’re clutching at straws trying to find an answer to their performance problems.

    Caitlin – LOL! :) You never know it could be a shadow because the McLaren is “a pretty effed up car” hehe ;) With that said I do think they can turn it around before the end of the season :)

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