Hungarian GP – Thoughts with Felipe

{ Posted on Jul 27 2009 by dScribe }

While the Hungarian race was very interesting, I can’t help but think about Felipe Massa and his freak accident on Saturday. The way he was struck in the head by the spring was sickening and I really thought the worst when seeing the replay. Thankfully he seems to be stable, but I don’t think we’ll know just how bad things were until he comes out of the induced coma. Early reports suggest he’ll miss the rest of the season. In any case let’s hope he makes a full recovery. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Felipe.

Now to the race itself…

Lewis Hamilton – Unstoppable. He looked like he would have been fast in the last round and this round confirmed that. Great drive.

Kimi Raikkonen – Bit of a surprise here. Both McLaren and Ferrari seem to have had a nice surge in performance at almost the same time. Kimi was lucky not to be penalised for his swerving at the race start – but I guess there were so many cars around that their movements influenced his (as opposed to Mark Webber in the previous round who swerved for seemingly no reason).

Mark Webber – Another solid drive. These podium places will certainly help especially as teammate Sebastian Vettel keeps having DNFs.

Nico Rosberg / Williams – Looks like Williams has decided that if the “great” teams like Ferrari and McLaren are going to go faster, they should be on the list too :) Shame that Nico will change teams next year. Or will he ;)

Heikki Kovalainen – I haven’t wrote about this guy for so long I almost forgot how to spell his name hehe ;) Seriously though, his result shows how far McLaren has come. But it also shows how far behind his teammate he is.

Timo Glock – Keeps making a name for himself. Bye bye Jarno Trulli next year?

Jenson Button / Brawn – For a while I didn’t think the prediction that they’d be beaten later in the year would come true, but now they’re going backwards very fast..

Sebastian Vettel – What a shame he’s had 4 DNFs. He could have started to put pressure on Button by now otherwise. We’ll just have to leave it up to Mark Webber to give the championship a little bit of excitement.

Sebastien Buemi – Even though the result doesn’t say much, Buemi’s performance in qualifying is worth a mention. This guy is very very good. As for new boy Jaime Alguersuari, he didn’t exactly shine on debut did he?

Fernando Alonso – Probably would have been good for about 5th or 6th if it wasn’t for his tyre coming off.

KERS – Good on McLaren and Ferrari for sticking with KERS. Looks like they’re going to have a big advantage at the start of every grand prix now that they’re getting on top of their system. I agree with Martin Brundle – next year they need to either mandate KERS be used, or get rid of it completely. It seems like a technology that could be good in road cars, so hopefully it’s made compulsory next year – but that’s unlikely.

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