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Williams ‘leaked’ Photos are BS

{ Posted on Jan 19 2007 by dScribe }
Supposedly 'leaked' photos of the new Williams livery and car have been circulating the web this week. To label these photos 'leaked' is nothing but BS. Earlier in the week another set of supposedly leaked photos were circulating - although they ...Read More »

Lenovo Williams F1 Photos

{ Posted on Jan 17 2007 by dScribe }
So-called 'leaked' photos of the new Williams F1 car and livery have surfaced. One of the most interesting aspects of the photos is the prominence of notebook manufacturer Lenovo on the car. There have been questions raised whether Lenovo could ...Read More »

Merry Christmas Fernando – We’re going to beat you!

{ Posted on Dec 13 2006 by dScribe }
You've gotta love Flavio Briatore and the punches he pulls whenever he talks to the media.. :) Take, for example, one of his comments when asked whether McLaren had approached Renault to have Fernando Alonso released from his contract early: I wish ...Read More »

F1 to Race at Night?

{ Posted on Sep 25 2006 by dScribe }
Renault team boss Flavio Briatore has come out and stated some of the major problems he sees in F1. One of those was the time at which races are held. He said: Why always (start the race at) 2pm? It's a ...Read More »

Niki Lauda rips into Schumacher – again

{ Posted on Aug 29 2006 by dScribe }
While I'm not a huge fan of Michael Schumacher, it seems that Niki Lauda just loves to rip into him at every opportunity. Could it be that Niki wants to be remembered as the Ferrari golden child and is afraid ...Read More »