Renault Ban = Alonso + Ferrari for 1 race?

{ Posted on Jul 27 2009 by dScribe }

Could the suspension of Renault for the next round of the championship pave the way for Fernando Alonso to take to the grid in Felipe Massa’s Ferrari for his home grand prix? Suspending the whole team seems a little harsh, so maybe it’s a ploy to guarantee what would be a massive headline (Alonso to Ferrari for the European Grand Prix).

Other candidates for the 2nd Ferrari seat include:

  • Michael Schumacher – again, that would be another huge headline.
  • Sebastien Bordais – he has the same manager as Felipe Massa, Nicolas Todt (Jean Todt’s son). He also has experience of the Ferrari engine through Toro Rosso.
  • Marc Gene and Luca Badoer – Ferrari test drivers.
  • Any others..?

5 Responses to “Renault Ban = Alonso + Ferrari for 1 race?”

  1. Why not Jacques Villeneuve? I’m sure Juan Pablo Montoya could use some experience before he hops in the cockpit of the USF1 next season.

  2. Jacques had his chance with BMW a few years ago and somewhat blew it unfortunately. As for JPM, I’m sure he’d love to jump in the Ferrari but I don’t think Ferrari would want him really.

    How about Valentino Rossi? That’d be another good headline ;)

    Checked out your blog – looks good! The pictures alone are funny enough. Remind me to add you to the blogroll if I don’t do it when I finish the update/new layout :)

  3. SCHUMACHER IS BACK! YES! YES! YES! Oh why such a long wait till the next GP!….

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