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Malaysian GP: Bits and Pieces

{ Posted on Mar 22 2006 by dScribe }
Due to popular demand (thanks for the support Ankit! ;)) here are some thoughts on the Malaysian Grand Prix - albeit a couple of days late.. Giancarlo Fisichella. Well done. Deep down everyone knows Alonso is faster, but boy did this ...Read More »

No Malaysian Qualifying on Ch.10

{ Posted on Mar 18 2006 by dScribe }
Categories : Commercial, Media
After surprising us by showing the qualifying for Bahrain early on Sunday morning last week, Channel 10 Australia has done a backflip and will not be showing the qualifying for the Malaysian Grand Prix. Even worse, the race itself is ...Read More »

Bahrain: Clean-shaven Alonso Wins

{ Posted on Mar 13 2006 by dScribe }
Categories : Formula 1 Races
Fernando Alonso has won a close battle between himself and Michael Schumacher to win the first Grand Prix of 2006 in Bahrain. Even more impressive was he did it without the help of his friend - the flavour savour! ;) Ok, ...Read More »

Bahrain: V10 Faster than V8

{ Posted on Mar 11 2006 by dScribe }
After the first day of practice in Bahrain, the relative performance of each team's 2006 cars are being slowly revealed. It is always hard to judge the performance on free practice days. We usually have to wait until qualifying before ...Read More »

Channel 10 to Show Qualifying

{ Posted on Mar 11 2006 by dScribe }
Categories : Commercial, Media
If this weekend's program guide is anything to go by, Channel 10 Australia will be finally showing qualifying for non-Australian Grand Prix. This weekend's Bahrain Qualifying is scheduled to be aired at 2:30am this Sunday morning. Read More »