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Bahrain GP – Brawn Again

{ Posted on Apr 28 2009 by dScribe }
In Bahrain Brawn GP certainly did a good job in making our prediction that Brawn won't be a championship contender seem very wrong :) I'll still stick by the call that they won't be the no.1 team to beat in ...Read More »

Chinese GP – Brawn Slipping

{ Posted on Apr 21 2009 by dScribe }
One thing is clear from the Chinese GP - as soon as the "top" teams sort out their new diffusers completely, Brawn GP won't be a championship contender. It's a big call I know, but to see how quick some ...Read More »

Malaysian GP – What could have been?

{ Posted on Apr 07 2009 by dScribe }
I have mixed feelings about the Malaysian Grand Prix. It started off great and was building up to be fantastic with people running different strategies. The rain came, the excitement stayed high, yet the finish was a bit of an ...Read More »