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Suzuka and Twin Ring Motegi – Lost in Translation

{ Posted on Dec 29 2005 by dScribe }
Categories : Commercial
I have come to the conclusion that the strange company names coming out of Japan are simply a translation issue. Earlier we reported on other strange names such as Super Aguri and A Company Inc. Now we have news that ...Read More »

Back to the Future 4 – Flux Capacitor

{ Posted on Dec 24 2005 by dScribe }
Categories : F1 Rumours, Technical F1
The 2008 Formula One regulations will require fuel to be made up of 6% biological material. This biofuel will consist of things such as manure, fish and plant oils, and agricultural waste. Maybe we'll see the DMC Delorian make it's ...Read More »

Super-Aguri-F1-Powered-By-Honda-With-Bridgestone-Tyres is go!

{ Posted on Dec 23 2005 by dScribe }
Categories : F1 Rumours, Formula 1 Teams
It was great to hear Super Aguri F1 is 99% sure to be on the Formula One grid in 2006 (even if they have a ridiculous team name). The only disturbing thing is the fact that it will be run ...Read More »

Renault to Leave F1

{ Posted on Dec 22 2005 by dScribe }
Categories : F1 Rumours, Formula 1 Teams
Hans-Joachim Stuck, a former German GP driver, believes Renault may withdraw from Formula One at the end of the Concorde agreement. He said, "It looks like Renault will stop the F1 programme in a year or two." This would certainly explain ...Read More »

Alonso to McLaren!

{ Posted on Dec 20 2005 by dScribe }
Well well well.. It's official. Fernando Alonso will drive for Vodafone McLaren Mercedes in 2007. I don't think anyone saw that coming! The best part about it is it puts to rest some rumours, and creates a flood of new ...Read More »