2009 Italian Grand Prix – Video Review

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Ok folks, something different this time around. Today we’re going to try a video review to complement the text. Let me know what you think. It might be a one-off or it might turn into a regular thing. Just thought we should mix it up a bit and try to liven things up. Feedback is most welcome :) And sorry for the over-exposure and the number of times I say “excellent” and um-ahh etc… ;)

YouTube Preview Image

The points in text:

  • Giancarlo Fisichella – Great performance first time out. So nice to see him live a dream he’s no doubt had since he was a little kid running around in Rome :)
  • Rubens Barrichello – Thank you for keeping the Championship interesting :)
  • Jenson Button – A good result and no-one can take that from him, yet he doesn’t seem to have that spark like say, Hamilton or Alonso..
  • Lewis Hamilton – Despite crashing he was by far the only driver worth watching during the race.
  • Force India – Both drivers (and the team) should be very proud for what they’re achieving, especially Liuzzi with his qualifying effort and strong running until retiring.
  • Reb Bull Racing – Didn’t get much of a mention in the video because they’re letting the championship slip away. I thought their car was supposed to be very good aerodynamically? Perhaps they needed to turn the engine down to preserve them..?

34 Responses to “2009 Italian Grand Prix – Video Review”

  1. i think the video format is nice.This is always a cool site and the fact that your not taking sides and taking it with humor is great.Video really gives a chance to show out this fun part better.Keep up the good work mate!

    Good race in Monza anyway.Guess the Red Buls are out,you never know but still.Honestly Button and Barrichello?Both deserve it.

    Very happy for Kimi.Guy really shows why is he still one of the highest rated guys out there.

  2. Hi ‘a’ :)

    Thanks for your feedback on both the video and the site in general. Really means a lot and makes me want to improve things for the visitors even more :)

    I hope Red Bull can pull something together and that Barrichello can keep in touch. It doesn’t really matter who wins the championship as each deserves it in their own right (heck, Button was great at Williams and Rubens is an all round good guy :) ) – but I do like to see it close! :)

    Who knows, with all the new teams next year we might see our favourite drivers like Kimi in “strange” teams :)

    Thanks again :)

  3. Hahaha are you SLEEPING at the mention of Button?!

    I agree about Kimi’s hair. I really want to shear him. He needs to be shorn.
    There’s a pattern with Raikkonen.. he never really seems to care that much at the beginning of the season, but by the end he’s suddenly achieving some great results.

    Force India… holy crap. When did they become so good?

    I like the video format! It’s much more humorous that just reading the text. Nice accent by the way ;)

  4. Caitlin – Hehe.. yeah had a bit of a snooze mid-video ;)

    You’re right about Kimi doing better at the end of the season. Even his championship year was a bit like that (apart from the first race he dominated). I always thought it was a McLaren/Ferrari thing – the only two teams that seem to get better as the season progresses.

    That brings us to Force India – all the Mercedes teams did well in Monza so maybe that’s the link? :)

    Glad you like the video format and the accent *blush* :) Felt a bit awkward as I’ve never done a video before but it’ll get better I promise ;)

    Thanks for the feedback and support as always :)

  5. What about Luizzi? Beat Fisichella on his debut. But then I guess Luizzi has the better car…?

  6. I meant to say in qualifying!

  7. I am finding the crashgate to be very funny too – but it will be funnier if Massa becomes the champion and Lewis will be tipped off !

  8. Charlie – Liuzzi did a fantastic job and Force India looked fantastic all weekend :)

    mezrg – I guess even if Alonso was excluded from the race result (which won’t happen as it’s too far after the event) Hamilton had a better result then Massa. Sure, maybe Massa’s race might have turned out better had he not had to push so hard because of the safety car, but you win some you lose some :)

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