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Nurburgring – ‘Massa the Swerve’

{ Posted on Jul 25 2007 by dScribe }
Categories : Formula 1 Races
What an amazing European Grand Prix. Early on it was a lottery, but later on it certainly came alive time and time again. There's been a lot of controversy before and after this GP so let's get straight to the ...Read More »

Lewis Hamilton is Sexy

{ Posted on Jul 11 2007 by dScribe }
We get the odd groupie on this web site. Generally they're young teenage girls. An interesting demographic that Bernie Ecclestone might explore one day (or maybe Tamara Ecclestone should?).. At first we had girls obsessed with Fernando Alonso and his girlfriend ...Read More »

British GP – Hamilton given Slow Car, Alonso given Fast

{ Posted on Jul 10 2007 by dScribe }
Categories : Formula 1 Races
I can understand James Allen being pained by the fact that Lewis Hamilton had no chance of winning the British Grand Prix on the weekend, but the excuses really have to stop. Not only was James making excuses for Lewis, ...Read More »

Testing: Schumacher vs Hakkinen?

{ Posted on Jul 06 2007 by dScribe }
There have been a lot of rumours that Michael Schumacher has secretly tested the 2007 Ferrari F1 car recently. Whether they're true or not we don't know, but it would be great if Ferrari and McLaren could arrange a shoot-out ...Read More »

Video: Ron Dennis Tries to Poach Michael Schumacher

{ Posted on Jul 05 2007 by dScribe }
I can't decide who's more arrogant out of the two.. With such a "warm" conversation is it any wonder Michael Schumacher never drove for McLaren? :) Read More »