Video: Ron Dennis Tries to Poach Michael Schumacher

{ Posted on Jul 05 2007 by dScribe }

I can’t decide who’s more arrogant out of the two..

With such a “warm” conversation is it any wonder Michael Schumacher never drove for McLaren? :)

6 Responses to “Video: Ron Dennis Tries to Poach Michael Schumacher”

  1. Never seen this video before :)

    Wow, thanks for sharing !!!

    And did Ron just call Michael horrendously impressive ???

    And to me it looked like Ron was trying to threaten Michael, but i could be wrong also. All this cough medication might be causing hallucinations :P

  2. Hi Ankit :)

    I think Ron must have been drunk because:
    a) He complimented Michael on his driving skills.
    b) His “look after yourself” comment was so wrong!! :)

    But to be fair to Ron, I think he was just telling Michael not to overdrive the car.. but he used the strangest choice of words! :) Michael seemed to put the threatening spin on it :)

    The funny thing is Ron should probably be having the “look after yourself” conversation with Fernando Alonso (because he certainly is overdriving) :)

  3. It sounded very respectful, professional and open to me.

    @Ankit – “it looked like Ron was trying to threaten Michael, but I could be wrong also” – yeah, very wrong. He was suggesting Michael pay more attention to risk management, (probably as a result of witnessing several drivers kill themselves with bad judgement calls during his careeer). Michael was simply reacting with his usual ego.

  4. You can`t blame him for trying, to get the best F1 driver in the world. I don`t thing we will ever see a better driver in the near future.

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