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Look-alike: Scott Speed vs Seann William Scott

{ Posted on Feb 10 2008 by dScribe }
What's Scott Speed up to these days? Anyway, when he was in F1 I always thought he looked (and acted) a bit like Seann William Scott famous from the American Pie movies among others (I have to admit, I quite ...Read More »

Look-alike: Felipe Massa vs The Fonz

{ Posted on Feb 09 2008 by dScribe }
Ok, so this week we're having a good run with Felipe Massa look-alikes. To add to our Felipe Massa vs Fred Savage and Felipe Massa vs Sylvester Stallone posts, we now bring you Felipe Massa vs The Fonz, at the ...Read More »

Look-alike: Felipe Massa vs Sylvester Stallone

{ Posted on Feb 08 2008 by dScribe }
Instead of Felipe Massa looking like Fred Savage, he's done a bit of growing up this time and now looks like Sylvester Stallone from Cobra... :) Read More »

Look-alike: Fernando Alonso vs The Incredible Hulk

{ Posted on Jan 25 2008 by dScribe }
When Fernando Alonso won his Formula One World Championships, he certainly seemed to transform in front of our eyes... But I think it was the other drivers that turned green... ;)     Read More »

Look-alike: Heikki Kovalainen vs C3PO Robot

{ Posted on Jan 20 2008 by dScribe }
Why is it that ever since Heikki Kovalainen went to McLaren he's looked like a robot? In all the photos he's been standing so rigid - especially those arms! Is he just trying to be C3PO from Star Wars now ...Read More »