Look-alike: Heikki Kovalainen vs C3PO Robot

{ Posted on Jan 20 2008 by dScribe }

Why is it that ever since Heikki Kovalainen went to McLaren he’s looked like a robot? In all the photos he’s been standing so rigid – especially those arms! Is he just trying to be C3PO from Star Wars now instead of a Beavis look-alike? ;)

Heikki Kovalainen vs C3PO Robot

8 Responses to “Look-alike: Heikki Kovalainen vs C3PO Robot”

  1. Doent Look like C3PO just looks consipated!

  2. He’s just trying to fit in with the rest of the team.

  3. dave – LOL! :D

    Caitlin – Ahh.. yeah, I forgot about that. You’re not allowed to look relaxed at McLaren. Just look how much Alonso changed (and even better, how quickly he’s changed back to his old style now that he’s back at Renault) :)

  4. in McLaren you have to fit in … Heikki is trying hard :-)

  5. Haha….don’t you know that initiation at McLaren now includes a full body cavity search, just to make sure he wasn’t bringing any Renault design documentation with him.

    I think the whole McLaren team is walking around like this after a full season FIA investigations.

    I thought that something smelt funny….

  6. F1wolf – He’s doing a good job fitting in looking like that ;)

    Jason – Full body cavity search eh? I think someone got their hand stuck up……. ;)

  7. ha ha ha i still luv heikki even if he duz look like C3PO (u so sxy heikki!)

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