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McLaren Exhaust – Problems?

{ Posted on Jun 29 2009 by dScribe }
I know everything doesn't have to be symmetrical on a car, but during the British Grand Prix I noticed how completely different the 2 sides of McLaren's exhaust were. Now there's nothing wrong with trying new things and setting up a ...Read More »

So That’s What HANS is for!

{ Posted on Jun 23 2009 by dScribe }
Mark Webber demonstrated what the HANS (Head And Neck Support) device is useful for during the British Grand Prix weekend... :) Read More »

British Grand Prix – Why Didn’t I Bet?

{ Posted on Jun 23 2009 by dScribe }
Isn't it amazing - Jenson Button has been unstoppable this season yet come his home Grand Prix and that dominance goes out the window. It's the complete reverse of what I like to call the "Spanish motobike rider syndrome" - ...Read More »

Turkish GP – I Guess KERS was Cool

{ Posted on Jun 10 2009 by dScribe }
Another race another Button win. That's all I have to say... Just kidding :) But really, Jenson Button's dominance made this race rather boring. Thankfully Rubens Barrichello managed to balls up a few things again to prevent another Brawn 1-2. Not ...Read More »