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Kanye West’s View on Nelson Piquet Jr Crash

{ Posted on Sep 18 2009 by dScribe }
After ruining Taylor Swift's moment at the Video Music Awards, Kanye West gave his thoughts on the whole Renault situation including Nelson Piquet Jr and Flavio Briatore... Read More »

Funny Pic: Kimi’s Secret Fuel

{ Posted on Apr 09 2008 by dScribe }
Categories : Funny F1 Pictures
Caitlin had a great theory that the reason Kimi Raikkonen never performs well in Bahrain is because he doesn't get to enjoy any champagne after the race, as alcohol is banned there. This means there's absolutely no motivation for him ...Read More »

Funny Pic: Kimi Raikkonen’s Emotions

{ Posted on Mar 10 2008 by dScribe }
We can't lay claim to this one, but found this while browsing the other day. Not sure what the original source is though (as we've seen some similar variants and the URL was too small. Edit - apparently the source ...Read More »

Photo: Michael Schumacher’s Garden

{ Posted on Feb 13 2008 by dScribe }
Now that Michael Schumacher no longer races in Formula One, he's turned to gardening... Read More »

Honda Just Monkeying About

{ Posted on Feb 04 2008 by dScribe }
Just when you thought the 2007 Honda Earth Dream livery was the worst idea ever, out comes the 2008 Honda Earth Dream livery: Ok, so the shape of the car looks a little better... I think... hard to tell... the McLaren-style ...Read More »