Honda Just Monkeying About

{ Posted on Feb 04 2008 by dScribe }

Just when you thought the 2007 Honda Earth Dream livery was the worst idea ever, out comes the 2008 Honda Earth Dream livery:

2008 Honda F1 Car

Ok, so the shape of the car looks a little better… I think… hard to tell… the McLaren-style “horns” near the airbox certainly make it look cooler… and there’s no funny Honda wing… But what on earth (no pun intended) are the marketing department at Honda thinking!? White car with a blob on it that could be planet Earth but we’re not quite sure..? Come on guys. This is beyond a joke.

But here we’re all about Formula 1 fun, so nothing’s beyond a joke… We were able to spot a photo of what’s thought to be the Honda marketing department working on some ideas for the 2008 livery before the launch:

Honda F1 Marketing Department Monkeying About

8 Responses to “Honda Just Monkeying About”

  1. Now that is an excellent pit crew, they have it all covered!! I hear Mclaren are looking for new employees….

  2. Oh is that splodge of green the earth……

  3. Doesn`t matter what it looks like at this point,it won`t go any quicker

  4. after last season i hope that second pic is the marketing departmen and not the desgin team looking for ideas for the 08 car.

    The Honda does look rubbish though they just trew some white paint over last year livery from the looks of it.

  5. How fitting they have “Dreams” on the side of the car – thats about all they have. If last season was anything to go by they should have “Nightmares” instead.

  6. Are you sure we aren’t looking at the new eco-friendly engine Max is proposing? Too bad the hood isn’t up so we could see how much pedal power that thing really has.

  7. Did God came and spit a blue-green substance on that f1 “tractor”?

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