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Funny F1 Search Terms – October 2005

{ Posted on Oct 28 2005 by dScribe }
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It's amazing what people search for to find Amongst the beauties this month were: the best picture of the mclaren of the world - yes.. McLaren of the world! :D leonardo di caprio - This term along with other Leonardo searches ...Read More »

Schumacher to ride for Ducati in 2007!

{ Posted on Oct 26 2005 by dScribe }
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...well, that would be the headline in the Italian press I'm sure. :) For those who haven't heard yet, Michael Schumacher recently did about 40 laps on a V4 Ducati MotoGP bike. He was 20 seconds off the pace. Not bad ...Read More »

Barrichello to beat Button

{ Posted on Oct 19 2005 by dScribe }
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Triple world champion Jackie Stewart believes Rubens Barrichello will have the edge over Jenson Button next year. He even said, "Rubens knows how to be world champion." Come on now Jackie! I know you have a good history with Rubens and ...Read More »

Anthony Davidson to replace Takuma Sato in Shanghai

{ Posted on Oct 14 2005 by dScribe }
Rumour has it that Anthony Davidson will replace Takuma Sato for BAR Honda in this weekend's Chinese Grand Prix. If Davidson does land the seat for Shanghai, it would be rather ironic, considering Sato replaced Jacques Villeneuve in the final ...Read More »

Alonso takes first risk of the season

{ Posted on Oct 09 2005 by dScribe }
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A chaotic Japanese Grand Prix, but a fantastic one! I'm glad Fernando Alonso finally tip-toed his way to the world driver's championship in Brazil. Before then, he was too scared to push his car to the limits let-alone pass anyone. In ...Read More »