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McLaren Exhaust – Problems?

{ Posted on Jun 29 2009 by dScribe }
I know everything doesn't have to be symmetrical on a car, but during the British Grand Prix I noticed how completely different the 2 sides of McLaren's exhaust were. Now there's nothing wrong with trying new things and setting up a ...Read More »

Honda – Dumbo 2.0

{ Posted on Apr 18 2008 by dScribe }
Categories : Technical F1
I can't believe Honda is testing a new version of their Dumbo-ear wings again this week. The FIA should step in and ban the device just based on how ugly it is... :) At least in white they look a bit ...Read More »

Pic: 2009 McLaren F1

{ Posted on Apr 15 2008 by dScribe }
Categories : Technical F1
EDIT (1 Feb 2009): This post was made in April 2008 people! YES, we know it's an older car modified to some 2009 specs (obviously not all the specs). And YES, we think the realy 2009 cars are ugly as ...Read More »

Claim: FIA Measured Wrong Temperature

{ Posted on Oct 26 2007 by dScribe }
The site below has possibly the best description of the whole fuel temperature saga in Brazil: If everything in that article is true, I can't believe how sub-standard the whole measurement process is (of both the fuel temp and the ambient ...Read More »

McLaren Radio Hacked

{ Posted on May 30 2007 by dScribe }
After a relatively boring Monaco Grand Prix, the biggest news this week is that the FIA are investigating claims that McLaren 'fixed' the race result in Monte Carlo. I normally wouldn't give such a nonsense story the time of day, ...Read More »