Claim: FIA Measured Wrong Temperature

{ Posted on Oct 26 2007 by dScribe }

The site below has possibly the best description of the whole fuel temperature saga in Brazil:

If everything in that article is true, I can’t believe how sub-standard the whole measurement process is (of both the fuel temp and the ambient temp).

In summary the article claims:

  • FOM measure the ambient temperature as 37 degrees Celsius, while Bridgestone and Meteo France measured it as 33 degrees Celsius. Meteo France supplies all the teams with temperature information.
  • The FIA measures the fuel temperature at the bottom of the fuel rig, yet the regulation states a requirement for the temperature of the fuel at the point where the fuel enters the tank of the car.

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  1. The latest has the FIA sueing the london times because of an article that said they were witch hunting! Now they are refusing to accept next years car!!!! Dont forget to check out f1 world at

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