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{ Posted on Sep 22 2009 by dScribe }
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We’ve been promising it for a while, but we’ve finally updated the look of the web site. Sure, it’s based on a free theme, but it looks a hell of a lot better than the last one and hopefully you all find it nice and clean and easy on the eyes :)

We’ve also tried to minimise the impact of advertising on the site and make it a bit more tightly integrated.

One thing we’re looking at doing is bringing more video to the site.

Let us know what you think and we’ll try to make the site exactly how you like it.

Thanks :)

21 Responses to “The New Look Fun F1”

  1. Looking good dScribe!
    Seems a lot cleaner, and up with other blog themes
    Great work!

  2. Thanks rowdy! Not only for your comments about the new look site but also for your great support lately. In the next few weeks I’ll put on some new features such as subscribe to comments, top commenters and avatars and other goodies to make the chat here much nicer :)

    Until then, have a good one :)

  3. well i understand that site was something what you just singlehandedli started.But it has been a superb idea and pretty popular and well yes now its time to go to the next level i quess and thats exacly what your doing.So my conclusion is that cool new look(much more modern ) and keep up the good work,this site has a big potential as i see it .Well i think you should put in some more “funny news” but good job.

  4. Thanks for the support a :) I’ll try to get more funny and satirical news up on the site. Just a bit of a trade-off between this as a hobby and my “real” job hehe ;) But hopefully bringing the site to 2009 standards (nicer look, more video, more interaction) will help take it to the next level like you say :)

    All the best!

  5. it’s look kewl

  6. Hey,

    Nice looking theme and good blog.


  7. Nice to here it that u people think of us who love motor sports.So we are waiting for your site.

    LMC track

  8. The racing industry is a sexist place, as no female races are ever shown on the bbc or any results on sky sports.

  9. Looks nice and you have good posts

  10. It is looking and feeling better! It was always a good blog for F1 lovers, but now it has become a lot better. I have visited this after a couple of years. Back in the day, you were one of the very few in the list.

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