Spa – Surprises in Every Turn

{ Posted on Sep 01 2009 by dScribe }

Who would have thought the Belgian GP would have so many surprises. It all started with a crazy qualifying. You would have thought the fuel loads would explain a lot of the grid positions but the race turned out to be a big surprise too.

Giancarlo Fisichella – Without a doubt this guy was the star of the weekend. It’s a shame he didn’t win but 2nd place is like a win for Force India. I don’t know how true the rumours about Fisi to Ferrari are but let’s hope where there’s smoke, there’s fire :) He’s definitely one of the best Italian drivers of recent time so to see him in a Ferrari in Italy would be magic :)

KERS – There’s so much talk about KERS being the only reason Kimi won the race. Sure, that helped him get the lead but I think the people complaining about KERS just have a case of sour grapes. No one complained about KERS being an advantage when it was making McLaren and Ferrari slow at the start of the season. There is a weight distribution penalty after all (ask McLaren) and any of the other teams are free to run it if they think it’s an advantage.

Kimi Raikkonen – As the Ferrari gets better, Kimi has been steadily delivering the goods. More so than last year it has to be said. Would be really nice to see him back at McLaren next year – not sure Brawn will do too well in 2010.

Sebastian Vettel – The only driver in the championship hunt to really capitalise on Jenson Button’s misfortune.

BMW – Funny how every year they seem to start the season really well, then drop off toward the end. Yet in this, their final year, they start the season bad then start to improve at the end. That’s F1 for ya :)

Red Bull Racing – Someone really needs to talk to their pit guys to get things together. These penalties and near misses are too costly for them.

Jenson Button – Couldn’t really see from the replay whether he was unlucky or a bit too ambitious. I tend to think unlucky as you’re there to race but in any case his luck came in the fact that once again his nearest rivals didn’t score to well.

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