Spanish GP – How Boring

{ Posted on Aug 25 2009 by dScribe }

Let’s face it, the 2009 Spanish Grand Prix from Valencia was really boring. Unless you find pit-stop mistakes exciting there really wasn’t any good racing to get excited about.

Rubens Barrichello – Great to see Rubens win. He actually did a damn good job to keep in touch with Hamilton even if it was a McLaren pit-stop error that ultimately handed him the win. Only thing I don’t like about Rubens is why he’s such a clown on the podium when he wins. Sure, we have to love a guy that will cry even at the sight of a small puppy, but his antics on the podium are obviously an inside joke that most people don’t get.. Still, congrats Rubens! :)

Lewis Hamilton - Unstoppable… except for the tyre stop ;)   Seriously though without the pressure of being in the championship hunt Lewis is hard to stop with a good car under him.

Luca Badoer – WTF!? Ok.. in previous years any monkey could have stepped into a Ferrari or McLaren and at least be half way up the grid. This year everyone’s a lot closer and the top teams are struggling somewhat… but to qualify at the back of the grid and then have one of the most woeful races ever!? The fact that Kimi finished 3rd shows the car is pretty good. There’s too much to say on this matter – gonna have to follow it up with a post of it’s own.. :)

Kimi Raikkonen – I keep feeling like Kimi isn’t 100% into Formula One any more yet he just keeps putting in solid drives. Will be such a shame to see him go at the end of the year (if that’s how it pans out) :(

Heikki Kovalainen – Not bad, but how did he fall to 4th. Hmm..

Nico Rosberg – Nice cialis from india :)

Fernando Alonso – Not much to say. Not a bad result but nothing spectacular in front of his home fans.

Jenson Button – Did well to get ahead of Mark Webber, but both championship contenders didn’t look like worthy champions.

Sebastian Vettel – Boy this boy is unlucky.

Mark Webber – Had a chance to close on the championship. Not sure why it didn’t happen.

BMW – Looks to have found a little pace? A little being the key word.. but still, worth noting given they’ll be gone next year.

Toyota – Were they in the race? I didn’t see them the whole time.. :P

Force India – Seemed to be going pretty well..

Romain Grosjean – The race didn’t go so well for him. Qualifying wasn’t too bad. For some reason I feel this guy has a lot of potential.

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