Honda – Dumbo 2.0

{ Posted on Apr 18 2008 by dScribe }
Categories : Technical F1

I can’t believe Honda is testing a new version of their Dumbo-ear wings again this week. The FIA should step in and ban the device just based on how ugly it is… :)  At least in white they look a bit like angel wings or something, and a bit less bulbus than Dumbo wings version 1. 8)

Honda F1 Dumbo Wings

8 Responses to “Honda – Dumbo 2.0”

  1. Well… since when has Honda really known what looks good and what doesn’t?

  2. Eversince Honda was born I really like it very much.. And now they are testing new version of their Dumbo-ear wings AGAIN!!!

  3. hmmm i see A dumbo 2.5 coming on have you seen the new devlopment??

    couldn’t find a better pic but it looks even worse now :-( (

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