Drawing Proves Honda Wing is a Copy

{ Posted on May 04 2007 by dScribe }
Categories : Funny F1 Pictures

This week Honda have been testing a radical new set of wings mounted on the nosecone of the Honda RA107.

Honda Elephant Ears RA107

The wing seems like a radical new invention, however we’ve found an exclusive picture of a drawing that proves the new wing is completely unoriginal and was first designed in 1941…

Dumbo Elephant Ears

Seriously Honda, WTF!?!?! The idea of Formula One is to make your car fast, not to make it ugly!

Dumbo is cute. Your car will always be ugly while it has that horrible livery on it.. 8)

And what makes you think the FIA won’t ban the device as quickly as they banned BMW’s vertical nose wings last year? :)

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