Funny Pic: Kimi’s Secret Fuel

{ Posted on Apr 09 2008 by dScribe }
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Caitlin had a great theory that the reason Kimi Raikkonen never performs well in Bahrain is because he doesn’t get to enjoy any champagne after the race, as alcohol is banned there. This means there’s absolutely no motivation for him to do well there :)

We managed to find a picture on the web that suggests Ferrari have been testing some new fuel just for Kimi:

Kimi Raikkonen's Fuel / Drink Supply

Every litre promised to Kimi after the race is said to be worth up to half a second per lap! ;)

9 Responses to “Funny Pic: Kimi’s Secret Fuel”

  1. Poor Kimi. I feel sorry for him. But, things will be better in Barcelona, with Sangria, for sure.

  2. Budweiser! That has to be fake. Absolute and Heineken for sure. But never Bud.

  3. Dex – Yes, the Sangria sure will hit the spot… very potent that stuff! ;)

    Roadrunner – LOL! :D Yep, the Bud certainly proves it’s fake! ;)

  4. lol, that pic is so cool, i just love it.
    I think Sangria might not be strong enough for Kimi, especially if he does poorly on the race.

    Still, luv it.

  5. I believe Kimi is a vodka man,so you need to offer him the good stuff,I would think that a CHILLED 55 gallon drum of Grey Goose vodka would be enough to get Kimi going strong.

  6. talk about cheap shot lol,
    suppose with his record hes left him open to it

  7. I suppose Kimi as a Finn likes more Finlandia vodka…

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