Turkish GP – I Guess KERS was Cool

{ Posted on Jun 10 2009 by dScribe }

Another race another Button win. That’s all I have to say…

Just kidding :) But really, Jenson Button’s dominance made this race rather boring. Thankfully Rubens Barrichello managed to balls up a few things again to prevent another Brawn 1-2. Not that I have anything against Brawn GP but we don’t want them to take the Championship too early do we Bernie? :)

It was good to see the Red Bull cars back on pace after a disasterous Monaco (for Vettel anyway).

McLaren and Ferrari are still lost at sea.

Nico Rosberg finally got some decent points instead of just showboating on Friday practice :)

Was great to see how KERS can keep a slower car (like a McLaren) in front of a car with a lot more overall pace.

I’ll put it out to the readers – can anyone stop Jenson Button now?? In any race let-alone for the Championship? :)

7 Responses to “Turkish GP – I Guess KERS was Cool”

  1. The championship’s a given, it’s a question of when, not if. That’s barring something cataclysmic like the Black Death or Armageddon. Personally I don’t find it boring seeing Jenson win again and again. Although I may change that opinion if it happens for five seasons in a row… I think we’ll see other drivers win races this year though. Even if it is Jenson moving aside for Rubens once the championship’s won…!

    Interesting to see Seb getting angry, and now Webber’s beaten him in 5 races out of 7…

    And Rubens unable to overtake when in dirty air and behind KERS cars.

  2. This race was kind of fun, I guess. Wasn’t shown live for me though, what was up with that? Was it live for everyone else?

    Also, why did you stop doing the funny pictures? It’s only race reviews now.

  3. Karlos – I think you’re right about the Championship being a question of not if, but when. Do you think we’ll see any drivers other than Brawn GP or Red Bull Racing drivers win without exceptional circumstances (like heavy rain)? :)

    Caitlin – What country are you in? We used to hardly ever get the races live here in Australia but now we have a dedicated sports channel on digital which is great (thank you Channel One/Ten)

    I have to apologise for not putting up any funny stuff lately. We’re working hard on a new site which has been delayed due to work commitments, but the layout is being finalised this week.

    Also we’re looking at some cool features like adding Google Friend Connect to the site, some nice Twitter stuff (Twitter username is funf1 but has nothing until the next round where we hope to tweet live race commentary :) and when Google has their Google Wave project ready for the public we hope to jump on that quickly :)

    In the meantime I’ll put up a few funny posts just for you this week ;) Thanks for the support to you and everyone else here. And to everyone else – your feedback is much appreciated so feel free to let us know what we can do better like Caitlin did :)

  4. Hmm, most of the time I find the race reviews pretty funny, but it’d be nice to have some of the funny pictures back. Good to know you’re working on it.

    I live in Canada by the way.

  5. brawn gp is cheating…they added something in their car wwhich have not been discovered yet….how can a first year team do so well without much experience…that have never ever been seen in f1 history since 1950…those buggars are big cheaters…they are going to get caught very soon

  6. Caitin – Ahh.. Canada! That’s right. I think I asked you that before :) Can I just say a big thank you for all your support? It’s really nice to see you comment after each race so I hope we can bring you the fantastic new site soon :)

    Privesh – You have to remember that Brawn GP isn’t technically a brand new team. Honda invested hundreds of millions of dollars in them before pulling out last minute.

    I guess the only controvery is the role Ross Brawn played in establishing the rules for 2009 and how he was able to leverage that with things like the double-decker diffuser.

    Anyway, it’s nice to see different teams up there but let’s hope all teams get more competitive soon! :) I want to see at least one person have the chance to overtake Button and see how good he is in a “dogfight” (we know he’s super quick on an empty track but how will he handle the pressure of passing/being passed :)

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