Look-alike: Scott Speed vs Seann William Scott

{ Posted on Feb 10 2008 by dScribe }

What’s Scott Speed up to these days? Anyway, when he was in F1 I always thought he looked (and acted) a bit like Seann William Scott famous from the American Pie movies among others (I have to admit, I quite like his movies apart from American Pie 3). Oh, and that’s not a typo, it is Seann with 2 n’s, not Sean William Scott as I first thought… :)   Hmmm… Seann-Scott….

Scott Speed vs Seann William Scott or is it Sean William Scott?

8 Responses to “Look-alike: Scott Speed vs Seann William Scott”

  1. I would say he is more DC like, at least from this angle :-)

  2. Holy s***! Looks like his twin!I knew that Speed always reminded of someone and,I could’t put my finger on it.THAT’S IT!

  3. F1 Wolf – Yeah, he does have that big jaw thing happening a bit doesn’t he? :)

    Wesley – Glad to have helped! ;)

  4. Yeah he does.

  5. Scott Speed look like Michael Stahl David the guy from Cloverfield

  6. im glad speed is winning in the congrats to him

  7. Hi;
    I have a son in law who is looks like Michael Schumacher’s twin. He’s extremely shy and therefore pics don’t come easy.

  8. I also find Heikki Kovalainen kinda looks like Terence Hill.

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