Look-alike: Felipe Massa vs The Fonz

{ Posted on Feb 09 2008 by dScribe }

Ok, so this week we’re having a good run with Felipe Massa look-alikes. To add to our Felipe Massa vs Fred Savage and Felipe Massa vs Sylvester Stallone posts, we now bring you Felipe Massa vs The Fonz, at the launch of the new (now old) Ferrari – yes, we have a lot of material saved that we haven’t used yet… we’ll get there so stay tuned… ;)

Felipe Massa vs The Fonz from Happy Days

4 Responses to “Look-alike: Felipe Massa vs The Fonz”

  1. You talking about their poses as looking alike? Both have their thumbs up. Because they don’t look alike (their faces), the only similarity I can see is they’re both posing almost the same way :D :P

  2. Craw – Yeah, it’s just their poses that are the same. Every time I see someone with their thumbs up like that I just think of the Fonz hehe ;)

  3. ayeeeee….

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