Testing: Schumacher vs Hakkinen?

{ Posted on Jul 06 2007 by dScribe }

There have been a lot of rumours that Michael Schumacher has secretly tested the 2007 Ferrari F1 car recently. Whether they’re true or not we don’t know, but it would be great if Ferrari and McLaren could arrange a shoot-out for the fans during one of their test sessions this year.

With the Ferrari and McLaren cars being fairly equal this year, what better time to bring back their past World Champions Michael Schumacher and Mika Hakkinen respectively! Have a shoot-out for top spot on the timesheets :)

Of course, with the F1 title battle being so intense, such a test would probably have to happen after the World Championships are already decided… but one can dream :)

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  1. Cool! A Race of Champions between Hakkinen and Schumacher would be fun to watch, if unlikely. Why not add Alonso in his championship-winning Renault and Hill or Villnueve in a modern Williams and let each of the four pick their favourite No. 2 as back-up?

    Just dreaming here…

  2. Well ‘cos Schumi V’s Hakknen was always a fair fight, so these are the best 2 to do it. I’m no Hakk fan, but it would be nice to see and they are both good and nice men and drivers, and get on well; so I’m sure the idea would put a smile on their faces to go head to head again!

  3. And the thing is, if Schumi did in fact do a secret test recently, they’ve both tested for top teams in the last year. Wouldn’t take much for McLaren and Ferrari to get them testing on the same day :)

  4. awesome babay :D lets see sum more of the Michael Magic ;)

  5. Hakkinen vs Schumi is a good fight. Hakkinen would win that race.

  6. It is spelled Mika Häkkinen

  7. I Like Pizza – I don’t even know where to find the ä key/combo (I just copied and pasted it from your comment)… you have to keep in mind this is an English blog :)

    I don’t even think the official FIA timing and entry sheets would have had his name spelt with an ä, but you’re right – that technically is how you spell it :)

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