Suzuka and Twin Ring Motegi – Lost in Translation

{ Posted on Dec 29 2005 by dScribe }
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I have come to the conclusion that the strange company names coming out of Japan are simply a translation issue. Earlier we reported on other strange names such as Super Aguri and A Company Inc. Now we have news that Suzuka Circuitland (a bad enough name as it is) and Twin Ring Motegi (that’s actually a pretty cool name if you ask me) are going to merge to form..

wait for it..

Mobilityland Co. Ltd

F1-Live reports:

With Motorsports at the core, the two Japanese circuits are aiming to become a company that will be widely recognized in the community and society that can offer ‘Happiness’, ‘enjoyment’ and a ‘touching experience’ created by the mobility culture in the society.

Ok.. I’m lost in translation :) Now if only I was lost in Scarlett Johansson.. ;)

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