Alonso not the only World Champion

{ Posted on Sep 27 2005 by dScribe }

With Fernando Alonso being crowned the 2006 Formula One World Champion yesterday in Sao Paolo, it is only fitting that we present awards for some “alternative” 2006 championships..

Worst hairstyle:
Jarno ‘goldilocks’ Trulli, with Fernando Alonso making a late charge with his Ronald McDonald do.

Best hairstyle:
No, not Jacques Villeneuve.. what’s wrong with you man!?

Worst facial hair:
David Couldhard – George Clooney and Richard Gere are distinguished with their grey hair. David, your beard makes you look like a hobo!

Best facial hair:
Max Biaggi (yes, I’m being sarcastic!)

Worst team shirt of the year:
McLaren – A gradient from fluoro red to grey/white results in PINK! Pink is not the new black!! Please go back to black!

Best team shirt of the year:
McLaren – The black fireproof t-shirts the drivers wore were great. Now how about giving them a black race suit now and then?

Best timing:
Juan Pablo Montoya for joining McLaren this year.

Worst timing:
Sam Michael for becoming the Technical Director of Williams at the end of last year.
Mark Webber for joining Williams instead of Renault this year.

Luckiest driver:
Jenson Button for being forced to stay at BAR this year.

Unluckiest driver:
Kimi Raikkonen for every reason you can imagine.. Along with Giancarlo Fisichella for every other reason you can imagine!

Unluckiest team:
McLaren – for more DNFs in the last 10 laps of a race than all other teams put together.

Luckiest team:
Honestly, none spring to mind as this is an area Ferrari have completely dominated until this year.. I guess we’ll give it to them again for their gift ‘win’ at Indianapolis! :)

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