Super Aguri to use Super Old Car

{ Posted on Nov 24 2005 by dScribe }
Categories : F1 Rumours, Formula 1 Teams

It has been revealed that the Honda-powered Super Aguri team want to enter the 2006 Formula One World Championship with a 4 year old car. They are currently in negotiations with Paul Stoddart to buy the Arrows A23 chassis he owns. If they don’t manage to reach an agreement, Super Aguri can always run Thomas the Tank Engine I guess!! :twisted:

Seriously, I don’t understand why Aguri is so obsessed with entering F1 in 2006. It sounds like a bad case of “last minute effort”. When there’s so much money at stake surely you’d take your time, plan things and do it right?

I hope they are able to make the Bahrain grid, but one thing’s for sure – Minardi (now STR) should have more than one team they can beat now (Jordan/Midland being the other of course :) )

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