Murray Walker is… GO!

{ Posted on Jan 10 2006 by dScribe }
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Murray Walker will make a welcomed return to F1 commentating this year as part of the BBC’s Five Live team. Murray retired in 2001 after commentating in F1 since 1950. He is widely regarded as the voice of Formula one. It is unclear whether he will commentate the occasional race or provide more of a support role. Either way, welcome back Muzza :)

3 Responses to “Murray Walker is… GO!”

  1. That’s fantastic news I hadn’t heard that before! F1 hasn’t been the same without MW, although JA has done a reasonable job.

    BTW, nice blog, linked to you.

  2. Unfortunately MW will only be on BBC and not ITV, and it may just be a support role.. but still great news! :)

    PS. Thanks for the kind words and the link. You’re now in our links section too. Interesting to see you’ve got a blog happening now. Blogs don’t seem too big in F1/motor sport yet, so it’s good to see more popping up. 8)

  3. murray was great for commic value, once he had retired and started with the inevitable interviews and guest appearances it was very apparent that he was still living in the past and his mind was grapling to come up with anything interesting to say about the current show. These days, the more we hear from him the more his status as an F1 Icon is eroded away.

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