BMW Sauber – Plain and Boring

{ Posted on Jan 27 2006 by dScribe }
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We’re yet to see the new McLaren Mercedes livery for 2006, but one thing’s for sure – they can’t do as bad a job as BMW Sauber have.

BMW Sauber Launch - Ugly

When Sauber entered F1 in 1993, they were decked out in a fairly classy black livery with small Mercedes markings. Then we had years of Petronas, Red Bull and Credit Suisse all thrown in a mix of colours that would make the Wiggles proud.

When BMW bought Sauber last year, there was hope of a fresh new livery. A livery with a bit of style. Unfortunately, it looks like the same person is responsible for the look of this years car. The result is plain and emotionless. Certainly not the sort of thing that will help sell more motor vehicles. Why can’t some people realise that an F1 car is a canvas that can be used to create a masterpiece?

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  1. Oh only hope is that McClaren keep the orange strip for the season. It is completely unique on the grid and a blast from the past.

    Can we count the number of blue and white cars on the grid?

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