Felipe’s Ugly $50,000 Watch

{ Posted on Aug 30 2006 by dScribe }
Categories : Commercial, F1 Drivers

Felipe Massa’s ugly watch first got a mention during our coverage of the 2006 Turkish Grand Prix in which he won his first race. We’ve since found a little bit more information on the watch…


The watch is a Richard Mille RM005-FM – the FM standing for the “F*ck Me that’s an ugly watch” you’ll hear when wearing it. Or it could stand for “F*ck Me that’s an expensive piece of shit you have on your wrist!” 8) Some people have said the FM stands for Felipe Massa but I dunno about that one.. ;)

The watch actually costs $50,000 USD can you believe!? And even though you’d swear it’s made of Lego, it’s actually made of titanium. Only 300 are being made.

4 Responses to “Felipe’s Ugly $50,000 Watch”

  1. is it me or is it that the nos. look weird and blurry

  2. i mean nos of the dial

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