Look-alike: Mika Hakkinen vs Dave Mustaine

{ Posted on Sep 27 2006 by dScribe }

I think these guys were separated at birth!! :)

Look-alike: Mika Hakkinen vs Dave Mustaine

Maybe after DTM Mika could perform some Megadeath covers? :)   (Dave Mustaine was the central figure of 80’s band Megadeath – prior to which he was actually the lead guitarist for Metallica)

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  1. Haha! Yes! I’ve said this one before myself!

  2. Hell yeah, the resemblance is most uncanny….I’ll warrent dave’s driving skills are better than Mika’s guitar playing skills though lol

  3. Or maybe you’ll warrant that?

  4. you’re damn right!

  5. Dave Mustaine has his roots in Finland, but his real surname is actually Mustonen, not Hakkinen…

  6. “Dave Mustaine was the central figure of 80’s band Megadeath”

    Dave Mustaine IS the central figure of Megadeth, and still kicking Metallica’s ass 6-0.

  7. hahaha this made me laugh so hard i am watching an interview of mike hakinnen and i was like..wooo he looks alot like dave^^ awesome how minds can think alike!

  8. I was one of the biggest Mika Häkkinen fans. I watched him race in 1997 (I was 7 years old back then) and I continued to share his happy and not-so-happy moments in front of the TV. He was my first icon.

    Now, I’m 19 and a fan of Megadeth. Unfortunately Mika finished his career in 2007 (resp. in 2001). However I started listening to Thrash Metal in early 2005 and although I prefer now Brutal/Slam Death Metal, Dave Mustaine still is one of the musicians I respect the most along with a few others.

    If I compare both of them now (which I never did before), I really can see parallels between them: similiar looks and both with brilliant skills (even though you can’t compare a guitar to a F1 car.) ;)

  9. what about nico rosberg & leonardo dicaprio? or kelsey grammar & ruben barichello? how about fernando alonso & adam goldberg?

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