Fernando Alonso and Raquel del Rosario Wedding

{ Posted on Nov 27 2006 by dScribe }

Edit: Alonso’s manager, Luis Garcia Abad has denied the reported wedding, blaming the Spanish press for starting the rumours. Who are we to get in the way of a good story though? Where there’s smoke, there’s fire… ;)  

Fernando Alonso married Raquel del Rosario over the weekend at a secret ceremony in the Maldives. About 50 people attended the wedding of the couple who met a year ago.

Raquel del Rosario Macias is a singing star in Spain but relatively unknown elsewhere. She is part of the group El Sueno de Morfeo.

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  1. Well, it’s “El sueño del Morfeo” ;)

  2. wow
    they r sooo pretty together!
    good luck nando!!!!!!!!!

  3. thats just rumours,,,,,,
    and its suck….!!!!!!!!

  4. guys its suck ı am a huge fan of him & ı am really sorry about the news ı know ı wont be able to marry him but there is always a hope:D

  5. plzz it can’t be real no wayyy

  6. por favor nocreo que sea real, y si es así lo único que podemos es desearle suerte a nano o que se divorcie rápido, pero hay que guardar esperanzas

  7. por favor nocreo que sea real, y si es así lo único que podemos es desearle suerte a nano o que se divorcie rápido, hay que guardar esperanzas

  8. She is very angly.!
    I’m from Poland .^^

  9. He is gorgeous and she looks like an illegal immigrant!!! I mean come on she sucks!!!

  10. YES they are married! check out F1 offical website – a photo of Gala award ceremony 2007 addressed Raquel as ‘wife’


  11. i don’t know if it’s right or not…

    Goodbye unexpected, sensational, incredible. Fernando Alonso is separated from his wife, Raquel Del Rosario, singer of a group, El Sueno de Morfeo, or the dream of Morfeo. The more a nightmare than a dream it seems: in two years by the wedding, the couple decided to say enough, a little surprising ‘all.

    Already because the beautiful Raquel had always followed her husband everywhere around the world. They looked like a very united. Certainly then, the former world champion has never given in these years the impression of being a playboy, despite the fame, success and the mountain of money received.

    But Spanish newspapers have revealed to the world crisis. In short, Alonso is a periodaccio, not only from the point of view sport.

    June 1, 2008

  12. Where did you get those news from?

  13. okay I found it in Italian in a Kimi forum:

    Addio inaspettato, clamoroso, incredibile. Fernando Alonso si separa dalla moglie, Raquel Del Rosario, cantante di un gruppo, El Sueno de Morfeo, ovvero il sogno di Morfeo. Più un incubo che un sogno a quanto pare: a due anni dalle nozze, la coppia ha deciso di dire basta, sorprendendo un po’ tutti.

    Già perché la bella Raquel aveva sempre seguito ovunque il marito in giro per il mondo. Sembravano molto uniti. Certamente poi, l’ex campione del mondo non ha mai dato in questi anni l’impressione di essere un playboy, malgrado la fama, i successi e la montagna di soldi incassati.

    Ora però i quotidiani spagnoli hanno rivelato al mondo la crisi. Per Alonso insomma è proprio un periodaccio, non solo dal punto di vista sportivo.

    1 giugno 2008

  14. And in italian papers…



  15. Lets hope for all our sake’s that this one is true!

  16. If it’s true, wonder how Nando’s dealing with it??? I mean, nothing seems to go right for him this year with the season going how it is and now this. I just hope he’ll be ok after all of this is over.


  17. hi girls it is good to see you her
    what are the latest news about fernando and raquel

  18. i am sooooooooo happy for this news , let us hope it is right

  19. I have looked everywhere in the spnaish sites and couldn’t find anything about it, so i wonder what kind of ’spanish news’ this article is referring too.

    When Fernando came to LA on Friday he looked perfectly ok to me, very relaxed and happy:


    So either its not true or he is long over it.

  20. hello girls!!! hello Lena Tanya Riri and cookie :P (maja)!!! how are you??
    i miss you all…. So i’m so happy about that :D :D

  21. To be fair: when you are actually having a divorce the evil part of separation and coming up with talks about a divorce is already over. So I assume he is over it already… especially if you look at the “love” between them.

    What did surprise me was the fact that this time Italy picked it up. First Turkey, now Italy… No smoke without fire!

    Shall we place a bet:

    a) what country will pick it up next?

    b) Raquel will be at Canada now?

    But then again he went without her to Vegas etc and I am not quite sure she would fly all the way to Canada (in the end an at least 7 hour flight) all alone.

  22. The spanish sites still show that old interview from May 18th claiming they are really married and a happy couple etc etc….and showing old pictures too. If its true, the spanish news will be the last to write about it.

    And if Raquel will be in Canada (and i doubt that), it will be done to cover the *negative* publicity…

  23. I know they even claim she said husband while she only said: relation with Fernando in Glamour.

    You know what is still beyond me: why not admit it? Is it that bad to say: hey, I am happily married? (well cross that happily out for them) but when you marry don’t you want to share your luck with just everybody? :S
    And I still think it is insulting towards the partner.

  24. When Fernando was to the University in Barcelona, before the race in Spain, one of the students there asked him if he was married; and he said *no*. Publicly, into a microphone, in front of the cameras. To me it looks like Raquel tries to give a picture that is no longer there….Fernando never talks about it, so we still can’t know what is really going on.

    They might have reasons to cover that up. Raquel is on her tour, and Fernando in the middle of a racing season…and the last he needs is bad publicity in Spain, now that he has to fight for points in the races and not winning anything.

  25. LOL he honestly said that? *g* I am surprised he wasn’t seen with bruises all over the next day *chuckles*

    But then again there was that apparent fight in the restaurant in Barcelona when he refused to sit at one table with her and have dinner together!

  26. Raquel was at the Melbourne GP even though she doesn’t seem to have arrived with Fernando. (I think he arrived only with his manager and physio if I remember correctly) so if she can travel alone to Australia then surely she can travel alone to Montreal. Even if she does turn up we still won’t know what to make of it.

    Tinkerbell – I hadn’t heard about him publicly denying being married so recently, strange that this wasn’t more widely reported. Maybe the press in Spain only report what they want to hear.

  27. That was just a rumour. They arrived together in Australia.

  28. Oh and he brought a friend along so I somehow doubt he will bring her as well…its usually one or the other.

  29. Margaret, i dont find the video anymore but i saw it.

    Now i was reading on a spanish forum someone wrote that he can assure they where together after the race in Monaco; she went shopping, and Fernando playing with friends…maybe that italian article is total bogus. I guess we will not know anything for sure until Fernando himself, or his not-wife, will say something clearly.

  30. Where have they been together? Certainly not in Monaco.
    That is how you spend time together when you barely see each other *g* One goes shopping, the other one spends time with friends

    And Fernando left for LA already on Wednesday if I am not mistaken.

    but to be honest: I still think: no smoke without fire. It was already strange when turkish TV announced that he is going through a divorce. Why should they say it is talk of the paddock when it is not?

  31. Thanks for the info Tinkerbell, I feel much happier that he has denied being married as recently as Barcelona. She always seemed to make him look unhappy.

    btw, have you seen the latest pictures from Canada, he’s smiling and looking happy! No trace of the usual frown.

  32. LOL so that means: he smiles, she is not there? ;)

  33. maybe it was the talk of the paddock that they had split up, and because many people believe they’re married, the turkish TV people just assumed there would be a divorce.

    Anyway, there have been so many rumours about these two, why should we believe this one.

  34. Margaret watch the video i posted, he looked like that in LA already, where he arrived on Friday with his physio Fabrizio.

    I have not seen any pictures yet, can you post a link?

  35. Because I personally don’t like Raquel and rather see him with someone nice like. Like Mark Webber: he has a nice girlfriend. Or Jenson’s ex-gf Florence. She was lovely. (I quite liked this: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/you/article-1018349/Florence-Brudenell-Bruce-Life-fast-lane.html )

    But Raquel is just stupid in my opinion. She behaves like a little kid and in interviews she comes across as one of those brainless people in pop business. Have you ever come across something smart she said?

    So I rather blieve in break up rumours as that lets me have more respect for Fernando. I know that is hard to understand but I just can’t understand why he wants to be with someone like her :S

  36. Just for the record: he already went to a Lakers game on Thursday so he can’t have arrived on Friday ;)

  37. Lena, I do understand what you mean, and I want them to split up as well because they never seemed suited at all. Only I don’t want them to be married because feel its very sad when people divorce. I know you say they are probably over the worst and all that but I’m just one of those old fashioned people who believe marriage is for life. So I would like it best if they are not married, but moved on from their ‘relationship’.

    I just wondered why you chose to believe these particular rumours, when you never seemed to believe the all the wedding or pregnancy rumours,
    Now with this one it’s perhaps wishful thinking? You want them to be apart, so it’s a convienent rumour to believe?

  38. wow, so many posts…awesome.
    Lena, HE WENT TO A LAKERS GAME??????? The one they played against the Spurs? If he’s a Lakers fan, I’ll just die here and now.It’s not enough that he likes Liverpool, lets make him like the Lakers :’(
    And that video from LA – he looks so happy. I hope it’s true: “When she’s not there he’s smiling…love it.

    Thanks guys(Tinkerbell, Margaret) for the updates.

  39. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A7mnvN1F-ps
    he looks soooooo cute . although his french accent is not that good . Oh by the way i think the divorce thing is just a rumor:
    a- because he is still wearing the ring.
    b- the spanish press did not announce that, i think they have the priority to announce this news, especially when the couple are from spain and they are under the spotlight….

  40. alonso was 10 in the 1st practise very :( :( :(

  41. Riri he is wearing *a* ring. A different one than last year too. So if he married in 2006..why change rings now, and still deny any marriage? Its not logical…but i agree we cannot confirm any rumors, still.

    The spanish press would probably not write anything. They almost never write anything about Fer that includes Raquel…maybe they have a kind of *agreement*.

  42. Hiyya!! just to join in with the convo..!!
    umm yehh he has changed rings..but hes always wirn one..maybe he just has a new one?!!

    I think, if he says he’s not married, he’s not married!
    Last year, she was in all the pictures at monaco, this year..hardly any!! x

  43. She wasn’t in any pictures from Monaco this year because she wasn’t there!

  44. And last year she arrived AFTER the race was over! And he was not interested in her at all…rather played Playstation.

  45. hey girls… Raquel is their with him!!!!!!!
    that is really strange!!!!!!!

  46. http://www.alo-natygallery.extra.hu/galeria/displayimage.php?album=lastup&cat=0&pos=2

  47. ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww !!!!!
    she really has a bad taste in choose her clothes…

  48. wow very good place for Fernando…. and very good job….
    Hello what happen?? he get devorce with her or not ????
    Riri i agree with you she clothes is wful yiak!!!!

  49. From what I’ve seen so far, Raquel is there with her sister, I’ve not seen any pictures of Raquel and Fernando together yet. Her being there at all surely ends speculation about a divorce/split. But why is she there if they are not ever together. Very odd.

  50. Oh well…looks like we will have to live with that….and with a pregnacy too. What a dress.


  51. she is not pregnant!!!! it is the air who’s blowing of her dress… dress…http://www.alo-natygallery.extra.hu/galeria/albums/userpics/10001/normal_20%7E114.jpg

  52. but the question is why is she there ?
    and is her sis there? there is something wrong with that…
    suppose that the couple are trying to prove that they are together…
    then why fernando is with his friend and raquel is with her sis????
    that is little odd to me.

  53. Its not Fernandos friend. Its the bandmanager.

    And I agree with everything Magaret said!

  54. On most pictures Raquel looks awful, and as if she will start crying any moment…they both have rings under their eyes and to me a happy couple looks different, but what do i know.

    It will be a tough race for Fernando today lets keep our fingers crossed that he will be able to concentrate.

  55. Good luck Nando!!!

  56. Fernando did brilliantly to get P4, but there’s a lot of concern about the track surface breaking up and making it difficult not to lose traction and just slide off. Kimi said the state of the track was ‘a joke’. I just hope everyone (especially Fernando of course) gets round safely. Maybe if there are a few crashes he can spring a surprise and get a really good result! Fingers crossed!

  57. Yeah, fernando was excellent, i hope everything turn out fine in the race and that we can see him in the podium again!
    Good luck Nando!

  58. Oh dear! Poor Fernando! Double DNF for Renault, he was doing so well until that spin. Better luck next time. Still not seen any pictures of him and Raquel together this weekend. Anyone else spotted one yet?

  59. Not of them together. Maybe she brings bad luck, he could have won the race today, but wrong strategy from the team, and then another ‘Heidfeld’ incident…they should really take care of that, Heidfeld ruining his race again, maybe in the next race Fernando will be so frustrated that he will just crash into the guy and take them both out.
    And i see the frustration level rising in Fernando concerning the team, he was quite clear today about the big error with the strategy.

  60. God, that dress (is it a dress???) is horrible. What the hell is she thinking? I was so upset about today, it took me a while to recollect my thoughts and I love what you all are saying. It just is really odd that she’d be there and not be with him!!!
    I wish they’d just say something for crying out loud and stop acting like teenagers. It’s so annoying….
    sorry, I’m still a little frustrated with the DNFs today!

  61. i’m so sad about Fernando…i don’t believe for what happen to him :( :( :(

  62. Hamilton and Rosberg will move ten places back on next gp…

  63. Really? Great news, not because of Rosberg, but hamilton, was so funny again, too bad things didn´t end up the way we wanted right? I felt so sad about Fernando, specially coz he was doing great, we lost the oportunity to see him in the podium again, that´s where he deserves to be!

  64. Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t been online! I was in Montreal for the race and let me just say that it was AWESOME!

  65. Come on Tanya tell us all about it!! What did you see and hear? It must have been so fantastic to actually be there. Please tell us all the gossip from the paddock!

  66. LOL! Sorry, but I haven’t heard any gossip whatsoever! Everyone there pretty much kept to themselves. The only talk that went on was about what was gonna take place during the weekend. I was fortunate to meet Sebastien Bourdais, Jarno Trulli, and Ron Dennis! I did see Lewis also, but I didn’t get a pic of him (I was afraid my camera lens was gonna crack) ;)

  67. Fernando Alonso can divorce. That will not be a problem. When he is on his car he forget every thing, and he is concentred to win and to go on the podium again.
    It is better a good divorce than a bad mariage. He will not have problem to find an other women. I can not be sad, there are a lot of people divorced in the world, it is not the end of the world.

  68. Margaret where are you from?

  69. Hi Chryso, I’m from England, just south of Manchester.

  70. do you have e-mail?

  71. Yes I do! My email address is margaret@condate.freeserve.co.uk

  72. thanks

  73. Tanya’s back….yay!
    Did you do what I asked you to? :)
    Don’t forget to send me the pics from the weekend, you can e-mail them to me….plz?

  74. Hi Maya! u can view my pics on my myspace page as well as look at the videoclips I took!

  75. Hello, I am a fan of Fernando Alonso, I speak french and spanish, if I will find something about the private situation of him, I will send you the link.
    I am interesting of his sport result, and I will know some english people who like Alonso.
    If you want send me some of your privates foto of him. I do not know Fernando, I have never see him. If you want you can write me at this mail marguerit@libero.it
    I am fan of Alonso. I will like to know if a fan of Hamilton can be a fan of Alonso at the same time.

  76. Hi marguerit, I’m English and a Fernando fan. I don’t support Lewis at all, he’s too arrogant, even when he makes stupid mistakes like in Canada. I’m not sure anyone would be a Lewis fan and a Fernando fan because both are so very different in character, they would appeal to different kinds of people.

  77. I support Hamilton for the championship this year because he’s English like me, but last year when they were at the same team I wanted Alonso to win because I’d supported him since he showed his skill in a Minardi. Lewis’ attitude sucks, but he’s the only chance GB have had for a while!!

    Although I did cheer when Hamilton crashed into Kimi at the weekend because I knew that meant that Renault had a better chance! The Lewis fan with me did not look impressed…

  78. Last year I supported both Lewis and Fernando in the beginning but towards mid-season Lewis started to show his true colors as well as the team in general and so I stopped supporting him and pleged my full support to Fernando! In Canada, I couldn’t help but cheer and laugh cause here’s someone who the press believe is the next Aryton Senna, Michael Schumacher and he goes on and pulls a stunt like this?! And he has the nerve to tell everyone that it happens all the time! Well, excuse me, but I don’t ever recall an incident like that ever happening since I began watching F1 9 yrs ago! I think it’s good to like other drivers, but if u support both Fernando and Lewis nowadays, u may have a hard time with other spectators!

  79. I liked him last year when the season started but when I saw how arrogant he is, I gave up. Plus, I didn’t appreciate the treatment Lewis and Fernando were receiving from McLaren. Lewis was their golden boy and nobody cared what happened to Fernando.
    This season Lewis is showing his rockie side, and makes some pretty stupid moves. He’s never gonna be as good as Senna (hell, no one will) or Schumi and they thought he’d be F1 newest hero.
    Don’t get me wrong – the guy has some unbelievable skills as a driver and can pull off some awesome stunts, but his attitude is the problem. Sorry for the long post. :) :)


  80. In my oppinion Hamilton has not more talent than Trulli. Put him into the R28 and lets see how long he can stay on the track….his attitude is laughable, and his character i better don’t start to analyze.

    Anyway, i couldn’t care less about him, i’m a lot more worried about Fernando now, because after the race in Canada he was so furious and sad at the same time.

    Watch that video…


  81. I totally agree with you Tinkerbell, I’d love to see how Lewis would get on in the R28. Not very well I should think! Thanks for the video too.

  82. i like him last year when the season start but now i hate him, and i am only Alonso big fan….
    marguerit welcome to the clup

  83. I din’t find anathynk about his separation,but in an italian link I find the news that Alonso wife has said that she will not came at the wedding of Briatore.
    welcome at all of you, I love english people.

  84. hi girls…
    i am having exams these days, wish me luck!!!!
    i don’t really like Hamilton because of his annoying attitude, but i support fernando very much actually i am a fan of him ….
    i don’t think that there is a person who support both of them coz they have a different style and character.

    Oh by the way could somebody tell me what did he say in the video during the interview ?

  85. I have not find anything about his separation. The only news I find was in an italian link, that the wife of Fernando Alonso has said that she will not came at the wedding of Briatore.
    Welcome at all of you I love english people.

  86. I am supporting Fernando since 2001 and it never occured to me to support Lewis as well. I do like most other drivers but they are basically indifferent to me. Once the race/quali has started its just “Go Fernando”… well and nobody please kill themselves.

  87. marguerit can you give us the link? Because in the spanish net they are all convinced Raquel would be there too.

  88. I read it too:


  89. I think Flavio should be grateful that Raquel isn’t gonna be at his wedding! She brings bad luck to Fernando whenever she’s at the races so she would’ve probably brought bad luck to the bride and groom! ;)

  90. This is from the spanish forums: they say she is there…

    “Flavio se casa con Elisabetta.

    Fernando Alonso y su mujer ya están en Roma y cenando en estos momentos en un lujoso hotel de la capital junto a todos los invitados a la boda que se celebrará mañana en El Santo Espíritu.

    Al enlace están invitados también Silvio Berluconi, Aznar y Michael Schumacher.”

    Calling Raquel ‘his wife’. I guess that will never be cleared up…lol

  91. Tomorrow is the wedding.She has a concert tomorrow so I doubt that she’ll fly to Italy stay for a couple of hours and fly right back!

  92. Tanya who knows, with a private jet its only a short trip between Spain and Italy, and maybe Flavio invited her.
    If anyone has some more information don’t hesitate to share!

  93. I have actually heard Flavio isn’t too fond over Raquel!

  94. Yeah, I heard Flavio doesn’t like her either. If anybody gets any pics from the wedding post them people, I wanna see them.

    @Tanya, I need to talk to you….msn me when you get the chance, plz?

  95. Is it just me or is her face chubby?


    Pics are from yesterday apparently.

  96. Okay that link should work now:


  97. El piloto de Renault el español Fernando Alonso confirmó su asistencia al enlace, aunque sin su mujer, la cantante Raquel del Rosario. ”

    Not there… *G*

  98. Maya, I won’t be on msn until later on in the afternoon so please send me a private message on myspace!

  99. Poor girl is way overdue for fashion counceling! Someone needs to tell her that the pocahontas boots are OUT! http://www.elcomerciodigital.com/gijon/20080614/ultima/asturias-segunda-casa-20080614.html

  100. She looks like she is training for being pregnant. Or she is indeed pregnant. In that case…no escape for Fernando.

    Her clothes are terrible as always, but talking about fashion counselling…i need Fernando sometimes could need some too…lol!

  101. My thought Tinkerbell! Maybe she is having too much food because of him not even spending time with her at the racetrack ;)

    Oh yes, but if you compaire him to her he is usually very well dressed!!!

  102. ‘i think’ sorry for the typo.

  103. No probs….and I take everything back about the being better dressed than Raquel…

    Fernando at the wedding:

    Personally I am not liking the suit at all. It looks too tight around certain areas but then again too big in other areas. And the shoes together with that suit are horrible. But that is just my opinion. He looks like a little schoolboy in his outfit!

  104. Okay, that didn’t work so here are the links:



  105. I agree he looks awful in that ill-fitting suit. It’s too tight as you say and the trousers are too long in the leg. It’s just all wrong!

  106. LOL we are so evil… especially since we know he doesn’t feel comfortable in suits anyway *G* But then again: he is on 43 on the Forbes list so you could expect him to have a fitting suit!

  107. Indeed. Sometimes i think he is doing that on purpose…he looked very nice in the suit he was wearing at the FIA Gala!

    lol….and i still have hope that maybe one day Fernando will be able to find a hairdresser who is actually capable of making a decent haircut. Sometimes it looks like his grandmother is doing that- without glasses.

  108. The bow was just a horror with that FIA Gala suit!But then I just don’t like bows! They suit nobody!

    LOL he sometimes has okay hairstyles… just not the moment he comes from the hairdresser! *G* I am sure his granny would do it better even without glasses!

  109. http://www.safety-car.net/galeria/albums/userpics/10180/81560421.jpg

    Yum backside!

    He doesn’t seem to like weddings!

  110. Lena come on….there are enough ‘celebrity’ hairdressers who could even make Raquel look good.

    Impossible this has been done by a professional. It would ruin everyone’s reputation!

    Can anyone answer me the question why there are absolutely no pictures of them together anymore? Not for hiding a pregnacy, she is giving concerts…for getting more privacy? In that case, she could just stay away from the races (e.g. i have never seen Heidfelds wife). Why this should be such a problem?
    They are just creating all the rumors that way. If they behaved ‘normal’, no- one would even talk about it.

  111. because they are not an item anymore? Well I can’t think of any other explanation as before there were constantly pics of them from shopping, holidays etc but now not even at raceweekends when both are there!

  112. Okay, suit is a no-no! Couldn’t he have gone with a simple black suit and a nice tie with it?! However, I did enjoy seeing his lower-half! ;)

  113. Thanks for the pics girls…I was enjoying the view. LOL
    Hate the suit, it doesn’t look good at all. But those last two pics really made my day.
    *goes to look at them again*

    Thank you Lena!

  114. Lena, I suppose Raquel’s answer would be that now they live in Switzerland they can lead normal lives and they are not followed around by cameras anymore whereas they were before. Doesn’t explain why there are no pictures of them together at races though.

  115. Quote from an article about the wedding:

    “Afterward, Briatore’s Spanish protege Fernando Alonso drove the newlyweds to the reception at the Castello di Torcrescenza, a sumptuous castle residence just north of Rome.”

    I’m glad Fernando made himself useful while he was there!

  116. I am agree with you Nando need a personal training to tell him how to dress. But, he is beautifull as well, an other one, will be more bad.
    I think there is not separation between him and his life. I think that Nando wants to make publicité at his wife, like this giornalist speak about her, because she is doing an concert in Spain.
    That is my opinion, I do not thing there are on the way of the separation. But in the wikipendia inciclopedia you can read that his wedding is finish after 3 years of love there are make the separation.

  117. @ magaret: One should still think they would go on a holiday together or visit his/her family and be seen. They did before so why stop it now. And he did have a place in Switzerland already years ago. He just got a new one in 2006.

  118. Wikipedia has a lot of false information because anyone can add or delete stuff….so I don’t know how trustworthy it is.
    But I agree with Lena, they don’t act the way they did before. She’s not at races and when she is,they act like strangers and look miserable around each other, and they can’t be spotted anywhere together. Do you girls remember how many pics we had of them together before, even on this site (the other thread)?

  119. I have to say that i find Flavio’s wife a lot more likable than Raquel. I think she is a very interesting woman, and Flavio has probably met his match- after many tries!;)

    Raquel is a nuisance. If Fernando would ever find a woman like Elisabetta, i would applaude.

  120. I don’t think he could cope with nude pics of his woman being around to be honest.

    But I agree: Elisabetta has some sort of character and personality while Raquel has none. Well in the end the thought why to marry either Flavio or Fernando is probably the same: money and fame.

  121. he look cute with suit…

  122. *sarcasm mode on* Fame? Come on..in Raquel’s own words, she hates all that popularity, don’t ask her about Fernando or she will break in tears, and she just wants to be a normal person!!!

    Believe it or not a friend of mine heard her sing a song about that in one of her concerts (which btw are of course a lot more important than accompany Fernando to a wedding). She absolutely hates to be recognized everywhere and stared at! *sarcasm mode off*

    Lena i agree but i was not talking about that…lol, no i don’t think Fernando would like that.

  123. I am a biger fan of Alonso, but I think that to be married with a man is differt that to be in love of him.
    We can not think about Raquel that she was married with him only for this monney. Man are not the same when they are married, they came borring and at the sometime also they have a bad carracter.
    Maybe Alonso in the private life is maschilist and possessif and she had annulate is personality for him.
    She is an artist and need to make music. I have eart her music, I personaly do not find her not all bad, she has an specially voice, and I think that women artist must have the possibility to know her talent. If Alonso wants her like an housewife it is possibile that her familly live was very close for her. Because if you go away of a rich live, a raison must be.

  124. LOL I know Tinkerbell… but I still keep wondering if she hates fame so much why all the commercials or holding her face into every camera :P I know you think alike but its a question I honestly would love to ask Raquel!
    Mi columna or what is the name of the song *g* I heard it ones and broke down laughing! She is a such a whinge! Like she didn’t know in advance what was coming up and she certainly tried making the best out of it.

    Fernando is certainly not an easy person but I am pretty sure he never pretended to be any different before an aparent marriage. Of course men change over the years but so do women!

    I am sure he wants someone independant and would not make statements like: you have to stay at home for the rest of your life blabla but I am pretty sure he expects a bit more support then he gets!

    To me Raquel is a false person due to what Tinkerbell already said before. Besides that I am disliking bands who are unable to perform live as the singers are unable of hiting the tones!

    Overall I find it interesting that she a) looks upset b) gets annoyed when people called Fernando’s name at concerts c) managed not to be in one picture with him at the racetrack d) she rather has a concert than holding her face into the cameras at Flavs Wedding!

  125. I agree with everything you’ve said there Lena. You’ve obviously been following this saga a lot longer than I have. I think you’ve put the conclusions I’ve been coming to into words very well!

  126. Maybe this unhappy, crying, fragile girl is just a stage look? It’s quite popular to perform this emo style (I”m so unhappy, world doesn’t understand me and so on)…

    I think she is completely different person off the stage. When I saw her picures from concerts or interviews and then from gran prix I thought I saw a 15 years old girl and then nearly 30 years old women… Different look, diffferent smile.
    She is like a cute puppy during “work” (not that I like that :) ) and then on the paddock not very warm, mature women with agressive look … She is smiling only when she’s posing at the camera. I think she is smoking and it doesn’t suit her stage look again.

    IMO she is exteemely false person which makes true the statement that the opposites atrract eachother.

  127. vivum if what you say is true (and it fits to the impression i have myself that something is not right with her) i can’t understand why Fernando is keeping that up.
    He is not always pleasant, but always authentic! How can they get along? I really can’t imagine, this is all very weird.

  128. Well when u’re a singer and when u perform, u have to put on a happy act. u cannot show people how u really feel otherwise u will screw up the show and u can’t go on cause all those feelings u’re trying to block for a couple of hours have hit u so hard that u can’t concentrate anymore. Off-stage, u of course see an entirely different person. As much as she tries to put on a happy face during the races, her body language tells a different story. The way she presents herself is not normal on the tracks. She looks stiff and not happy; it’s as almost as if she is forcing herself to be there just to make a point to the public and NOT because she is there to give support to Fernando. In Canada, the only pic that I saw of her actually being herself was when her, her sister, and her manager were walking on the dock and that was it! She was happy because she was around people who care about her and she cares about them. We have NOT seen anything like that with Fernando in a long time (and I still consider the FIA gala ‘07 pics a fake!). Fernando has never had an issue showing his feelings no matter what it was or who it involved and whenever she is not around he looks very calm, relaxed, and happy but when she’s there, again, the body language changes. The last time we ever saw pics of those 2 actually next to each other (Bahrain ‘08), they looked like 2 people who had to sit next to each other because there was nowhere else to sit. She looked like she wanted to talk to him, but he completely ignored her. All the proof is right in the pics;they could say that they’re a happy couple 1,000,000 times if they want, but they would just be lying to themselves! Alot of couples have tried it and never succeed and they will be next!

  129. I don’t think you have to put a fake face when you perform…it’s more important to show who you really are. And she seems unable to do that, on the concert or on the paddock. She seems too fake [i]all the time [/i] and I I think he just got tired of it.Hell, I don’t blame him, who wouldn’t. Cuz he strikes me as the kind of person who almost wears his heart on a sleeve and he shows his true self.

  130. I am spanish that is why I am happy to see how english people love Fernando Alonso, and I hope that Alonso will be happy to have alot of fans in the world who love sincerly him.
    I am agree with you her wife seems more concentrate to her and not o
    in Alonso, I think Alonso has give to much to her, and when you give too much love and monney, it is finish like this. I think in love is better not give all in the sometime but slowly.

  131. I think we are not all english but from all over the world. *G*

    I don’t expect a wife to just follow her husband around like a little puppy all the time. God that would actually drive me up the walls. But I think for example: when she is at a racetrack and the car is not performing well why not show support instead of sitting there totally bored?
    Don’t we all need that kind of support sometimes if it is because of a fight with colleagues or the boss or simply because it is so much work that you don’t think you will ever finish things.
    And with her I am just lacking that. Have you ever seen her hugging him after a bad result?
    Look at Rafaella for example: she doesn’t care what others say and simple hugs Felipe when he wins or loses. And I am pretty sure he appreciates it.

  132. I agree Lena! That’s why I admire Rafaella;she gives support to Felipe no matter what unlike Raquel!

  133. I love every people over the world. I am refer to english only because I will like to have somebody to share mails in english because I love this language.
    I speack a very basic english but I understand better, if someone wants to contact me I have insert my mail.
    I think the more interesting blog and newa of Fernando Alonso you can find in the spanish newspaper call LA NUEVA ESPANA, and there is also an interesting blog who the expert speack about the FORMULA 1 and with Alonso.

  134. I will like to share some mails with people who speak english all over the world, I have insert my mail. My english is very basic, but I understand better.
    The spanish newspaper where find all about Fernando Alonso is LA NUEVA ESPAGNA, you will find a very interesting blog about FORMULA 1 make by espert.

  135. Nando ha avuto un premio come sportivo che da il buon esempio alla giuventu. Premio datto dai francesi. Non è sicuro di restare in Renaud decidera a fine anno.

  136. Hey girls, I just read this on the F1 Girls Forum. No idea how true it is.

    Alonso was quoted on Mick Schumacher in the Spanish media:

    Fernando was being asked about Micheal Schumacher’s son taking up karting. Then comes this bit:

    ‘Asked about if he is planning a family himself, he said not yet as “It would be unjust if I wouldn’t help Raquel to raise the kids.”

    So that means, like Kimi, they only want kids when Fernando retires from the sport.’

    I’ve asked for a link to the story but haven’t got one yet. What do you think?!

  137. “Professional fan for Alonso unveiled…”


    Pretty sweet deal!!

  138. That story about Fernando and kids apparently came from a Hungarian site that said their source was ‘ABM’, whatever that is. Do we assume it’s rubbish *sincerely hopes that it is!!*

  139. I can’t believe he said something like that! It would have been all over the spanish press by now! And in addition: do you honestly think those two have sex?

  140. Well no I don’t, and it astonished me to read the story. I didn’t know how accurate the story was and how reliable the source. But if he did say that…. I just wondered what the rest of you thought about it, and if you’d heard anything about this alleged comment of his.

  141. Well this is a story from Italy on Sunday:

    Alonso – Raquel: ma quale crisi!
    Smentite le voci che parlavano di un imminente, e inaspettato, divorzio tra i due

    I quotidiani spagnoli avevano lanciato l’allarme: Fernando Alonso e la moglie Raquel Del Rosario, cantante del gruppo “El sueno de Morfeo”, decisi a dirsi addio. Voci su un divorzio inaspettato, clamoroso, incredibile. Talmente incredibile, infatti, da non essere assolutamente veritiero.

    La coppia in realtà è assolutamente solida, unita e affiatata. I due sono sempre innamorati e la bella Raquel non ha smesso di seguire il marito pilota in giro per i circuiti di tutto il mondo. D’altronde malgrado la fama, i successi e la montagna di soldi incassati, il tenebroso Alonso non ha mai dato l’impressione di essere un play boy e tra i due è sempre sembrato esserci un feeling molto particolare e unico.

    Chi pensava già di incoronare questo come l’anno peggiore dell’ex campione del mondo, viste anche le difficoltà con la Renault in questa stagione di Formula 1, dovrà rinunciare. Almeno in amore Alonso può continuare a sorridere. Se il rapporto con la sua monoposto, infatti, si dovrà sicuramente rivedere al termine di questo campionato, quello con Raquel non sembra essere assolutamente in discussione.


    Certainly not talking about him and Raquel wanting any kids or even practicing how to make babies!

  142. It’s so very confusing to have so many different versions of how things are with those two. If they really were planning to divorce, why would she turn up in Canada, even though we never saw them together, why would she be there? And I thought we still weren’t convinced they were married anyway! *scratches head in bewilderment*

  143. Until now i never heard him talk about Raquel in any interview, not since i read them all, so not since last year that time. I’m quite sure he didn’t say anything like this.
    About Fernando and children, i only remember him talk about that in an interview (and i heard him say that in the original): when asked by the reporter if he thought it to be possible, to be a racing driver and have to children, he said ’sure, why not’.

    Though Enzo Ferrari said the man with a son will drive 1 second slower…lol

    The article is again referring to ’spanish daily news’ and i really searched the net everwhere, there is no such thing. There are about 100 ‘daily newspapers’ in Spain. So good luck with searching, in case someone feels like it…

    And that guy Alvaro is, until now, mostly advertising himself. Check out his blog if you are interested:


    I don’t know what he is doing for his money actually, he wants to become a journalist thats all he is interested in, and i doubt that he will get much information; there are enough journalists around Fernando at every race, and some are also his friends, like Victor and Antonio. And they will not be very interested to have the guy between them…

  144. Well I just did a translation of the story Lena posted and apparently this person who wrote this article is ticked off about the rumors sparking about a divorce between them!
    Here’s the English version:Alonso – Raquel: but what crisis! You deny the shouting that talked about an imminent one, and unexpected, I divorce between the two

    The daily Spanish had thrown l’ alarm: Fernando Alonso and the wife Raquel Of The Rosary, singing some group “El sueno De Morpheus”, decided to say itself goodbye. You shout on an unexpected divorce, sensational, incredible. Such incredible, in fact, to is not absolutely truthful.

    The couple in reality is absolutely solid, united and compatible. The two I am always enchanted and the attractive Raquel did not stop following the husband pilot in turn for the circuits of all of the world. D’ on the other hand despite the reputation, the success and the mountain of money packed, the dark Alonso has not ever given l’ impression of to be a play boy and between the two always seemed to be us a very special feeling and sole.

    Who it thought already of to crown this like l’ worse year dell’ former champion of the world, seen also the difficulty with the Renault in this season of Formula 1, should renounce. At least in love Alonso can continue to smile. If the relation with its single-seater, in fact, surely reviews at the conclusion of this championship, that with Raquel does not seem to be absolutely in discussion.

    As far as that interview: The press really likes to put words in their articles to make things more interesting so unless they have a video recording of him saying those exact words, I won’t buy into it!

  145. omg,has this person just landed on Earth. WTH???
    “The couple is absolutely solid” – by which freaking definition??????

    I’m astonished by people’s refusal of their separation/divorce or w/e. What will it take to prove them wrong?

  146. Maya: to hear it from Fernando himself. Until now we don’t have anything than rumors. And both ways: the ones which say they are not really together anymore, and the ones saying they are the happiest couple on earth. Obviously, there is nothing in between.

  147. Yeah, I was just thinking that….I mean it’s one of the two complete opposites.They can’t seem to find a common ground, a middle point. According to the press, they either hate each-others guts or love each-other to death.
    Sorry if I’m exaggerating but it’s just the way that the media portrays those two. ;)

  148. Raquel said yesterday that she is not pregnant and that she never confirmed they are married. But apparently she lives in Switzerland for 1 1/2 years now for personal motives. Oh and she has no idea yet where she will go for summer vacation but she wants to go some time missing.

  149. Lena- what??? Come on, link??? lol..i see more rumors springing up…

  150. I read it in an spanish forum!


    Section Prensa Rosa
    Thread: novias o amigas…

  151. Lena, I don’t think non-members can read the threads. Here’s the post she’s referring to in Spanish:yo si lo he visto!!

    a ver, nada más empezar el reportaje salía ella posando delante de un fondo de Venus Gilette, y yo he dicho, nada a anunciar cuchillas para afeitarse las piernas, que es lo que ella más enseña!

    pero no, flipad….estaba de “madrina y miembro del jurado del premio Gilette a los Nuevos Diseñadores” (eran bañadores, creo)

    oleeee oleee y oleeeee
    todo esto por su mérito como cantante, claro está!!

    iba con un vestido negro corto, tacones, enseñando pierna, MUY maquillada y el pelo como alborotado de peluquería.

    entonces, COMO LE PAGAN por estar ahí, no le ha quedado otra que hablar para la Primera de tve, que son más moderados…se supone, porque no han hecho más que acribillarla a apreguntas personales jajajaja

    para disimular, que si va a prepara nuevo disco y bla bla bla

    y luego, al tomate!! nunca mejor dicho
    planes de verano…respuesta…”aún no sé dónde me voy a ir, pero sí que tengo ganas de estar….un tiempo desaparecida”………..
    qué tal si dejas de ir a eventos de publicidad para empezar?!

    residencia en Suiza…respuesta…”sí, resido allí desde hace año y medio…..por motivos personales”
    no nos digas! pensábamos que es que ahí componías mejor tus grandes letras jajaja

    sobre la polémica de SEMANA y su supuesta confirmación de boda…..respuesta…..”quiero aclarar que eso fue un comentario sacado de contexto…yo nunca he confirmado nada, no me gusta confirmar ni desmentir, nunca he hablado de esas cosas”

    la periodista al parecer lo intenta una última vez con la pregunta “qué tal la vida de casada” o algo así…..respuesta….se ríe y dice….”nooo….nada, nada, no confirmo nada……nada de eso…..terreno peligroso”

    en fin, más de lo mismo.
    yo me imagino a la pareja en plan…..”juremos por Snoopy que nunca jamás vamos a hablar de nosotros, eh? por la turbochef que nos alimenta cada día!!”

    yo creo que ella está DESEANDO gritarlo a los cuatro vientos, pero por amor al angelito o por la bronca que podría caerle, se calla como una bendita…..

    Y respecto a la comparación de bodas, o supuesta la de ellos al menos….qué queréis que os diga…..lo ha dicho Kel muy bien…..ese pasillo, la gente esperándo….los abrazos a la salida……….Casarse en el salón de una casa… bastante triste tuvo que ser (si fue así realmente)
    And in English (sorry if it’s weird, but I got this off a translation site)I if have seen it!!

    To see, nothing more to begin the report left she siing in front of a fund of Venus Gilette, and I have said, nothing to announce cleavers to be shaved the legs, that is what she more teaches!

    but not, flipad. …estaba of “godmother and member of the jury of the prize Gilette to the New Designers” (were bathers, I believe)

    Oleeee oleee and oleeeee all this by its merit as the singer, clear is!!

    It went with a short black dress, heels, teaching leg, VERY made up and the hair as disturbed of salon.

    then, LIKE they PAY for being there, him has not remained another that to speak for the First one of tve, that are more moderates. ..se supposes, because they have not done more than bombarding it to apreguntas personal jajajaja

    to dissemble, that if goes to prepares new disk and bla bla bla

    And then, to the tomato!! never better said plans of summer. ..respuesta…” not yet I know where do I be going to go, but yes that I want to be. …un vanished time” ………. How if to you stop going to events of publicity to begin?!

    residence in Switzerland. ..respuesta…” yes, I reside there for year and a half. ….por personal motives” not us to tell! we thought that is that
    there you composed better your large letters jajaja

    on the polemics of WEEK and his supposed confirmation of wedding. ….respuesta…..” I want to clarify that that was a comment removed of context. ..yo never I have confirmed nothing, i do not like to confirm neither to contradict, never I have spoken of those things”

    the journalist apparently tries him a last time with the question “how the life of married” or something thus. ….respuesta….se laughs and says. …” nooo. …nada, nothing, I do not confirm anything. …..nada of that. ….terreno dangerous”

    In short, more than the same thing. I imagine to the couple in plan. ….” we swear for Snoopy that never never we are going to speak of us, eh? by the turbochef that each day feeds us!!”

    I believe that she IS DESIRING to shout it to the four winds, but by love to the angelito or by the row that would be able to fall him, he silences himself as a blessed one. ….

    And with respect to the comparison of anniversaries, or supposed that of them at least. …qué you want that he tell you. ….lo has said Kel very well. ….ese walkway, the people esperándo. …los hugs on the way out. ………Casarse in the parlor of a house… quite sad had to be (if was thus really)

  152. Online translations are weird, thank you anyway- i tried with freetranslation.com but that wasn’t much better.
    I don’t see anything concerning pregnacy though. I wish we had someone here who could make a better translation for us *sigh*

  153. Maybe Marguerit could translate for us if we ask nicely? She is Spanish after all…

  154. …or Maya! Hey Maya, we some help por favor! ;)

  155. She did say on TV that she was not pregnant! Girls on the spanish forum were annoyed that a pregnancy is not part of a private life but a marriage is!

  156. That does seem very illogical!!

  157. Well its typical Raquel isn’t it? *g* There is no logic with that woman!

    This is apparently most of the interview and it really made me laugh!!!

    (posting the english version first and then the spanish one)

    The singer Sleep Morfeo, Raquel del Rosario, intercala tour of his second album “See you in the way”-almost thirty concerts between June and October-with its role as godmother in promotional events. The last, a prize designed swimwear driven by a brand of razor blades with the name of goddess of love. Guapa, cautious but much more affordable than the image she projected of the media, ensures that loves fashion.

    Does bathing suit in one piece, trikini, bikini or topless?
    Bikini. It’s the most comfortable.

    Provides your brand image for Gilette. Their representatives claim that always carries one in your travel requirements. To succeed, do English Barbados, Brazil …?

    (Blushes) Uff … than normal …

    And for them?

    The men, better without depilation.

    How about the tuning for the summer?
    I admit that I hardly care, I just sport. With food I am a disaster. I am fortunate that as what I want and not fattening. But I do not fit into the bathroom more cosmetics and perfumes.

    Is Opera something?

    Now, no. In the future … I do not know.

    What is taken out more money, with music or lend its image to endorse products?
    From music. Working all year with my group, while the promotional events are only once or twice a year.

    Would you crisis has affected the record?

    The sale of discs has dropped and now we lose money previously levied by copyright. But as we are in full tour of our second record, offset losses with the proceeds in the concerts.

    Do you help your musical career that his life comes out in magazines?

    No (doubt a moment). Rather I desayuda. By not speak much with journalists, I think morbo. And criticize me, yes or yes. All they want is to remain faithful to my principles.

    Are you fed up paparazzis?

    I can not complain, took a quiet years, I have not stolen any photos. When you create disinterest, and realize that my life is boring and normal, like other human beings, and leave you in peace.

    How do you consider the case of Telma Ortiz?

    I sympathise with her one hundred percent, because it is not a public personage. One thing is freedom of expression, and quite another to violate your tranquility.

    Would you like to have children?

    Yes, like all women. But in the long run.

    Are Wedding by the Church or by the civilian?

    I am a believer and I think we need to do things in a manner consistent with your beliefs.

    Would you like to step on the accelerator when driving?

    I have no driving licence!

    Is Madam or Miss?
    I am not talking about my private life.

    La cantante del Sueño de Morfeo, Raquel del Rosario, intercala la gira de su segundo álbum “Nos vemos en el camino” -casi treinta conciertos entre junio y octubre- con su papel de madrina en actos promocionales. El último, un premio de diseño de bañadores impulsado por una marca de cuchillas de afeitar con nombre de diosa del amor. Guapa, cautelosa pero mucho más asequible que la imagen que de ella proyectan los medios de comunicación, asegura que le encanta la moda.

    ¿Traje de baño de una pieza, trikini, bikini o topless?
    Bikini. Es lo más cómodo.

    Presta tu imagen para la marca Gilette. Sus representantes aseguran que siempre lleva una en tu neceser de viaje. Para triunfar, ¿ingles barbeadas, brasileñas…?

    (Ruborizada) Uff… lo normal…

    ¿Y para ellos?

    Los hombres, mejor sin depilar.

    ¿Qué tal la puesta a punto para el verano?
    Reconozco que apenas me cuido, hago poco deporte. Con la alimentación soy un desastre. Tengo la suerte de que como lo que quiero y no engordo. Eso sí, no me caben en el baño más cosméticos y perfumes.

    ¿Se operarías de algo?

    Ahora, no. En el futuro… no lo sé.

    ¿Con qué se saca más dinero, con la música o prestando su imagen para promocionar productos?
    De la música. Trabajo todo el año con mi grupo, mientras que los eventos promocionales son sólo una o dos veces al año.

    ¿Le ha afectado la crisis discográfica?

    La venta de discos ha bajado y ahora perdemos dinero que antes cobrábamos por los derechos de autor. Pero como estamos en plena gira de nuestro segundo disco, compensamos las pérdidas con lo recaudado en los conciertos.

    ¿Ayuda a su carrera musical que su vida salga en las revistas?

    No (duda un momento). Más bien me desayuda. Al no hablar mucho con los periodistas, creo morbo. Y me critican, sí o sí. Lo único que pretendo es seguir fiel a mis principios.

    ¿Está harta de paparazzis?

    No me puedo quejar, llevo un año tranquila, no me han robado ninguna foto. Cuando creas desinterés, y se dan cuenta de que mi vida es aburrida y normal, como el resto de los seres humanos, ya te dejan en paz.

    ¿Qué opina del caso de Telma Ortiz?

    Me solidarizo cien por cien con ella, porque no es un personaje público. Una cosa es libertad de expresión, y otra muy distinta que atenten contra tu tranquilidad.

    ¿Le gustaría tener hijos?

    Sí, como a todas las mujeres. Pero a largo plazo.

    ¿Boda por la Iglesia o por lo civil?

    Soy creyente y considero que hay que hacer las cosas de forma coherente con tus creencias.

    ¿Le gusta pisar el acelerador cuando conduce?

    ¡No tengo carné de conducir!

    ¿Señora o señorita?
    No hablo de mi vida privada.

  158. I cannot understand why whether they are married or not is considered ‘private’. I thought one of the whole points of getting married is making a public declaration of love and of being united etc. I’ve never known any other couple make this much of a secret of it. I can only conclude that they are not married, as if they were they surely can’t have any reason why they should not admit it.

  159. I agree with you Magaret! I always thought if one marries all alone without family and friends etc it has reasons (which are somehow beyond me) but I don’t know anybody who has ever kept a marriage secret. A divorce: yes! But not a marriage. And I think they are missing the whole point of it to be honest!
    When being a couple which either will marry soon or is married already they tend to show up as a team and back each other, support each other and share smiles and tears with each other: that is something they both lack! They don’t come across as a good team!

  160. Do you think this is just some sort of arrangement they have to keep the press at bay? Maybe they each have seperate private lives we know nothing about and so long as she turns up to a few GPs now and then and they refuse to talk about their ‘relationship’ most people just assume they are still a couple and don’t bother them much?

  161. Lets say: its the option I’d put money on! Its the only one that makes sense!

  162. The trouble with that kind of arrangement is, what happens when one of them falls in love with and wants to marry whoever they are really with (not each other obviously!). The truth would have to come out then presumably.

  163. Maya that sounds interesting, and the only thing that meets all the facts. Conspiracy!!!

    lol…the only question not answered by this: why???? What should this be good for?
    And i don’t think Fernando is alone all the time, allthough…he said in one of his interviews a few weeks ago, that he spends a lot of time alone. And this is not like it should be.

  164. I always thought Fernando was too smart for something like that but either he is not or he simply has a wrong understanding of love.

    What confuses me is that their bodylanguage says “I hate him” “I hate her” but then they say they are a couple. But at the same time he says that he doesn’t give a damn about her opinions.

    To be me it sometimes sounds/looks like kindergarden!

  165. I agree totally Lena!

  166. You know what I just wondered about: how does she survive in Switzerland if she has no drivers license. Fernando certainly doesn’t drive her around all the time. So how does she go to the supermarket? And how does she get to the airport? Does she always take a cab? Its not that Fernandos house is next to the airport. Its actually about an hour away. And Swiss villages don’t necessary have a supermarket etc.
    So basically you do need to have a car and license to surive…

  167. She probably walks! That’s one hell of a long walk!

  168. Or she doesn’t live there…. She certainly won’t take a bike to the airport…

  169. Didn’t she just say she’s been living there for almost 2 yrs? *scratches head*

  170. Her interview! http://mitele.telecinco.es/programas/esta-pasando/

  171. Lena do you have a link to the interview? Some people think she confirmed in an earlier interview that they are married…this is confusing.

  172. OOps sorry already done- thank you Tanja:)

  173. ok i asked someone spanish to watch it, and what she really says is:

    the interviewer asks her how being married to Fernando with his schedule and hers, how they find time to be together; and she answers that its hard, but they try to be together as much as possible.

    And the interview is titled ‘questions to Fernando’s wife’.

    I think we can all assume that we have to live with her for now…

  174. And yet she said earlier that they are NOT married! I’m telling u guys she’s a 2-faced person! I personally don’t get her at all! And she also had the nerve to say at that same event that she doesn’t like talking about her private life!!!

  175. Here’s another clip. http://www.holatv.com/?v=8nfzbx3z17n3

  176. LOL, Tinkerbell….conspiracy (so true).*evil laugh*

    If I’ve been confused before it’s nothing compared to this. Holy s**t, can they be any more insane? I’m starting to think they like all the speculations and the gossip going around.

    Both of them are driving me mad now.Need a distractions

    *goes back to looking pictures of David Cook and listening to Music of the Night*

  177. Here’s a longer version of the first interview I posted! If someone won’t mind translating it! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-rgT2r7UsRY

  178. Thank you for the link Tanja. First, as usual, she looks terrible- i really ask myself how Fernando can find her attractive- she really should do something about her skin!
    Second, i don’t speak spanish, but i remember something my friend told me: somewhere at the end of the interview she says that she does not plan into the future, that she lives from day to day…and that doesn’t sound very confident to me. Not concerning Fernando, that is. And a pregnant woman would not say that- i guess.

    I think they are not married, but since the spanish press keeps insisting, she probably just decided to let them think what they want.

  179. Going back to speculation about how she gets around in Switzerland without a driver’s license. I’ve been to Switzerland several times and you don’t really need a car there. The public transport is extremely good with trams, buses and trains that run very regularly and are very convienient. If you don’t drive, then Switzerland is a very good place to live.

  180. Honestly? I have been there without a car (quite a few years back though with my parents. Ever since I have a car I am not going without it) and I always found it hard to get to bigger cities from villages without a car. But then again I am just lazy and hate to run after a schedule- okay and I am too lazy to carry my groceries! ;D

  181. I have been all the way to Switzerland from Northern England by train several times and then stayed self-catering in a village living like locals do using public transport. There really is no problem, but yes, you do have to carry your groceries a short way. Most people I met buy a little each day, you get used to it.

  182. If someone won’t mind translating this! I think they are saying pretty much what we’ve said all this time about her contradicting herself! http://es.youtube.com/watch?v=7BexwXvWc-k

  183. Alonso was 1st in practice 2…. :D :D

  184. Lets wait and see for the race…practise times don’t mean that much as we all know.

    I found this article today in the spanish news, they claim that at Flavios wedding Fernando confirmed that they are married.


  185. I heard about that! There is NO direct quote from Fernando in terms of him “confirming” anything! That was taken from the magazine HOLA in Spain which is a gossip magazine so don’t believe it!

  186. Aaaaaaaah I love it. Thank God a gossiping place for me to let out my anger onto all this sham.
    I’ll tell you what I do think personally. I was at Magny-Cours yesterday and I had this stupid thought suddenly on her being pregnant and at races… If she really was, she’d be unconscious and naive because this crazy noise? I would never go there pregnant. I don’t even know if it’s authorized by your doctor when you’re carrying a child. You know low frequence sounds can damage the internal ear of a baby… So anyway, it was my first thought.

    Second, married or not -and they should be, if we are to relate to this damn wedding ring still stuck to his finger, saw it yesterday when he waved at us pfff- it does not matter because he seems more and more distant. As though last year he understood she did not support him in hard times. You all read or heard how she would leave him by himself at Macca and watch races from the renault motorhome, right? A wife doesn’t do that, especially to a husband she hardly sees. It’s always in hard times you see who loves you. I’m not surprised Jose Luis doesn’t like her, if he knows better than his son how a woman can be calculating things in a way men don’t understand. I remember reading an interview saying how Fer was nervous to meet her because she was famous. He doesn’t even realize he was more famous than her lol… Outside of Spain, no one knows her. He is world champion of F1 lol Obviously she knew her interest; and psychologically, he might have needed to “own” a woman like her, another kind of trophy, giving him more self-confidence concerning his sex-appeal (since he doesn’t have much confidence in that area)…
    All this doesn’t make a happy marriage. He is much too smart for her, much too everything…

  187. Welcome Ourania! Yes, feel free to express your hatred here! We take pride on what we say here! :D

    Btw, Fernando will start in 3rd after Lewis’ penalty! Pray everyone for a podium finish for our Spaniard! :D

  188. i’m so happy for Alonso and i hoppe tommorow everything get well…!!
    welcome Ourania!Where are you from anw??

  189. Soooo hope Alonso gets a podium tomorrow. Ever since the car’s been better it’s either been bad luck, bad reliability or mistakes, so it’s about time we had some points at least, and preferably a podium!

  190. Renault Girl: Fernando is not interested in ’some points’. He said so in his interview after Canada. He will try everything to get on the podium, he will give, like he also said, his *150%* but he will go for risks if he has to.
    And he also said that right now he is doing his best races, with a car that actually is not as good as he makes it look. Even if some of his fans (his critics anyway) or the press see that different: i totally agree.
    Can it be more exciting? I’m really not that much interested in a Fernando driving his line and bringing home *a few points*; to see him fight like this, with that kind of spirit, is the way to bring himself- and the team- back to the top in the end.

    And you’ll bet Flavio sees it the same way.

  191. I’m all for the all or nothing approach when you’ve got nothing to lose, but we’re not at that stage of the season yet! Renault’s finish rate so far this season is shocking. Toyota, Red Bull and Williams are all getting the better of us, but that’s as much to do with Piquet’s lack of points as the mistakes Alonso’s made the past couple of races…

    But maybe tomorrow it’ll rain and wash the Ferrari’s away!

  192. Severe thunderstorms are forecast for today so the race could be interesting for everyone. I agree Renault Girl it is very important that Fernando and Nelson finish some races!! Just a few points would be nice at this stage.

  193. You know I am glad I am not at the race: I am sooo sick of getting wet. I have seen more wet races than dry races over the years :S

    I think Fernando has to think about his attitude. Its great that he is fighting but saying he is not interested in 6th and 7th places and then throwing the car away wanting way too much is a horror for the team. That cost them millions and they already have the smallest budget! If he would pay for the points he throws away I don’t mind but if he acts like that I just find it a bit self-fish. He does need to learn that the world doesn’t turn around him.

    I want him on the podium but he needs to try that without making stupid mistakes like trying to overtake when it is definitely not possible! Sometimes it seems as if he is losing his nerves!




  195. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VcDuYThis4Y&feature=user
    ENJOY IT….

  196. Lena, how could not love wet races?! Sure u get wet, but the race is incredible! When I went to the first USGP it rained over there and it was awesome! In Canada, everyone was saying it was gonna rain and it ended up not raining (with or without, the race was great!). What was kinda interesting was that during Q3 just a little under 2 minutes left, dark clouds started heading to the track and everyone around me, instead of watching who was gonna get pole, everyone just looked at the sky and started cheering cause they were hoping it would rain on the very last moment of qualifying! Sadly it didn’t rain until afterwards, but still…
    I’m hoping for a podium as well from Fernando, but 2 things need to happen:1)No driver error from him! and 2)The team needs a good strategy to get him there cause they blew it big time in Montreal!

  197. Well you don’t happen to remember the Nürburgring last year? That was not just rain… that was worse than anything I have ever experienced. I certainly got wet before but that was an absolute no-go. You couldn’t even see the track anymore!
    Hungary rain was different for example: it was a light rain all days through but not something like the Nürburgring.
    Or Monaco Saturdays when it rained a bit but it was easy to cope.
    And trust me: Spa in the rain is no fun either!!!

    So personally I prefer watching rain races on TV and not at the track anymore!

  198. They were at the same resort as we stayed in last year, and there was never much conversation at their table

  199. Who?

  200. Shocking start!!

  201. Oh dear! Only 8th! I hope Fernando isn’t too cross with Nelson finishing in front of him!!

  202. Pleased for Piquet, but Alonso’s strategy definitely wasn’t hot! Either should have started on a 2 or stuck with the 3, because changing over did not work!

  203. Well he won’t be overly pleased….

  204. I can’t believe this! Fernando had a shot of a podium, but once again the strategy killed his chances! I think Fernando is now seriously reconsidering being with Renault for next year!

  205. :( :( :(

  206. Sorry but do you honestly think he has no word in what strategy to chose? I think it is far too easy to just blame the team! Always consider that he is part of the team! Pretty sure their idea was not to go for a two stop as maybe it will rain. Especially since it was announced every other minute. In case it rained heavily he would have been the winner due to the strategy.

    Besides I think it is good for him not always to be on top!
    I remember times when he was by far nicer than he is nowadays. Let’s say his character changed quite a bit due to his championships and not only to the better! But then again he is a bit too agressive at the moment at points. He would be as well though if he was on top. He does not to learn that the world doesn’t turn around him!

    I support him and I think he is by far the best driver out there. And I am thinking that since 2001 but neverthelss he needs to get back down to earth!

    Sorry for the rant but it annoys me that Renault gets blamed for everything. Surely they screwed up his second stop with the fuel ring but it wasn’t their fault that Fernando made a mistake and Nels could overtake him!

  207. I read that the team did confirm they were under a 2-stop strategy and that he pit early because he was really light on fuel. I agree that we cannot just blame the team as I read on f1.com that he got off to a poor start and that allowed Trulli and Kubica to pass him, but as I was watching the live session, I saw that Fernando was actually going alot quicker than Robert and that he was capable to pass him, but for some reason, that didn’t happen!

    Over here they didn’t show the race live so of course I couldn’t see anything, but when I watch it later on, I’ll get a clearer view of what went on!

  208. Fernando said that he was trying to overtake the car in front of him and did not even see Nelson. He certainly didn’t expect Nelson to do that either…and though, i have the feeling we had another strategy problem. Didn’t they call him in early again? And did he not get stuck behind Heidfeld again? And this time, he didn’t risk anything…and thats the result.

  209. http://www.autosport.com/news/report.php/id/68550

  210. I think that whatever could go wrong went wrong today. The start was really bad and then being stuck behind Trully; being passes by Lewis twice and then the Nick incidents all over again. I was so pissed off by the time the race ended. He had really good chances of getting that podium, but the strategy was a mess.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if all the speculation about him moving to a different team next year would be confirmed soon. I still can’t figure out which team, though. He said no to BMW and I’m pretty sure Ferrari’s not letting any of their guys go. We’ll just have to wait and see – as usual.

  211. But to be fair: this time HE made the mistakes and not the team! (well besides the fuel ring that is)

  212. I’m waiting for the podcast from the team to get a better picture, but what i read so far seems to be another example for Murphy being at their heels- still (look up ‘Murphy’s law’ in Wikipedia: http://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/Murphy’s_Law).

    The car was set up for the higher temperatures in Qualifying, to give Fernando a good starting position. On low fuel, he was planned for a 3-stop-strategy.
    Unfortunately, on Sunday the temperatures dropped. They couldn’t find the approbiate engine mapping for the start; Fernando was not able to warm up the tyres enough (1 or 2 degrees in track temperature can make a big difference), and so he had wheelspin at the start and already lost 2 positions.
    So they changed the strategy to a 2-stopper, but the car was not set up for that (in contrary to Nelson’s car). With a lot of fuel, Fernando had no chance to get places back.
    There is nothing against rules of physics. At the end of the race, Fernando had some more bad luck (as if everything else was not enough already) with a backmarker car coming in his way, which gave Nelson the opportunity to pass him the last moment.
    When Fernando makes faults, he will be the first to admit it. While other team members tend to blame it on everything else, mostly on the drivers.
    Lets see what they have to say in the podcast.

    Raquel was not at the race, which gave Fernando’s father the opportunity. He obviously wants to avoid her. Is there a clash between the families? If they are really married, it could be another reason for hiding it- i experienced situations like that myself. And its very hard to keep up a relationship when the families are against it.

  213. Fernando’s father and even Flavio hate her guts! Fernando’s father has refused to be at a race if Raquel’s there (for some reason, I can’t understand why he was at Brazil last year along with her!)

  214. Because Fernando wanted his support for the championship!

  215. Hey guys check this out! I got this off the Fernando Alonso Fan site and it’s addictive! http://www.pictogame.com/en/play/game/PmP9CcTPzqWe_kick-boy

  216. Very funny Tanya, that could keep me entertained for ages!

  217. Try to beat my score of 171,415! ;)

  218. nice game!!! when Hamilton win i will play this game… :D

  219. Hah, got you Tanya….my best was 204,326.lol
    He just kept bouncing up and down. It was hilarious.
    Thanks for posting it. ;) ;)

  220. Whoa!

  221. Fernando’s in the car for testing at Silverstone tomorrow. I was going to go but in the end I got tickets for qualifying for the British GP so now I’m hoping the weather will be good!!

  222. What!! You want the weather to be good in Britain in July! No chance. Showers are forecast for tomorrow’s testing.

  223. Rain or shine I’ll go!

  224. Silverstone in the sun is just so lovely! But you’re right, it’s far more likely to be raining! And for next year even more so because they’ve moved the British GP to June. (I went the year they moved it to April and my dad’s car got stuck in the mud. Guess who had to clean it when we got home…?)

    I didn’t get to go to Silverstone last year, so really looking forward to it this year, especially as I’m going care of the company and so will be sitting with a bunch of Renault fans!

  225. In Montreal, I was the only Renault fan on my grandstand! I really stood out with my Renault shirt on race day! :P My grandstand basically consumed of Lewis, Kimi, and Felipe fans with a few Kubica fans! And I was just waiting for a big brawl to happen after that pitlane incident! But then in the end, we all united and cheered for Robert after his victory! :D

  226. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6oGTs2pW2kk

  227. OMG! I have nothing to say about that clip! :P

  228. Ok I found out through a friend of mine who attended the testing on Thursday that Raquel was with him and they left together. She said she is certain it’s her as she saw her herself!

  229. Why would she be with him at testing when she seems to even find races boring? Not that I doubt your friend but it would seem to ruin our theories about them if it’s true.

  230. I have to agree with Margaret!

    And testing is dead boring!

  231. At least she was there to pick him up it seems, and they left together.
    She was probably on her way back to Spain and they only took the same plane? lol…whatever, our ‘theories’ have been ruined anyway just because of the fact she is still around when you don’t expect her to be!

  232. To be honest: I am still not believing a word. Why should she show up there? And there is not one picture of her at the track and since there are photographers you should think someone had taken a pic. Besides noone else saw her and several of my friends have been there.

    And to pick him up? How did she get there? With the local bus service?

  233. Well a friend told me that she came there in a black car (not on her own since she has no drivers license), and then she stepped out of the car and waited for Fernando at the rear door- wearing black sunglasses. Then he came out and after signing some autographs for kids waiting for him he jumped into the car and and they drove off.

    I guess he was in a hurry to see the soccer match! But we will probably get a video of the scene so as soon as i have a link i will post it here.

  234. Oh well… actually who cares. This is his life and again I am happy mine is not such a chaos. Still prefer to show my love differently.

  235. Maybe she was there to try to hush the rumors? I mean, they know what the press has been writing lately, and maybe they’re trying to make people think otherwise.
    I DON’T KNOW…this is getting to be way too confusing for me.

    @Lena, I totally second that. Not really the life I’d want to have. :D

  236. I did overhear something about him wanting to get back to Switzerland quickly on Thursday, but it didn’t click that it was to be in time to see the football!

  237. I think this is total crap:I was on her forum and someone posted what I think is an article from her at that Venus event and she as we all know, refused to say whether they’re married or not, but she said they live in Switzerland and that she enjoys being a housekeeper, but can’t cook (she’ll probably poison him with her crap!) :P and that they are getting to know their neighbours and she also said that she called Flavio to congratulate him on his marriage saying that she likes him and they’re a great couple! Yeah Right!

  238. Here’s the article in Spanish:
    Raquel del Rosario: “Fernando y yo vivimos tranquilos en Suiza”

    La voz de El Sueño de Morfeo y pareja de Fernando Alonso se estrenó como jurado de moda en el VII Premio de Diseño Venus Gillette. Y decimos pareja, porque aún se empeña en esquivar la palabra «esposa», pese a la evidencia de su boda con el piloto, celebrada el 17 de noviembre de 2006 en la localidad ovetense de Limanes.
    Raquel prefiere seguir manteniendo la ambigüedad respecto a su matrimonio. Es más, cada vez que se lo mencionamos, cortó con su dulce acento canario avisando de que entrábamos en «terreno peligroso…»
    Pese a todo, no tuvo reparos en usar el plural para hablar de su vida en Ginebra (Suiza) junto al asturiano. «Soy muy casera y me gusta viajar a Canarias a ver a mis padres, mis cinco hermanos, mis abuelos… En Suiza vivimos tranquilos, la gente es muy hogareña y tradicional, muy de familia y de compartir cosas con los vecinos. Estamos empezando a conocer gente, pero todavía cuesta. También estamos poco tiempo», dijo.

    ¿Cómo lleváis la distancia por vuestros trabajos?
    Cuando asimilas que estás trabajando, hay que aprovechar el máximo de tiempo libre para ir a casa… Últimamente me he escapado más a menudo a mi tierra. Valoras más la familia cuando estás tan lejos y ocupada.
    ¿Te planteas tener hijos?
    No, de momento, en mis planes está seguir como estoy. Tengo 25 años y queda mucha vida, espero. En un futuro, sí, el sueño de cualquier mujer es tener hijos y formar una familia.
    ¿Eres buena ama de casa?
    Sí, soy muy maruja, me encanta limpiar y ordenar yo misma. Pero soy muy mala cocinera. En casa hago platos muy básicos.
    Vimos solo a Fernando en la boda de Flavio Briatore…
    Tenía dos conciertos confirmados (el 13 de junio actuaron en la localidad asturiana de Mieres y el 14 en la toledana de Cabezamesada) y no pude asistir. Me hubiera gustado. Le llamé para felicitarle, me alegro mucho por él. Él y su mujer son personas muy agradables.

    Verano de descanso
    ¿Te gusta conducir?
    No tengo carné… (Risas) La velocidad, tampoco. Creo que por eso no tengo carné.
    Últimamente a Fernando y a ti se os ve más relajados…
    Bueno, hemos puesto nuestro límite y lo habéis respetado. Es una cosa de educación.
    ¿Qué haréis este verano?
    Vamos a descansar. Por primera vez en tres años no estaremos de gira, por eso la hemos hecho en primavera. También empezaremos a preparar las canciones para el tercer disco.
    ¿Cómo una persona tan tímida se dedica al espectáculo?
    La fama y haber perdido el anonimato me cuestan. Soy muy tímida y reservada, me cuesta mucho abrirme, pero cuando me subo a un escenario a cantar, me transformo. Antes nunca había hecho publicidad por miedo a que se me relacionara con otras cosas, pero ahora si me apetece y me gusta, ¿por qué no?
    También te gustar diseñar…
    Sí, me gustaría mucho estudiar y tener más conocimientos de moda, hacer corte y confección… Alguna cosa me he hecho para mí misma, pero los acabados no son muy buenos. Todavía estoy aprendiendo.

  239. Well i’m wondering why she is talking about that at all, probably to put all the rumors to silence. At least it seems she is not pregnant…lol

    Talking about being ’shy’…its possible to be shy and present herself on stage stared at by a lot of people and really enjoy that? Strange…

  240. For someone who doesn’t like talking about her private life, she seems to talk about it quite a lot! The ‘marriage’ thing is the only subject she won’t talk about.

  241. I get the feeling I am talking less about my private life than her *rolls eyes*

    The good thing about the interview though is that i am having a vision of her running around with a feather duster cleaning everything. Makes me laugh!

  242. dear Lena, you are the epitome of evil. I love you.

    I was laughing so hard after that last comment. That picture is just priceless. :D :D :D

  243. Are we honestly supposed to believe from this interview that she does the housework as she suggests? Can’t Fernando afford a cleaning lady? She paints such a rosy domestic picture, living quietly, getting to know the neighbours etc that seems such a contradiction to the pictures we see of them ignoring each other. It seems to me two completely different worlds. Which one is true do you think?!

  244. Personally, she speaks like she’s living the perfect lifestyle! To me, it’s all a bunch of crap! I would personally believe Fernando rather than her any day of the week! Even last year in I think it was in China or Japan and she was all in smiles while he looked pissed off! The same in Interlagos and she’s been doing it ever since! She’s trying to show the world that she’s happy, but if u haven’t been placed under her spell, u could tell that she’s putting on an act! Fernando has no problem showing how he feels and when she’s with him he is pissed off!

  245. @ Magaret: Her version of life reminds me of the movie: The Stepford Wives!Horror!

    @ Maya: me evil? *G* Never! I am just honest! ;)

    I honestly have problems picturing Fernando having a BBQ with his neighbours talking about local topics etc… probably wearing a polo shirt and having a bottle of beer in his hands *dies laughing*

  246. Oh God, I can’t even picture him like that. He doesn’t seem like the type….I think he just likes to keep to himself and she’s trying to show them as having this perfect life, just like “The Stepford Wives”.

    It’s just all too weird to be real

  247. yioupiii Spain won the Euro :D

  248. Being German I just have to say: a) Spain played good b) the italian ref was extremely blind c) I am totally disappointed

  249. Well the spanish team deserved the win though, they played fantasic!

    And Fernando was there to watch it live, with his manager of course- as usual, Raquel had something better to do.




  250. Hm one link does not work try that one:


  251. Big congratulations to Spain for their victory! :D Sorry Lena! ;) It makes me very happy to see Fernando with that big smile on his face! :D

  252. I’m like sooo happy right now. Spain won….I got to watch Fabregas and Casillas for ninety something minutes and see Nando smile, finally. I was kinda sad that Germany lost, esp. cuz of Ballack (I love him since he started playing for Chelsea) and Lehman, but Spain was unstoppable today. :D :D
    I hated the ref though. Man, was he blind or what? I was yelling at him half the time…he had no idea what he was doing.
    But great game,I just wish the score was anything other then 1-0. lol


  253. Spain played great no doubt about that one and Germany certainly didn’t play well but the ref gave the impression of not wanting Germany to score! Everytime we came near the goal he found a reason to stop the match and give the Spaniards the ball. And sth like that annoys me! If it had been fair and the Germans had screwed it up: fine! But they did nothing wrong and then I find such a behavior of a ref highly stupid and unfair.
    To us (I was watching among 8000 other people: Spanish and German) it seemed like the ref was afraid of playing the 30 min extra time.

    In the end I can just be sure that he will never judge a final again and certainly never a Germany match again.

  254. Raquel wasn’t there because she had a concert…..like anyone really went there after Spain’s victory! ;) :P

  255. Can’t imagine people were interested in the concert when such a game is on! *laughs*

    Germany was bascially dead and everybody was in the public viewing areas… nobody would have went to a concert!

    And since Spaniards are known to be emotional I doubt they chose a concert over a night long party :D

  256. he is married he has a weeding ring

  257. He wears it on the wrong hand though! Besides that so called wedding ring could be just any ring.

  258. For those who have not been able to see it: i uploaded two videos on youtube, Fernando in Vienna.



  259. Thanks Tinkerbell I hadn’t seen those two. It’s so wonderful to see him so happy!

  260. OMG! u guys are not gonna believe this, but I just saw on the spanish forum that Raquel is gonna provide the singing voice for:Take a guess? Give up? BARBIE!
    Raquel del Rosario, la popular cantante de El Sueño de Morfeo, ha prestado su inconfundible voz a Barbie para cantar el tema principal de su próxima película, ‘Barbie y el Castillo de Diamantes’.

    La simpática cantante canaria sorprenderá a sus fans con esta canción que habla de la importancia de la amistad y del poder que tienen dos amigas cuando se juntan para cumplir sus sueños. Esta es la primera vez que la canción de una película de Barbie es de estilo pop y ha sido escrita para que guste a pequeños y a mayores.

    Raquel del Rosario ha grabado también un videoclip muy divertido en el que se podrán ver algunas imágenes de la película… y alguna que otra sorpresa. Raquel está encantada de haber puesto su voz para este tema: “Me ha parecido que es una canción muy cañera, pegadiza y que tiene una letra muy bonita, porque habla de un nudo de la amistad que no se puede romper a pesar de los problemas. Además, me encanta Barbie. Tenía un montón de muñecas Barbie cuando era pequeña y como yo era muy coqueta, me gustaba hacerles peinados y ¡siempre llevaba una conmigo!”

    Raquel es una de las cantantes españolas más importantes de la escena musical actual. Junto a David y Juan forman la banda El Sueño de Morfeo, que acaba de la lanzar su segundo disco, Nos vemos en el camino. Raquel comenzó a cantar desde muy pequeña. Autodidacta, aprendió a tocar la guitarra y componer canciones a los 14 años, para poco después se unirse a su actual banda, con quienes han conseguido numerosos premios y una popularidad que no sólo se extiende por España, sino también por toda Latinoamérica.

    Esta es la tercera vez que una cantante española pone voz a Barbie. En ocasiones anteriores habían sido María Isabel -para Barbie y la Magia de Pegaso- y Gisela, quien puso su voz para la banda sonora de Barbie, La Princesa y la Costurera.

    Barbie y el Castillo de Diamantes es una nueva y apasionante historia que se centra en la amistad entre Barbie y Teresa. Ambas emprenderán un arriesgado viaje en el que encontrarán un misterioso castillo de ensueño, El Castillo de Diamantes. Su amistad será puesta a prueba, pero gracias al poder de la música y la intervención de sus simpáticos perritos, las chicas sabrán cómo encarar los desafíos juntas y descubrirán el tesoro de la mistad verdadera.

    Este otoño, Mattel pone a la venta los muñecos de los personajes de la película. Barbie es la Princesa Liana en su nueva película. La muñeca tiene 3 acciones “mágicas”: el vestido se transforma, el collar se ilumina y al darle la mano, canta dos canciones de la película, la que canta Raquel del Rosario “Conectas” y “Dos voces, una canción”. ¡Y lo último!, si la unes con la muñeca de la Princesa Alexa, cantan a dúo. Teresa, la mejor amiga de Barbie, es la Princesa Alexa en Barbie en El Castillo de Diamantes.

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    La película -distribuida por Universal- saldrá a la venta en septiembre y será el lanzamiento infantil más importante del otoño.

  261. And in English!
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  262. OMG you almost killed me with that story!!!!

    I have to think of a song now that was no1 in Europe when I was about 14 or so… Horror!


    Will Raquels song be anything like that? *g*

  263. It definitely fits to the pink plastic barbie world she seems to live in.

  264. Barbie had a divorce though at some point!

  265. Shoot me now!!!



    Lena, perfect reference. That song was the first thing that came to my mind when I read the story. That is gonna be one scary Barbie movie. :) *evil grin*

  266. They should put a warning before the film begins:
    Warning! What you are about to hear may not be suitable for your children! Please use extreme caution during the viewing of the film! ;)

  267. i watched Barbie every year with my sisters now i will not…

  268. Well here it is, at the end of the video you can see Raquel coming out of the garage, she is the one with the ridiculous big sunglasses, i don’t know if she didn’t want to be recognized?? lol- noone was interested in her anyway.


  269. And once again she has that “Why the hell am I even here?” bored look on her face!

    I don’t understand why she even comes to testing when she doesn’t even like coming to the races!

  270. LOL, nobody gave a damn about her being there! It was all about Nando – I’m loving that! :D :D

  271. Friday practice didn’t go well did it. An oil leak in practice one and only 15th in practice two. Things can only get better…

  272. in first practice he was 6th so we have hoppes

  273. Hey girls! There´s been a long time since i don´t visit the site, i couldn´t read everything but what i read…OMG, i don´t even know how to explain my reaction when i read the names Raquel and Barbie in the same sentence,it´s so weird that is impossible to make a comment… and specially coz now the only word that comes to my mind is BARBIE!! ( i guess there´s no need to say anything else after that) =D

  274. Hi Su, welcome back! Don’t stay away so long next time, see how much you miss when you don’t visit. Raquel and Barbie….most of us are pretty speechless about that!!

  275. WOW Alonso was 1st in 1st practice today…Good luck alonso

  276. Alonso in 6th and Piquet in 7th! Lets hope that the team does well tomorrow! :)

  277. Congrats to Heikki!!! :D

    I am very impressed with Mark Webber! Don’t even think his car is that light.

    Rain predicted for tomorrow so I assume Mark, Heidi and Fernando have the best chance of a podium as those three are in the top ten and best rain drivers. Adrian Sutil unfortunately is too far in the back.

    And lets face it: Ferrari drivers as well as McLaren drivers are not known for brilliant performances in the rain ;D

  278. very good job…. i hope will rain tommorow to have action and accitent

  279. Hoping for action is fine but hoping for accidents is poor! Sorry!

  280. Hey, thanks Margaret, i won´t forget to visit, see i´m here today again =D! 6 and 7 were good positiond for Renault, let´s hope like u girls said, that the race can be finally good too for both of them!

  281. i think this time Alonso will get good position…!!!!

  282. With the weather as it is, anything could happen! Fingers crossed for Fernando!

  283. Wrong decission with the tyres! Don’t know whose fault this was though. On team radion he wanted to keep those tyres till the end so I am not sure.

  284. wow i’m so happy we have 13 points…. it was fantastic race….i love races like that….

  285. It was an exciting race but I just don’t like it when Lewis wins, his celebrations make me turn off the TV. At least Fernando got some points. Poor Nelson though, another DNF, not good for him.

  286. I was laughing so hard at some point as I want to quote the german commentator:

    ” I don’t have enough fingers to count how many times the Ferrari drivers screwed it up.”

    Lewis winning is ridiculous! At least he was smart enough not to copy Fernando again! Have you seen that nobody congratulated him. At least I didn’t see someone walking up to him!

  287. What screwed them over was that first stop! They should’ve given him new sets of tyres! Those tyres got so worn out that he started to lose ground cause I guess he was possibly saving the tyres! Wrong strategy again! Personally, I didn’t care if Lewis won! I was just very happy to see Rubens on the podium! :D

  288. Lewis is such a sore loser! He wouldn’t even go up to Rubens to congratulate him! It’s been what 2-3 years since he got a podium?! I was happy to see no one congratulating him! If he can’t show respect for other drivers, why should they show it to him?!

  289. Still think Fernando wanted to keep the tyres! It was him saying on the radio that he wants to keep the tyres and not someone from the team!

    I think both: team and Fernando made the wrong choice!

  290. Has Fernando been taking the stupid pills the team’s been taking lately?!

  291. Raquel doesn’t seem to have been there. What was her excuse this time, she had no concert I believe. Too busy playing Barbie??

  292. LMAO! I kept actually wondering if she was busy playing Barbie! I still have those visions of her in a pink dress coming into the paddock singing “I am a barbie world. In my barbie world…”

  293. LMAO @ Lena! :D I don’t think Fernando would wanna play Ken with her! ;)

    @Margaret, her tour is done and she has nothing else to do in her sad, pathetic little life so why not come and support your man?!

  294. Fernando’s father was there. So no Raquel.
    And actually i think he is the far better support for Fernando. Yep wrong choice with the tyres, but rain races are always a lottery…but with P6 Fernando was satisfied in the end, at least he managed to keep the car on track and thats more than many others did.
    What is worse is that the McLarens and even Kimi can have spins and problems and still end in front of Renault. The car is still a bathtub.

  295. Its somehow ridiculous that his dad just comes to races when she is not there! Thats what I call a happy family life-not!

    Any pics of his dad?

  296. I didn’t know his father was there! I know he was in France, but I haven’t seen pics of him in Silverstone!

  297. Nor have i, but it was Fernando’s ‘provisional- oops sorry professional’ fan who wrote it in his blog.
    First time i read something there that was actually of interest.

  298. ….and this is coming from the same guy who claimed Fernando has 2 toes on his right foot!

    For those who haven’t heard:At Magny-Cours, he wrote on his blog that he took a picture of Fernando (wearing flipflops) and noticed that on his right foot that only 2 of his toes stuck out and not the other 3! Therefore he claimed that Fernando has only 2 toes on his right and that info is false!

  299. hi girls what’s up?
    i am in jordan right now , and i am so busy these days and that is why i could not contact u guys….
    any news about fernando a nd raquel???
    ps: i will contact u next monday?

  300. LMAO Tanya, are you serious???
    Seriously, that guy is not well. lol

    Anyways I was replaying yesterdays’ race and I still can’t begin to imagine what they were thinking with that strategy? I mean, that was beyond the limits of stupidity. That was plain crazy. He actually had a shot at the podium for like a split second.
    Can anything else go wrong this season????

  301. Maya i’m sure they will be able to find something for the german GP as well..something that can go wrong i mean. And if there is really no wrong strategy for that race- they are going to invent one.
    Its getting ridiculous, and i can imagine Fernando is seriously looking for other options not only for 2010 but for 2009.

  302. btw, Tinkerbell for once this professional fan was right! His father was there and here’s the proof!

  303. Well concerning that blog of the provisional fan (i like that expression more because its nearer to the truth), it seems to be dying out quick, with actually maybe 10 people there writing comments- maybe his fanclub.
    No news about Raquel? I wonder if she will appear at the german GP…

  304. Haven’t heard anything! :( Maybe she dropped from the face of the earth! ;)

  305. Hamilton admitted that he missed his duels with Alonso from last year and wanted someone to push him that much again. and they ask Alonso if he miss hamilton too and he told no becouse he don’t have good memories of how things were…… :D
    i agree with Alonso…. i don’t have good memories eather :D

  306. OMG! There’s 2 of them! Isn’t bad enough we gotta deal with just one?! Raquel did a performance of Para ti Seria with her younger sister Elena! God help us all!

  307. lol…indeed! Sorry but they both really sound like bloody amateurs. We have small local groups here playing only in pubs and they are a lot better…

  308. lol… and i do mean lol!

    It’s like seeing double! For once, it’s definitely not good!

    *goes off to watch it again*
    It’s so bad. I just have to see it again. It makes me laugh!

  309. hi to everyone!!!what’s up?
    i think that raquel is not pregnant…..
    what about their relationship??


  310. Hi fernadina! Raquel has said she’s not pregnant. I think we’ve given up trying to work out their relationship though. I’m not sure if even they know how it is!

  311. All I have to say is that she is NOT living that Barbie lifestyle she’s been telling everyone! ;)

  312. What makes you say that Tanya, I know it all sounded very unlikely, but do you know something we don’t?

  313. All I know is that people I’ve talked to from Spain have been telling me that there relationship is very rocky right now! A friend of mine has even told me that she went to the testing at Hockenheim and she believes she saw those 2 there and she saw them having a huge arguement and they ended up leaving in 2 different directions!

  314. That’s very interesting,it’s the second time we’ve heard of her going to testing. Why on earth does she do that?

    I’d really like them to split up, but I sometimes wonder after hearing reports that they’ve had huge rows, whether they are just the sort of couple that has rows all the time and it doesn’t really mean anything. I had neighbours like that once. They were always rowing and yelling at each other, it sounded like they hated each other and you’d think they must be about to split up, but they are still together 17 years or so later. That was just their way! Maybe Fernando and Raquel are like that, the rows and the tension between them is just their way of having a relationship. It doesn’t sound very satisfactory to me, but it suits some people!

  315. I don’t think Fernando’s the kind of person that can be in that type of relationship for a long time! There’s only so much that he can take before his head explodes! He’s got enough problems as it is and these arguements with her are not helping at all! I wouldn’t be surprised if his blood pressure is off the charts! ;) What Raquel needs to understand is that he’s in a difficult situation here with his career and instead of arguing with him, she should console him and give him the support he needs and she’s NOT doing that! I really don’t understand why a couple that Raquel claims to be very close, doesn’t even talk about their careers. My mom doesn’t know anything about my dad’s work, but they do talk about it and it shows that my mom cares! I also don’t get where they spend their free time together! Fernando was asked in an interview what he does in his free time and he said that he’s always alone and he goes bicycle riding, etc. It’s ridiculous!

  316. Well I have to stick up for Raquel at one point though: I think it is good that she has her own life and is not his slave!Okay her career bascially got started due to Fernando but still I think it is good that she does something (even if she doesn’t know how to do it right) instead of just following him like a puppy like Mrs. Massa. I mean what can she say she achieved in life? What does she do if they ever get divorced? I know she still has enough money but going shopping everyday doesn’t give your life sense, does it?
    So in that case I think Raquel is smarter even if it means she is more selfish.
    Personally I would never give my life up for someone else.
    I think it is obvious that you have to talk about problems in your life etc and be there when the other needs you but I am strongly against that opinion that its always the woman who has to be there. Does Fernando comfort her when she gets bad critics which are probably hurting for her as well?
    She is coming to his race (okay, just for holding her face into the camera) but when have you seen him coming to her concert?
    Or why is it always her who has to put up with those relationship questions which are obviously very uncomfortable for her? He just turns around. Nobody around the globe would believe they are still an item if she wouldn’t randomly show up at races. Let’s face it: he does nothing for the people believing they are happy etc.
    So in case this is a promotional stunt both agreed on its certainly her doing all the work.
    Again I am thinking she has no self-respect for playing that game.

    You know why some people are still with someone even though it looks like they can’t stand each other: cause its convinient. And those two somehow look like that to me.

  317. Hey this makes a change, Lena sticking up for Raquel!!!

    If this is a ‘promotional stunt’ which I hope it is and it certainly looks that way, then I don’t understand why is she is at testing. She’s not there to show her face to the cameras as there aren’t many at testing, and its only because we seem to have good spies that we know about it. Showing up randomly at races shows the press they are still ‘together’, but I just don’t get why she should be with him at testing. Anybody got any theories?

  318. hi!what’s up?
    i think that it’s a strange situation….


  319. Lena is officially moving to the dark side! ;)

  320. LOL not moving to the dark side! I am simply liking the idea that we live in a century where women don’t give up their jobs, dreams, hopes etc for a man!

    No idea why she joins. But then again there are plenty of photographers. And there are always many fans. So she knows she is seen. And maybe it is easier for her to put up with less people than with many. Imagine them fighting in the full paddock. One should think a half full paddock is enough ;)

  321. I just found this and I’m still laughing. Hope you like it:


  322. Ah, the stupid thing didn’t work. let’s try again.


  323. Helllo girls it’s my birthday today

  324. lol Maya it’s very fanny

  325. @Maya, that’s hilarious! :D

    @Chryso:Happy Birthday!!! :D

  326. thanks Tanya :)

  327. Happy Birthday!

    Hope you are having lots of fun and a wonderful year ahead!

    May I ask how old you are now?

  328. thanks Lena..i’m 16 years old

  329. Chryso, Happy b-day, best wishes.

  330. New interview with Fernando and notice what the first thing he says when he’s asked who would he bring to a remote island!

  331. girls i have bad news….. Alonso added that raquel is his wife… “Which single item would you take to a remote island?My iPod to listen to some music, can I have more items? Then my wife, my family, my friends.” he told first his wife and later his family and friends :(

    from this interview we learn more things about Alonso life…

  332. LOL Tanya we said the same news in the same time cool ;)

  333. Well it seems we have to live with that for now- but that was unintentional i guess, he had no time to think long and it was a spontaneous answer….too bad.

  334. hi! i agree with tinkerbell….


  335. I just watched the video again; i think he says ‘wife, family, friends’ he does not say ‘my wife’. I’m not sure though…

  336. I watched the clip again and he did say “my wife” :(

  337. He says “my wife” but i don’t think it necessarily means he’s married…it’s probably more like a reflex answer. I don’t know!!!!!

    I liked the interview though…and his answers, esp. when he said he wants to be happy. it’s one of the best interviews with him I’ve seen so far

  338. Well he is married so too bad for him- a divorce can be very expensive, especially when you are a millionaire- i hope he made a contract.
    In his interview today in Frankfurt, cooking with Silestone, he was talking about Raquel too- saying that they live a quiet life in Switzerland and that she does not like too spicy food. And that he is the one cooking. How sweet…and in the video? Asked what is the most important thing in your life? ‘My cars’……

  339. In the Silestone interview, he refers to Raquel as Freundin – girlfriend. Now I’m very confused!!

    Der zweimalige Weltmeister schmunzelnd: „Am besten kann ich Paella. Und mein absolutes Lieblingsessen ist Tortilla.“ Kaum zu glauben: Der Mann, der sonst sein Lenkrad fest im Griff hat, beherrscht auch Kochlöffel und Küchenmesser! Der feurige Spanier: „Ich koche jeden Tag für mich und meine Freundin Raquel. Sie hat keinen großen Bock auf Kochen. Ich aber liebe es! Auch mexikanisch, aber nicht zu scharf. Meine Freundin mag das nicht!“

  340. When I did the German to English translation, it translated it as “friend”; not “girlfriend”
    The twice-repeated world champion smiling: “best I can Paella. And my absolute favorite meal is Tortilla.” Hardly to believe: The man, who has otherwise its steering wheel firmly in the handle, controls also spoon and kitchen knife! The fiery Spaniard: “I cook every day for me and my friend Raquel. It has no large ram on cooking. I however love it! Also mexican, but not too sharply. My friend does not like that!”

    I don’t know! I don’t speak German!

  341. Freundin is both: friend and girlfriend. But when a guy says its normally girlfriend.

    The two times WDC smiled: ” The best I can cook is Paella. And my favorite dish is Tortilla. Hard to believe: The guy who is usually in control of his steering wheel also controls spoons and knives. THe fiery Spaniard:” Everyday I cook for myself and my girlfriend. She doesn’t bother about cooking much. But I love it. Also mexican, not too spicy though. My girlfriend doesn’t like that!”

  342. I say, let them continue living their sad, pathetic, weird little lives!

    Hey, without them, we wouldn’t be able to make fun of them anymore! ;)

  343. I found something, its only a short piece but another example of bad translations…he says ’she is not very interested in the kitchen so i got to do it’. Not a word of ‘i cook every day for me and my wife’ or something alike.

    And when you watch his face how he is saying that…come oooon, don’t tell me he is a henpecked ‘husband’…lol! No, i have the feeling he is close to saying something really bad about her, and just stops in time. And watch his body language….


  344. He must have said more than is in this short clip. I can’t imagine the press can have made up all the other stuff. I would like to have actually seen him say girlfriend though…

  345. Hah, he cooks. I love a guy who can cook. :D
    I don’t know, that didn’t sound like a loving statement to me:”I cook cuz my girlfriend doesn’t bother with it too much”
    I’ll go with Tinkerbell on this one…

  346. Margaret you have no idea. Especially with Fernando, in translations things are twisted, translated wrong, taken out of context or, like you said, simply invented.
    Look what he said ‘not very interested in the kitchen so i got to do it’ and what they made out of it: ‘She doesn’t bother about cooking much. But I love it.’…what??? Remember, he said that in english, so for the spanish news it was translated into spanish, and then back to english by other newspapers (who didnt see the clip i guess), and then to german…and you will be lost.
    He sounds quite ironic to me, or should i say sarcastic?

  347. omg is very cute in this clip…
    btw alonso was 4th in first practise and 6th in second practise…
    GooD LucK Alonso….. :)

  348. I think him saying ‘my wife’ in that video is probably a good indication that they are married… He’s been speaking English long enough that it’s probably not just a mistake/slip.

    *crosses fingers for a good weekend in Hockenheim*

  349. I agree that it can’t have been a slip of the tongue, but why is he suddenly open about it now, when he’s been refusing to talk about it before, and why is she still so coy about it. Why the mystery for so long, then he just comes out with ‘my wife’ as if there was never a secret about it. Do we now assume that they really did get married when that priest was supposed to have said they did? Was that holiday in Hawaii really their honeymoon? (I never believed that as they didn’t look all that happy there) or did they get married so secretly some other time that no-one noticed. It’s all very odd!!

    *my fingers are well and truly crossed for this weekend, especially if it’s wet*

  350. Raquel is there in Germany and looking very happy!

  351. omg she’s clothes is owful…. white bag blue T-shirt jean and pink ribbon on she’s hair….

  352. OMG! LMAO!!! Someone should tell her the 60’s are over!

  353. Now they’re playing musical chairs! She’s now ahead and he’s in the far back! *rolls eyes*

  354. lol….i saw something like this before…i think we are getting a new picture here: who is wearing the pants in that relationship???

  355. Can I just say I actually like that outfit (apart from the jeans, I never like seeing women in jeans). I like the top and the shoes, and since I’m a lot closer to remembering the 60s than most of you here, I like the way she has her hair too. It does seem strange though to see her in front and Fernando way behind, it’s like she’s taken charge for today. Maybe that’s why she’s looking happy!!

  356. Alonso in P5! :)

    Lewis has the devil on his side! 1:15:666!
    3 6’s! That’s bad luck!

  357. i hope 666 bring hamilton bad luck :P
    i’m so happy for Alonso

  358. Have you noticed that she has breast this weekend? I never saw them before :)

  359. Well… I never saw HER boobs before…:)

  360. I bet she is wearing a push-up. Put she looks quite confident, maybe because Fernando mentioned her in two interviews in two days- which is quite a lot compared to other times?

  361. It’s the shirt! I have one like that! It’s tied around the bottom of her chest which makes her bust bigger!

  362. she’s hair is like the grease the movie

  363. and is pink because she try to be like Barbie :P

  364. Tanya, you’ve just admitted to having a shirt just like Raquels! That’s worrying, I thought you didn’t like what she wears. You’ll be wearing a pink scarf in your hair next!!!!

  365. hiyya girls!
    those pictures of her are funny, she does look happy again though, like you said, fernando has talked about her more than usual this week!
    something doesnt look right with them still though! in alot of the pictures from last year with them, their always near each other!Unlike the ones this weekend!
    Weird!!! x

  366. @Margaret:Hell NO! u will NEVER see me wearing a headwrap! I only had one shirt similar to the one she wore during the time I’ve worked at the bank! The only difference is that mine looked more professional! I haven’t worn it since October last year cause I left the bank at that time!

  367. I wondered what reaction I’d get to that comment! Relax Tanya, I was only joking, I don’t think you’ll turn into a Raquel look a like any time soon!!!

  368. Long time since we’ve seen them like this!

  369. What’s come over them! They’ll be holding hands next!!

  370. I just had a thought, do u think they’re acting like this because of what Fernando said yesterday? This could only be a phase! To really say they’re happy together, they have to continue like this for the remainder of the season and in the future!

  371. It is very odd that this is happening so suddenly. If we didn’t know she isn’t pregnant I’d be suspicious!

  372. Hi Ksyusha, glad you’ve joined us. I agree with your last statement, after all, if we care about Fernando then we should want him to be happy, and if he really is happy with her then so be it. It’s only that they’ve looked so unhappy together for so long that it has seemed odd to us, and this whole ‘married or not’ saga that irritates us. Hope you keep posting comments and joining in.

  373. Ok, don’t kill me for this, but I actually really like that outfit, besides the shoes and her hair looks really nice…I know, I know, but I’m just saying. And they look happy for once – which is nice to see.
    I mean, if they made things better between them, I’m happy, but if they’re only trying to fool everyone…well, that’s a different story.

    *fingers crossed for tomorrow*

  374. Maya, I’m glad you said that. I don’t know if you saw my earlier comment where I said I liked the outfit, so you’re not the only one!! I have to be honest, I think she’s looking really good today. I like her hair too, and the way she’s wearing it today suits her. If only they would continue looking happy together I could feel happy for them, but as you say, if they are playing games, then I would feel annoyed. It’s their business, but they shouldn’t mess us about.

  375. Is that photo from before or after qualifying went a lot better than expected for Alonso? If after then maybe he was just in a good mood… Heh. And aside from the pink with blue, I quite like her outfit.

  376. Welcome Ksyusha! :D
    Now, I’m gonna tell u guys something that people in Spain are speculating about right now. There are people who believe she may have gotten breast implants and here’s why they think that: If u look at this pic, she is NOT wearing a bra! It’s either that or she’s pregnant!

  377. lol…looks like she had a surgery! And i don’t think she is pregnant, come on that rumor is months old now. And she said in one of her last interviews she is not interested in having a child- yet.

    Maybe thats what makes her look so confident…and what gets Fernando interested in her again..LOL????

  378. I think she did have some work done to her! Before, her bust was small (about the size of mine) and so I took out the shirt mentioned earlier and tried it without a bra and let me tell u: mine don’t pop out like hers!

    If she did have implants, it will explain 2 things: 1)why she was MIA during the last couple of events (techincally it takes a couple of weeks for them to heal and if she were to go out, they would have to be taped!) 2)Well, just look at Fernando’s face expression! ;)

    IMO, there is no reason why any woman should have implants! u get what u get and u live with it! I personally think she did this not because she wanted to, but because she wanted to make herself attracted to Fernando again! For a long time, he looked like he was about to end it with her and so what’s a woman to do to keep her man if all else fails? Plastic surgery!

  379. I hate to disappoint you guys, but its a lot of rubbish…they were together at Silverstone testing; she looked very happy and settled (and quite pretty I have to say) and he seemed like he just wanted the two of them to get away from the crowds.

    They are Spain’s sport golden couple – of course every newspaper will write all sorts of things just to sell their papers.

  380. I agree that newspapers like to invent things, but i for my part would not be disappointed, if they are happy together…but ‘golden couple’?

    If you remember what happened to those ‘golden couples’ before…and i’m not spanish so i couldn’t care less. ‘Golden couples’ always make me suspicious, the more ideal it looks- the more likely it will stop working one day.

    And about Silverstone- i think Fernando was in a hurry to watch the soccer game at that evening.

  381. Well, if she really did get surgery just to “keep” Nando, than he’s more…uhm…can I say “shallow” then I thought.
    I don’t know, like if they really are that happy now, I think that’s great cuz he deserves all the happiness in the world. As for them being the ‘golden couple’ I sure hope they’re not the same type as Posh-Becks! That would just be a complete disaster!

  382. I’m not convinced about the breast surgery theory, I think it’s just a case of different outfits make her look bigger or smaller. If Fernando wanted a girl with bigger breasts he could have chosen one in the first place, he had plenty of choice. It would be an extremely shallow reason to suddenly be happy and I don’t believe it. Can’t we just be happy for them (assuming this sudden togetherness is genuine) and hope it lasts. Also to be honest, I think she looks great. Let’s see what she wears today!

    Good luck for the race Fernando.

  383. The pregnant woman as i know the bust is getting biger and the face swellig …. and raquel shirt is largert than the other times..
    so maybe is pregnant.. and if she pregnant i will be happy because we will have Fernando junior…

  384. welcome Ksyusha to the clup

  385. Chryso she already looked like that months ago. Except for the breasts, they look a bit new, but she is wearing those kinds of clothes all the time.
    At the beginning of the season she was wearing them and many journalists speculated that she looks pregnant- and now we have July and she still looks the same. We should give up on that one.

    All that started when it seemed Fernando was anything but happy with her, and this sudden change is not really convincing. We will see…Fernando needs someone who is willing to support him, he is not going to an office every morning- he is driving a racing car.

    If Raquel changed her mind and is willing to do that now, i’m going to accept her- but if not and this is just an episode, i will be rambling on, golden couple or not. Which is ridiculous, btw.

    Ok i know behind every successful man is a very surprised woman…but i have a very good example though: Cora Schuhmacher. She knew how to support her man, and he won seven titles. Top that Raquel.

  386. Cora is with Ralf! I think u mean Corinna (I think that’s her name!) ;)

  387. Oops sorry. I always mix them up…but otherwise, its a fact. Ralf and Cora is the other example, she was always more interested in her own publicity…and now he is driving at DTM.

  388. Raquel today:

  389. I have to say that whatever her situation with Fernando, I do think she looks good again today, and a lot happier than we’ve seen her for a long time.

  390. Yay for Nelson! *dances*

  391. Yes, well done Nelson!! Just hope Fernando isn’t too disappointed!

  392. Are u kidding me Margaret?! Fernando was waving his hands in total frustration and now with Nelson’s podium, that’s just gonna get him even more ticked off! I’m sure he’s happy for Nelson don’t get me wrong, but he is gonna be ticked at the team!

  393. Yes I can imagine Fernando throwing a few tantrums. If a one stop strategy worked so well for Nelson, then why wasn’t Fernando doing the same. They are in the same car, and we know that Fernando is a brilliant driver, so Nelson doing so much better has to be better strategy. I’d love to be a fly on the wall at Renault this afternoon to hear what he says to them.

  394. well done Nelsinho that was great job :D :D

  395. Nelson got really lucky today!
    Safety-car with Timo’s big accident (glad to hear he’s gonna be ok)
    Lewis didn’t stop during the safety-car period which gave him a huge advantage
    and yes that one-stop strategy!

    I don’t know what the hell was going through Fernando’s mind today, but he better get his act together! I don’t think there was a problem with his car; I think it was just him! He couldn’t even get passed Vettel! Kimi had problems with his car all weekend and yet he was able to make it work! Why couldn’t Fernando?! Then he struggled with Nico! I knew the R28 was a bad car, and Fernando was able to do good with this car, but today was the low point!

  396. Maybe the new look Raquel distracted him?! Sorry, to be serious I really don’t know what was wrong with Fernando today, but if he hopes to drive for Ferrari one day, he’d better get his act together.

  397. Alonso said that today had bad luck

  398. Nothing was wrong with Fernando. But he must think now that he is cursed or something.
    Please, before the safety car arrived Piquet was 80 seconds behind. 80. Without it, he would have been nowhere.
    Fernando, being fired up by the team (officially to be heard on the team radio) to have a go at the cars in front of him (ha ha) tried to overtake that cork Vettel and others but as we all know…the car has not enough traction for this. Piquet did not even have to try. He was washed in front by the safety car and with being on a one-stop-strategy. Which was perfect timing with the safety car.

    To all who think Fernando could have done something different: forget it. He fought for life or death, i saw his interview after the race. His eyes were black. After all his good work with the car and all his effort, the good has been taken totally accidently by his teammate. How would you feel?

    Raquel should better stay out. She is bringing bad luck.

  399. I agree Tinkerbell with everything u just said!

  400. http://www.crash.net/picture_view_latest.asp?cid=1&tid=-&pid=15
    Alonso…with his wife(((

  401. To me they look as happy as usual!

    And her boobs look fake!

  402. All back to normal, that will not help her forever. he will be bored again soon enough…

  403. Woaaaaaah, sooo happy lol
    The nails biting, the bored looks on their faces. Everything of the happy couple. Now he has aaaaaaaall the support he needs.

  404. Actually they looked like that almost all of the weekend but it seems like I was the only one thinking those were fake smiles. Besides he looked extremely tired Saturday morning and unhappy Sunday morning.
    Maybe she was whinging all night cos the new boobs hurt.

  405. looooool I love it. But not to get all technical, the swollen nipples are typical of surgery. This plus her cancelled “gigs” (Yeah, if that’s a singer, I’m a nun)… That would explain.

    As I just told Tinkerbell, I think they’re desperately trying to play kinky games to spice it all up before it finally blows up.

  406. Already the fact that she suddenly had a top that hardly closed was funny!!!!

    Maybe that is why she seems a bit more confident: she is showing off her new breast!

    So you think they are trying to save it all now (her even getting a new breast) and then it will all be for nothing. I am actually agreeing with you!

    Btw: anybody thinking Fernando might have recommended Cup C to her?

  407. I don’t think Fernando even knows the sizes of women’s breasts! ;) :p

    I think it’s wrong for her to get a boob job just to please him!

    If I was in a relaionship and if my man told me to get implants because he wants me too, I wouldn’t! If a man doesn’t respect me for who I am on the inside and the outside, there’s no point in staying in that relationship! I wouldn’t change myself for any man!

  408. Neither would i, but we should not assume that it was Fernando’s idea; after all, what he needs more than that, is someone he can talk to. And i mean really talk.
    When i look at that picture i see him trying to; probably about the problems with the car, something about the team or i don’t know, and she is biting her fingernails and her thoughts are in Timbuktu.

    I’m sure his father would have listened.

  409. IMO he can talk to his father, he can play poker with his paddock frirends, he is cooking himfself so he need girl for only one purpose and I think if you look at their relationship in this way, it will be obvious that raquel with bigger boobs would better than raquel with small one as she has not much to offer exept her appearance.

    Do you think big boobs could be a birthday present?

    I’m not sure, but i think she has made also another plastic surgery… Her eyelids were made in my opinion. It is hard to explain that, but the cometic deffect she had is called falling eyelids (at least in my language) and can be easily operated. her eyes seems to be more open now.

  410. LOL so she had a complete “make over” *G* Personally I find it pretty poor! Why does someone do something like that? I mean its not that she looks more attractive now! In my opinion anyway. Those bigger boobs don’t suit her. She should have gone for a size less minimum. Those skinny legs just don’t fit with what she has to offer now!

    His dad was there as well btw! Just not seen anywhere near Raquel!

  411. @vivum,a present for who? a gift from Fernando to her or a gift from her to him?

    I agree with Lena! Like I said before, it’s wrong for someone to change themselves just to please their partners! If Raquel did in fact have plastic surgery just to keep Fernando attracted to her, like Tinkerbell said:It’s only a short success! There’s more to a relationship than just physical appearance!

  412. I think it was her gift for fernando. I hardly believe fernando could ask for something like this. Nevertheless, he probably enjoyed his gift and maybe that’s the reason of his poor performance next day :)

  413. It’s pathetic vivum!

    I would never get implants as a gift to my man! *rolls eyes* It’s stupid!

    Now I bet when they go out that Fernando would probably tell her to cover herself up because there will be men staring down like a bunch of perverts to her chest and Fernando will become more protective and he’ll show his jealous side! ;)

  414. Was it personal Tanya? :) I never said i approve this, but fernando seemed to be happy. If someone likes to have any kind of surgery that is risky and can damage your health just because of vanity, I don’t really care as far as it’s not covered by public money.

  415. vivum i completely agree, while Raquel is with Fernando because its a big help for her music career (who would want to listen to that otherwise, people don’t even pay a penny for her ‘concerts’) her purpose in that relationship is also quite clear. She is his ‘trophy’ and all she has to do is show up now and then and look good…

    A ‘golden couple’ indeed.

    Like movies tend to be over with the ‘happy end’…

  416. It’s noting personal with me vivum! Just the whole thing is completely ridiculous!

  417. I agree Tinkerbell! That really is her only purpose. Somehow we should kick Fernando now for having someone who first needs a complete make over till that worked *G*

    btw: I am still breaking down laughing when I read that golden couple crap! And of course David Beckham never cheated on Victoria *nods*

  418. Me too Lena, but my experience is that Spaniards- as much as i like them in general- tend to be a bit naive, they probably simply like that idea and ignore everything else.

    Ah that reminds me of another ‘golden couple’….Lady Di and Prince Charles.
    The only golden things here were the water faucets.

    So, breasts and eyes- the next thing we will see are blown- up lips maybe?

  419. Like Angelina Jolie’s lips Tinkerbell?! LOL! ;)

  420. I think if Ferni wants to have girl with big boobs he could choose every pitlane baby anytime, i have no idea, maybe it’s all for her carrera:)

  421. I have one thing to say; if he likes big boobs: I’m on it. :D

    Naaah, more seriously, I find it pathetic as a whole to try and modify one’s physical appearance, especially to please someone or try to salvage something. But seeing her, I doubt she could try to better things by writing metaphysical essays on the importance of communication for a satisfactory relationship between mature people…

  422. hello Ourania welcome to the clup… where are you from?

  423. Oh, girls, you’re so cruel. I wish Raquel had no a chance even getting in to this forum. I would not blame her on her wish to look better as that is sth any of us is eager to.

    What I know for sure, or at least I observe – every time she is on the race or around paddock Fernando demonstrates being unluck or stuck in troubles during the race. I do not know if it’s a coincidence, but at least that is the reality. Sorry Raquel, but you’d better be out of racing whereabouts other times.

  424. Ourania, that last sentence had me rolling on the floor. And the sad part is that it’s actually true…she really does seem like a trophy wife.
    Kinda pathetic, in my opinion, esp. taking into account certain things she’s been saying lately, about women’s independence, power or something like that.
    I was actually thinking how he really is doing worse in the races when you see her on the paddock! Coincidence? ;)

  425. Not, Maya, reality.

    Ha-ha, she’s better to stay out. That is true.
    The moment they’ve started being together seriously his career is getting worse. I would like Fernie be more focused if he wants to be a champ again. And the funny thing is that he has all the potential for that (probably too much ego, but it’s good for the sport!)

  426. lol, you’re the first person I heard say that he has a big ego…which I think is kinda true, but not in a bad way.and i said from the start that he should focus on his career because he’s got big ambitions, and she sometimes seems to be in a way of that.
    But, i guess he was thinking she’s gonna make him happy…ugh, I wish I could read what’s going thru his head every now and then.

    *goes back to packing*

  427. Packing? Where are you going Maya? Anywhere interesting?

  428. I think he has a big ego! At least when it comes to his abilities! Not exactly when it comes to women though!

    Ohhhhh I am also curious: where are you going Maya?

  429. I’m going back home (to Bosnia) for about a month. I have a flight tomorrow at 2pm.
    Sorry, it’s not anything interesting.;) but I get to see my mom and friends so I’m uber happy!
    And, btw, I hate packing soooo much.lol

  430. Have a safe trip Maya! :D

  431. Thanks Tanya….I’m gonna have my laptop with me this time with internet (thank God) so I’ll stop by from time to time.

    Keep the news coming….bye guys! :D :)

  432. Have a save trip! Besides I am thinking it is very interesting!!!

  433. Have a safe trip and a great time Maya! Don’t forget to visit here from time to time to check out any news!

  434. Raquel and Fernando are together for almost three years… So they love each other and think that they’re worthy for each other. I never saw the real opportunity or reason for them to split. Raquel had recognised that they are married, and I believe to her words. I caught myself thinking that Raquel is alike Fernando in women guise, they are very similar in appearance – a smile, for example. :) ) I do not think that she has done plastic surgery, cause it requires long renewal – at least for a month. I think she’s pregnant for real now…

    But I DON’T like Raquel. I think she’s ugly and Fernando is worthy the better woman.

  435. welcome!

    well it is a fact that they broke up in between so that much for a happy couple.

    Anyways: if one is pregant usually the belly grows before the breasts!

  436. True statement Lena! I’ve never heard of a woman who’s expecting to have her breasts grow first before the belly is even shown! :S

  437. Since the pregnacy rumors started in November last year, she should be giving birth next month….to me she looks like she had some surgeries. Eyes too.
    And we saw last race that its not a good idea from Fernando to have them both there, his father i mean…and then, i read that Fernando was playing cards in the evening. He is for sure making a lot out of their short times together…but what should he do? She is not interesting in what he is saying, so he might prefer to be with Robert and the other drivers.
    Ahhh we are coming back to that again, no matter what, people have different definitions of ‘love’ i guess….

  438. LOL! I couldn’t help but laugh at that last sentence Tinkerbell! ;) I would really just like to be a ghost for 1 day to see what really goes on between them! I’d probably die of boredom! ;)

  439. Another classic Raquel del Rosario wardrobe we can all laugh at! ;)

  440. I quite like some of her outfits but I don’t like this long dress.
    She’s too little for something so long and I really don’t like the pattern at all!!

  441. omg…………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  442. Are you OK Chryso??? Looks like you just lost the power of speech!!!

  443. She’s always speechless when it comes to Raquel’s clothing! ;)

  444. Well she had to wear that dress so you couldn’t see she had her breast taped due to the surgery ;)

  445. In that Raquel looks like the woman who is cleaning my mother’s house. No offense meant, btw, thats just her ‘working outfit’, and she is a very nice person…is this a new picture?

    Oh before i forget that it seems Fernando is in Oviedo with her, maybe its time for making up with the family as well…girls this is getting serious now.

  446. I always hear that he’s in Oviedo with her, but that doesn’t necessary mean that the families get together! ;)

  447. Is he in Oviedo?

  448. Lena he has been seen there on saturday, since tomorrow is his birthday i guess he will be there to celebrate with his family and friends.

  449. I thought it was apparently just her being there cos nobody has seen them together… at least from what I know but then I have to admit that I didn’t pay any attention to them *laughs* I am still scared of her new breasts!

  450. i’m ok Margaret i don’t have comment about Raugel outfit….
    i agree with you Tinkerbell i thing is with him in Oviedo cause is Alonso birhtday and he have to be there if she realy care about him

  451. Well, since tomorrow’s his birthday, he’s probably celebrating it today with family and friends! If Raquel were to celebrate his b-day, she would have to do it today cause I heard tomorrow, she has to attend an event for that clothing line EWAN!

  452. Hi girls, look carefuly the pictures, on the second one she is not alone, she is with someone, maybe Alonso, but why is he cutted in the picture?? :) ) Also, I think that he won’t be in Oviedo for his birthday because I read somewhere that he is going to attend a charity football match with some other F1 drivers in Budapest on 30th, so it seems he must be there…

  453. Now really. Fernando had been seen with her in Oviedo on Saturday (by someone who lives there), so i think he will celebrate there with his family, and go to the football match the next day.
    And if he is having a birthday party with his family Raquel is probably not invited-
    Didi if she was on that picture with someone else, the photographer had good reasons maybe to cut him out. Remember, they are *Spains golden couple*.

    Btw i have to agree with Joleen in one aspect. Its true, somehow Raquel appears like the female form of Fernando- and maybe that is what makes them look odd together. They are too similar from outside; they don’t look like a couple. They look like brother and sister.

  454. are fans, Last concert 26 june Oviedo ;)


  455. But when he has been seen with her in Spain…how come there are no pictures? *scratches head*

  456. happy birthday alonso!!!!!!


  457. Happy Birthday Fernando…
    i wish you 8 Champions… :D

  458. Lena, Tinkerbell says they were seen together in Oviedo by someone who lives there, not by a photographer, so that’s why there are no pictures. We just have to rely on eye-witness accounts.

    It’s very sad if she isn’t welcome at a family birthday party, however much they dislike her, you would think they would accept her if she is his choice, especially if she really is his wife.

    The other thing I would like to say is ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY FERNANDO!!!!’

  459. http://www.grandprix.com/ns/ns20609.html

  460. well sorry but we are talking about Spain here and usually they always take pics!!! *laughs*Or can they suddenly run around without paparazzis?

    And I learned not to believe eye-witness whatever. Too many people have said too many things *shrugs*

    So happy Birthday Fernando!

  461. Chryso, looks like Kimi will be staying at Ferrari in 2009 according to this story, so it would seem to be a bit early for Fernando to be moving house just yet! http://www.planetf1.com/story/0,18954,3213_3877792,00.html

    Remember that you are the best and I wish you more than 8 champions :) :) :)
    Good luck and many poduims if not this then at least next 5 years!!!

  463. *singing*
    Feliz Cumpleanos a ti
    Feliz Cumpleanos a ti
    Feliz Cumpleanos a Fernando
    Feliz Cumpleanos a ti!

    Happy Birthday Fernando! :D

  464. Lena, the one who saw them together in Oviedo on the street said that everyone left them in peace and that thats the way it should be when Fernando is visiting his hometown, and his family…so no Paparazzi in Oviedo.

    Leaving birthday messages here is nice but for sure quite useless, so if you want Fernando to get your wishes, call this number:

    0034- 91 206 79 00

    From Spain, without the 0034 of course! The phone line have been opened by the *provisional fan* (first time he did something good), when you call you can hear him on the answering machine, and then you have 30 seconds to leave a personal birthday greeting to Fernando. The messages will be recorded and made as a mp3- file for Fernando to listen to them.
    The phone number will be working until Friday and Fernando will get them for the Hungarian GP, at least thats the plan so far.

  465. I got my internet today finally…ugh too more days and I would have died.
    Firstly, Happy Birthday Nando….i still can’t believe he shares his b-day with my mom *giggles*
    Secondly, that dress…holy canolli…wtf? That’s the style we know…wow…I’m just…wow!

  466. So, in almost every interview i read those days, Fernando mentions Raquel without being asked for it- even telling the press that she will decide where they will go for a vacation in the summer break- it seems that the little changes have been doing their work!

    Awwww too bad…..i still think he deserves something better….

  467. How did that brainwash work? Just because of the boobs?

  468. It’s a very sudden transformation from not ever mentioning her to talking about her all the time, even if she has had her boobs done.

    He can’t possibly be THAT shallow, surely, that an extra inch or two where it matters has had that effect??!

    There must be more to this that we don’t know about.

  469. Pregnancy? But then again: everything but her boobs looked superflat(and when you are pregnant you can’t have the surgery)

  470. You know I just had visions of cupid shotting millions of arrows at Fernando. I simply can’t imagine that he suddenly discovered his love for her (again).

    How about blackmailing? Maybe she has naked pics of him. In that case
    *smiles innocently* Raquel you can’t be that selfish….

  471. You’re showing your evil side again Lena!!

    I can honestly say I don’t want to see naked pics of Fernando, those pics of David Coulthards butt were bad enough. If Raquel has any embarrassing pics I hope she keeps them to herself!

  472. It is weird that he’s gone from not talking about her at all and refusing to confirm that they’re married, to telling a press conference that he’ll go on holiday where she wants and will only join a drivers club if she says he can…

  473. I’ve only just read this press conference. He mentions ‘my wife’ twice!

    I can’t believe he said this:

    FA: I will do whatever my wife wants. If it’s time to join the club, I will join, if she says no, then I won’t join.

    What’s come over him!!!

  474. Very weird. I have no idea what happened, but Fernando suddenly being like this…very strange.

    Like being brainwashed. It can’t only be breasts implants, come on- to me it sound like he really want to make up with her. What i don’t know is why the hell he would want that- other than being tired of all the fights and wanting to concentrate on something else.

    Ahhh no problem- we will watch out for that. I’m curious to see if it will stay this way.

  475. I am loosing respect for him. Sorry but if my bf said he is just joining something if I say yes… oh dear: I’d loos respect as well.

    Does he still have his own opinion?

  476. Woah- you should all read the press conference! You will not believe this!
    “FA: I won’t be going to Lugano any more in the break, of course, not to Italy. We will see. I have nothing planned. At the moment I will go to Switzerland for a few days – I have no idea. But I think my wife will decide… unfortunately!

    HK: I think I will go – and this is probably the only time apart from Christmas – I will go to north Finland to see my parents, in the area where I am born, and do a little bit of fishing and just walking in the forest and enjoying not seeing anyone else but myself. I will see some animals: reindeer, maybe bears, things like that. In my family I make decisions where I go, I don’t know what my girlfriend will do, but this is my holiday.

    FA: You will see… wait two years!”

    Ah ok- we have to understand that maybe Fernando did something really bad, like having an affair- so to make up for that, he has given in completely now, paying her new breasts and eyes and crawling on the carpet before her.

  477. I wonder if she points a gun at him and threatens him “It’s either my way or the highway!”

    Seems like she’s taking charge of the whole relationship and Fernando’s her little puppet!

    He’s a wuss if she’s doing this to him!

    Fernando’s no man; he’s a little baby boy listening to his mommy aka Raquel!

  478. ROFLMAO! Seems like Fernando’s giving Heikki a fair warning!

  479. Or this:

    “FA: I will do whatever my wife wants. If it’s time to join the club, I will join, if she says no, then I won’t join.

    HK: For me it’s the opposite; if they ask me to join the club, I make my decision whether my girlfriend is happy or not. I try to keep it that way, I think it’s better.”

    I think Heikki is definitely telling Fernando something here- like “you are making a fool out of yourself just right now!” And Heikki, i completely agree!

  480. Man, Raquel has Fernando all wrapped around her bony fingers!

    And I agree with Heikki: Do something because u want to do it and if your partner doesn’t like it, who cares? u can’t force someone to do something they don’t wanna do!

  481. Well reading the whole thing i’m not so sure anymore about it. In whole, it sounds a bit as if Fernando is complaining about something- in public, what he never did before.

    So why is he doing that now? Telling the whole world that things seems to have changed in his relationship- after he said in March that he never discusses her decisions with her?

    Something is going on. And i wonder what could be behind it.

  482. *his decisions i mean. Sorry for the typo.

  483. I love Heikki!

    I have no idea what is going on there but the fact that he said: wait two years… oh well… looks like Fernando definitely did something wrong and she found out.

    In Germany we’d call him a Weichei. Which is a guy who has no own opinion and always gives in.

  484. Lena exactly my thoughts- “looks like Fernando definitely did something wrong and she found out.”

    And now she has the upper hand, and she is having her revenge. Well, all we can hope for is that he will come to his senses again soon enough, before it will have an impact on his driving again- or his racing career.

  485. But how weak is he to let her blackmail him?

    I wonder if there will actually pics this weekend when they do look happy.

    Keep wondering if the other drivers in the paddock will have a field day now… if I was a journo there I’d certainly ask him next if his wife will pick his new team and if he will go to TR as she maybe likes the car design best….

  486. LOL! I don’t know about him, but I’ll find that quite funny!

    Probably someone in the paddock will throw a diaper (symbol of a baby) at him!

    She probably tells him what to wear, what to cook, where he has to clean, probably tells him to do her nails, give her a massage!

    He’s a weakling! Pure weakling!

    Oh, well, he got what he wanted and now he’s gotta pay the price!

  487. If he was just married and lived in a healthy relationship (as in you discuss things and make the decission together) I’d be perfectly fine with it. But now I keep wondering how I am supposed to watch that race without breaking down laughing seeing his car!

  488. I wonder if he realized, when he made those remarks, what a lot of people- including the whole paddock- will now think of him.

    Probably not. I would love to see that Tanya…maybe it would make him wake up.

  489. Lena in that, men can be very weak- and Fernando does not seem to be the type who can have an affair and then be perfectly fine with it.

    I bet he is having a bad conscious night and day now. Ahhh now thats something for a real gossip- too bad we have no witnesses, but who knows, maybe one day something will come into the open, like the story of that girl on NOTW!

  490. You know I re-read everything and with his statements he is more complaining about his relationship than saying he is happy with it…

    “she can’t be arsed cooking”

    “she will decide about the vacation-unfortunately”

    I mean come on: happy would be

    “I love cooking for my wife”

    “My wife would love to go to a certain place. Its her dream so we will go there”

  491. Thats what i thought too. Its all more complaining than complimenting her, and since he never did that before…getting more weird by the minute.
    lol- at least we have some more to gossip about.

  492. Next thing we will see is her telling him where he can use the bathroom (gross I know!) ;)

    He just made himself look like a total wimp in front of the media!

    I’d bet that all the drivers would probably read the transcripts and just laugh at him!

    What will the next thing she’ll suggest: Which team he’ll go next year (God forbid that ever happens!)

  493. i don;t understand something….
    alonso said:I will do whatever my wife wants. If it’s time to join the club, I will join, if she says no, then I won’t join.
    club????? what club???////???????????//]

  494. fernadina, here’s the first part:
    Q: (Michael Trawniczek – Rally & More) My question is for all of you: I was at the Ennstal Classic last weekend, an old-timer rally, and there was a meeting of the former Formula One drivers’ club. There were names like Hans Herrmann and Sir Stirling Moss. Jochen Mass was voted as new president and he said that he wanted to make the club younger, to open it up for younger drivers. Do you recognise this club, can you imagine meeting your fellow drivers when you are 45 to go fishing or to watch the Monaco Grand Prix or something like that?
    FA: I will do whatever my wife wants. If it’s time to join the club, I will join, if she says no, then I won’t join.
    HK: For me it’s the opposite; if they ask me to join the club, I make my decision whether my girlfriend is happy or not. I try to keep it that way, I think it’s better.
    TG: For me, I’m not sure at the moment. The schedule is quite tight, so I think at the moment there’s no time for fishing. Maybe in a couple of years. We will see.

    And the second:
    Q: (Andrea Cremonesi – La Gazzetta dello Sport) Fernando, could you clarify why you went to Lugano. Is it true that you are trying to transfer your home there? And for all of you: where are you going to go in the holiday break and are you going to go to Beijing to see the Olympic Games, and which is the sport that you will principally follow in the Olympics?
    FA: I was in Lugano just for a little holiday. I was there for three days, because I know Jarno is living close to Lugano and he was always telling me it was a nice place with nice weather and I was there for two days. It’s true that I was finding some accommodation but it was a hotel, not a house, and it was only to stay for one night. I have no plans to move there.
    I won’t be going to Lugano any more in the break, of course, not to Italy. We will see. I have nothing planned. At the moment I will go to Switzerland for a few days – I have no idea. But I think my wife will decide… unfortunately!
    I will be following all the sports where we have some good Spanish contenders. I think in tennis we have Nadal, in cycling we have some strong guys there as well. No athletics because we are not very strong there.
    TG: In the break I will go to Los Angeles, to Monterrey, where there is a big old-timer event where I will drive a Toyota sports car in a show event and maybe spend four or five days in Los Angeles and have a little break there. I don’t know at the moment. I will definitely watch the Olympics but I don’t have any special interests where I’m a fan or whatever but cycling is definitely one thing which I will follow.
    HK: I think I will go – and this is probably the only time apart from Christmas – I will go to north Finland to see my parents, in the area where I am born, and do a little bit of fishing and just walking in the forest and enjoying not seeing anyone else but myself. I will see some animals: reindeer, maybe bears, things like that. In my family I make decisions where I go, I don’t know what my girlfriend will do, but this is my holiday.
    FA: You will see… wait two years!

  495. She probably forced him to accept they are married and in return he at least makes sure she looks like a complete idiot in public!
    Because to me she looks like that…(so does he though for acting like a weakling).

    Drivers club. Retired F1 drivers join that club and go fishing together etc… btw: Is Eddie Irvine in that club and does he go fishing as well? And if he goes fishing does he fish for fish or girls?

  496. I have to admit that my opinion of him has gone down quite a lot after he’s made these completely unprompted comments after so long of refusing to comment on their situation. He’s made himself look an idiot now. If he had always been open about their marriage/relationship it wouldn’t have been so bad. We might have discussed and gossiped about how weak he is for giving in to her so much, but at least he would have been consistant. That his attitude should change so completely so suddenly is totally baffling.

    Raquel’s next interview should be very interesting. In the last one she was so coy about the marriage and wouldn’t confirm or deny anything. Is she suddenly going to be so open about it as he seems to be? We shall have to wait and see.

  497. thanks tanya!!!!!


  498. Knowing Raquel, she’s gonna save herself the embarrassment and probably come up with another story claiming their relaionship is “perfect”!

    If they ask her about what he just said, she’ll probably say: “I have no idea what he’s talking about!” and deny everything!

  499. Well perfect sounds different to me.

    Unless he wants to waste his life as a slave I’d say they are divorced by 2010.

  500. 2010?! I’d give them till either the end of this year or around the beginning of next year! ;)

  501. Maybe he is saying those things to get rid of her.

    I know i’m throwing firewood here but just imagine- he pictures her as if she is indeed a complete bitch, if you where Raquel, would you like this? In public- in a press confy?

  502. Well with me he would very soon find out what a complete bitch one can be when he comes home! :D

    I mean maybe he was joking but somehow it did sound more desperate to me. I can’t decide though if he gave up or if those are psychological games now to destroy Raquel.

    Somehow this “I am the poor guy whose wife has the power” doesn’t fit him. He doesn’t come across this way at all! :S
    If this was someone else like for example Rubens saying it: okay, I’d think it could at least be true. But with Fernando?

  503. It’s going to be very interesting to see if she’s in Hungary, and how they behave towards each other. I can’t wait!

  504. It’s strange how in F1 we get a picture of him needing to have number one status and be top dog and in control and everything and it’s in complete contrast to the way he’s just described how things are at home with him and Raquel. Very odd indeed!!

  505. Of course she will be there: or do you think she will leave the oportunity to show off her new “friends”?

    When you listen to him he did sound like a macho most of the times! A winner guy. But he suddenly sounds like a looser!

  506. LOL! I can just imagine what Lena would do to Fernando if he said that about her! ;)

    Well, I’ll tell u one thing: If he said that to me, he would NOT be awake the next day! Next time people will see him is when he’s 6ft under! ;)

  507. *G* So you do have an idea there, Tanya? *G*

    I am still dead curious what happend that he suddenly is that weak. Maybe he has a new bf and thinks the more often he mentiones his “wife” the less the media will find out about his secret crush.

  508. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EoDf3W5DPKk&feature=related

  509. Tanya he did not say that to her (at least nothing we know about), he said that in public. And i can’t imagine that he didn’t know what others might think about it. I bet he heard some nice remarks today from various sides….

    In private, it could have been a lover’s quarrel. In public its more a declaration of war.

  510. To me, it’s far more offensive to say that in public eye than to my face! Like I said: if I saw him after that conference, oh, it’s gonna get ugly!

  511. I totally agree with everything you said Marcia, and welcome to the conversation!!

  512. Oh, how rude of me! *headsdesk* Welcome aboard Marcia! :D Hope u take part as much as u can here where we like to trash about F1’s strange couple! ;)

  513. Thank you!I will try to take part as much as I can!
    By the way,maybe I say that a little late,but never before had he talk about her so much!It’s kinda freaky…!

    P.S.:Sorry for any mistakes but in Greece we don’t really use English…*laughs*

  514. Welcome Marcia! Hope you are going to enjoy it here!

    For two people who protect their private life so much they give far more away than I would ever tell people about my relationships.

    And yes, saying something like that in public is so insulting that it could be a declaration of war. But maybe Raquel is just proud now!:D

  515. Exactly what i’m saying Tanya, to say things like these in public is far worse and imagine her walking around in the paddock now- she will probably hear some nice remarks too lol

  516. http://www.imeem.com/people/dSfA_N_/music/GfuXt2tC/f1boxes_01_himno_fernando_alonso/?d=1

  517. Maybe someone will get her a whip and him some antispetic ointment…

  518. Why did Marcias comments get deleted? At least I can’t see them anymore.

  519. they deleted cause she didn’t put website

  520. Similar thing happened to me when I suddenly joined in and posted several times. The fourth time I had to put a series of numbers and letters in a box to presumably prove I’m a real person before they would let me make any more comments. I think it’s a way of protecting the site somehow. The comments will come back when the moderators have looked at her comments and OK’d them.

  521. What am I supposed to write on Website?

  522. I never write something there. I just have name and email.

  523. Me too, I never put anything in the website box.

  524. Anyway,forget it!I found a solution…I think that the last comment i tried to send was that Raquel is just a proud,wealth-chaser bitch!
    Somehow,the story has become so ridiculous with these two!

  525. I agree with you Marcia, that it has become ridiculous. If this was a soap opera plot, people would say it was too far-fetched to be believable.

  526. LMAO! That is true! On TV I would have asked if the writer had taken drugs coming up with such an idea!

    German press is now making fun of him!

  527. What are the German press saying Lena?

  528. I am sorry Lena,but what did you expect?!
    Things would turn out to be stupid is a few year’s time!
    To be honest,i don’t believe that all this is Fernando fault,though!
    According to him,she is (unfortunately) the “captain”!She must be very bossy!

  529. German press made fun that he has no say at home and that it will soon happen everywhere else as well…
    They also called him a bit stupid for telling the world that he is under control of Raquel!

    @ Marcia: Did you expect Fernando to be so weak? I didn’t! He always came across as very stubborn and knowing what he wants.

    Somehow I can’t imagine her bossy either. She looks too dumb to be that bossy. How wrong I could be.

    Thinking about how great he is in psychological games who knows: maybe it is his way to make a fool out of her in public completely. Those digs do hurt after a while…

  530. Lena,I would NEVER say that Fernando is weak!Not under any circumstances!
    And i agree that Raquel is a complete idiot,but u know,you can never know what women are capable of doing to make somebody do whatever they want!
    As far as Raquel is concerned,you never know what to expect from her!
    One moment she denies everything and they other she say that everything is true!She had boob implants!
    What the hell!?!

    P.S.:I hate her and this won’t change no matter what!

  531. I think he is weak. Saying sth like that is either a psychological game or he is weak. I am hoping its not the later but without further knowledge I have to assume he is a weak boy…

    btw: where are you from?

  532. Greece…No F1 races here unfortunately…!Even though i said all these things before,i trust Fernando’s way of thinking.(although i don’t trust her)I hope he knows what he’s doing!

  533. Greece is a very nice country!

    Let’s say the Fernando that came out the last weeks is not the Fernando have supported for the past 7 years!

  534. Where are you from?

    As for the thing you said,maybe he has changed since he started dating her in 2005,but u know,I won’t stop supporting him even if he has changed so much!
    If he wants to ruin his life with her,we can’t do anything to change his mind…

  535. Germany

    I am not going to stop supporting him. Dear, I can still remember the times when nobody recognized him and all were surprised when he suddenly won a race *chuckles*

    He did change after the first Championship but seemed to have recovered last year. Something must have happend over the winter then and especially in the last two weeks!

  536. Which city?I have been in Germany once…

    As for what you said about Fernando,he really did change after the championship in 2005,but he became worse when they started dating the same year!!!!Bad for him!
    In 2007 he became a little better but again as you said the last couple of weeks he’s become as he was 2005-6…I hope he gets better from now on…*cross fingers*

  537. How long have you been following Fernando for Marcia? I haven’t been following him for all that long, and I like hearing what people who have known him a long time have to say.

  538. near the Belgium border

    I think he is worse now than he was end of 2005 or 2006!

  539. End of 2003,but not so much…I was kinda young to understand exactly what was going on…I was not really a F1 fan…I started being very keen on him beginning 2005…I don’t know what got into me that year,to be honest,i didn’t even expect he would be a champion that year,no matter how good testing days were…However i startedd research straight away…

  540. I have followed Fernando since ‘03 and will continue to do so! Nice to hear u’re from Greece Marcia! My aunt’s husband is from Greece. I’m not Greek though! I’m from the states! :D

    As far as Raquel being bossy, I do recall a while back when she did an interview and she said that she likes to be in control of everything, little did I know, that included her authority over Fernando!

  541. Marcia kalosorises sto club eimai i Chryso k eimai apo tin Kipro…

  542. I support him since Minardi days and I haven’t regret it yet…maybe when he starts taking driving advice from his wife I will though.

    I like being in the control but nevertheless I wouldn’t treat my bf/husband like that!

  543. Euxaristo Chryso!
    I am not sure he is worse than 2005-6,Lena,because even though he was not talking so much for her,the whole Fernando was worse,because he was a champion and he was sometimes like there’s no one else like him…For me,he is the best F1 driver but for some others he may isn’t and the were getting angry at him doing some things that i don’t recall now…!My own cousin,who is a very big F1 fun,and after Kimi,her favourite driver is Fernando,she kinda disliked him in 2005 because he become very different from what he was…!

  544. Has anybody seen a video of this press conference? Was he laughing when he said these things? Sometimes things look worse when you just read them and don’t see the body language that went with it. Maybe we’re taking it more seriously than he meant it. I don’t know, I’m just trying to make sense of it.

  545. Marcia exeis e-mail?

  546. I agree that he was a pain with his arrogance! I know many people turned away from him! But you could tell where his arrogance came from.
    While now you simply can’t tell why he suddenly turns into a “under control husband”.
    I mean come on: the guy who almost destroyed McLaren, who fought Michael Schumacher down, who had no problems in openly attacking people when they did something wrong, the guy who wanted to sit down in front of Michaels car in Monaco in case he didn’t get punished… Now all of a sudden is a guy who just does what a woman wants?

  547. You know,the time he starts taking advice from Raquel on his driving,i will probably start believing that he has been driven insane…!:)
    I hope this time never comes!!!!

  548. @ Margaret: apparently he said it like he meant it and wasn’t joking. Press here was laughing cause Heikki was apparently almost asleep during the PC and basically jumped up saying: Hell what are you saying. So I assume Heikki didn’t take it as a joke. But then again: I would love to see the PC as well!

  549. Well at Hockenheim he could have taken her advice…. at least his driving was a horror!

  550. Nai Chryso…markellafa4e_94@hotmail.com.
    You are right Lena,but if he is “i love” with her(i hate that i have to say that),he can do things he would not do in any other case…

  551. He did hide it very well for the last years then….

  552. i hope not and i also hope that flavio and the rest tell him not to take her advice…

  553. As far as I know Flav is not overly fond of her!

  554. Poio einai to e-mail sou Chryso?

  555. Thank God!!!!So of his most close people don’t like her!His dad and flavio!

  556. Well would you like someone that turns your son into some idiot?

  557. *two of…

  558. Probably not!

  559. He lost his “manhood” yesterday with those ridiculous remarks! ;)

    God forbid Raquel takes control of his career…..Oh, she better pray I don’t find her cause I’ll kill her! ;)

  560. Me too!

  561. I think Alonso said that cause he don’t want people tell that he don’t love her or what the people said…. i know that the man in the family have the first speach and not the woman.. what’s wrong with him?

  562. No answer for this Chryso!He seems to be very…i don’t know…under her control!!!

  563. What is that with girls saying that men have the first speech. In my world men and women have the same rights and both can raise their voices! In a relationship you do discuss things and not one has more power than the other!

  564. Yes Lena,we have the same rights with men,but do you disagree with the fact that sometimes women out of love obey to their husband or bf?Can’t it not be the other way round?I hate myself for that and i hope that this is not the case with Fernando,but u can never know how he feels…

    (I know this was disgusting thing to say that he “loves” her or something but it may be the truth and just know that I am not proud of what i said…*feels embarassed*)

  565. I always thought out of love you make compromises. But I always thought both have to make compromises and not just one.
    And obeying…. surely they are people who do that but it a) has to do with culture and b) with character.
    As we don’t need to discuss his culture of Spain here I can just say something about his character: he doesn’t seem like the person who obeys someone but raises his voice.

    Are you sure he knows what love means?

  566. I agree with Lena! Men and women have equal rights! For some reason, that doesn’t apply with our so-called happy couple!

  567. i know that women have the same power like men but Alonso he said that maybe he scared that he will lost Raquel one day…. and if you love someone you do everything to not lost it… and now Alonso do this thing( i think of course)

  568. * marcia efiga apo ekei k twra eida oti 8eleis eikones tou Alonso… pes m poies 8es k 8a sou tis stilw otan 3ana milisoume

  569. If you have to do something like that in order not to lose someone you should really think about the relationship anyway! Sooner or later it will all blow up!

  570. OK!You got me…His character doesn’t show such a thing…He definately raises his voice!But honestly,i am very tired with this story…Even if we say all these things we can’t change anything.
    After all,maybe he was really joking…But all these things lately…cooking for her,letting her decide where to go and where to live…

    And maybe he does not really know what love means because she doesn’t give him any or he doesn’t care for it…As i have said so many times before,u NEVER possibly know!

  571. Exactly!

    But we can have a field day when things like this happen! :D

  572. i am so sorry everyone,but i have to go…I have to help my mother with the dinner…It’s 9:30 in the evening and it’s time for dinner!

  573. No problem. I am going for a run now anyway.

    See you!

  574. of course Alonso is really men and he can do Raquel anything he want

  575. Woah i just read in a german newspaper that Fernando did not make a big party out of his birthday- and that he instead (and i quote) ’spent two romantic days in the Tessin with his wife Raquel’. Romantic? Didn’t help much for the press confy….

  576. Oh and i forgot to add that (another quote) ‘his ex-mate Trulli recommended the place to him for having some romantic time there with his wife’.

    Last try?

  577. No idea but it also said some not so nice things about Fernando like he has no say at home etc…

    I somehow have a hard time imagine they have a romantic time. IF the Hawaii trip was their honeymoon… oh well that looked highly romantic-not!

  578. I don’t know this is to strange to follow it, maybe Raquel threatened him to leave him- and he is just scared to lose her. And though we all might think ’so what he could have three on one finger easily in a few days’ Fernando might see that different- he never thought himself to be ‘attractive’.

  579. Why the hell would Fernando be scared of losing her? If there’s anyone who should be afraid, it’s Raquel being afraid to lose him!

  580. Well it seems Fernando is the one who is afraid, since she is making all the important decisions now…i was not saying thats how it should be. I’m just trying to find an explanation that fits the ongoings, though i admit i still feel quite lost.

    With saying that ‘his wife will decide if he will join the club’ he was looking far into the future. Scary.

  581. But if he is scared to lose her…Why bash her in public at the same time?

  582. because he spent all the time with her and he want to see his friends too….

  583. hello girls this song is Himnoe Fernando Alonso… can anyone translate this song please? i think is in Spanish…


  584. Chryso, I’ve heard that song before, but I have no idea what they’re saying! Sorry! :)

    Anybody seen pics of her yet?

    She’s probably hiding in shame! ;)

  585. I’ve not seen any pics of her at all, and she doesn’t seem to have arrived with him. I was so looking forward to seeing how they act together this weekend. If we don’t see her in Hungary, we’ll have to wait three long weeks for any chance to see them again.

  586. No, we don’t! Not if she choses the holiday destination! Finding him in Wales is difficult but spotting them at the beach in Spain is not!

  587. So she hasn’t gone to Hungary with him?I hope so…!

    But you know,she doesn’t always move around with him.

  588. Who knows…maybe is playing Diva again! Or even more likely: Barbie! ;)

    He doesn’t look overly happy but attractive in this pic:


  589. I agree he looks unhappy, but probably about how practice went. He almost always looks attractive though!

  590. Maybe that is just me having observed things that are not there but isn’t he usually shaved when she is there?

    And maybe he looks unhappy as people are making fun of him now. Let’s face it: he did commit suicide saying things like that. Would you take your oponent serious who has just stated that he has nothing to say at home?

  591. hi!!!how are u????
    geia s marcia.i’m from greece too….

    good luck fernando !!!!!


  592. Hmmmm, P7 is not too bad, for this season anyway. Let’s hope Fernando can forget any domestic problems tomorrow and get some points!!

  593. Margaret: which problems? He just had a romantic weekend instead of celebrating his birthday with his family and friends, he doesn’t even have to make hard decisions like where to go for holiday, or even if to join or not a driver’s club in about 10 years from now….

  594. You make it sound as if his life is perfect! Maybe he is really lazy and likes Raquel to think for him, so he doesn’t have to bother. Maybe he likes it that he’s just made a complete fool of himself so now everyone thinks he’s a wimp for being under her thumb!!

  595. Margaret i was being sarcastic. Ok next time i will add *sarcasm mode on*

  596. Tinkerbell you just really made me laugh!!! *thumbs up* Who wouldn’t want such a life *chuckles*

    Can you imagine one of the other drivers takes him serious now?

  597. hey girls! wassup? wow… loads have been going on here i see. come on, feed me! more news and photos!! :-D

  598. *Feed me*? Don’t be so lazy, get some information yourself, maybe you could get some we haven’t seen yet or heard of.

    Has anyone seen pictures of Raquel in Hungary?

  599. I don’t think she’s there! That’s a damn shame! I actually wanted to see the “happy couple” there esp after his comments about her! ;)

  600. Actually there are virtually no photos of any of the girls at this GP, whether it’s because none are there, or just that the photographers have taken an early holiday, we can’t work out. It’s very disappointing.

  601. I can understand it as the Hungaroring itself is the worst racetrack I have ever been to but then Budapest is an amazing city and its worth it!

  602. Lets say for the hell of it, she’s there! Would u wanna show your face in public after your bf/husband publically embarassed u?

  603. Fernando did very good job i think because Raquel wasn’t there…
    i’m so sorry for Massa…

  604. At least Lewis didn’t win!!! That’s the main thing for me. Yes I feel very sorry for Massa, I’d like him to win the championship this year, but there’s still time. It was a good result for Renault with points for Nelson as well as Fernando. Overall, not a bad race!

  605. Fernando does way better when she is not around…

  606. So,she probably brings him rotten luck when she’s around!
    Unfortunate Fernando…Married to a black cat…!:)
    This race though was great for Renault in general!

    And I didn’t find pictures of her either!

  607. Definitely a good race for the team this weekend, which we really needed after such a sad and difficult week. Here’s hoping it gives us the momentum to secure 4th in the championship!

  608. Hi Gals,

    Have been reading this site for a while – I have never posted, but the sudden change of events is rather puzzling. The thing is, Fernando is a Leo – Leo males don’t usually give up their dominance. They don’t like that. Him giving up all the planning, and say in where they live, where they go for hols, and what he will do once he retires is so out of character. Leo guys are so egotistical – what he said in public is rather a slap in his own face.

    Somehow, I don’t see him playing mind-games when he says this as in trying to show her badly to the public. Leos generally are just too loyal to diss their mates in public – besides it just makes them look bad to have chosen an “unworthy” mate.

    However, being a Leo and career minded person myself.. the following could be the situation:

    He needs to ressurect his career. He needs to focus on it 120% whether at Renault or Honda – ultimately he wants to be in a Ferrari. By having all this turmoil in his personal life, it takes away his focus. She is there providing him for his needs. He just has to make certain concessions so that she will remain with him and provide him with that stability in his personal life. Better the devil you know, and it has been proven in the past that she does put up with a lot of his *crap* – kind of thing. Not sure if he is in love with her, but at this moment, he will “settle” for her. When he gets where he needs to be, it will be time for him to re-consider his options.

    Sigh.. girls.. looks like we will just have to contend with her hanging around for a while *cries*

  609. Girls, check this out!

  610. lol Tanya…yep i read several comments like that one. German press pointed that out too.
    He made her look like a real bitch, i hope he will have a nice holiday now. Or maybe she is running after him with a rolling pin half of the time *LMAO*

  611. lol…
    i read that before….

  612. My mom said the other day: god, how embarrassing for her.

    So it was not just us imagining its insulting.

    btw: did you read that apparent interview in which he said the only curves he is good with are the ones of Raquel? I thought it was a humurous article first but apparently he said it.
    Is that the confirmation she had something done cause otherwise I don’t think the words curves and Raquel go well together.

  613. The only curves she’s got are her new breasts! Otherwise, she’s a toothpick!

  614. The situation gets more bizarre by the day! Why is he saying these things (if he really said that)? It’s like a complete personality change. Just a short time ago we would have never believed for a moment that he would say such a thing, and now anything is possible!! I still can’t wait for her first interview, to see if she has changed her attitude in the way she speaks about him.

  615. hi girls!!!!!

    i honestly think that fernando has lost his mind if he really said that… i mean he suddenly felt attracted to her, that is non sense to me…
    i am going to lose my brain if this mestry won’t be solved

  616. I am still thinking he is taking some medication! There is no explanation for this behavior. Unless he actually did have sex with her and she got pregnant and we will find out when he is suddenly Daddy around Christmas time. But then again: she obviously just had that surgery and its forbidden when you are pregnant.

    Didn’t she say at the Venus event that she doesn’t want to talk about her private life as it would be dangerous?



  618. Well he does wear his ring on his right hand though.

  619. Girls,I agree with Lena!He must be taking some kind of medication to say such things…I mean,he has completely lost his mind over the last three weeks and I am sure that something is really wrong…
    And I also don’t think she’s pregnant because as far as I know from my best friend’s mother,when you’re pregnant doctors don’t allow you to fly…!(she’s a doctor)

  620. I think you are just not allowed to fly in the last weeks.

  621. Well,she has told me that most doctors don’t allow pregnants to fly second month and after…I don’t know now…I believe it depends on the situation.
    But still,if she was at least pregnant for let’s say 3 months,it would be a little obvious.

  622. So maybe she just came to Hockenheim then cause they could drive there! But again she was in Spain last week and she had to fly for that one.

    Whatever is the reason for his sudden personality change: it has taken place before the Hockenheim race.

  623. That’s for sure!
    But he says most stupidities,like the ones he said last Thursday,mostly when she’s not around.
    As for her,I don’t know.I still believe she’s not pregnant because if it’s 1st month,she perhaps doesn’t even know,and after the 2nd,well,anyone could say whether she is or not…It’s more obvious after the 3rd,but you can still tell during the 2nd…

  624. Maybe that is really just to make her believe he thinks of her while in reality he enjoys himself with someone else?!

  625. Perhaps yes,perhaps no…

  626. Fernando Alonso has not take the podium, and Piquet is working very well, I don’t think the risultat of Alonso are very good, for an ex champion. If we see the points, the other pilot has only 5 points less than him. I don’t know whats happen to Alonso ?

  627. marguerit i guess we have a different topic here- don’t worry about Fernando’s points this year. Times will change again. He seems to have a red carpet offer from Honda so lets wait and see.

    About Raquel, the newspapers here are not so much laughing about Fernando- they laugh about her more. The next time she will come to a race, Paprazzi will follow her all around- i hope she will enjoy that *lol*

  628. I think secretely they are laughing about both. I am still a bit upset that she wasn’t in Hungary… I would have loved to see the happy couple together!

  629. I think for the first time, we all wanted to see her at a GP! ;) But Tinkerbell’s right. If she shows up at the next race which is in Spain, the press will be all over her! I wouldn’t be surprised if she doesn’t show up at that one or Spa! ;)

  630. Happy Birhday Fernandina!!! :D

  631. Thanks to reply to me Tinkerbell. I will be more otimist in the future for Alonso, my dream is to see him working for the ferrari. About all I read about Alonso and Raquel, I think that Raquel is a very intelligent lady because she is doing what she likes to do as working like to be a singer, she has her own personality and she is abble to came crazy of love Fernando Alonso.
    This one is living a very intense story of love with her and that is magic to see a women like her, to be in the hart of the pilote full time, this one does not be attention of his fans, because the only women important is his wife.
    I wish alot of happiness for them.

  632. Good Lord..i’m not going to reply to this. Though its tempting. I guess you are spanish?
    Don’t waste your time with us, most here simply hate Raquel and think she is a bitch. If you love her- wrong place for you i’m afraid.

  633. LOL! I was waiting for someone to reply to that comment! Sorry Marguerit! u’re a one-woman army here as the rest of us despise Raquel! ;)

  634. we all here hate Raquel Tinkerbell…

  635. I am spanish, that is why I love Alonso. I like Raquel as a model of women abble to make in love a man as Alonso. I will like to be a real witch with man, but I am only a victim of them.
    I defend the women because I am a women. I do not lose my time with you, because I am open to every point of view, and ad the some time, I learn inglish to read you.
    I am agree of your point of view, Raquel has a lot of contradictions, I love the way she is playing with man.
    I thing mans must not to be take seriously because they have maschilism in their DNA, that is why I apreciate women like Raquel because she makes his one live biside Alonso and not at the service of him.

  636. I think there is room here for more than one point of view. I don’t despise or hate Raquel, I don’t understand their relationship (does anyone?) and I do hate all this mystery around them. I hope you do keep posting marguerit, if only to have the balance of a different viewpoint. The world would be a very boring place if we all felt the same.


  638. Fine, fine. Actually, the only thing i’m interested in concerning Fernando is his racing- oh btw you don’t have to be spanish to love Fer. We all do (in a way) and we come from all over the world.

    And for Raquel, i definitely think she is not good for his career, she is bringing bad luck- and obviously escpecially distracting since she had her little surgeries. I really don’t care how she is living in her little world, as long as she stays out of his work. Fernando is a first class driver, such a talent, and i hope we will have the opportunity to watch him driving for the next ten years.

    And what is so special about her *singing* (if thats what you want to call it, believe me, i probably can do better than her)? There are many women in this world who live their own life, who have careers combined with having a family, so what about it? In her case, it looks a bit opportunistic too, and you love that? You love that she now started to make Fernando look like a fool (by his own doing i have to admit, because he talked about it)? Then you probably admire Raquel, but i can’t see how you can admire Fernando too.
    And not to forget, Fernando is very rich, another good reason for Raquel, if thats what you admire too, i’d start doubting your character.

  639. Riri, you say she is controlling him. We only have Fernando’s word for it that she makes all the decisions for him, and maybe he likes it that way. I don’t know whether to believe anything he says anymore. The same man who in Barcelona a few weeks ago apparently said ‘no’ in answer to the question ‘are you married’ now talks constantly about his ‘wife’. How are we supposed to believe anything he says.

  640. dear Margaret that is a huge sign for us that she is controlling his life !!!!! hello am i living in the same planet…
    i mean the fact that ferenando is keeping changing his wards and also hos character is unbelievable , plus i don’t think fernando is a kind of a person who likes his wife as i suppose to do everything with out discussing and come up with one opinion or one decision .

  641. sorry with out discussing it with him ( as sharing your opinion with each other)….

  642. He also said *no* when being asked if he shares his main decisions with her, and what he said in the press confy is still puzzling me. It reminded me a bit of how he uses to complain about his team- shooting small arrows in their direction, to let them know how he feels about certain things. Too bad we don’t have a little spy in their house.

  643. Whoo! We’re in the heat of fire here!

    First off, yes, everyone is entitled to their own opinions. If u like her, fine! No one is forcing anyone to change your opinions! Just so that everyone’s clear here: Most of the people here are NOT too crazed over her for whatever the reason may be! There are other sites (one I know in particular) that talks about all the wives and gf’s of the drivers and almost everyone there likes Raquel. If u feel more comfortable there, then sign up! If u wish to continue on this site, then don’t start bashing on everyone else just because u like her and the rest of us don’t! u read the comments, u know that we pretty much hate her. If u want to say something, fine with us; noone is stopping u!

    I just had to get that out of my chest! And now I feel better! :)

    As for what Fernando has been saying lately: I have to admit that what he has said recently (the press conference and talks about his career) it has been confusing!

    Also, I have NEVER met any man (no matter age, race, etc) who allows their woman to control their decision makings! Any man who allows that to happen, to me, is NOT considered a man, but a boy! And yes, this is coming from a woman’s point of view! I have never been in a relationship, but if I ever do get into a relationship, I would NEVER tell my man what to do, how to do it, and tell him that all his decision making choices have been removed and I can only make it for him! That is just ridiculous! When u’re in a relationship, it’s all about compromise! If either u or your partner has a choice to make for whatever it may be, I wouldn’t let my partner make the decisions for me. I would ask him what he thinks, but the decision is mine and mine alone! Anyone who lets their partner make the decisions from them, in my eyes, is a total coward!

  644. For those u would feel more comfortable in sharing their thoughts about Raquel, u can go here:

    This is the site I was referring to! Almost everyone there likes Raquel!

  645. I do not like Raquel as wife, I do not like her music, her publicity and all that she do.
    I think she wants to came first than Alonso in the press and that is why she try to make music, and all mitery to make people speak about her.
    I like only the way she is using to keep a man like Alonso biside her.
    If you are fans of him try to meet him and to tell him how you love him.
    I love Alonso like drive and see him in love of his wife make me happy, that is mean than when big man are in love the are abble to came little man in front of the women.
    If I had time I will spend it to meet him and to be a groupie of him.
    But I have not time, and I do not know anything about him, I am only happy to be that he loves his women, and the person who love more is winning because love is doing to love, not to play with person like you think is doing Raquel.
    I am not Raquel I am not in her head but if she play with him, I am not approuve, and I am not in admiration of her, I think that she has find the way to keep a man like Alonso in love with her that is why I think she is clever.
    The important is not to take a man but to be abble to keep him, and with all fans he must to have that will be not easy.

  646. A groupie? lol…you really should not think Raquel is a good example for you. Or if you do, just go ahead, i hope you look like a model because that is what famous and rich guys go for; Fernando is no exception here. Looks come first, the rest is not that important…oh and no brain needed.
    But you should think about having some beauty surgeries, because before Raquel got new breasts, it looked very much like Fernando was near to get rid of her.

    I would agree with what Alina posted here on August 5th, her *analysis* is not bad, could be some truth in it.

  647. Tinkerbell, don’t most men these days look for more physical appearance in a woman?

    That’s stupid! There’s more to a person besides their physical look!

    I guess when u’re in the public eye, you have to have a beautiful partner (which is still stupid!)

  648. I don’t think Fernando is the type to care what the press or public think about his partner!

  649. It depends. When you look at the women or girlsfriends of the F1- drivers, they all (or almost all) look like models, or even ARE models, and the girl Fernando had an affair with years ago was extremely attractive too.

    So there must be some competition in the circus…(*lol*)

    I think 90% of this is about looks, from the men’s side, and they do care. Do you remember Raquel on the FIA Gala? She looked like a present ready to unwrap. In that, in my oppinion, don’t overestimate Fernando. He is still very young, and i have the feeling he doesn’t know much about the value of an intelligent and caring wife. I still go with Alina in that, the more i think about it.

  650. I think that Alonso is realy in love of his wife, that is why she can do what ever she wants, and at the some time he is ready to make all she needs for her happyness.
    The monney must not be important for Raquel, because she is abble to have monney with her work and pubblicity.
    I think that she is using alonso to be famous, and she is not in love of him, I think she prefer someone artist and creative. She is not attract of the formula 1 world.
    She does not like live where she lives, I think she will like to live in Spain, and she loves to be in the center of attention of press and have a lot of fans.
    I do not take her as exemple, but I think that only women who is abble to make in love his husband, one talent she must have to do it, and nobody can say that Alonso is not in love of her, because Alonso speak always to much, and if something is not
    his cup of tea , he will tell at the pubblic.
    I am a groupie of Alonso I love man who lose his head for a women. I defend Raquel only as women solidarity, and because is not a witch is just a women who love success and celebrity.

  651. To be honest: i think he is simply too lazy to find a better one at the moment. But at some point he will turn around and look for something better!

    I am still not convinced that he loves her. Sorry! But talking about someone (and then such mean things which are so offending) is relatively easy… but his bodylanguage towards her is a horror basically saying: get away from me and don’t dare to ever touch me again!

  652. hi girls could some boy tell me what fernando is saying about moving to the ferrari team and finding a house in marnello in this video … i think it is important.


  653. some body( sorry for the typo)!..

  654. Riri, he was saying that he wasn’t looking for a house near Marnello. He said it was true that he was at the Italian-speaking area of Switzerland, but denies he was looking for a house!

  655. @ Lena, his body language didn’t say that at Hockenheim! ;) Thanks to her new chi chi’s, his body language was more like “hmm, I can’t wait for tonight!” ;)

  656. I must have seen other pics than you!

  657. Just to state what I mean:

    first two: he has a forced smile on his face:



    third: as happy as usual…


  658. 3rd pic, that’s his usual face, but on the other 2, someone could’ve said Hi and smiled and he just smiled back! :S Just taking a guess here! I can’t really tell when he’s faking a smile (from the FIA gala though, that was obvious!)

  659. hi!!!
    thanks a lot chryso for your wishes…..

  660. He doesn’t look like he is genuinely happy!

  661. it’s ok Fernandina

  662. Someone can tell me the way to insert an interesting link concerning Alonso ?
    Can you tell me in a primitive linguage because I am not abbel to use the computer and technology, but maby if you can give me some elementary mode to use it, I will learn. Thanks.

  663. marguerit, I’m no good with technology either, but I’ll so my best.
    You just copy and paste the web address eg


    I just use this article as an example. Hope this helps.

  664. I will give you the adress to see the best video of Spainish city where Fernando Alonso is born and has always living.
    The video is very nice because you can see the city of Oviedo in few minutes you can see monuments and people who have good time, it is like to be there. Good vision.

    The link is : You must write in GOOGLE :

    Oviedo storia e vita la repubblica.it viaggi

    If you can insert the video I am not abble to do it. Tell me what do you think of this city.
    Fernando Alonso can not walk on the street because everybody ask him an autograph. Do you like the city ?

  665. Thanks for the video marguerit! It looks like a very interesting city. The church is very beautiful but I’m not sure I like some of those statues. Maybe one day they will put up a statue of Fernando. To insert the link you would just do this:


    you’ll get used to it!

  666. The city is interesting because there is a lot of montains and fresh air, at the some time you have a lot of place to make shopping.
    The statues are more beautifull to see if you see them on the place. I do not like all them, but I like the statue of Woody Allen, and an other one of the maternity. This city has win the price of cleaness in Spain.
    It seems that in the last film of Woody Allen he has filmed this City.

  667. Whereabouts in Spain are you from? Are you from around Oviedo?

  668. I agree completely with your analysis Alina. The problem for Fernando is whether he actually really did marry her while he was at the besotted stage. I know people these days say that he can simply get divorced, but it complicates things a lot, especially for a very rich man. Also, your analysis still doesn’t explain why he’s so suddenly changed his attitude to talking about her. No-one yet has come up with a serious explanation for that.

  669. I created a photo for Raquel being blonde… :)
    Is it suitable to her, how do you think?

  670. omg Joleen it’s very ungly… yiak

  671. You do say some very interesting things Alina. I’m not convinced that he’s that loyal though. I don’t know about his personal loyalties obviously, but the things he says about his teams (both Renault and McLaren)don’t sound particularly loyal to me. He is very quick to criticise them. He just wants to go where the fastest car is, no matter what the team, he’s just out for himself. That’s the way it looks to me.

  672. @Margaret, he had every right to talk crap about Mclaren! If I was him, I would’ve done the same thing! They kept his mouth shut for so long and now that he’s no longer with them, he can say whatever he wants to say. Not that he really needs to talk about it because we all saw it, but he needed to release his feelings out to clear his conscience! The same with Renault (ok, not necessary the same), but what I love about him is that on the circuits, he tells the truth! Not like a certain driver who shall remain nameless! ;)

    As far as his personal life, I think he’s full of crap! First off, I wouldn’t stick around with someone I didn’t have feelings for anymore. And him being scared of the press writing about his private life, well, he knew that when he got into this profession that this would happen! Raquel has a reason to still be with him and that is for her so-called career! Once he leaves her, that’s it! Game Over! She will then be known as the ex-mujer of Fernando Alonso! Fernando has no reason to stay with her! He could do like what Adrian Sutil is doing. I read an article of him saying that he isn’t looking for a gf now because he’s focusing on his career! That is something Fernando needs to do esp now! Once he gets his career back to how it was 3 yrs ago, then he can start focusing on his private life!

  673. Oh and btw, that pic makes her look more ridiculous than she already does!

  674. I have read alot of thinks about Raquel del Rosario and also leasing her interview.
    She said that she was wedding with Alonso in private form in Spain.
    Both are continued to working and when she does not works she goes to find her husband.
    She is the first fan of Alonso, but she does not want stop working.
    She is doing concert and publicity, she will be the voice of the new film of Barbie, with a new song.
    For the moment she is with Alonso and his big moto having few days holidays.
    There are in love, and all the press said is only thinks not thrue for the pink press.
    She speak also about her deffect.
    She is using her beauty and famous to be the wife of Alonso to be and artict. But she said that a dottor who makes operations is best artist of her.
    She is not think to be a genius, but a women who wants to be famous for her music, music is her first passion in the live.
    That is why I respect her, and that is why Fernando Alonso is in love of her.
    I am sure that there are in love.
    There is not him but her who have in the hand the familly, and he does what she likes because he loves her.
    But at the some time she help him, and sharing the time she has to be together.
    If she does not in love of him, she will think only about her own success and about her dream to be a famous artist.
    The problem is that man in love of his wife make not publicity. Alonso is different.

    I hope you will understand my bad inglish.

    @Margaret : I am from Oviedo but I am living in Italy.

  675. Thanks for this marguerit. Do you have any kind of link to this interview?

  676. oh well – I guess, unless we are the two of them, we can only speculate. Wonder what is really going on with them… Whatever it is, I hope he is happy.

  677. Yes, I agree with you Alina. I just want him to be happy. If he really is happy with her, then so be it. I just wish they’d been open and honest from the beginning and not so secretive. I’m sure they could have saved themselves a lot of the gossip and press interest they’ve had to put up with if they’d just come out at the time and admitted the marriage. They have only themselves to blame for all the speculation. It’s human nature to wonder what is going on when people behave like they have.

  678. @Margaret : I have a lot of links but I am not abble to insert tem.
    You have to go to GOOGLE insert the name RAQUEL DEL ROSARIO insert NEWS.
    And you will have a full list of last news of her and Fernando Alonso.
    You can insert all inside, I am sure that someone can be abble to traslate them beter than me, because my english is very elementary.

  679. I am speechless of your analysis Alina ! most off your comments makes sense to me.
    But after all it is his life, the only thing we can do is to wish that he would find the right women… even if Raquel is a good person (as some of you said ) , but their personality and gaols are different, and due to that they are not getting long.

    Well then what can we say more than THIS IS THE LIFE OF THE CELEBRITIES!!!!! gossips here , gossips their … and life continues.

  680. I tend not to care what Raquel is saying in interviews, actually. Of course, what else should she say?
    I still go with Alina and i have the feeling with her own experience from being a leo (though it might be different with male and female leos) her analysis of the situation has hand and feet.

    I don’t quite understand this:

    “She is using her beauty and famous to be the wife of Alonso to be and artict. But she said that a dottor who makes operations is best artist of her.
    She is not think to be a genius, but a women who wants to be famous for her music, music is her first passion in the live.”

    Was she admitting here that she had surgeries????

    Indeed it seems as if they both have goals, and very different ones. Is that good enough for a life together? Hmm…hard to tell. I guess only time will tell. Music is her first passion, and for Fernando, its cars…lol, it sounds like sex is probably the only thing clueing them together, and that (scienifically knowledge) will not last much longer than 4-5 years…they have to reach that ‘line’ yet.

    I don’t think her ‘talent’ (singing in a barbie movie- come ooon!) will be enough to make her ‘famous’. She doesn’t have to live in Switzerland, believe me, she could walk everywhere around in Germany and no-one would recognize her. Not even at the racing circuits. People here are simply not interested in her, i guess Spain is the only country where she can experience being a ‘celebrity’. And only for being the wife (now that she said it i guess it must be true) of Fernando Alonso.

    People don’t pay a penny for going to her concerts. Now what is that supposed to be? A spanish friend of mine said ‘pay??? No way i would pay a penny for that!!’

    I saw a concert with Helmut Lotti. I payed 65 € for sitting in the front row. Of course, he is really a singer!!! And the concert was soled out weeks before with over 2000 people.

    That is being ‘famous’ and he didn’t have to marry a celebrity to reach his goals….

  681. I will not spend any monney to saw her concert. But I like to wacht her on you tube. She has a nice sweet voice.
    She is using all posibilities they given to her. She has a lot of ambitions.
    She is using all celebrities to have visibility. She will sing in italian with Nek who is a famous italian singer, and singing in Italy.
    That ia why she is not using only Alonso to be famous, but only famous she meets.
    She was a ginger first to meet Fernando Alonso, and she has always said that she will sing for ever.
    I do not understand why she can not do it ?
    She is not a mother with children, she is only a wife. Wife and husband have not the some posibilities in the life ?
    I defend the women that is why I defend Raquel del Rosario.
    She makes music and she wants to be famous in the world.
    If we will be at her place, and we can choise that to be a wife of a pilot o a wife of a pilot who can sing, make publicity, make a film o whatever else ?
    I think we will doing the same she is doing.
    I am agree with you and understant all your point of view.
    My opinion is that Alonso is in love of his wife. That will be an ingenius opinion but that is what i think. I think she is in love too. That is my naif opinion.
    I hope that Fernando Alonso will be happy in is private live, because I am a big fan of him.

  682. I hope too that Fernando is happy in all aspects of his life. It can’t make him feel happy though if he feels that his wife married him to further her need to be famous (if that’s what she did).

    I can’t understand why some people have this need to be famous! I can understand why someone might want to be rich, but why try to be famous at all costs and then complain about the press attention. Makes no sense to me at all.

  683. Raquel has had her chance to go global! I can’t recall who, but someone from her band was asked if they would do a global tour and that person said no because they don’t wanna be to far away from their families (which is reasonable), but if u wanna conquer the world with your music, sacrifices have to be made. If singers like Beyonce, Justin Timberlake, Madonna, etc can go all over the world and make time with their families, why can’t she? IMO, she’s scared! She’s afraid that she won’t be successful anywhere else except Spain (if u call that success). And so, what is the only way to get the world to know who she is? By attending F1 races with her 2-time world champion! She cannot succeed on her own that’s why she’s using Fernando and Nek!

  684. marguerit i understand that you seem to be on a mission here, but i have the feeling praising Raquel for whatever reason is chasing some others here off the board.

    Or is it only the summer break?;)

    “but why try to be famous at all costs and then complain about the press attention. Makes no sense to me at all.”

    I wrote something about that in an earlier post. It makes absolutely no sense. And the next time she will come to a race, it will only be worse, now that Fernando started to make some ‘advertising’!

    I wonder if she will come to Valencia. Anyone taking bets?

  685. Tanya: on a global tour with concerts that don’t cost a penny? How? Who would pay for that? She probably has good reasons not to try that. I remember some ‘wannabe star’ who wanted to give a concert here in my hometown- and of course so few tickets were sold that they had to cancel that. Now that was quite embarassing, everyone was laughing about her… i don’t think Raquel would risk that.

    Though its probably too late now to prevent embarassment. I think if i’m going to see her somewhere, some day- i will just laugh.

  686. If the things we are hearing are true then it makes Raquel look extremely shallow, and Fernando quite stupid for falling for it!

    Marguerit, I’m sorry but I honestly can’t see that Raquel is doing anything at all praiseworthy, and by talking about it she is just making things worse.

    I also have what many of you might call an old-fashioned view that her husband should be more important to her than her music and her persuit of fame. I don’t expect you all to agree with me on that! It is my honest view though.

  687. I somewhat agree Margaret! Her man is more important than persuing fame!
    As far as the bet on whether or not she’ll be there, I think she’ll try to avoid this gp! If she goes, there will be massive photographers and she won’t be able to dodge her way to avoid them! ;) To be honest, I don’t think she’s ever gone to a gp in Spain! She wasn’t in Barcelona this year, nor last year, but I don’t know if she was there in ‘06! :S

  688. @Tinkerbell, It seems that someone give me some monney to write nice things about Raquel. The reality is different.
    I am interesting of her, only because she is the wife of Alonso.
    She has nice songs and she is a good singer. I like the rithm of the music and the contrast with her sweet voice.
    The song “Yo soy asi” means “I am like this”, is nice and easy to understand for every people.
    There is and other song I like who speak about the end of a love. The test of songs are nice, and she is not a bad singer. You can lisening her on “you tube”.
    She has done a lot of work to be famous, and only with her union of Alonso she becames more famous.
    I think it is not the celebrity she likes but the posibilities to makes music and to do concert.
    The contradiction is that she likes to be famous when she wants, when she is doing a new CD, and she wants to be free when she wants.
    That is too easy to be famous to make monney and to have fans.
    I do not like the mistery she is doing about her private live, because when you are a public person, you have to be honest, but she is not answer to her private live. That is mean that you not respect your fans.
    Alonso not speak about his private live, he has the same deffect. That is my opinion if you are famous you must take the pleasure and the not pleasure.

  689. Neither of them have been honest about their situation. I really don’t like that about either of them. Fernando has gone down in my estimation over how he has handled this. You cannot have the fame and not the press interest. One is a result of the other, everyone knows that. I still do not understand what the problem was in owning up to being married in the first place. Get married in secret if you must, but be honest about it afterwards

    I very much doubt she’ll be in Valencia, or at least, she won’t go to the circuit. She doesn’t seem to be brave enough to face the Spanish press on home soil.

  690. The spanish pink press is stupid and not make them live quickly. The press is make continue pression of them.
    In “you tube” I have see a video of Alonso who ask them. “What do you want of me I am not in a circuit for the moment ?”
    I think Alonso likes to speak about his resut in F1 and not about his private live.
    I have seen and other video of Alonso in Japon he asked to have to eat fish in a restaurant, and afther two hour nobody was coming, but he was not furious.
    I think he loves his public, that is why he has take a person to have contact with all his fans in english, who is an universale linguage.
    Raquel is the most ambiguos of them.

  691. “I am interesting of her, only because she is the wife of Alonso.”

    Now if that is not revealing the truth. I bet half of Spain is the same. Only interested in Raquel because she is with Fernando! And so, why is she with him? Exactly because of that reason. Probably. Since i have no real proof i’m assuming the obvious.

    What would happen if the two seperated? I’m wondering sometimes…marguerit i really don’t think anything positive about her singing. I insist that i probably could do that better. Honestly, i like to hear my own voice more.
    You are not going to convince me girl, sorry, but none of your postings have made me change my oppinion so far. You think she has a ’sweet voice’- i think it sounds like she tries to do something she can’t. One can’t argue about personal taste, and i remember the first time when i listened to one of her songs- and i thought ‘that girl thinks she can sing??? lol….’….and i started wondering who would pay to see that. Until i heard: no-one.

    And whatever you think: the last time Fernando has started to talk quite a lot about his private things. He told more than i would in public. He fell from one extreme into the other, and we still have no explanation for this!

  692. To see her in concert going in “you tube” write UNA CALLE DE PARIS EL SUENO DE MORFEO”, you can see her to sing.
    If you do not like her you can enjoy the panorama she sing biside a church.
    I like her because I understand spanish. because I am not difficult in music, and I think she is pretty.
    I am interesting of her not only because she is the wife of Alonso but because she is a spanish singer. I prefer “Bebe” a spanish singer who singing “Malo”, the big success of last year. She is better because she writtes the songs herself.
    Raquel is just a good singer, and I like her as lolita model.
    I do not have explanation of Fernando Alonso saids in public, for me he speaks allways to much. I think it will be better for him speaks less and going fast with his car.

  693. @marguerit, I do honestly suggest that you register with the F1 girls forum


    I know Tanya suggested it earlier and I thinks it’s a good idea. There you will find a lot of girls who think like you do and love Raquel and her music. They are very friendly there, and I post quite a lot so you could chat to me there too. I go mainly for the Fernando info, but I read about Timo Glock and Nelson Piquet and the others.

    You will never convince people here that she can sing, but at the girls forum you will meet many who love her and her music.

    All you would need to do is click on the link and register. There are many more girls on there than here and you can practise your english along with people from all over the world.

    Hope to see you there!

  694. I am extremely busy so I am just taking a look whenever I have some time on my hand but herewith I’d love to state that I agree with everything Tinkerbell and Alina said!

  695. Not worry I will not writte anymore. My english can wait, even if it is not good. I have been happy to know all of you. Bye,bye.

  696. As much as I hate people leaving, Marguerit, I’m sorry! I understand how difficult it is for people who have English as their 2nd or 3rd language. It’s not easy! Believe me, even though my 1st language is English, I also can speak a little bit of Spanish and I can understand a little bit. It’s not easy trying to speak or read a language that u don’t use everyday! But the way u came out, the way we understand it, u are just a fan of Raquel because she’s with Fernando! u praise her for being pretty and singing well and that’s fine; we have no problem with that! But like myself and Margaret have said, the website we gave out, we believe u will be better there because almost all the members there like Raquel just as much as u do! I can’t speak for everyone here, but I hope during the race weekends, u can stop by here because we do like to talk about the races here as well!

  697. Yes, I agree with everything you said Tanya, I hope Marguerit continues to chat with us about the races, but it just seems a little pointless for her to keep saying how much she loves Raquel and her singing, and the rest of us keep saying how much we dislike her singing and what she’s done to Fernando!

    And Marguerit, I really do hope to see you on the F1 girls Forum, I’m sure you would love it there and make many friends.

  698. hello girls..
    can you tell me what i can do in the F1 girls Forum?

  699. Hi Chryso! At the girls forum, it’s similar to what we do here! They have all the F1 girls there including wives and gf’s from other sports and u can talk about whatever! I’m on there too! u can find me there as f1lover2007!

  700. I do not like Raquel as a fan. I only said that she is not a bad singer.
    Media speaks about her not because she is the women of Alonso but because she is pretty.
    She is like Lady Diana. Media in the world was interesting to her because she was a pretty girl. If she was not pretty or an ugly girl, nobody will speaks about her.
    The same I think of Raquel del Rosario, she is pretty that is why the pink press love her.
    She is pretty then she can makes publicity. she can sing with famous.
    I dislike what she is doing to Fernando, and it is not finish because what she is doing now is try to became first of him on the media.
    She is doing the stilist with bikini collection, and said that it is create by her.
    She is esport her music making songs with all famous, she is doing sonneries you can have it by giving monney in your phone, etc…
    She is a good product of consumation, a good business, and the more stupid will spend money to going in her concert, her CD etc…
    I am not a fan then I will not doing nothing like this. I was only inform you what she is really doing.
    I do not think that she will divorce of Fernando now change something, because she is famous, and pretty then she will be abble to have monney with her work, alone.
    To speak about Alonso Pilot, I think he is the best one, but I think he can do better.
    I think Massa was doing best than him this year, and I do not think it is only because he has a different car.
    Girls, do not worry for me I prefer this forum. I think it is not important to have the same opinion, it is important to share opinion with other.
    I will not speak more about Raquel, if I have speak about her it was only to defend women. It is time to think that a women must be free, and doing what ever she wants in her life, married or not.
    Sorry for my english it is time I am going to open an english book and learn something.

  701. My comparison with Massa is not to do with driving skills. If you put Alonso in Massa’s car, Alonso would beat him any day, any time due to the fact that he is consistent and is a complete driver in terms of being able to drive well, as well as the input that he gives for car development and set-up. IT IS CALLED TALENT!

    My comparison to Massa is in terms of the relationship Massa has with his wife, compared to Alonso’s relationship to Raquel. Please get this straight. There is NO comparison between Massa and Alonso in terms of driving skills. PLEASE! Put Massa in a Renault – he would be lucky to be in top 10 each race! Just check how Massa used to perform with Sauber before he joined Ferrari. Anywhere near Alonso??????

    If you follow F1 – instead of being so obsessed with Raquel’s career, you will know that Ross Brawn – one of the best tactician and Technical Director ever – says very openly that Alonso is the best there is now, and is the most complete driver on the grid. I find it insulting that anyone would even COMPARE Massa’s driving skills to that of Alonso.

    As for Raquel and her career – no one outside of Spain would be even aware of her existence if not for the fact that she is with Alonso – she would NOT have been picked for the part of Barbie’s voice if not for the fact that she is with Alonso.

    I HAVE heard her sing. I do my research before talking about any subject. SERIOUSLY – her voice SUCKS!! She has NO idea of style. She cannot even string sentences together to show any sign of intelligence.

    If she were even the SLIGHTEST bit intelligent, she would hire a good image consultant to help her polish up her appearance and how she handles the media – after all according to you she has enough money. She should not be dependent on being Alonso’s girlfriend to FURTHER her career. She should further her career on her own merit. Yet, at EVERY interview, she would say things about her relationship to him. WHY? Even by saying – I dont want to talk about it because it is dangerous. IF she is so talented, people would focus on HER MUSIC, with questions about Alonso being secondary – not focusing BOTH on her music AND Alonso at the same time. A good publicist would tell the media – Raquel will speak about her career – no questions about her personal life please. UNLESS, her career is not much to talk about anyway!

    If she is AT ALL serious about a singing career – for God’s sake – go get a teacher! Even Madonna took vocal lessons to be taken seriously!!!!!!

    For you to compare her to the late Diana, Princess of Wales is not even funny. At least Diana was known for her charity work – and did not rely on her beauty ALONE. In fact, she surpassed her husband’s popularity on her own – by having good taste in clothes, by selecting good charitable causes, by having CHARISMA. People loved her because of those reasons. NOT because she was married to Prince Charles. Can you say the same of Raquel? How has SHE surpassed Alonso’s popularity? Definitely not by becoming one of the most famous singer of Spanish language of her generation. Are you saying that her talent is similar to that of Shakira or Gloria Estefan for example? I think not. If she is THAT popular, talented, whatever – try and do a breakthrough album – in English – see if she can penetrate any other market than Spain. I don’t think she would – because her voice is not really to be taken seriously – it is merely a teeny bopper type of voice – there are too many mediocre singers in the market already – she will be just one of millions. She should get Simon Cowell to comment on her singing. That would be a good reality check!

    I stand by my statement – she only got the coverage in Spain because of Alonso, otherwise, she would be only ONE of many pop wannabes. I don’t think she is rich enough to sustain the kind of lifestyle that she has now because of Alonso. Let’s put it this way – without Alonso by her side, her career would fizzle out. Alonso, on the other hand – with or without her, will still be the great talented driver that he is.

    You cannot pretend to have talent. If you are pretty – so what… there are many other people that are prettier than you. Be honest, Raquel is hardly Miss Universe quality.

    It’s not that I hate her, I don’t know her enough to even have any feelings towards her. However, in all fairness, let’s look at her this way…

    Is she talented? – Hardly in the same league of other International Spanish singers.

    Is she beautiful? – There are many women that are more beautiful than her out there. I think Spanish people are beautiful. It is sad that she is seen as an example of a “pretty” Spanish person. Not even being in Spain or Spanish – I must say that I have met many prettier Spanish girls than Raquel.

    Is she charismatic? – Does she even know the meaning of the word??

    She better make all the money she can make now, while she has some following, because it is just a matter of time, before she gets replaced by other singers that are prettier and more talented.

    Get this – Pink Press loves her because of the potential to sell papers due to her relationship with Alonso – go test it – see how much interviews she got to her own before her relationship with Alonso was made public – and compare it to now.


  702. thanks Tanya….!!!! :)

  703. Alina, I love your posts! I agree with all you said in that last one, so many good points, so well made. You are just so right!!

  704. @Alina
    I am a fan of Lady Diana not of Raquel.
    I said that if Lady Diana was ugly she will not have the first place in the news of the world.
    The media speak still now of Lady Diana private live, and not of charitable cause she has done.
    That is the reality beauty and superficiallity makes business to send newspapers.
    There is no respect for Lady Diana and I am very sad of that.
    I think she was a very interesting women and if she was not a perfect wife, because she had love with other mans, I am not think she is a bad women, o a bad mother.
    She will be a good example as a feminile model for all us. I do not understand why she has not divorce first. But, that is an other story.
    For Raquel I am not her fan but I do not hate her. I am agree with all you said about her.
    For Alonso I am very happy of what you said I hope he will be the first one and take the next podium.
    Massa has done a good season I prefer him to Kimi.

  705. The media is NOT necessary talking about Diana’s private life. Although during the time of her death, yes, the media was all over the entire Royal family blaming them for her death. Nowadays, I don’t think they really discuss anything about her! It’s more towards their sons (which I’m totally in love with Prince William!).

    Alina, I totally agree with everything u’ve just said! I would love to see Raquel in the competition World Idol and see how far she goes with her voice! If Simon Cowell were to hear her sing, I think he would say Sanjaya is a better singer than her!

    More about Diana! Yes, she was a beautiful woman, but even if she wasn’t, the press would’ve still talked about her because she did alot of good things all over the world! Beauty is NOT everything! Diana was a good wife! It was Charles who screwed her over by still loving Camilia. Diana only saw another man, Dodi, but that was after she got divorced! Charles saw Camilia during their marriage! I loved Princess Diana and I still do! My mom also loved her!

  706. Marguerit:

    When you attract the media due to your charisma, you have to be prepared to have your private life dissected. That’s the price Diana paid, that’s the price Alonso pays. Fact of life. Does not make it right. But, there it is.

    As to your statement of why you defend Raquel that it is due to the fact that she has a career and is a good role model for women. Why should we look to celebrities to be our role model? Celebrities are poor role models, pretty or not. We should encourage young women to look for role models who make a difference to the lives of people around them. Those who look after their family well, and feed the poor, or encourage youths to stay in school. Not those who are glorified in the media.

    By saying that Raquel is a good role model for women – hmmmm.. Sorry, I know you have your opinion and I have mine, but I find it VERY hard to agree with all you have said earlier about her. So let’s focus on the more interesting topic..

    What is up with the two of them again??? And is she going to be there in Valencia? lol.

  707. Ugh I think I posted too much.. the moderator is not letting my posts through.. maybe it will appear in the next few minutes. Thanks, Margaret and Tanya.. :) Feels good to have all of that off my chest!!

  708. @ Marguerit, ok so u’re NOT a fan of Raquel but u don’t hate her, but u do hate what she’s doing to Fernando correct?

  709. @Tanya, I still think that Raquel is not doing nothing bad. She is only try to make her own carrier. She is not going with an other man.
    I think she has find the good formule to be in love of his husband, she is working and when she is free she is with him.
    Girls going in Google and writte FERNANDO ALONSO DERAPATE you will find a nice interview of him. He speaks about what he likes in the live, in english. Insert the link I am still not abble to do it.

  710. I can’t wait until Valencia. I’m very curious to see more pictures of the ‘golden couple’.
    Comparing older with new pictures i found that her eyes look definitely different. Like more open and rounder. Only a surgery can do that, its not about make-up, it looks different with and without that.

    Its not that uncommon for women who are trying to become a ’star’ to have surgeries, but i really hope she will leave her lips alone. Those blown-up lips simply look disgusting.

  711. marguerit we all know that video, Fernando was answering questions from people of the Renault blog, and it was the first time he mentioned his ‘wife’. With that it all started until the strange day of the Hungary press conference.

  712. Girls I do not if you know MELANDI ? He has make 2 songs for Alonso.
    In you tube writte MAGIC ALONSO MELANDI, you will have the song and the video with Alonso.
    And also an other video with the words of the song. If you can find someone to traslate.
    In you tube writte ASTURIAS, you will have a video of the north of Spain, and the song Melandi has done speak about Fernando Alonso.
    The first picture is a mountain.

  713. Sorry it is not MELANDI but MELENDI.
    Good vision. Tell me if you like it ?

  714. I know all the videos. Stop trying to distract us from our favorite bashing subject!;)

  715. Girls, for your favorite subject, I will said that I think that wedding is going well. There are only make publicity to themself with wrong voice of separation.
    In you tube : writte RAQUEL DEL ROSARIO – WE’VE GOT THE WHOLE WORLD IN OUR HANDS, this a a song that she has done for his husband. I think Raquel is the first fan of him.
    And the last video of Alonso in you tube, he has the ring on his hand.

  716. Marguerit, please, don’t remind me of that song! My poor ears couldn’t take it after the first couple of seconds! ;)

  717. Not Melendi (I love his song Magic Alonso). I meant Raquel’s song! ;)

    As for the ring, he’s been wearing that since 2006! ;)

  718. Roll on Valencia, I can’t stand much more of this quiet summer break. It’s driving me mad, I want to see some racing!!

  719. i can’t wait Margaret too.. but i can’t wait what team will Alonso go..

  720. You’re jumping ahead a bit Chryso! We’ve still got quite a few races this season to enjoy yet before we think about next year.

    I do so hope he’ll stay at Renault until he gets a chance to go to Ferrari. I dread that he’ll make a big mistake trying to switch team for just one year. He could well end up spending the rest of his career in the midfield…

  721. i hope Alonso will stay at Renault too is the best team for him right now

  722. “I do so hope he’ll stay at Renault until he gets a chance to go to Ferrari. I dread that he’ll make a big mistake trying to switch team for just one year. He could well end up spending the rest of his career in the midfield…”

    DITTO. I couldn’t agree more. I have no idea what his plans are, but unless he intends to switch to Ferrari next season (which isn’t very likely) it’s best that he stays at Renault. Maybe they’ll be able to make some improvements on the car for next season and get close (if not back) to the shape from ‘05-’06.

  723. Urrr.. Raquel didn’t write the song “We’ve got the whole world in our hands..” – This was a beautiful old song before SHE KILLED it with her voice. I can’t listen to it anymore now, after her singing it.

    AND, she didnt sing it for Alonso – she sang it because SHE GOT PAID FOR IT for an advertisement that featured Alonso. My theory is she got that job BECAUSE Alonso was in the advert – not the other way around.. YET another example of how Raquel is hanging her career on Alonso’s talent and appeal to the market.

  724. Alina : I know she was not Raquel to writte the song. I am agree she killed it with her voice.
    She thinks to be abble to do anything, she must undertand that it will be better for her singing in spanish and only song who not need a strong voice.
    Girls do you know “facebook”, in this place you can be fan of Fernando Alonso. I do not why Alonso has 12.000 fans, and Hamilton has 62.000 fans.
    In “facebook”, you will find originali videos make of fans, then not coming of the media that is why there are more interesting.
    In “facebook” you can makes a new group : “We hate Raquel del Rosario”
    I think you will have a lot of people to joing you.
    If you do it insert our link inside.

  725. I think if Alonso moves to Honda, it would be due to something special that they have done under Ross Brawn. Currently, it is said that Honda is the one team that has made the most advances on the new KERS system, which is standard for all cars next year. Anyway, wherever he ends up with next year, all the teams are starting afresh anyway, so I would trust him and his advisors to have done the research to join the most forward moving team on the grid. Going to Honda would be a huge risk, but battles are not won by playing safe. Honda has one of the biggest car development budget, second only to Toyota.

    Having said that, the coolest thing would be is if he stays at Renault, and the team wins the WDC and him the WCC next year – then jump to Ferrari and wins the WCC for the next 10 years :) AMEN!

  726. @Alina, I couldn’t agree more! :)

  727. I agree with you too Alina, you have a way of writing exactly what I think.

  728. facebook no thanks. And Fernando has a lot more fans than in facebook, forums, blogs…he has hundreds of thousands of fans. Facebook is for morons. Maybe thats why so many Hamilton fans hang around there…lol.

    Like i already said: i know all the videos. I guess most people here know them all too. Its not making any difference. It seems that Fernando can’t do anything, not even making a commercial, without her needing her own little part of the glory…but i have to admit that marguerit is not giving up yet. I’m just not sure why she is so desperate in ‘cleaning’ this place here..

  729. Maybe marguerit is Raquel in disguise!!

  730. Plus, there are so many psycho’s who claim to be people they’re not! On myspace, there are so many pages of people claiming to be Fernando Alonso and other drivers, team managers, etc and they turn out to be phony!

  731. I like this place, and I like your opinion because it is diferent that mine.
    I will like to be Raquel, to be beside Alonso, I will not be abble to think about my carrer if I was together a man like him.
    That is why I understand your point of view.
    I dream Alonso on the podium next time, I hope it will be not only a dream.

  732. I have read in the italian press that Raquel del Rosario is taking cocaina.
    I can not take the link because you have to pay to read it. It is not open at anyone but only at person who have made an annual subscription with them.

  733. The italian press already wrote a lot of rubbish about her. I don’t believe that either, like i don’t believe those ‘golden couple’ stories…mostly, the truth lies somewhere in the middle.

    But if someone gets a link, lets take a look anyway!;)

  734. Do u mean cocaine?!

    Well, that wouldn’t surprise me! She does like to smoke, so why not try smoking cocaine?

  735. Marguerit, what can we write on google to get the website?

  736. The press have tried just about every other rumour! I don’t believe this. There is a very big difference between liking smoking, and taking cocaine!! I seriously doubt she would be so stupid!

  737. And I can just assume that Fernando would kick her hard in case she would take it. But then isn’t cocaine known as the drug in F1? I remember some years ago that there were found traces of cocaine in the paddock…

  738. That is the proof she has a surgery!


  739. I don’t like those at all!! They look even bigger than they did when we first saw her with her new boobs. Why can’t people just be happy with what they’ve got and not mess their bodies around!

  740. It looks totally out of proportion. Personally she reminds me of Katie Price…. Can not imagine Fernando likes those new toys of hers… :S

  741. The point is that everybody know they are false. If a woman is born with large breasts, I can imagine men find them attractive, but they are just so false, and out of proportion. Everyone must be laughing at her! Also, I can’t even really understand why a single woman would do this, but perhaps she might feel it’s the only way to attract a man. For a married woman to do it makes you wonder if she’s trying to keep him happy, which again, makes you feel even a bit sorry for her if she has to resort to surgery to do that!! Poor Fernando, what has he done, marrying her!!!

  742. That is the difference I guess. When they are real and not false they are attractive to men but nobody can tell me they like plastic.
    Besides the girl is tiny and those HUGE boobs (and it looks like she went from A to D and not just to C which I first thought) make her look ridiculous.

    If she really thinks that is a way to keep a man she can line up together with the women who get pregnant to keep a guy! Doesn’t work either!

    Once more I am happy I am neither one of them! Must be a stupid life!

    Oh btw: is it just me or did they really work on her face? To me she looks extremely similiar to Heidi Klum in that pic and she usually has nothing in common with her!

  743. I think they just got carried away with photoshop! She looks very artificial overall in that pic.

  744. Wow good picture Lena…clear to see! Just wait until she does something with her lips too.
    *I’m a barbie girl in my barbie world*….

  745. WOW! Yep, she’s had a major boob job! Bigger than I imagined!

  746. With her new chi chi’s, her body is gonna be aching like hell! I see women with her figure with big breasts and no one can’t tell me that their backs don’t experience pain cause that’s BS! Now, God forbid she gets pregnant! Then I’m gonna feel really bad for her body!

  747. I really can’t understand why a woman who appears to have everything – an extremely rich and attractive husband and a career which seems to satisfy her, should effectively mutilate herself like this. I find it totally baffling. I agree Tanya, she’ll pay for this in terms of her body getting its own back. I think it must reveal some deep rooted unhappiness she feels to have done this to herself. Also, what was Fernando thinking of to let her do it!!

  748. Fernando probably let her do it! I bet u he even paid for it since she doesn’t really have the kind of money to pay for implants!

  749. What kind of man would pay for his wife to have implants. That is just sooooo shallow! If he wanted a wife with big breasts there were many women to choose from!

  750. There are suckers who would pay for their women to get boob jobs, lip-injection, liposuction, etc, in this crazy world! But like Tinkerbell said a while back: If she did do this just to keep Fernando by her side, it is only a short-term success!

  751. I honestly hope he didn’t pay for those – it’d be completely insane. I never thought of him as being that shallow.
    And that pic just looks like it’s been photoshoped a bit too much. Nothing on it looks real – unlike the ones we saw from Paddock. On those you can clearly tell they’re fake, but on this last pic it all looks a bit ‘over the top’ to me.

  752. I totally agree with you Maya, those pics have been way too photoshopped and everything looks artificial, not just her chest!!

  753. I agree! Its completely photoshopped but I am pretty sure the fake breast are real. Look at the t-shirt? It fits perfectly with the new breasts! Or is it possible to make the T-shirt look like that?

    Spanish forum the people are also convinced she definitely had something done!

    Well at least I do understand now his comment about Raquels curves…she definitely has some now! Just that it looked better without!

  754. I agree Lena! She did look better without it, but it’s her problem! It’s also interesting that on the article, she was asked about Fernando and she didn’t even mention a word about him! My guess is that she’s still ticked off about what he said a couple of weeks ago! ;) I would still be ticked off too! ;) If she really thinks that bigger boobs would keep him with her for the rest of her days, she’s dumber than I thought! She already showed her stupidity by pulling this move on her so it wouldn’t surprise me if she actually thought that she could keep him by doing this! What also amazes me is that the Spanish websites haven’t commented on her new breasts. Either they’ve seen it, but just don’t wanna comment or they think that she hasn’t gotten anything done and so there’s no point! u have to be blind as a bat to not see that her breasts are bigger!

  755. I think if you are any better with photoshop, you can pull out anything, but maybe her pic is real…but it’s so fake!!! :)
    I’m really surprised no one commented on this in Spain, they’re constantly all over those two, so is this not a big deal or what?
    And they can’t say that they didn’t notice. As Tanya said you’d have to be blind not to see those.

  756. Girls, In a french blog they said that Raquel will doing a chirurgy intervent.

  757. marguerit, I don’t understand what you mean by a ‘chirurgy intervent’ Can you explain please?

  758. I mean breast intervent to became more biger.
    In an italian site this news: Raquel contro the president of Venezuela because he does not want a siguer to sing.
    su Google cercare : italiaracing net you will find her and Alonso news.

  759. lol Tanya..only a few days, i’m really looking forward to the weekend. Didn’t even mention Fernando in her interview? Hahahaha…..

  760. Does anybody have a translation of that interview? I haven’t seen it yet.

    Yes, I can’t wait for the weekend. I’m even taking Friday off work just so I follow Friday practice!!

  761. @ Marguerit, I’ve gone onto the website, but I see no news of Raquel!

    Unfortunately, I’m not gonna see Friday’s practice because I have class at the time, but it will be recorded and so I cannot wait!

  762. hi
    what;s up?
    i wanna to find the interview of raquel del rosario to yodona magazine.please someone to help me…….


  763. I’ve looked but I can’t find it. I’ve tried the yodona website but the interview isn’t there. Someone, somewhere must be able to find it!!!

  764. ok thanks margaret!!!
    we will try to find it all together…..


  765. Here’s the english translation of her latest interview. Sorry if it sounds crazy! Got it off of google!
    It has cost less achieve the fame that absorb. With only 18 years Raquel del Rosario decided to pursue a dream and when you put the name Morfeo reached. But the couple fell in love and now Canary tries that the success does not become a real nightmare.

    It is hardly surprising that believes in dreams in the fortunate fate in writing beforehand. menuda to this woman, legs and arms as gazelle and with my eyes so dark a princess guanche was uploaded to a stage breast, potato, I want to be an artist. Born 1982, and grew up in the deep interior of Gran Canaria, in Teror. When he learned the 15 it alone to play the guitar and humming, and 18 were enrolled with a troupe of musicians and Celtic green cloud of Asturias. And alla that went with them. Two years later, discovered Globomedia y su banda’s Dream of Morfeo received the Award of the group Musica revelation 2005. Shortly thereafter, the enamoro a crush on the pilot Spaniard Fernando Alonso. It is cases like partridges and want to be happy. But the girl who wanted to be artist in his hometown canary was not prepared for so much fame and glamour spoon. And developing a phobia to the media, any comments good or bad intentions on his loving intimacy. Raquel del Rosario is now a wounded gazelle that when he hears the name of her husband in foreign and alien mouth is replicated on his body by throwing lightning iracundos with his deep gaze as saying that right with you dare ask me for my life? Llevabamos long time talking about it in their legs of his music. And everything seemed the same dream of girls. It has recently been elected godmother of the VII edition of Gillette Venus Design Award to young designers. By the way, takes up arms depilados (or so it seems).

  766. Mind u guys I’m doing this in parts.

    How have had to see your legs in the choice?
    Raquel: Do not always say that I am all legs are so long and thin. I guess that’s what they have and for my visit is a pride that had been set in them and I have chosen.
    Something interesting among novice designers?
    Raquel: Even I did not visit anything. Tonight everything will be a surprise (the interview took place in the afternoon that the judgement award, which went into Monica Calo a student of Fashion Design of La Coruna)
    And the prize if the call, you think?
    Raquel: Whenever there is an opportunity for young people to be cumplanme dreams seems wonderful. This award tries to open doors to new designers so I look forward to participate.
    Rachel morfeizar is a verb?
    Rachel: What we set ourselves. We define the hard work we do, we do not like labels. When we get into the studio and compose a song to him that morfeizar call.

  767. In abstract, it means?
    Raquel: Give things a touch of identity that is our musical style.
    You are a symbiosis trilateral and perfect?
    Rachel: Yes, we have nothing superclaro that one is a 33.3% of the group and that it is imperative to provide its share of songs. I am more committed because I am in the letters which then interprets; Juanin, with his guitar and David with the Celtic. At the end everything is reflected in the theme.
    Xema call you, who you change the name?
    Raquel: Nobody. Xema was a group of eight people whom David and I were left alone and wanted change. Then we met John who had a different style and national Morfeo.
    The rest is pretty much the same crap about her career bla bla bla!

  768. This is the question in which the interview mentions Fernando and her answer!

    The next we are working on the Road to be achieving gold record. It bothers you that the association with the success of Fernando Alonso but it is not true that the public identifies with you?
    Raquel: The group we are three people. And when people are focused on me, as it is inevitable that, I think a lack of respect towards others. Believe it or not, we sold more of the first record when I was not with anyone who’s second. Therefore, our success is in question that bothers me like that any kind of Talk Shows especially because I am a very reserved person. But I have learned to live with it, I’m going to the mine.

  769. There’s one where she actually says that she wishes that people will stop asking her if she’s married or not!

  770. A ‘wounded gazelle’ what?? LOLOL….sorry but that is too much- i don’t know what the papers are trying to sell here but thats simply nonsense. Oh the poor girl! Its such a terrible thing to be asked by the press about her relationships! How dare they! *LMAO* thanks that made my day…

  771. Does the Raquel you see in the photos that go with the interview look like a ‘wounded gazelle’ or as if she has a ‘phobia of the media’??? If she really is so shy of the media, why is she doing the interview!!

    Also, if she didn’t want to be associated with Fernando, why did she do that song for the advert he was in.

    The whole thing gets more and more wierd!!!

  772. Here’s more:

    Prefer to advertise?
    Rachel: It’s a job, and I do not see why not do that anque many puerdo interpret it as a public exhibition a risk to my privacy. But that has to do pose in front of a panel with whom I have married? Where there is a law that says I must sell my privacy for taking part in a spot or promote a brand? I’ve changed my way of seeing things and I am ready to do what I like and think of me since I just what others say about myself.

  773. and is not inevitable? Not enough truth to stop the speculation?
    Rachel: Yes, I always say that when I do not speak the food morbo. With regard that there is a kind of press that not consumption but if I decide not to reveal my private life, that I was not respecting me? I criticize not to speak to me because I criticize and defend my principles.

  774. So do we understand from that interview that she still won’t say if she’s married or not? Even after what Fernando said?

  775. *lmao* (rolling on the floor laughing, literally) thank you Tanya, thuis is really too much- i guess she is still pissed about what Fernando said in Hungary about her! Maybe he is not the one who wanted to keep it a secret- maybe she was!!

  776. You know maybe she is embarrassed of him and not the other way around *G*

  777. u know, this is what ticks me off about her: She says that she’s upset that the fact that the people only focus on her and not her bandmates. And yet she’s accepting all these endorsements when she could’ve said to them “I will endorse your products if David and Juan sign with u too.” “We are a group and we should sign endorsement deals as a group.” She’s too stupid to come up with these suggestions and yet she goes on and does it herself basically not giving a damn about the guys! If I were Juan or David, I’d be ticked off! I’m sure they don’t make the same amount of $$$ she does; they probably make less! It’s as if she doesn’t care about the band anymore and is considering going solo!

    As for Fernando, she can whine all she wants about the media barging into her private life, but they are NOT gonna stop questioning her about the “marriage”. Her only shot at getting the press to leave her alone is to confirm the rumors and after that let the press know that she will NOT talk about her private life (since she claims she’s sooooooooo reserved).

    Personally, if I was conducting the interview, I would’ve brought up what Fernando said at Hungary and ask her how she felt about his comments! That would’ve been interesting to read!

  778. No pictures yet of Raquel in Valencia?

  779. Not that I’ve seen, but we don’t normally see her until Saturday anyway. Personally I don’t think she’ll be brave enough to show her face even if she is there in Valencia.

  780. If she has the same skin color as fernando it is definitely better for us if we don’t have to see the face!
    I still keep wondering if it is tanning lotion and he used a bit too much!

  781. I agree, his tan doesn’t really suit him. Where has he been I wonder, to get a tan as deep as that!!

  782. Probably in the backyard of his parents!

  783. Naughty Fernando, I know he can easily afford the fine but this seems to have been a bit careless of him:

    Alonso reprimanded for crossing pit entry

    Former world champion Fernando Alonso has been fined 10,000 Euros and given a reprimand for crossing the pitlane entry line during Friday practice at the European Grand Prix.

    The Renault driver darted from the racing line for the final corner right across the solid white line that marks the entry to the pits early in the second free practice session, something that is not allowed.

    He was called to see the race stewards immediately after the session and, after admitting he made a mistake, he was issued with the fine and reprimand.

    Speaking about the incident, Alonso said: “You have to say on the right side of the white line, and today I was not one time. It was my mistake.”

    The start of the pitlane entry is right on the racing line for the final corner, although drivers do not think the design will cause any safety issues.

    Alonso added: “From the outside it is more difficult to see who is going into the pits than it is on the inside. But when a car goes in front of you into the pits you see he brakes a little bit later, and when you go to the pits you brake late.”

  784. Well he’s not made it into Q3, seems like it’s not going to be a good weekend for him.

  785. Maybe he is still in holidays with his head!

  786. Yes, it looks that way, he’s not concentrating on his driving that’s for sure.

  787. i think is good that cause we have more petrol than Massa Hamilton and the others

  788. Too busy to find out if he looks sexy with the beard or not!

  789. He definitely looks very sexy with the beard, and the longer hair. He’s looking wonderful this weekend!

  790. If there wasn’t this horrible tan!

  791. She is there:



    Don’t get me wrong but that dress looks like its from IKEA!

  792. She looks like she’s trying to keep out of sight.

  793. To me she doesn’t! She looks to me as if she wants to be seen. Why else would she be at the “window” “Door” otherwise.

    Another thought: why does she have a different paddock pass than the other girls? Not a plastic one which is normal but a paper thingy. Didn’t she want to go in first place?

  794. What the hell?! I hate that dress! And yes, she does look like she didn’t wanna be seen or be there at all!

  795. But why hanging around at the door then? :S

  796. cause she want to go to the toilet and she don’t know where is it
    :P :D :P :D

  797. LOL! Chryso! :D

  798. Now we know why Fernando didn’t make it into Q3. I really don’t know why he doesn’t get the connection….its obvious!

  799. http://www.pixova.de/bilder/original/So2Ydoo-WRI00002702089.jpg



  800. ;)


  801. These shoes are soooooooooooooooooooooooooo wrong for that dress!

  802. Wow she definitely looks pregnant in that…maybe she put a pillow under the dress??? LOL

  803. And that blonde woman is a bomb…beside her Raquel looks like a village girl.

  804. Hello everyone!Sorry I haven’t said anything that long but I was on holiday with my parents.
    As for Raquel,I agree with everything you have said!
    And that dress by the way is completely disgusting!

  805. the shoes is the same with the girl with green clothes :P


  806. Raquel brought him lots of bad luck! :( :( :( Retired at the first lap! :(

  807. i don’t believe what happen to Alonso i’m so sad for that….
    :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(

  808. Raquel at Valencia today and notice that she’s got a different ring on!

  809. I CAN’T BELIEVE IT!!!!
    he just simply retired !!!!

    also i noticed he did not spend time with her, and that is weird … also i did not find any pic of both of them together.

  810. piper could you please translate the news you just downloaded for us ….

  811. He didn’t just simply retire Riri, his suspension was too damaged to continue.

  812. I told you so. Raquel is a jinx, she should stay at home or elsewhere.

  813. Nice…isn’t that the blonde girl on the picture with Raquel too? I wonder who that is?


  814. She’s Marta Sanchez who is a spanish singer too! Here’s her and Raquel back in 2006 singing the song “Desesperada” by Marta! She’s bigger than Raquel!

  815. the blonde is the presenter of a programme of cars “mas que coches”


    Riri does not say much, just who have been together for the paddock

    my English is very bad

  816. Oops! Sorry! I just heard through a couple of people that it was that singer! My bad! ;)


  818. Antonio Lobato from Telecinco did an interview with Fernando and here’s the transcript! Thanks to a member of the FAF forum!

    AL: Are you completely happy?

    FA: I am very happy. But for any sportsman, if you can’t win, you can’t be completely happy.

    AL: Gossip magazines are letting you in peace a bit but I think they’ve pregnant you two several times now. You are 27. Are you thinking of having a child?

    FA: No, no. Right now I’m not thinking of having children. Anyway, someday I could have them and I have the age so it could be nice.

    AL: Who is cooking at home and what is your favorite dish when you cook?

    FA: Normally it’s me the one who cooks at home. And my favorite dish…erm…paella.

    AL: In your home, who is wearing the trousers?. Because as it uses to happen in most houses women use to dictate the rules…

    FA: Fifty, Fifty.

    AL: Tell me something you want to do that has nothing to do with F1 and that you’ve been unable to do yet and that surely you’ll do in the course of your life.

    FA: I would like to cross America in bike. It is something that I could be doing this winter or any other winter. And when I do that, I will come up with other adventure.

    AL: How is your relationship with Lewis Hamilton right now?

    FA: Same as last year. Respect but nothing more than that. We salute each other.

    AL: Do you think he will be world champion this year?

    FA: No.

    AL: Has he change his way of being from last year to this?

    FA: A lot.

    AL: In what sense?

    FA: You just read the newspapers. The things he says.

    AL: What position would he occupy in your best drivers ranking this season?

    FA: Second or third.

    AL: What are the chances that someday you’ll be driving for Ferrari?

    FA: 50%.

    AL: Not bad!

    FA: But that’s all teams. There is a 50% chance. It may or may not. Who knows where I’m going to be in six years?

    AL: Can you take another year without winning?

    FA: Yes.

    AL: “Stay one more year at Renault would be…”

    FA: Would be…possible.

    AL: If you would have closed a future agreement with some team, not necessarily Ferrari, with any team. Would you tell me?

    FA: No.

    AL: But it’s possible that you have a closed agreement?

    FA: I don’t.

    AL: Could you be lying to me?

    FA: I’m not lying to you.

    AL: Ok, the easy question is: Who’s the person who has done more harm to you in F1?

    FA: Who has made me more harm in F1?…

    (long pause)

    AL: Are there so many people to choose from?

    FA: I guess some British journalist that was saying barbarities last year.

    AL: Define the season just with one word.

    FA: Strange, frustrating.

    AL: What is the best advice you have been given this year?

    FA: Patience.

    AL: Who gave it to you?

    FA: Everybody. Everyone who loves me.

    AL: Do you carry your problems to home or do you leave them when you leave the circuits?

    FA: I carry them at home. At home is where you can think better and where you can solve everything better. At professional level…whatever. I think at home, you talk there and you always get better conclusions.

    AL: I wouldn’t like to see you at home after a bad race…

    AL: Do you think people will keep having fun with you in the future?

    FA: Of course!. Of course!. For many years. Eight or ten years racing. Some of them we’ll surely be fighting for the world championship and hopefully winning the third title or more. There is a lot yet to enjoy.

    AL: So to all people which are there, behind the camera you would say…

    FA: Patience.

    AL: Thanks Fernando.

  819. omg he cooking at home….. i will kill raquel one man like Fernando and she let him cook… shame on her..
    i’m so happy cause we will have Alonso for 10 years in f1… yioupiii

  820. lol that was cute..Lobato tried to minimize the damage to his image after the hungary press confy! 50/50 sound a lot better than what he said there.
    Ok so Raquel is definitely not pregnant. He said he is not thinking about children right now.

    “FA: Who has made me more harm in F1?…” when being asked this question, his expression changed. He got that stony face we saw so many times last year. I think he wanted to say ‘RD’, but chose better not to..good decision.

  821. u know what? When I read this interview, I said to myself “maybe he’s saying that there’s 50/50 in the relationship just so that everyone would stop making fun of him!”. The spanish press is just a small percentage of the media that heard him at the press conference in Hungary! This is NOT necessary a damage control interview! If he wants to do damage control, he would have to talk to the media and of course he will NOT bring up the subject, but someone journalist has to have the nerve to call him out on that and he right then could say “u know, I made a mistake!” and clear the situation! I saw the interview and to me, I don’t think he meant that part at all! He looked confident in answering the questions regarding the kids and cooking, but on that question, he didn’t look so confident!

  822. Here’s the videoclip!
    The personal questions begin around 3:20

  823. Thanks for the interview translation and the video Tanya, much appreciated!!

  824. Girls. I have read the interview, I am agree Raquel is very lucky to have a man like him.
    The paella it is not easy to do. That means that he is very good to cooking.

  825. 50/50 LOL! ;)
    She leaves to enter the hotel, he grabs the bags! ;)

  826. Sorry, that link didn’t work!

  827. Ok, both link aren’t working! :( I’ll get the pic up one way or another! ;)

  828. Ok, since I can’t get the damn pic up :( I might as well give u guys the videoclips of the interview that I posted above! There is English subtitles so that’ll help u guys out alot! ;)

    Part 1:

    Part 2:

  829. Girls, Alonso has a contrat with the Ferrari for next year, 2009, because Kimi will going in BMW, they do not want him anymore. I have read that in an italian newspaper.

  830. Hahaha…marguerit, forget that, Kimi will never go to BMW and Fernando will unfortunately stay with Renault 2009…lets face reality, its better for the nerves.

  831. I think we’re getting into the silly season, where there are all sorts of rumours and stories about people swapping teams. I agree with Tinkerbell though, Fernando will stay at Renault for 2009 if he has any sense. (Although sometimes lately I wonder if he does have any sense!)

  832. I also read somewhere that he will stay in Renault for the next season.Honestly,Kimi will not leave Ferrari till he actually decides to leave F1.And even though Massa has been better than Kimi this year,I don’t believe that the team would risk breaking the contract with him.He’s a great driver after all,just very very unlucky…
    So,we’ll have to wait for one more year…unfortunately…

  833. If Kimi goes on like this its not the questions if he wants to leave but if Ferrari wants him to leave!

  834. As I said,i don’t believe Ferrari will risk it.
    Besides he will leave by the end of 2009 as rumors say.

  835. New Raquel news!
    She’s gonna appear on the DVD for the new Disney Little Mermaid movie!
    The Dream Morfeo interpret a song from The Little Mermaid Disney.

    The musical video clip will be included on the DVD of the new Disney movie The Origin of The Little Mermaid.

    After the experience of participating in the banda sound of the movie Cars, The Dream of Morfeo repeats its collaboration with Disney interpreting the song whose video clip Part of it will be included in the bonus The Origin of The Little Mermaid, a feature-length animation entirely new editing directly on DVD next September 24.

    The Origin of The Little Mermaid immerses you in the incredible and fascinating underwater adventures of the most famous mermaid, Ariel, and transports the viewer into the world of magical characters Atlanta where classics like Sebastian and Flounder share ownership with the sisters of Ariel or the new villain Navy Del Rey.

    To Dream of Morfeo’s experience working with Disney again has been very special and enriching. It is a pleasure to have had the opportunity to make a version and recording a song rewarded with an Oscar giving Celtic a hint that characterizes us and we hope that the public also enjoy the song.

    This collaboration has been particularly significant for the group’s vocalist, Raquel del Rosario, as the film The Little Mermaid I have a lot in my childhood marked by their songs … and now able to record the song “Part of it included in this new tape of the saga is a dream come true.

    La banda sonora de The Origin of The Little Mermaid also has the voice and talent of Jodi Benson and Samuel E. Wright, repeating in their legendary roles of Ariel and Sebastian. Those who joins Sally Field interpreting the evil institutriz Marina del Rey.

    About movie

    The Origin of The Little Mermaid is the precuela the classic Disney The Little Mermaid and immerses us in the early years of Ariel, long before it knew to Prince Eric and lived on land-an era in which music was banned in the kingdom of Atlanta-submarine. Divided between family responsibilities and his love for music, Ariel has to take the most difficult decision of his life. With the help of his friends Sebastian and Flounder and his six sisters fun, how can the small little mermaid restore music, friendship and love for the kingdom?

  836. http://i34.tinypic.com/5v9ndh.jpg

    looks like she had the breast done!

  837. lol to the blue nail-polish…wth? Sorry, I tend to notice the small details more often. :D

    I think Ferrari is not letting go of the either Kimi or Massa. Both of them are just too good to risk it…they both have a constancy and it really wouldn’t make sense for Ferrari to just end their contracts – not even for Fernando.
    I loved that interview. Thanks, Tanya. In my opinion, that is what an interview should be like. More professional than personal questions, and even when those are asked, they are not “rude” and “nosy”.

  838. Can I just add how amazingly hot he looked during the weekend.*thud*
    —just ignore Bernie—-

    and how gorgeous the track is. I was speechless for a while.

  839. I agree for both Fernando and the track.

  840. Raquel video of the Little Mermaid


  841. She just killed that song!

  842. now that is what i call a sexy man !!!


  843. and raquel’s voice was awful, in fact it causes me a headache when i listen to her…

  844. She butchered one of my all time favorite Disney songs! B***h!

  845. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  846. She’s disgusting in this video(as in every video)!!!!!Her voice is soooo annoying!I can’t stand her!God,I hope they never make the mistake to ask her sing for any other Disney movie…!

  847. This is much, much better!

  848. She should NOT be wearing short dresses and high heals…she doesn’t have the legs for the outfit.:D
    On the other hand, that picture of Nando *fans self* …wow. He shouldn’t shave. :) :) :)

  849. I do not undertand why they want Raquel to sing for the Disney, they only abble to kill the song and the movie.
    I hope she will sing only in spanish. I like when she sing in spanish, she has not voice, but her singer are nice.
    Fernando is became only day more handsome, beautifull o what ever you want. He is became a very sexy man. They will take him to make publicity for a profum like “man who have not to ask anything, women love him”.

  850. Here’s an interview with her about the song!

  851. @Tanya, Thank you for the interview. I prefer this group with their songs, I do not like them in the disney song.
    For the question “If she can lives without voice ? She said that no, because she likes singing and speaking.
    I will sayd that she has not voice now, but it is very hard of me.
    I think that she has not a big voice to sing. It is a pitty, because she has a sweet voice.



  853. New pic of Raquel from Valencia on race day! Happy? I think NOT!

  854. Wow Tanya what a picture…geez what did she do with her breasts?!? This looks ridiculous! LOL now if that doesn’t help with her career…nothing will!

  855. Do tell me…!lol!!!!
    I can’t stop laughing when I see her…!!!:)

  856. Big breasts make him older. First she kill the disney product, now she kill herself. She was better with her own breasts. That is mean that sha has not personality. I do not understand why you change your body. she was more beautifull firts.
    She is ridiculous now, she seams a barby with a lot of air inside.

  857. marguerit it seems we have a bad influence on you- by the way, the breasts are not the only thing. There is also something different with her eyes, and the lips will be the next- mark my words!

  858. What I don’t understand is why the hell she always looks so pissed off and miserable! The only time she actually put on a smile was at Hockenheim, but I personally think that she only did that because she was happy to show off her new boobs!

  859. hello girls
    now she can’t traveling with aeroplanes cause she’s breasts it will explode :P :P :P :D

  860. LOL! Chryso!

  861. Is she trying to be the next Angelina Jolie? *dies laughing*

    She should do something about the face in general…always grumpy gives you wrinkles! ;)

  862. Since she loves now getting surgery, botox would be right up her alley! ;)

  863. i think she want to be boxing bag :D :P


  865. She might not be the girl he fell in love with. I mean, she looked totally different 3 years ago….and not just the boobs or the eyes. She’s changed her behavior as well.

    LOL @ Lena. :) :D

  866. She has definitely changed alot, but it’s not for the better! ;) And u know what else? Not only has she changed herself, but I think she’s also changed him as well! I remember him before he met her he seemed so out-going, always had a smile on his face, and cut to nowadays and u see a completely different man! And I don’t think it’s about his career. We have all seen him stumble in the past, but he always had that positive glow on him, but now, it’s totally different!

  867. Yeah, I know. It was sort of freaking me out at the beginning…when he’d get pi**ed off or something, cuz I know he wasn’t like that.
    I thought it might be the pressure of the business getting to him, but he didn’t cheer up even when things were going for the better in his career.
    He seems so much more ‘closed’ and private now. He’s beginning to sound like Kimi “yes”, “no” and “maybe”. lol
    Not that I mind that, but it suits Kimi. Fernando is just not that ‘cold’ type and he can’t pull it off. He looks frustrated way too often.

  868. Girls, you have not any bad influence to me. I always sayd I love Raquel, but now she has changed. Her breats, are ridiculus. I do not see anything about eyes and lips. I hope she has not doing anything about eyes and lip. It is time she made something to change her behaviour.
    Fernando must be stupid if he is agree of her changing her body in this way. That is mean that he has not personality, and he is agree of everything his wife is doing.
    I thing the wife of Briatore has a bad influence to Raquel, because there are friends. The wife of Briatore has changed every part of her body, and going with every man before she is going wedding. She was made a big scandal in Italy because she was going in bed with man to going in television. That is what the newspaper wrotte.

  869. So there are more people in this world who are convinced Elisabetta didn’t marry Flavio because of love *chuckles*

    To be honest: she is worse than a prostitute! They are at least honest about how they earn money!

  870. Awww, Lena, of course it was because of love. What other reason in the world could she have. *snorts*
    I mean, it doesn’t get any more obvious than that. The woman’s using him for all he’s worth, and he obviously doesn’t mind. He may be a lot of things, but Flavio’s not stupid. I’m sure he knew what he was getting himself into. And I somehow understand that she and Raqi are friends…I mean, he is Fernando’s boss and Fernando respects him way too much, so it was kinda natural for me.
    And Raqi is probably just trying to please Fernando every way possible. But, do you guys know why she wasn’t at the wedding?

  871. Simple: She had a concert that day!

  872. Oh, that makes sense then. I was surprised she wasn’t there, but now I know why. Thanks Tanya. You’re my personal news reporter.lol

  873. So to sum up: Raquel and Elisabetta have found each other! Both golddiggers!

  874. hey gals

    how do i find out which flight will Fernando be flying into Singapore?

  875. Fernando speaks about Raquel doing the Little Mermaid song in an interview. I don’t have the whole interview because it just mainly talks about Spa, but here’s his response to Raquel doing the song:

    POX: Another decision has already liked: Their woman will sing for Disney!
    Alonso: Yes, Raquel will sing the title music of the Spanish version new \ ” Arielle \ ” DVD. I am glad very much for them. It was always her dream, because this was her favorite fairy tale in her childhood.

  876. Its not exactly interesting what he says though…he can have read the press memo the band has released! ;)

  877. Fernando P1 in Friday’s 2nd practice session!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  878. that is great!!!!! i hope he will do well tomorrow, i wonder if Raquel is going to be there.
    as for fernando’s response towards raquel song, well what can i say … simply it is not him at all!

  879. hellllllllllo girls.
    where are you?… aren’t u interested in the race?…

  880. come on i need some intersting reports or gossips about fernando or raquel!!!!

  881. Riri, there’s nothing at the moment! I don’t think Raquel’s at Spa with Fernando so we can’t make fun of her wardrobe! ;) There’s no current news about them at the moment, but we of course can still chat about the race! Fernando better do well today! Good Luck Fernando!!! :D

  882. I know this doesn’t probably mean much, but on this pic, he’s NOT wearing his ring!


  883. wow good news Tanya..!!!
    i’m so HAPPY with Alonso resault.. :D :D

  884. as for fernando , it is good to see the improvement for being fourth not bad at all.

    as for kimi and lwis , i mean what the hell?????!!!!!!
    hamiton does not deserve to be the first, he suppose to be penalized for manipulating with kimi …. he is the one who begun this whole thing…. right know they are discussing this incident with each other, i hope they would come up with the right judgment – to be honest i would really be happy if they take away the recent new points from hamilton and be penalized the next race, that would give massa a big opportunity to make a reasonable result , i really want him to be the world champion… i think he deserve it !!! , and i want kimi and th ferrari team to stay away from his way , and rather than that they sould support him.
    frankly massa could have been the first in this race , but instead they made him go for a pit stop … this is crazy , i mean the man is doing very well , and the team is still supporting kimi who have a lack performance… i don’t know i will leave you to take a brief muse about that…

  885. Congrats to Fernando on 4th place!!!

    Tanya, I’m glad you’ve spotted the ringless finger, but to be honest I’m past caring about the ring, the relationship, the ‘marriage’.

    I’m still very interested in him as a driver, but his personal life has become too complicated for me.

    I’ve moved on and found someone else to drool over!!!

  886. Fernando was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo close to a podium, but damn the team by having him go into the pits just within a lap to go!

    Well, I have some bit of good news in regards to Lewis’ illegal move. The stewards have called an investigation on what took place!

    4th place is good for Fernando, but a podium would’ve been a well-deserved victory!

  887. Haha, Lewis got penalized. I’m so ecstatic now. I mean, that was just unsportsmanlike behavior and it wouldn’t have been fair if nothing was done about it.
    As for Fernando, he did great today. Definitely an improvement. I hope he can at least keep it up till the end of the season.

    @ Margaret, who are we drooling over now? If you’d care to share it with us. ;)

    i knew it , after all he deserves it….
    so does massa has the highest points until know???

  889. @Maya, I’m drooling over Bruno Senna, who drives in GP2 at the moment, but it is hoped he’ll make it into F1 soon. He’s 24 and very fit (at least I think so!). The GP2 races are much more exciting than F1 anyway. Also, he seems a really nice, uncomplicated, open sort of person.

    I do still admire Fernando as a driver, and I’ll still follow his fortunes in the races, but I’ve transferred my affections to Bruno. (Call me fickle if you like, but Fernando’s complicated love life has lessened my respect for him too much)

  890. Margaret, I know, trust me. Bruno is pretty cute. I’ve going thru that phase for a while now. His personal life is driving me insane so I just focused on his career only and found a new “obsession”.

  891. I guess the fact that Fernando came in 4th means Raquel was not there to bring him all that bad luck :)

    Reading what you gals have just written, Margaret and Maya, and judging by how I feel about him and Raquel, Fernando may be getting exactly what he wanted – all of us to focus on his driving and career and forget about what goes on at home…

    Having said that.. I still can’t believe that Raquel can’t even be bothered to learn to cook, especially knowing that he is into gourmet food, and yet unable to enjoy eating outside because he can get no peace!


  892. Don’t forget Alina that she’s also too lazy to learn how to drive! ;)

  893. Thats just because he apparently is a very good cook and obviously a very good driver *G* She sees no need in cooking or driving!

  894. But that’s a really stupid excuse. How can you manage to be the girlfriend/wife of a F1 driver and not know how to drive? It doesn’t make any logical sense to me.
    And just because he can cook, doesn’t mean that she shouldn’t try and make a compromise out of it. Like, give him a break for a few days. The man has enough problems as it is, don’t make him worry what he’ll have for lunch today. I’m not saying she should quit her career and become a housewife, just that she should learn to balance the two – like millions of women do. ;)

  895. I agree fully with you Maya but obviously Raquel doesn’t.

    Sometimes to me it looks as if they play Master and Slave and Raquel certainly is not the Slave!

  896. I can just imagine this: Raquel’s at home doing absolutely nothing. The dishes are not done, the house isn’t clean and all she’s doing is just sitting down on her flat a** writing lyrics to a song that’s not gonna make any sense and that’ll sound horrible. Fernando comes home after a tired week of work, sees the place looking like Bigfoot moved in and sees Raquel sitting down, pretending like everything’s just peachy. Fernando questions her as to why the place looks like crap, she stops him half-way through and gives her excuse:”Oh mi amor, I don’t know where to start or what to use.” “I will love u para toda la vida if u would do it!” Fernando doesn’t buy into it and so she lays down the law “u have to do it!” ” u don’t have a choice!” Then she prances away like the little diva she is while Fernando grabs the cleaning supplies and begins cleaning like he’s Cinderella!

  897. LOL do you honestly think if it was that way he wouldn’t kick her out at some point?

  898. omg if Fernando life is like that ……. i will die

  899. LOL Tanya, you’re amazing. I sweat, the Bigfoot comparison is hilarious. You just made my day.
    I don’t think it’s that bad, but you’re probably not far from the truth.

    Oh, and the part about writing a song that probably won’t make any sense – so true. :d

  900. Tanya, that’s so funny! But I’m sure that with the money he earns they can afford someone to do the cleaning for them (and the cooking too)!

  901. @Margaret, the man is too cheap to get his suit tailored for Flavio’s wedding! What the hell makes u think he’ll spend $$$ on a housekeeper?

    I’m glad everyone enjoyed my little fairy-tale! :)

  902. Girls,come on!There’s no need to be so unfair towards Fernando…
    U know,it’s clear that she probably doesn’t do anything at home,but I don’t beleive that Fernando would be the housekeeper in his house…He has so many other things to do,and just don’t forget that most of the time he’s not at home.
    And also Raquel may be away from home,even if she is not with him.
    As a matter of fact,she feels like she is the princess from a fairytale,and she is not doing anything,but I am sure they have a housekeeper from time to time,if necessairy…

  903. Strangely enough I am sure that he wouldn’t want a housekeeper as that means having some stranger invade into your pricacy. And since he doesn’t trust people easily I guess its him doing the cleaning.

  904. Yeah Lena, somehow I was thinking the same thing. I don’t think he has a housekeeper, but I also don’t think he’s busting his a$$ of cleaning or cooking.
    Now you got me wondering how does his life work in general. Ugh, he is so complicated.

  905. Girls, I have read in a french web that Alonso clean alone his house himself.
    He is superticius, he likes the watch on tv “camera cafe”, he likes visit her bigmother and said that he has not enough time to do it, at that makes him sad.

  906. hahaha – bigfoot moved in.. Tanya.. that was just too hilarious!
    I wonder if they do spend that much time at home in Switzerland. The circuit moves from one country to another at the rate of once every 2/3 weeks. When there is any long break, they go on holiday somewhere. I guess the only time they really get to “play house” is between F1 seasons at the end and beginning of the year. Even then, he is busy testing, training, visiting family & friends etc.

    I guess it is easier to put up with the whims of a primadonna when you are just “playing house”.

  907. LOL I agree Alina! But wait when her career goes downhill even faster and he retires from F1! I give them a year before they either get divorced or kill each other!

  908. @Lena, who’s gonna kill who first? ;)

  909. I am keeping my fingers crossed that Raquel is staying away from the race in Monza… let’s see if he gets on the podium. One would think that since Fernando is superstitious, he would have put 2 and 2 together??? Raquel there – BAD.. Raquel not there – GOOD!

    Maybe he needs someone to do statistical analysis of the ratio of Raquel’s presence and his bad results to convince him to think “hmmm maybe the universe is trying to tell me something!!!” ;) lol.

  910. Fernando 18th in 2nd practise!! Does that mean Raquel must be there?!

  911. She must be there! We will know tomorrow since she likes to make her presence known on Saturday!

  912. hello girls
    Kimi he will stay with Ferrari this year and 2010 so Alonso first priority is to stay with Renault..!!

  913. i am not really satisfied with today’s result, although Vitel’s condition was great , but i really expected more effort from Massa , specially when he is competing with Hamilton for the world champion.

    but honestly , i think no one from the rookies can handle the pressure and wet conditions at the same time , so there is some how a possibility for Massa to be in the podium ….
    as for Fernando lets wish a good luck for next year… i mean he is not doing very well at all, and as he said he wants to be in the podium as soon as possible, and that wouldn’t be fulfilled until he drives a good car. i think the best choice is to be with renult.

    By the way is raquel in monza ????

  914. I haven’t seen Raquel yet.

    Don’t underestimate Vettel, he’s a very, very good driver, that’s how he got to be on pole today.

    Massa isn’t very good in the wet, so it depends on the weather tomorrow.

    So good to see Hamilton 15th!!

  915. Agree with Margaret! Don’t understimate him… I am sure he will be a pain for the top drivers tomorrow! *has fingers crossed for a Sebastian victory*

  916. OMG! I couldn’t believe Sebastian. I’m so happy for him. Hope he does well tomorrow. Massa was a bit of a disappointment, but then again, he usually isn’t good when it rains.
    And then Hamilton….hahahahahaha. I’m like ecstatic that he’s 15th. Seriously every single person I know that likes F1 hates that guy. If he does bad on the race tomorrow, we’re having a party in my philosophy class on Tuesday. lol

    Hope Raquel isn’t there to ruin Nando’s race. *crosses fingers* ;)

  917. WOW……….

  918. Bravooooo for Vitel , good job alonso!!!!

    the next race would be very interesting, massa and hamilton would compete to death for the world champion…

  919. YES for Sebastian!!!! I was soooo proud and my heartbeat way beyond good for me! I am sooooooooooooooooooo happy!!!

    Fernando drove an amazing game and I was very excited and proud when I saw he went for the intermediates. Brave boy who likes to take a risk!

    Thumbs down for Lewis. He drove horrible today. And I think he should get punished for what he did to Mark and Timo. That was unfair and certainly not sporting!

  920. Sebastian was unbelievable. Seriously, that guy has talent. He broke Nando’s record now. :)
    Fernando had a very good race (she wasn’t there?) and I’m thrilled for him. And even more happy that Hamilton had a bad one. :) :) :)

  921. Did you see the way that Ham-bone hit Fernando as he overtook him? What an idiot! I am just glad that Ham-bone doesn’t have any record to his name – Youngest person to win and get pole is now Vettel, youngest WDC is still Fernando! Youngest back to back WDC will be Fernando’s for a long time! It was nice to see the drivers offering their congrats to Vettel and how happy they are for him – hardly anyone congratulates Ham-bone when he wins! Arrogant poof!

  922. Hamilton should be investigated for reckless driving!

    I am very proud of Vettel and the Toro Rosso team! They did an incredible job! I gotta admit though, I felt a bit nostalgic when they played the German/Italian anthems together.

    As for Fernando and Renault, for once they actually used their brains by doing a one-stop and switching to intermediates. Fernando may be screwed up on the head when it comes to personal relationships, but yesterday he was a true gentleman when he approached Vettel to congratulate him as well as going into the Toro Rosso garage to congratulate the crew!

    Vettel may have broken 2 of Fernando’s records, but in this F1 fan’s opinion: it could not have been succeeded by a more well-deserved driver than Sebastian Vettel! :D

  923. You all better become Vettel-fans. According to the german press, he will win join Ferrari as soon as possible, win more titles then Schuhmacher and retire as a legend.

    And all this from one very lucky win.

    Murphy will have a ball taking notes….

    Back to Fernando, in case anyone here is still interested: today in T5 (spanish TV Telecinco) they said that it looks like Fernando will not go to BMW, something like the negotiations (without proof that there were any) have not gone well.

    So another year with Renault, i guess…

  924. Fernando staying in Renault could be good though… According to Flavio, Renault is doing all they can to give Fernando whatever he wants to make him stay, including increasing 30 – 40% of the budget for F1 development – more money to make the car faster.

    Flavio is also in negotiations with FIA in regards to expanding the capacity of the Renault engine to make it more competitive. They are running at 30 – 40 bhp below other cars currently. However, the decision won’t come in until later in the year. I guess that is why Fernando is waiting before announcing which team he would go to. An increase in the engine capacity would put Renault up in the running with the front runners. If FIA decides not to grant them that, it would make sense for Fernando to go to either BMW or other teams that are already up there in terms of engine power.

    Whatever Fernando decides, I am sure he would have all the necessary insider information for it. I just want him to be fighting for the podium and put Hambone to the shame – be it in Renault or any other car.

  925. Hey Tinkerbell, give it a rest! We all just got caught up in the moment ok! ;)

  926. hello girls..
    how are you???
    Alonso will stay at Renault for 2009 :D

  927. I was not even caught in the moment. First time I met Sebastian was when he was still racing in the World Series and he is a very funny and nice guy and in addition he has some amazing talent. So yes, when Fernando doesn’t win I am all for Sebastian!

    @Alina: I completely agree with you!Besides all that I also think it would be great if he developes the car with the team, pushes the team and fights hard to get on top again simply because it is worth much more then and all his critics would finally shut up! Besides how bad are fans when they just support during winning times :P

  928. Back to the subject at hand here, here are some new pics of Raquel at a Disney event in Madrid.



  929. Here’s an article too about the event!

    The Disney Channel children’s channel yesterday gave a special concert at the Teatro Circo Price in Madrid to celebrate the success it has achieved among children and families. At the party acted international artists and national television themes, and many people’s faces came to enjoy the event.

    The singer Raquel del Rosario went without Fernando Alonso. Very smiling and with a black dress, sporty style, posed for photographers. He also came to the festival presenter Ana Garcia Siñeriz. The journalist, who took their children to the concert, some wore jeans and loose hair. Nor Eugenia Martinez wanted to miss the concert; surely was with her daughter Cayetana, although posed alone before the media.

    Why does it surprise the press that he didn’t go with her?! Those 2 have been together for almost 3 yrs and he has NEVER attended any event where she had to be so why start now?

  930. 1. her boobs are definitely done
    2. wear a bra for kids shows!
    3. ugly outfit
    4. he doesn’t need the money that is why he is not there!

  931. Please can SOMEONE tell her that those shoes absolutely DO NOT GO with that dress??????!!!!!!

  932. @Tinkerbell, do u think she’ll listen? I doubt it!

    Look at her hair! It looks like she just decided to put it up on the very last minute!

  933. @Lena….you said it. I couldn’t have put it better. She’s just..ugh~ I don’t get why people are surprised he wasn’t there. It’s not like he ever goes with her or anything.

  934. Raquel did an interview with Woman magazine.

    It has three sisters and two brothers, so there was a time in which Rachel inherited relaxation without clothes and trousers and a few others: ” ‘We must take advantage of everything,’ said my mother and my grandmother, who was a seamstress, no stop doing conjuntitos for all. However, with the same fabric but in different ways (laughs). “She taught him how to sew and today, the singer of The Dream of Morpheus, which is currently preparing her third album, carries a suitcase in the portable machine that gave him the Magi: “In the photos that appear on my last record, all the clothes I carry myself up.” But his life style has changed a lot since he is famous: “Study the fashion magazines as a Bible and I remain the Some designers work as a true fan. Moreover, as the years pass, I feel more women, and that makes my wardrobe is incorporating more elegant clothes and high heels. I can give up comfort for being beautiful, but on stage you have to be realistic: I opted for the sport-chic. “To Woman’s meeting, Raquel was discussed among the looks on the catwalk of Moschino, Gucci and Burberry Prorsum “I do not like the excessive provocation, it is more beautiful hint. I was delighted to dress a model because I know that everything is going to be great. It is a luxury that you know what you’re gonna be put monísima. However, I have chosen what I think you feel good to my body: I know that my legs are very long and would like to highlight, but I have little waist, so I opted for cuts under the chest. “Therein is identified with actress Monica Cruz: “I fixed a lot in how you dress it has a shape similar to mine. I like it because he knows strengthen their legs with minivestidos and taconazos and conceals very well other parts of your figure. “But if I had to choose a reference point for fashion, it is clear:” Kate Moss is unique. ”

    Raquel: The stylist! *rolls eyes*


  935. Italian article reports that Fernando and Raquel will split because she’s in love with Nelson! The article screwed up though because he’s 23; NOT 27.


  936. That’s just plain silly!!! What evidence is there of them ever even being together??!!!

    I think if gossip columns are going to be successful, there should a least be a tiny bit of possibility of the rumour being true!!

  937. At least it shows one thing: Fernando and Raquel fail to show their love! Nobody is convinced.

    This is from an interview kids at a school in Madrid did with him on Friday. He was asked about his life:

    “The support of the family is very important. At a race we do live in an artificial World, not the reality. If you are successful you do get loads of applause and pats on the back. When nothing is going great you are all alone. At home I am not the driver Fernando but the brother or the son. They bring you back to the real world.”

  938. I think it is very odd he doesn’t add ‘husband’ to that list. Surely that is what he is at home! He is supposed to live with her, so at ‘home’ he is a husband. I’ve come to the conclusion that he is just odd, there is no other explanation for the wierd things he comes out with!!!

  939. The article in general says that even though they seperated a few months back, it didn’t work. They say that Raquel has come to love Nelson Piquet and will leave Fernando to be with Nelson. The article continues saying that Fernando’s sister Lorena is pregnant.

  940. I think the whole article is total fiction! Fernando and Raquel probably think it is hilarious!!

  941. There is a videoclip where Raquel talks about the Barbie film. She has a new hairdo which looks like the cow licked her hair cause it’s so flat!

    They show her around minute 15. u have to look for the clip that says Corazon de otono.


  942. Her hair does look flat, but I thought she looked quite good there. I really quite liked the dress. Anyone any idea what she’s saying, is it all just about Barbie?

  943. She was talking about the song that she sang for the film, but she also said that she’s happy with Fernando! ;)

  944. Let’s hope we see her in Singapore, I’d like to see what she wears at a night race.

  945. Here’s a shorter clip!

  946. hi everybody…. ;D
    umm, i think i know u tanya

  947. Here’s an interview Raquel did about the song. It’s pretty much the same thing on the videoclip except in English translation. ;)

    Raquel del Rosario, a component of the group ‘The Dream of Morpheus’, attends the soundtrack of the new Barbie movie,’ Barbie and the castle of diamonds’, which interprets the song ‘Connect’, “a song and with very popera much pace “, according to the woman confessed to Fernando Alonso in an interview.

    The couple, who on this occasion wore a dress of dark brown, in short sleeves and neckline with a peak, supplemented with a large pendant color purple, told us that loves to participate in projects aimed at children.

    -Raquel, put voice to the soundtrack of Barbie. The song is with great pace to be for this type of film, which is due to this change?

    Well, I think that surprised all in the soundtrack of the film, which is a shift that has the image of Barbie. Songs are almost always a bit more children and have a spectacular production and a lot of strength. The song ‘Connect’ is a song that could well be a song of the ‘Dream of Morpheus’ because it is a song very much popera and pace and I think it is a change that have been going well and that will have taste a lot.

    With this song you encounter an audience different from that in principle is headed ‘The Dream of Morpheus’, it makes you dream?, Do you think can be a step?

    Yes, I have always said that I would like to come to any kind of public, but when I do things well, a little more for children, I love it because you see the reaction of the children and as they see from their perspective and because they enjoy a few faces, and have some reactions …

    When we were small, there were two options, the Barbie or Nancy. You belonged to which group?

    I was Barbie.

    - Did you have a lot of Barbie dolls?

    I had many, and also, as we are four sisters, each had theirs and we have a lot of them.

    - Have you ever imagined that you would become one of those that sing a song?

    No, the truth is not what I ever imagined. It was an opportunity that I did not want to leak and that I enjoyed very much.

    - The song is entitled ‘Connect’ and spoke of the friendship. What you give importance to the friendship?

    The value of friendship today is very important. Have someone to support you is very important, so we must encourage that valuation children.

    - Canned many friends from childhood?

    There are friends who are from school but to leave the Canaries lost a little contact. Mebargo temples, whenever I return home I find them and I know it is people of all life that is happy for you and it’s there.

    - I guess there are things of fame that you do not like, what’s the worst thing that got the fame?

    Now I da not complain because I know I always say that I’m complaining, but perhaps the loss of anonymity. Since you are not a lot more of, but people look at you and you feel a little bit intimidated, but I always say that compensates.

    - But that also means that your group is having success *

    Of course, people do not bother to do, because it makes you admire, he recognizes you and makes you dream to have a photo with you. But you lose the anonymity that it was important for me, but my job is offset because it fills me a lot.

    - Now you do everything on wheels, but I assume that there will be some time to think about throwing in the towel because they started very young woman in music, right?

    Yes, I believe that the principles were hard. Were some years when I decided to come to the Peninsula to look for life with music and when you see that things do not go so well as you see or expect that people you do not shut the doors and supports you, think about dedicate to something else. Just at that moment he was about to leave came the record deal that has brought us this far.

    - What are your future projects?

    In the short term is to get our third album, which we are recording the songs. What we want to market next year and do a tour.

    - You’ve also done things for publicity. Have you been tempted with an offer of movies or anything else other than music and advertising?

    No, I should not be very good actress because no one has called me. If one day I called Almodovar maybe I point to classes of interpretation, but for now I just have to call things by music or advertising.

  948. OK!Whatever she says!I do give up!*hands up*
    At least,if she looked a little like Barbie and had a better style,the things she said would be a bit more reasonable!
    But the way she is!Urgh!
    “I was Barbie!!!!nah nah nah!!!!!”
    What an idiot!
    And does she really think that she has a shot in the filming world!?
    Dear me!

  949. What makes me laugh is how she said she wants to be famous, but she also wants to be anonymous! LOL!

    Sorry sister, not gonna happen!

    Btw, I’ve heard Raquel is in Singapore so we can expect her to bring bad luck once again!

  950. ohh girls… pliz don’t be so mean… i don’t think that Rake bring him Bad Luck (if u think i’m a fan of her, i would say: no, I’m not)
    well in 2006 rake&nando 2gether but still fernando won the titled as World Champion, what will u say ? u know that is true, and i thought there’s no correlation between his girlfriend bring him bad luck and not competitive team… in every job’s there is upside-down, and it’s normal… just like what happen with Nando’s career now

  951. yeah… i think u r right renata, totally agree

  952. i guess u r new in this forum nitha, just like me

  953. umm not really, cuz i’ve been followed this forum since last year but i never write my comment… but now i’m so interest to join to this forum cuz it’s so funny sometimes. And i’m going to say that i’m a fan of Raquel del Rosario also her band

  954. oh OK then, r u also a fan of FA?

  955. ha-ha-ha-ha
    no no no, i’m NOT A FAN OF FERNANDO… the fact is i hate him (used to be)
    but if u ask me bout his relationship with Rake i would tell you that i’m neutral
    not gonna say something harsh ’bout them

  956. wow i thought it’s little bit weird, but that’s OK
    where r u come from nitha?

  957. Indonesia


  958. INDONESIA,me too

    ya ampun ga nyangka bisa ketemu orang Indonesia di sini, seneng deh rasanya

  959. he he ;D yeah, SURPRISE
    renata, i think we must talk in english… if we talk in Indonesian just both of us who understand it

  960. ihh asik juga kan kalo kita ngobrol tapi cumi kita yang paham, lagian kalo lagi ngomongin ttg hal2 yg agak pribadi gmn? sah-sah aja donk kalo aku pingin kita bisa ngobrol pake bhs indo

    is that a problem???

  961. no, but i guess u r right… so maybe we can talk another topic

    ummm just to of us who still online, maybe i’ll go now
    but if u read my comment,i really what 2 talk with u tanya ^.^

  962. well OK, i’ll be offline 2

  963. Raquel is here in SG…spotted her last night :)

  964. Thanks for the info Fan, can’t wait to see how she looks and what she is wearing! The race is so close now….

  965. Well, this season Raquel being at a race brought bad luck so far, so i’m a bit worried about Singapore…lets hope for the best.

  966. Yeah…But who knows!
    I didn’t really worry very much about previous races but this one is going to a night race,so,in my opinion,it’s much more dangerous.
    And also,it’s a race new for all drivers,which is even worse…
    We should all send positive energy to Fernando.I think he needs it…

  967. http://www.racefreaks.nl/images/550/srtjezoujqjuadlekzg.jpg

  968. I’ve seen this picture…She really looks awful!

  969. I don’t agree, I think she looks OK, I’d like to see more of that outfit she’s wearing.

  970. Looks like her skin is starting to break out again!

  971. He’s so damn sexy in this pic!


  972. Here’s Raquel’s song from the Barbie movie.

  973. I’m not keen on the song and I think her voice is a bit weak!

  974. I agree with you Tanya.He’s totally sexy in that pic!And I don’t like the way she is singing in that poor song.
    Honestly,she needs to practice a little with her voice…!

  975. Tanya good lord woman what are you trying to do to me?!?!
    *breathing heavily*

    Can you please post a warning sign the next time you do something like that? I’m like hyperventilating here. ;)

  976. @Maya, I did! When u see “Damn sexy”, u should know what’s coming! ;)

  977. Hello,girls.I’m Nastia from Greece.Tell me something if you know of course:Are they still together?I mean Fernando and Raquel.By the way, I’m wondering.Does Raquel love Fernando so much as him? and does Fernando love her so much as he looks in the photos when they are together?Many questions, right?…….Anyway,let’s hope Fernando GOOD LUCK because he really needs it. FERNANDO,WE ARE LOVE YOU AND SUPPORT YOU.NEVER FORGET THAT!!!

  978. I mean:WE LOVE YOU!

  979. YAY!! Fernando is first in second practice!! It’s so good to see his name ahead of Lewis!

  980. Geia s Nastia!

    Anyway,yes,it really feels great t see that,Margaret!

  981. YAY! Now, we go for P1 tomorrow! :D C’mon Fernando! :D

  982. Raquel today and I hate those shoes!

  983. It’s really unusual to see her on Thursday and Friday, maybe she just likes going out in the dark!!

  984. I dislike the whole outfit to be honest!

  985. Yes,I agree with you Lena.
    She doesn’t know how to get well-dressed…
    I’m so sorry for her.
    She needs someone to teach her.
    A stylist,perhaps?!

  986. Aww! Don’t they make a cute couple? *sarcastic tone*

  987. Yes for sure, very exposed pic – everybody on their own. Nice example of aloving couple:))))

    Ferni, we’re with you, and I believe the altogether we may overcome the bad luck she might have with herself. Let’s believe in our star. and moreover you shall believe in you. You have all to be on the top of the list

  988. Awwwww, they look sooo happy….not.
    God, I wish someone would give me a logical explanation to why they’re together.

  989. I’m afraid we won’t get any. The picture shows the usual thing, we had that before- Fernando talking about cars and racing (he is obviously talking to a Renault guy here) makes her thoughts go to Timbuktu. She might be interested in Fernando somehow, but for sure she has absolutely no interest for his work.

    Hey but Singapore is great for shopping- and i’m quite sure away from the circuit she can go everyhwere without a single figure interested- or even recognizing her!

  990. Oh i HATE to say This cuz i’m a fan of raquel… but if we talk bout raquel’s song from the Barbie movie and comparing it with Katharine McPhee version…. i must tell the truth that i thought Katharine is MUCH Better than rake

    here’s Katharine McPhee song ‘connected’

    Raquel’s song ‘connectas’

    Tell me ’bout your opinion….

  991. *chuckles* You are being evil Tinkerbell! Me likes! ;D

  992. u know who they remind me of, but of course there’s a difference? Indycar driver Dario Franchitti and his wife actress Ashley Judd.

    Ashley is not too crazy about her husband risking his life on the racetrack and in fact, there was a story here of her asking him to retire. Well, of course, he didn’t, but she always continued to be at the races to give him moral support. When he wins, she gives him hugs and kisses in public like it’s no big deal. When he loses, same thing! Even though she hates the fact that he’s a racecar driver, she stays by his side and as a good wife, she gives him support.

    Now, look at Fernando and Raquel. It’s obvious that she doesn’t give a damn about his career and yet she still goes to the tracks with him. When things don’t go his way, does she comfort him? Does she try to give him some confidence? Most likely not! When he wins, does she hug him? Does she kiss him? Who knows? It’s clear they don’t show their affections for each other in public for whatever reason they have, but the one thing these 2 couples have in common: They like to keep their lives private. But there’s a difference: Dario and Ashley show their love for each other while Spain’s happy, perfect couple act like they can’t stand each other.

    Our golden couple seriously has no idea of the definition of love. Everyone has their own way of showing love of course, but love to me, is not in their vocabulary!

  993. So: Fernando, after being the fastest in free trainings, out of Q2 because of a fuel related problem.

    He will start from P15, right beside Piquet. Who said Raquel is not bringing bad luck???

    When will he learn?????????

  994. No idea Tinkerbell!
    We all knew Raquel to bring him rotten luck,but he doesn’t get it…!
    Isn’t there anyone to advise him not to take her with him?
    Whenever he goes with his father or on his own,thing go great.
    Whenever she is there,God SAVE US!!!

  995. Oh, she is so lucky I’m not there because I would toss her over the bridge!

  996. Here’s our cursed b***h today!

  997. I am not gonna say anything…The pic speaks on her own…!

  998. Are you implying she looks like a retard in that pic? *grins*

    Oh and is this a A-cup? I don’t think so!


  999. Tanya i understand completely how you feel, that was my first thought when i saw Fernando stepping out of the car.

    Someone throw her out of the paddock or i will go there and do it myself. I really have enough of that now.

  1000. I’ll help u tinkerbell! ;)

  1001. Hello,I’m really very sad about Fernando and I saw those pictures.
    Why are they still together?They don’t seem to be very happy in those pictures.She doesn’t care about his career only about she’s stupid life,only about herself.I’m wondering what happened between them after the race and of course the bad result for Fernando.Did she support him?I guess not.It’s a pity because Fernando has probably overestimated her and she realised that,doing him whatever she wants.
    (If only you read those comments)

  1002. Ok, so girls we’ve been flooding this page for a while and so I was thinking maybe we need a new place where we can all hang out. So, if you want…here it is.


    I know it’s not much, but it’s just a beginning. I’m open to your ideas and I need a few mods too. So, if you want go ahead and join. I think we deserve our little club.


    P.S. Tanya, I neeeeeed you. Message me when you get the chance.

  1003. Great idea Maya, I’ve registered already. This place is bound to get full again soon. I’ve been wondering what we would do then. Good to see someone planning ahead!!

  1004. Registered as well! *thumbs up*

  1005. congratulatios fernando !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    well done!!!!!!!!!!!!

    we love you and support u…..


  1006. congratulations fernando !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    well done!!!!!!!!!!!!

    we love you and support u…..


  1007. congratulations fernando !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    well done!!!!!!!!!!!!

    we love you and support u…..


  1008. sorry for 3 times

    it’s from my hapiness

  1009. That was perfect race and of course only Fernando can do it!!!

  1010. BRAVO NANDO!

  1011. Bravo NANDO!You did great job.But why are you still wearing that blasted ring?

  1012. WOW…i can’t believe it…. great jom for FERNANDO….keep going baby….. EISAI O KALITEROS..you are the best…..

  1013. Chryso,??????? ???? ???!

  1014. I mean:Chryso symfono mazi sou!

  1015. We love you Fernando!!!

  1016. geia sou Nastia… ti kaneis?? apo pou eisai???
    Raquel isn’t good wife for Alonso..hello is your haspent first win for 2008 and you are not there to kiss him…she is so idiot girl… and no normal…

  1017. Raquel today and this is all the proof we need to confirm her new boobs!

  1018. OMG…………………….

  1019. Congratulations Fernando! I guess Raquel didn’t bring him that much bad luck on race day… hmmm, maybe he banished her to watch from the hotel room instead after the fiasco on Saturday :)

    I am soooo happy that Fernando won! Truly deserved and we are all keeping the faith! Patience… as you said!

  1020. chryso, eimai apo tin Karditsa.Esi?

  1021. nastia egw eimai apo tin Kupro…poso xrono eisai?

  1022. BRAVO FERNANDO!!!!!!
    A win always comes sooner or later for drivers like YOU!!!!
    Sugxarhthria k panta m nikes!!!!

  1023. I don’t really understand what is going on with Fernando.I mean,he won before 2 days but he really didn’t seem to be very happy in the podium.Is there someone else who noticed that?Maybe because he knows that there are not too many hopes for him to do the same in the next races.From the other side,maybe he thinks that he lost the chance to have for the third time the championship last year.But for that he is the only responsible.He made mistakes which belongs uniquely to him.Anyway,he has the opportuniy to prove that he is a brilliant driver next year,having a better car.

  1024. Except from that,Fernando desroys his public image with his attitude about his private live.I was always one of his big fans,wanted to see him in the podiums,but to be honest his behaviour lately is getting on my nervs.I mean why he and his stupid ‘wife’ don’t want to reveal to anybody if they are married or not.If there is someone who wants to know if he is married, is only one of his fans.I misdoupt, if there is someone who cares about her pathetic life.Oh, Raquel…She talks like she lives the perfect life with him.What a moronic behaviour, not only for her but for both of them.I don’t want to jump to conclusions, but something is wrong with Fernando.Or he is too much in love with her or he has totally lost his mind.His behaviour really disappoints me!

  1025. On the podium he was simply exhausted! Nothing wrong with that.

    As for the rest: I think he has not (yet) totally lost his mind but it is indeed a bit weird. Personally I still think he tends to slag her off in public which I find very humiliating for both of them.
    Her talking about the perfect life: oh yes, that is why she needed implants! *rolls eyes*

  1026. Nastia, you should have read the reports and interviews. Never draw conclusions without the proper information, like my grandfather used to say.

    Fernando was totally dehydrated after the race, he had no water during the race, don’t forget that Trulli had to give up because of exhaustion..i don’t know how Fernando could bring the car home, and in such a style, without even something to drink.

    So on the podium he was feeling to weak to do much, he said he couldn’t even recognize the face, he only saw spots.

    He was so cute in the press conference- he didn’t really know what to say. He still couldn’t believe it- just like me lol! But his eyes where glowing. Like someone turned on a bright light in them.

    You should read the blog of Lobato, what happened in the garage after the race, about the celebrations, about a joking, totally happy and relaxed Fernando, and instead of critizising him after such a wonderful (albeit also very lucky) victory, try to celebrate a bit and be happy for him. He deserved it more than anyone else.

  1027. Nastia, both Lena and Tinkerbell are right! Fernando said that he wished he could’ve been a little bit more excited but the fact is that the poor boy was so exhausted and dehydrated that he even said that he couldn’t recognize anyone below the podium. His reaction had nothing to do with her although I do find it funny how the spanish press said afterwards that Fernando’s victory celebration was not dedicated to Raquel!

    As for her: I think it’s very sad that she had to get breast implants either if it’s for her career or to please Fernando! I find that rather pathetic! She says that she wants people to like her for who she is and that she doesn’t want to change anything about her and look what she did!

    u know what? I know for a fact that Raquel doesn’t support Fernando’s career, but I hope to God that she gave him a hug and a kiss after the race because it was indeed a well deserved victory!

    I also heard that on the German network they showed her after the race and according to people, she looked like she put on a fake smile for the press (even worse than how she acted at the FIA gala).

    All I know is that if I was in her position and my bf/husband won his first race of the season and his first victory since Monza last year, I would NOT be in the Renault motorhome. I would be where the team was watching the podium ceremony and cheering for my man! Why she didn’t do that is beyond my knowledge!

  1028. I think she is simply not interested. They wrote something about Flavio and her in the spanish net, but i didn’t quite get it. I only saw her on TV shortly when Fernando went on the podium, she was standing around somewhere with a guy and some other people, far away from the cheering crowd.

    But what was a bit funny was the reaction of the people when Hamilton got his trophy- i think i even heard some boos, otherwise, it was pretty quite…lol…

    But they gave standing ovations when Fernando was in his last lap, we know he has a strong fanbase in the asian countries, but it was wonderful to see. I simply loved it.

    I’m downloading the complete race at the moment, normally i never do that but this one i want to keep..its a race to remember for sure.

  1029. Congratulations girls :)

  1030. Tinkerbell,actually I really didn’t have any purpose to become mean and of course critizising Nando after his great victory.I’m still very happy for him and I do believe that he deserved that more than anyone else.But, when you admire a person and you wish the best for him/her,do you always concur his/her actions?I mean if you make an objective evaluation,watching the facts in another prospect,will you formulate the same opinion?I don’t know…Maybe,I’m not the appropriate person to judge this.Nevertheless,I’m really sorry if you got my thoughts wrong.
    I’m still in his side to support and encourage him!

  1031. Nastia, all i wanted to say was please don’t draw conclusions too fast..when i saw Fernando so quiet on the podium, i thought that it was because he simply wasn’t ready to realize that it was really happening. Which was true, but it was a fast conclusion as welll…;)

    Concerning Raquel and Fer, i have been observing this for quite some time now and i still don’t get it. No- one would have a problem with her running to Fernando and gratulate him, hug and kiss him, but it seems they both have big problems with showing affection…either that, or its something else, and their strange behaviour is the reason why we discuss that so much.

    But then, a little gossip here and there is a part of social behaviour…;)

  1032. Ok,I see…

  1033. Welcome u guys! u’re more than welcome to write on this site, but it’s getting over crowded with comments so if u wish to continue bashing about Raquel and talk about Fernando, please join this site: http://z10.invisionfree.com/Fans_of_Fernando/index.php?act=idx

    Trust me, we are very friendly there! Most of the members there are those that have contributed to this site.

    I hope to see u guys there!

  1034. hi girls…
    i had a very long vacation , and today is the first day of school in Saudia Arabia , and we were in Jordan for the last couple of weeks and this is why i could not write anything…

    i miss you so much!!!!!

    fernando had an excellent week in Singapore!

  1035. Spain, I have never met anyone who hates Raquel more than me!

  1036. that is sooooooooooooooooo fantastic fernando is the best !!!!



  1038. I think Spain is overdoing it. Whatever we think of her, Fernando has chosen Raquel as his woman. She’s not ugly!! I don’t like her much as a person but I don’t like to hear of people hating her. Hate is a very ugly word. She’s not a beast, or a witch or a snake.

    Why the hate? Dislike is a different matter, we all like and dislike people, but I dislike the tone of Spains comments, and I think she should cool it a bit.

  1039. The historic pic we will probably never see again!

  1040. I agree with Margaret in everything she said!

  1041. Is Raul and Spain the same person?! :S

  1042. no

  1043. Wow Tanya i never saw a picture like this before of those two…interesting lol, i wish i could have seen Fernando’s expression on that one…

  1044. Tanya i tried to blog in the site you suggested for us but i could not see you guys to communicate with you , although i saw your nicknames and i clicked on them but nothing happend!!!!!

    could you tell me the proper way to blog in please???

  1045. Riri, I sent u a private message on the site. If u have any further questions, please feel free to ask!

  1046. For those who are not on the site, one of our members told us that on the television they showed Raquel walking up to Fernando and giving him a kiss on the cheek and giving him a hug (to which we all saw the pic)

    Me personally, I would’ve kissed him big time on the lips and giving him a big hug.

    But what I want to know is if he kissed her back!

  1047. On the cheek???? lol….well, it looks like she is embracing a friend, not her husband whom she should love. But anyway, it just adds to the riddle.

  1048. Well, the member also said that he hugged her back and was happy (of course because he won), but he doesn’t think he kissed her back. He said it happened very quick.

  1049. Hey girls, maya, tanya, riri, chryso, and all of you fernando girls!

    How are you girls doing? I’m super busy at work, I miss all the previous races (too many to count) and I only did catch a bit of S’pore GP and Japan GP. Congratulations to Fernando on his fantastic wins in both circuit and as a Kimi fan, I’m glad that he got 3rd place last Japan GP. I’m also happy the fact that Fernando said he’s going to support Massa to win the WDC this year and I think that is important. Anyone but Lewis.

    Oh, btw, Raquel’s look is worst than ever. Give her up, Fernando. Not only about looks, but her personality as well.

    Cheerio girls!!!

  1050. Welcome back Suhalia!
    Fernando actually won the Japan GP! It was Kimi who came in 3rd! ;)


  1052. hello Suhaila welcome back girl…..
    it really cool that he will help Massa….
    i love him…. he is very good person….

  1053. Like we haven’t figured it out by now, she’s with him and they are doing their traditional walk again. Here’s them arriving in Shanghai!

  1054. Alright, who is this? Raul or Spain? I know it’s one of u because u say pretty much the same thing! ;)

  1055. All I can say is that I’m glad we’ve got the other site to talk sense on because this place has gone downhill rapidly lately!

  1056. I agree Margaret. This is such a low level and I am to a certain degree surprised that the admins of this page do nothing about it!

  1057. Hi Margaret and Lena.

    I just cleaned up all the offensive comments from Raul and Spain (and the other comments most likely from these same people).

    Sorry for not addressing the matter sooner. It’s been a busy week.

    Also, we’ve still got a more friendly “chat”/forum system coming, but it’ll only come at the end of the season with a new layout and look for the site. Hope you girls are still around then to enjoy it :)

    Good luck to Nando for Shanghai! :)

  1058. Thank you, I hope any further offensive comments get removed too. It was becoming very unpleasant and I was considering abandoning this place.

    Anyway, as you say, good luck to Nando!! Can’t wait for qualifying tomorrow, another early morning start!

  1059. Thank you!!!

  1060. NANO no te juntes con esa chusma raquel

  1061. As much as I enjoy chatting with people who dislike Raquel, I have to admit that I wasn’t too happy with them! They took it to the next level which was inappropriate.

  1062. For those who are not on the new forum, here is the first pic of Raquel in Shanghai!

  1063. Another one!

  1064. Add one more!

  1065. Heyyy girls! Wassup? Oh darn, that “Louie” gets pole again.*sigh*

    I just hope for the best tomorrow. But, great news is, all three of them (Kimi, Felipe and Fernando) are together at the first and second row. Maybe they can pull out something to help Felipe.

    And yes, Tanya, sorry, I’ve just realize my writing up above there. Actually, the “him” I mentioned in 3rd place in Japan is for Kimi. Sorry for causing the misunderstanding. :-)

    And now, I want to enjoy all the photos you girls posted in.

  1066. Hi i’m Sandra,and I totally agree with you!!!Rosario is so stupid,and Fernando just can’t see that….

  1067. Hi Sandra! Most of us are not posting here anymore due to there’s way to many comments so a fellow participant of this site (Maya) created a forum for us to chat. We talk about what is going on with Fernando, F1, anything in general, and of course our most popular topic Raquel.

    If u wish to join us, here’s the link to our forum. We hope to see u there! :D

  1068. Al last,is Raquel pregnant or not?

  1069. Hi Nastia! Raquel is NOT pregnant!

  1070. hi!!!
    what’s up?


  1072. nando wont win this year***

  1073. TOMMY45, first of all, I wouldn’t write off Fernando at this point! 2nd of all, we believe that they are still together!


  1075. email me on… s_a786@msn.com
    add me on msn


  1076. ………where you people from?

  1077. Well TOMMY, first of all, after last season, they were spotted shopping together in Switzerland in late November and she went with him to Kenya to spend New Year’s Eve with Flavio, his wife, and Roberto Cavalli. Since then, they haven’t been spotted together due to him being at testing and she is currently in LA recording their new album. He did say a few days ago that he was going to be in the states for a few days before flying off to Australia. Some people believe that he may have gone to the US to be with her, but we are not sure.

    If u wish to talk to us some more, feel free to sign up at this forum. We talk about Fernando, Raquel, F1, and anything else. We’re all very friendly there and I look forward to seeing u there. ;)

    If u’re not a fan of Fernando, that’s ok, but we do ask u to respect other people’s thoughts. ;)

    If u wish to talk to me on msn, u can find me at f1angel@hotmail.com


    Fernando takes the BBC Drivers Test!
    Posted by supafly in Fernando News on March 10, 2009 | no responses
    What three words would you use to describe what it’s like to be a Formula One driver?
    You have to be talented and lucky, but it’s very enjoyable!

    What is the biggest perk of the job?
    Driving these amazing cars. We all love motor racing and Formula 1 has the best technology so we are fortunate to be behind the wheel of these cars.

    How would you like to be remembered as an F1 driver?
    Hopefully as a great champion.

    What is your most embarrassing sporting moment?
    It was my first race in Australia 2001 with Minardi. There was no chance to test before Melbourne and so I arrived there never having driven the car. During Friday practice I nearly hit the car in front of me in the pit lane as I couldn’t find the neutral button. I found it at the last moment and managed to avoid a collision!

    Who is the worst dressed Formula One driver?
    Tonio Liuzzi.

    Ayrton Senna or Alain Prost?

    Spa or Monaco?

    Who is the greatest sportsman of all time?
    It’s not an easy question to answer – perhaps Michael Jordan.

    What would be your perfect day off?
    Being at home with my family and having a nice dinner together.

    Where is your favourite place to go on holiday?
    The Maldives.

    What is the most expensive thing that you own?
    My classic car.

    What is your favourite item of clothing?

    What is your favourite music to drive to?
    Any pop music.

    Which famous person – dead or alive – would you like to have dinner with and why?
    With Jim Carrey – the actor – because I’m sure he would make me laugh.

    Tell us something about yourself that most F1 fans might not know.
    The fans know quite a lot already! I don’t think I have any secrets.

    Steve McQueen or Paul Newman?
    Paul Newman

    Boxers or briefs?

    Angelia Jolie or Keira Knightley?

    James Bond or Austin Powers?
    James Bond.

  1079. http://www.fernandoalonsofan.com/?p=135#more-135


  1080. Do you own this website? tanya?

  1081. I don’t, but I am a member there! ;) I am however a moderator on the link I provided to u on my previous post. ;)

  1082. did you read the interview?

  1083. Tell us something about yourself that most F1 fans might not know.
    ‘The fans know quite a lot already! I don’t think I have any secrets’.
    Who is the greatest sportsman of all time?
    ‘It’s not an easy question to answer – perhaps Michael Jordan’.

    also he likes boxers lol

  1084. it would be funny if he said briefs


  1086. raquel was at australia and she also got a new hair cut waaaay better den d pony tail and fringe

  1087. pregnant?????

  1088. No

  1089. i thought she was preg but i don’t think so right now: she has a lot of work and nando too; they have no time for a baby! and they need time for each other

  1090. Are you death ? Is someone still in live in this forum could you give me some pictures of Fernando alonso in his roadshow in Oviedo Spain ? Are you know if his wife was with him ?
    What do you think about the Piquet’story ?

  1091. Hello people is someone know anything about Raquel is she pregnant ?

  1092. LAA PUTA RAQUEL horns …. ALONSO TONTO!!!!!

  1093. hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  1094. what is this site????

  1095. what the F is this??

  1096. http://w3art.es/06-07/Poster%20Dora%20Garcia.jpg


  1098. http://w3art.es/06-07/Poster%20Dora%20Garcia.jpg pareja alonso


  1100. http://www.elitefamosas.com/fotos-famosas-gratis-Silvia-Pantoja-140-0.html

  1101. http://hotfamosas.com/search/label/Raquel%20Del%20Rosario

  1102. http://www.tu.tv/videos/fernando-alonso-flipao-en-oviedo

  1103. @Sumlena Thanks for pictures and video, I am happy with the Alonso podium in Singapore.

  1104. Is someove happy for the Alonso podium in Singapore ? Have you see the last pictures of Raquel with a short dress and very inusual shoes ? She was in Singapore as well.

  1105. Y se juntaran el tramposo con la escuderia Trampas

    Lloronso, ahora a ver a quien hechas la culpa de tus cagadas

  1106. Y se juntaran el tramposo con la escuderia Trampas

    Lloronso, ahora a ver a quien hechas la culpa de tus cagadas

  1107. @davidmorfeo Almenos podias firmar las tus palabras con propio nombre.

  1108. bravo, o, amor mío! Tú eres el ÚNICO que­ realmente comprende, por eso eres el hombre de mi vida,­ y estoy enamorado de ti. Destruye a esos malditos­ hispanos. ¡¡BOOOOOUUUUUUMMMMMMM!!. Sólo quedaremos tú y­ yo con nuestro amor. Te deseo, mmmmmm

  1109. cacho hombre, guapetón, me gustaría­ pasar una noche contigo. Deja a ese amante que tienes y­ vente conmigo, te pondré el culo rojo de tanto­ follarte, como a ti te gusta, pícarón…

  1110. this woman has always been putona bitch many men in spain alonso dizzy and horn

  1111. Divorce rumors are rubbish and some who have posted in here hoping it be true, You lot are a bunch of pathetic sluts.

    Its a disgrace to Fernando Alonso to have fans like this!

  1112. sooner or later they will devorce!!!!!!! its not normal that all the time news coming about it I hate her doesnt deserve him!!!!!!

  1113. Ok, when I came across this I LOLED so hard!!!

    ‘Sooner or later they will devorce’? haha, goodluck, but I don’t think that’s gonna happen!
    She’s everything for him, believe me!

  1114. thanks for this nice post 111213

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