Raquel del Rosario Photos

{ Posted on Nov 27 2006 by dScribe }

For the non-Spaniards amongst us who have no idea what Raquel del Rosario looks like, here are some photos.. :)

Raquel del Rosario and Fernando Alonso

Raquel del Rosario

Raquel del Rosario and Fernando Alonso

Raquel del Rosario and Fernando Alonso

Raquel del Rosario and Fernando Alonso

Raquel del Rosario

Raquel del Rosario

Raquel del Rosario

Raquel del Rosario

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1,761 Responses to “Raquel del Rosario Photos”

  1. I like it that fernando and raquel are married .
    I am A fernando fan sinds he was by minardi and raquel can sing like the best .
    xxxxxxxxxx melissa

  2. hey everybody ,
    I am a very big fan of fernando alonso ( ever sinds he came in the formula 1 , I did’nt care that he was a lozer from minardi ) I just knew that there would come a day that he wil beat schumacher in the race , and it happend .
    I am also a big fam of raquel del rosario ( my favorite song is dejame verte )(what does dejame verte actually mean???).
    I am also very happy that the two people that i admire the most are married , I was so happy when I heard that they got married ( they say that the are not married but I am only 13 almost 14( 13th of april) buy I am not stupid .
    I don’t care what they say because I am sure that they are married, they got married somewhere by the malidven but it is very sad after everything that fernando alonso did for his country stil they treat him bad with those gossip’s , so with other words : GIVE HIM AND RAQUEL SOME PRIVACY , you’re all just like a bunch of stalkers .
    fernando en raquel are happy with there fans but they want there privacy to don’t you people understand that???
    so here’s a tip for the stalkers : leave them alone for a week or two .
    xxxxxxxxxxxx melissa

  3. “Dejame Verte” means “Let me see you”

  4. i am very happy that the people that i admire the most are married.
    but why can’t you people see that they deserve some privacy so here’s one tip for you guys: back off .
    let them rest for a second damn people.
    ofcourse they love their fans but you don’t have to stalk the people.

  5. it really means let me see you ? and the rest?

  6. Melissa, these photos of Raquel are for people who are curious about who Fernando’s girlfriend is and what she looks like. Honestly, most people in the world have no idea who she is so I’d hardly call that “stalking”.. :)

    I’m not sure how they’re treated in Spain, but I seriously doubt Fernando and Raquel get more attention than say, the British royal family.. now THAT’S stalking.. :)

  7. yeah that’s true but if you go to spain and you buy a newspaper or teenbook all you read in it is over those two .
    but do you now what the whole songtekst of dejame verte means?

  8. I was in love with Fernando,so I did not like Raquel,but now,I think she’s fine!


  10. They are not married it was just a rumour started by the Spanish press

  11. quel lindos son estos chicos!!!!!!!!!1
    alonso es precioso………………y ella tambien…

  12. dear fernando…………..Y U MARRIED MY FATHER IS SO SAD………..he always said u his son in law………….Y FERNANDO…………Y

    i was gonna give u my fathers hole house in chatsworth if u married me

  13. i love all of my buaya over there,,, wherever you are… Hahaha…..

  14. People you’re blind they are not married how you can be sure that he loves her.Their are not together anymore like before.the things are going towards an end they are seeing each other not often not like before.are you always with him to know what he is doing and that they are so happy as you pretend…They are not married soon neither they will not be together cause he doesn’t love her anymore

  15. I honestly hope that these two are not married (even though she is unfortunately really beautiful), because I don’t think I could take it (I’m like totally in love with him). They do look cute together, but he should still be thinking about his career.

  16. dear maya

    im sure that ALONSO and requel never did get married coz like hes waiting to marry me………………..:-)

  17. To Chanelle,

    let me know when you two get together so I can break up with him… :)

  18. maya

    ya sure ill make sure il tell yiu when we get together……you will be the 1st to know…..
    and thanks for the laugh we bout know that you and ALONSO will never get together
    even though hes single and not married…………..(for the moment)

    we bouth know that he will not get married not without me to walk down the asile towards him………………

  19. yeah,I’m sure he’ll be “thrilled” to see you, just make sure you don’t have a Runaway bride, actually runaway groom moment.

  20. lol maya maya poor maya he would never run away from me
    y would he neways?

    after all he does love me now ow but neways nvm that soooooooooo tell me more abut yourself id reali like to get to know the person thats ALONSO’S 2nd biggest fan(me being the 1st)

    what you say?
    kul so like truce!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Deal, so we’re calling the war of for now. There’s not much to know about me -been his fan for a while now ( I guess we have that in common), and moving to the US in 10 days. What about you, where are you from?

  22. Mail me dbn_dudes@yahoo.com, i will tell u everything…………………………………….chanelle

  23. Sacmalamayi kesin yok Ferni beni seviyo,hayir hayir beni seviyo Allah Allah görende sizi gördüde umut bagladi sanar uyanin GENCLİK bir kisiyi 1000 kisi ister ama 1 kisi alır dogrusuda budur İspanyol erkegi
    harem kuracak degil hos beni görse biseyler olabilir bu dogru ama…HA!HA!Sizden bulasti bakin Raquel Del Rosario kadinlarin en cirkini olma dalinda 2007 BAD GRÄ°L ödülü almistir birde Raquel’in fanlari oluyor ya anlamiyorum neresini sevdiler acaba Fernando’yu 2005 ten beri sömürüyor adeta koloni kurmus durumda her yarista onla neden sizce f1 resimleri var isterse resim cektirmez cünkü cikardigi albümleri satip popüler olmak istiyor inansin bana kendini zeki sanan aptallar konusunda popüler biri UYAN FERNANDO UYAN(Birde evlendin onla):)

  24. Fernando is mine.Understood you silly girls?

  25. She’s cute but not al that pretty I think. But as long as they’re happy…

  26. I agree, she looks like a nice girl, but she’s not sexy at all.

  27. with all the money he makes, he could do a lot better. she’s got nothing special about her. and she looks like she’s fourteen or something.

  28. u know, I seriously hope to God that these 2 don’t get married! One, he’s too good for her! Second, I heard that his father hates her! Third, he should be concentrating on his career and not his personal life! Fourth, I think she’s just with him to boost her career! If u take a look, her group really didn’t get that much publicity until she started seeing him, and now she’s more popular than ever in Spain with her songs esp. her single “Para Toda La Vida” because people think it’s about them and they are curious! She’s no good for him and he’s apparently blindsighted by her! His father is right; he’s worried about his sons career and if Fernando was smart, he would listen to his father!

  29. tanya yazini okudum super yazmissin ben de sadece ben böyle düsünüyorum zannediyordum tebrik ederim…

  30. Sorry, I don’t understand what u are saying!

  31. Tanya, congratulate.you are writing super,perfect,beatiful.what is your e-mail?

  32. My email is formula1gridgirl@yahoo.com

  33. tanya,thak you… :-)

  34. sorry thank you… :-)

  35. Don’t mention it! Where are u from anyway?!

  36. ı from turkey.where are you from?your e-mail,ı registration :-) what time open?(your e-mail).I today in the afternoon open :-) .Tanya good bye…

  37. I’m from the states!

  38. Hello to all,
    I’m chryso
    Raquel del Rosario everyone can judge in there own way.All i want to say to Fernando Alonso is that i believe Mr Ron Dennis sympathizes Lewis Hamilton more than aton.So to prove who he really is and so he doesn’t disappoint his Fan Club he has to try on these 6 last events to bring himself back into the championship and to take for a third time the title.This of course is up to the man himself.
    Thank you for listening,
    with love

  39. hi
    im just wana say that frnando u r so smart & i hope u chose arespect women to take care of u &your child in the future this my advise to u so dont be mad about what i say.bye

  40. I have first hand information,Fernando is not married to Raquel.I’m on honey moon with him right now.But I can’t speak anymore.We have stuff to do.Rrrr

  41. Bad Gril RAQUEL DEL ROSARÄ°O….
    Bad Gril RAQUEL DEL ROSARÄ°O… :-)

  42. Fernanda, if u’re on your honeymoon with him, u wouldn’t even be writing to this! I know I wouldn’t :P


  44. :-) :-) :-) hello tanya how are you?


    :-) :-) :-)

  46. Fernanda only in your dreams you are in haneymoon with fernando

  47. My fault is that I have written these things in Raquel’s fans website.Who knows El Sueno do Morfeo in 2005?In 2006,after her engagement with Fernando,El Sueno do Morfeo got rewards and even had a performance on MTV.El Sueno do Morfeo got known by Fernando Alonso Diaz and I think that this group owes it s popularity to Fernando.Raquel has money photos taken in the Padock as if she is racing instead of Fernando.If she doesn’t want the people take her photos,she won’t let them.Am I wrong?Raquel ’s aim is to make herself known better in the world and gain popularity.I think Raquel is even jealous of Fernando’s success.Fernando’s family knows all of these things like me.It’s said that the song “Para toda lavida” was written for Fernando.The reason of telling this lie is to make their album sold more.(Raquel’s mask fell down.)She has seen so many places thanks to Fernando,for example(Miami,Hawai,Maldiv)Raquel has set down a colony on Fernando.She exploits him!I think Raquel resembles gypsies,more over she’s ugly and bad.But Raquel’s fans don’t see this because they love her very much.If you know how to look in a objective way.You can see this clearly.Believe me except for her fans,so many people think the way I do,American,English people…Please don’t insult me and defend Raquel while everyone has these opinions.I don’t know what should I do to make you see the reality but I’m sure that as long as Fernando is with Raquel,his emotions and money will be exploited.Wake up now Fernando,Raquel doesn’t deserve you.I have many bad photos of Raquel.If you saw them.You would break of your engagement immediately.Why am I jealous of her?Carolina Costa and Rebeca are better than her.Raquel’s fans,be rational and see the truth.With love,bye…

  48. u go girl! Basically u said the same thing what I said; only a bit longer! I don’t think she even eats! That girl is skinnier than me! She has to be less than 100 pounds! I don’t really like her singing; on youtube, I’ve seen clips of her sing and most of the clips, she’s lip-syncing! When she sings live, no offense or anything but she sounds way off key! I saw one video where she’s performing and she was wearing a baby t-shirt, when she lifted her arms u could see her armpit sweat stains! Nasty! Hasn’t she heard of a wardrobe change? Apparently she can’t afford new clothes! And what is with her being barefoot on all her music videos? Apparently she can’t afford shoes!

  49. Girl I want to see those bad photos! Are they really like bad bad?

  50. Tanya,thank you for your writing.My e-mail adress is gamzeli_kiz61@hotmail.com .Please write the hours you are connected to the internet,but I live in Turkey and there may be some differences in hours.I want to talk to you very much,it is veally nice for you to see the reality,but Raquel’s fans don’t understand.I will send you photos via e-mail adress.I have very intimate photos of Raquel Del Rosario and David Feito… :-)

  51. Melike: I agree with you for us Raquel del Rosario it’s look like ugly,bad,… but for Fernando maybe is look like beautiful,good gril,…..

  52. Seems to me she’s getting a bit cozy with him!!! Are those photos recent?! If so, then Fernando better watch himself! There’s no competition on who’s better looking! He looks like he just gets out of bed, puts on whatever and just goes out in public looking like trash! Maybe that’s her type!

  53. except for one photo,they all belong to Fernando Alonso engagement period.

  54. Tanya how old are you?
    GOOD BYE… :-)

  55. I’m 21! u know, I saw what u wrote on another Raquel Del Rosario website! What are they saying after u wrote them the same thing on this website?

  56. “You are the real ugly and gypsy one.Don’t say negative opinions about Raquel Del Rosario in this website,because here is her fans website”
    Tanya,they don’t see the truth,dear… :-*

  57. I’d figure that! They’ve all been hypontized by her! I heard that at one of the races last year, his father wanted to attend, but when he found out that she was gonna be there, he threw a fit and didn’t show up! Now, if they do end up married, I cannot imagine how the family gatherings would be! They aren’t gonna last that long anymore! It’s only a matter of time!


  59. Déjame verte=Let me see you
    El sueño de Morfeo, great celtic band.
    Raquel del Rosario, very good person ^^

  60. Finally someone who knows what they’re talking about ( and I don’t mean this last reply). He doesn’t seem to be in love with her anymore and I totally agree with Tanya – she’s not hot at all, and he could do so much better. And by the way, any chance the rest of us could see those photos, I need more reasons to hate her????? :)

  61. ask Fernando&Melike(Alonso)! I got them from her!

  62. Does anyone have myspace? I have a page that’s all about F1 and I do have certain drivers on my list including Fernando Alonso!

  63. Maya,my e-mail adress is gamzeli_kiz61@hotmail.com .Hello,Tanya how are you ?:-) tomorrow(14 August) is my brithday GOOD BYE :)

  64. Does she smoke??? On one of the photos, she looks like she’s holding a cigarette!

  65. melike i want to see this foto.I hate rosario too!!!!!!

  66. loukia i agree with you. i hate rosario too!!!

  67. chryso,what is your e-mail adress?

  68. chryso.alonso@hotmail.com

    Raquel&Melike…..harmony look… :)

    Raquel&Melike…..harmony look… :)

  71. Hey Tanya, you were right….there’s a picture in which she’s holding a cigarette. And did you notice how she looks when she’s not on stage, I mean for a public person she should dress better, huh?
    Plus, her videos suck…she acts like she’s a kid, and she never wears any shoes!!!! ;(

  72. Maya, even when she’s on stagem she still looks like trash! Like I said before, there’s a videoclip on youtube where she’s performing and she apparently doesn’t even know when to dress or even re-deodorize herself because when she lifted her arms, there were armpit stains all over the area and they were visable! So, in terms of her being a little innocent daddy’s girl, she sure isn’t portraying it very well! What’s next: alcohol, drugs, sex parties?! She’s a nasty girl! Her feet probably have foot fungus all over them for not wearing any shoes! I know for a fact that the locations on some of her videos weren’t exactly in a clean area!

  73. melike happy birthday!!!!

  74. melike the photos its not open PLEASE send again :)

  75. thank you… :)

  76. melike how old are you??

  77. Happy B-Day Melike! I’m probably late because of the time difference, but it’s cool!

  78. Tanya,thank you very much…I’m 18 :) :) :)

  79. Tanya,thank you very much…I’m 18 :) :) :)

  80. Oh my God!!! She where earring in her mouth and she smoke and she thing that it’s the most beautiful gril in the world :) :) :) :)

  81. OMG! Why is it that all the best-looking men always choose the ugliest women! Melike, I saw those other photos and not one of them I think were attractive at all!

  82. Tanya you have absolutely right. So i have to tell to fernando that > only in Carolina Costa ;) ;)

  83. Tanya you have absolutely right. So i have to tell to Fernando that you don’t have relish only in Carolina Costa.;) ;)

  84. melike, thank about the photos.

  85. Carolina is ok looking, but for some reason, when he’s with a girl, I always look at the photos and think “Do they look good together?” All I have to say is that everytime there are photos of Raquel with Fernando, they look ticked off all the time! They don’t look great together! It makes me sick! :P

  86. it’s okey… :)

  87. Thanks Melike for the photos!

  88. Tanya,it’s okey…GOOD BYE…. :)

  89. tanya me too ;)

  90. melike where are you from??

  91. I’m from Turkey…Where are you from?

  92. Cyprus.

  93. Ooo.. Perfect Chryso (we near) :)

  94. Thanks Melike for the photos! Fernando looks hot!!!!!!!!

  95. Tanya,it’s okey…GOOD BYE :)

  96. only hot? beautiful,sweets,sexy,great driver…………..;)

  97. I can’ believe I thought I was the only one who him to be cute, and oh so HOT, not to mention that he’s an amazing driver…thank God I found this page, at least now I know there’s a lot of us girls who fancy him. :)

  98. Sorry….”who thought him to be cute…”

  99. hey, melike, thanks for the photos. where on earth do you find them all?

  100. Maya,it’s okey…GOOD BYE :)

  101. heya maya

    its been long since we hav talked over this website am i right o am i right so hw can u gals say that lonso is hot hes so nt u r putin alonsos name 2 shame alonso is hotter then hot hes the most bueatiful creature 2 ever alk the earth actully hes 2 hot that wordsn cannot xplain how muc he means 2 us gals

  102. u go Chanelle! And thanks Melike for the pics again!

  103. Tanya,it’s okey.I found the pictures from so many websites,but if you write “alo-raq” in Google and cilck the first wesites’s “Galeria” part,you will find many photos of them.You will see Raquel Del Rosario sympathizing with a bayb in one of the photos.I can’t understand someone who is playing with people’s feelings all the time.These photos are may be signs for Fernando Alonso Diaz ;) We’re used to Raquel Del Rosario’s wearing her ring on her right hand,but we don’t understand the meaning of the diamond ring on her left hand from november(Ä°n november,it’s said that they’re married)Fernando Alonso Diaz,don’t do a wrong thing,it’s better to be with the ugliest women in the world ,(which is “UGLY BETTY” )than being with Raquel Del Rosario… :) :) :)

  104. Tanya,it’s okey.I found the pictures from so many websites,but if you write “alo-raq” in Google and cilck the first wesites’s “Galeria” part,you will find many photos of them.You will see Raquel Del Rosario sympathizing with a bayb in one of the photos.I can’t understand someone who is playing with people’s feelings all the time.These photos are may be signs for Fernando Alonso Diaz ;) We’re used to Raquel Del Rosario’s wearing her ring on her right hand,but we don’t understand the meaning of the diamond ring on her left hand from november(Ä°n november,it’s said that they’re married)Fernando Alonso Diaz,don’t do a wrong thing,it’s better to be with the ugliest women in the world ,(which is “UGLY BETTY” )than being with Raquel Del Rosario… :) :) :)

  105. Hey,have any of you girls heard that Renault is willing to pay $30 million for Fernando to come back to the team….cool, huh? Anyway, since we’re all his fans, I don’t know if you know the song by Backstreet Boys called Spanish Eyes…if you don’t look it up – the name says it all. :) \
    And a question 4 Tanya: have u ever been to the USGP in Indy?

  106. hey tanya & melike wats urlz email address so i can email url i always like 2 get 2 know every1 who hates raquel jus like me plus i thnk it would b cool


    o n thanks maya 4 tellin me about da song i havent heard of it bt i will make sure i get it thanks again n i really hope he goes back 2 renault they need him n there r the only team that actully understands him

  107. maya i heard about that but i read that he want and BMW too.

  108. Maya, I’ve attended the USGP every year (yes including the 2005 incident) except for 2006 cause I was still ticked off after the year before! And I attended this year’s race too and it was the bomb!!!! I did read that Renault want him back, but I also read that Flavio isn’t keen on paying so much money to break his contract with Mclaren, but former sponsor Telefonica said that if Fernando returns to Renault, they will pay the money needed to end the contract and to pay Alonso’s salary as well as return to Renault as a sponsor (so maybe we’ll see the pretty car back in action cause I hate the new colors on that car!) I too also read that BMW are also interested also, but Mario Theissen has denied any rumors of Fernando joining the team, but they haven’t extended Robert Kubica’s contract so who knows! To Chanelle, my email address is formula1gridgirl@yahoo.com! Later ;)

  109. To Melike, the ring that she has with the diamond, she has been switching fingers with that ring, but I don’t think it’s proof that they are married, but I do agree with u on the whole “ugly Betty” theory! He could date a monkey and it would still be more attractive than Raquel! :P

  110. girls hes not married because the ring he wears on hes finger he had 4 a very looooooooong time i heard that apperantly hes granny bought him the ring o something plus he wears it on hes right hand i know married people wears rings on they left hand on the ring finger so raqul may b wearin the ring because she just wants 2 put a show in make us think shes married 2 him because she wants the publicity b4 she meet alonso i dont think any1 heatrd of her

    o and thanks tanya 4 ur email

  111. tanya did u getc my email?

  112. my e-mail adress is gamzeli_kiz61@hotmail.com…GOOD BYE :)

  113. was i supposed to receive something? i didn’t get anything!

  114. o ok yea u was but never mind lemme jus check that i took the right e mail adress thanks bye

  115. Yeah, it would be cool to see him in the old car with Fisico wouldn’t it?So, Tanya, do you know what’s gonna happen now that there is no Indy….I mean where is the race gonna be held?
    P.S. Which state are you from?

  116. Well, they aren’t saying what’s gonna happen in the future for the USGP, but if they plan to come back, there has been talk of having it at Las Vegas, New York and possibly Indianapolis again, but we’ll have to wait and see! Next year, I’ll be going to Montreal for the Canadian GP with a group of friends from my myspace page so it’ll be fun! I’m from Illinois which is pretty much the main reason as to why I went to Indy cause it was more conveinent for me, plus I like going to that track! Also, this just came into thought about Raquel, now I heard that her first cd sold around 200,000 copies and her second sold around 40,000. Now, how is it that the first cd is considered platinum and her second one is gold??? Over here in the states, if she sold that much, it would be a failure! I just don’t get it!!!

  117. Hey, we’re not that far away….I’m from Missouri, St.Louis actually, which is pretty neat, huh?:)
    About Raquel – Europeans have different standards than Americans, but all the same, she’s more focused on keeping him (because she’s become famous thanks to him), than on her music. I don’t know if you’ve noticed the headlines in some of those pictures, but they all say “Girlfriend of Fernando Alonso”….she’s famous just because of that. And I saw one of those headlines say “Best dressed” – what are they, BLIND? :)

  118. OMG! Apparently so! She has no fashion taste what so ever! Sometimes I wonder if she dresses in the dark!

  119. BTW! It’s cool that u live in St. Louis! Have u ever been to a race???

  120. in Cyprus nobody now raquel del rosario :D

  121. Thanks Melike for the pics and the videoclips!

  122. Unfortunately no, I’ve never been on a race….I was supposed to go to the one in Spain this year, since I was there, but i didn’t. And I was looking forward to going to Indy next year, but now that they’ve canceled it, who knows. Maybe I’ll go see some other race, I don’t know. :) :) :)
    To Melike, thanks for the clips…looks like we’re not he only ones who think there’s trouble in paradise :)

  123. u should so come to Montreal next year!

  124. Tanya and Maya it’s okey good bye… :) :)

  125. Ok, I just have one question cause my spanish is a bit off, but can someone who saw the first videoclip where the woman was interviewing Raquel to translate the last answer she gave out? I know the lady asked how her relationship with Fernando was, but I couldn’t figure out the rest.

  126. hello girls i found ”para toda la vida” and first talk fernando alonso and afterwards sing Raquel. Now i am absolutely sure that Raquel use Fernando for her caree ;)

  127. what did i tell u?

  128. so many photos in so many wepsite and nobody found photos for the marriage. :) that mean fernando and raquel it’s not merriage yet :) :) :) :)

  129. can someone translate the first videoclip on the last part when asked about Fernando?

  130. peeps alonso never get married raquel is jus like a thing 2 say they r hes dad doesnt even like her he should b more focoused on hes cAREER dnt url yhink so plus tanya and melike did ne of url get my emails?and anuda thing maya thanks for the post card n da pic of him n i dn evn think il see him like that ever again if he does marry her………………………n hav url seen hes family they all look so cute together she will never fit in

  131. To Tanya, the reporter asked her about her relationship with Fernando and Raquel said she doesn’t wanna talk about it.Then the reporter asked is it true that he came to see her and they had a fight and he left….are they havin problems?????? :)

  132. she never talks about him, or their relationship….she even forbid the interviewer to ask questions about him!!!!Why do you have tears in your eyes when someone asks you about the man you “love”?????

  133. Thanks Maya! I don’t understand too why she cries! She’s a big baby! To Chanelle, give me your email address please?

  134. To Melike, how long ago was that first videoclip?

  135. it was towards the end of winter,good bye… ;)

  136. melike can you send to me this videoclips ;)

  137. Thanks Melike for the clips again! I agree with Maya, there’s definitely trouble lurking around in paradise!

  138. o my god maya u jus made us al so happy pls i hoe they brk up n ja sure tanya its chanellelutchman@yahoo.com

  139. u know, i just thought of something: i think that Fernando is just staying with her because if he breaks up with her, he’s gonna get some bad publicity because she’s Spain’s sweetheart and he’s a 2-time champion! I think he’s afraid of dumping her! See, this is what happens when u date a celebrity and your one too! He should’ve thought about that before he made his move on her!

  140. Lewis Hamilton is hot and Fernando is not!!!!

  141. alexis FERNANDO IS HOT and hamilton is not!!!! :p :p

  142. FERNANDO IS SO NOT HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  143. yea you have right fernando is not only hot is beautiful, sexy ,sweets,great driver, good person. Hamilton is nothing!!!!!!!! :) :) :)

  144. alexis dont u dare talk bout alonso like that hes the most greatset thig most special thing 2 ever walk the earth hes 2 hot words cannont explain how hot he is ok so dont u dare cum here and talk bout alonso as 4 hamiliton theres no coment hes like an thing he thinks hes 2 but so do u but unfortunly hes so not he thinks jus cos he has hes dad there hes the baby the mus trat him like gold well he aint gold not 2 me hes like a thing and some1 needs 2 put him right

  145. o my god shes spains sweet heart hell no she aint sweet at all theres nothin good bout her anyway

  146. How can u like Fernando he looks like the GRINCH!!!!!!!!!!

  147. Hamilton is a much better driver than alonso!

  148. FERNANDO IS THE TOP.hamiltos is good-for-nothing. hamilton maltreat ron dennis,is spoiled ha ha ha

  149. Oh, dear Alexis, you found the wrong site to talk about Hamilton….see we don’t care if he’s hot or not….we don’t like him. So you can go and write about him to some1 who cares.
    And the fact that Fernando looks like grinch….well to be honest no one asked for your opinion, but since we’re talking Hamilton probably has “fans” just cause he looks like Tiger Woods, only he’ll never be that good – in anything. :)

  150. Alexis – Don’t you know thick eyebrows are back in fashion? hehe ;)

    Chanelle – It’s ok that Alexis likes Lewis. We’re all friends here even if we don’t support the same drivers ;) I just hope the next time Lewis and Fernando go into a corner together that Fernando holds his ground (he is extremely careful to avoid accidents with other drivers – but if Lewis wants to take them both out it won’t do his reputation any good).


  152. I like Lewis and you love Fernando, Lewis is a head of Fernando at the moment so doesn’t that tell u who’s a better driver!

  153. To Chanelle, the reason that I’m saying sweetheart is because she’s got this innocent image going on: she’s not dressing sexy, she doesn’t curse or anything like that! That’s why and people look at that like “aww, she’s so sweet and innocent. There’s no way that she can be a bad person!” She really has Spain wrapped around her finger! and Alonso too!

  154. o dam they must open there eyes and see what she really is and i hope that they grip that she has on alonso loosens coz i dont like wats happenin with her she is turnin him in2 what she is n maya why dont u email me anymore wat happend?

  155. o dam they must open there eyes and see what she really is and i hope that they grip that she has on alonso loosens coz i dont like wats happenin with her she is turnin him in2 what she is n maya why dont u email me anymore wat happend? and i hate hamiliton 2

  156. alexis u better take mayas advice and backoff bcos we all will give you a fight if you lookin 4 1 hamiliton is a nothin hes lucky 2 even be here were he is and its thanks 2 alonso ok boy so yeh and think again next time b4 messing with alonso

  157. who you thing that win the turkey gp??? :)

  158. I want Alonso to win! It’s his 100th GP! He deserves to win!!!

  159. me too but we don’t now what hapen to the end!!

  160. I really want him to win so bad, and I hope nothing goes wrong this time….We’ll all have our fingers crossed for that one, huh? ;)

  161. yea tru he better win hes 100th gp and hes got 2 win it and hamiliton better not cum n hes way

  162. i want hamilton get out in this race and fernando bring himself back into the championship!!!

  163. Hey girls, I need your opinion on something…check this out

  164. Awesome videoclip Maya! Luv the dedication at the end! Thanks girl!

  165. ey maya im tryin 2 c that thing you puy on you tube but i dnt knw y but its takin long to load im nt getin da video

  166. OMG u are all so sad, ur in love with Fernando Alonso don’t u have boyfriends! Hamilton is the best driver!

  167. u know, I would like to see him talk to her about F1! She would be completely clueless! I bet most of the time he’s just talking about his career and she would be totally lost! LOL!

  168. alexis how many times i tell you the same thing Fernando Alonso is the best driver hamilton is good for nothing. And yes i love fernando so much that not mean i don’t have a boyfriend!! :) :P :D

  169. Chryso do u love fernando more than ur boyfriend? and lewis hamilton is the best driver!!

  170. the same!! :) fernando is the best driver ;)

  171. alexis who da hell r u tryin 2 convince exept 4 urself if hamiliton is suc a great driver didnt he win da gp o y didnt he beat alonso o im sorry i forgot cos he knows alonso is the est that he cant beat alonso and i love alonso 2 boi so back off n yea i do av a bf 2 n i dnt av 2 choose between him and alonso

  172. alexis who da hell r u tryin 2 convince exept 4 urself if hamiliton is suc a great driver didnt he win da gp o y didnt he beat alonso o im sorry i forgot cos he knows alonso is the est that he cant beat alonso and i love alonso 2 boi so back off n yea i do av a bf 2 n i dnt av 2 choose between him and alonso my bf anit makin me choose between him and alonso so y should u

  173. alexis who r u tryin 2 convince except urself hamilition is a nothn ok and plus if hes sooooo great y didnt he win da gp huh y didnt he finesh off in frount of alonso well i will be lookin forward on ur reply about this and anutha thing is

    i love alonso 2 and i also hav a bf o theres no reason 2 make me 2 choose between the two my bf not makin me chose so y da hell should u?

  174. um…did I miss something? since when did we start feuding over Hamilton and Alonso???

  175. yeah, this really is ridiculous….we’ll never agree on that one, so just give it a break people.
    We like Fernando, she likes Hamilton – that’s it. And it doesn’t really matter who loves who, cause none of us can have any of them, right?
    And about who is a better driver, I guess this season will show. :) :)

  176. lol yah reali we shoud listen 2 maya more u reali said a mouth full n u reali knows wat u r talkin

  177. Hey sorry about the stuff i said, u like fernando and i like Lewis they’re both good drivers.

  178. selam ben Türkiye den Demet. Fernando Alonso ben burda onu beklerken bu kızda ne buluyor anlayamıyorum. I LOVE YOU ALONSO

  179. yea alexis its kul n yea wel they r both 2 reali good drivers and no 1 can argue about that

    and um……..demet i dont understand spanish can u pleae say it in english

  180. thanks Alexis…that’s really nice of u. Sorry 4 what I said 2, it’s just that sometimes i get a little carried away and so…nwys welcome to the club ( not the Fernando fan club, just the chatting club), if u’r OK with that? ;)

  181. aww! we’re all pals again! :) How sweet! To Chanelle, I don’t think that’s the spanish language.

  182. yeah…I think it’s Turkish or something like that :)

  183. Thanks everyone and i agree with u about fernando’s girlfriend.

  184. lol yea now that i take a good look at it it doesnt look anything like spanish mayb it is but we wil never knw i dnt think n alexis im sorry 4 wat i said 2

  185. Thanks Chanelle

  186. Hey Chanelle, is that pic coming any time soon? :)

  187. lol ey maya yea it wil bt i us gt da email so i dnt reali knw hw send pics if u can giv me a low down on it then i cnt send it

  188. what?! what photo? Chanelle can I see the photo? Btw, anyone know what happened to Melike? haven’t heard from her in a while.

  189. alexis sorry for what i say!!!

  190. i hate Raquel del rosari0.. ;) =]

  191. loukia me too ;)

  192. formula 1 is the one!!

  193. Are u a Felipe Massa fan louki?

  194. Yeah Tanya, I’ve noticed we haven’t heard from Melike in a while….what happened to her….maybe she went on a vacation!!!!! ;)

  195. Thanks Chryso

  196. I love Fernando Alonso and i hate Raquel Del Rosario.. ;)

  197. yes tanya i big fan massa why?

  198. i am big fun massa tanya why?

  199. it’s ok..where are you from? ;)

  200. Just askin’ louki! :)

  201. tanya..i hate raquel del rosario but i like alonso and massa

  202. I’m from London but i live in Lake Geneva where are u from? :)

  203. i’m from cyprus :)

  204. when did u start liking fernando?

  205. lol tanya da photo we were talkin about was my foto n welcum 2 da neigbour hood loukia im chanell€ anda alonso fan n massa’s kul

  206. anyway i like alonso but massa very much :) :) :)

  207. lol so wat do u c n maSSA?

  208. to louki: i heard he’s engaged to be married and the wedding is supposed to take place at the end of november. about 800 people are suppose to attend the wedding. happy to hear that u like alonso! i’m not that much of a massa fan. to chanelle, my bad! :P

  209. chanelle: i like massa ok but i like alonso too..
    tanya: aha

  210. “aha”. are u mad that i’m not much of a massa fan?

  211. no i’m not mad tanya..:):) where you from??

  212. sorry :) where are you from?? ;)

  213. I’m from the states! where are u from?

  214. i’m from cyprus

  215. Cool! :)

  216. oh louki i from Cyprus too!! and i like massa too but not ferrari!
    tanya who is massa girlfriend?
    alexis i liking alonso since 2006 in spain gp.anyway how old are you?
    :) ;)

  217. oh. cool chryso nice too meet you..:)

  218. I got this off of another website.Rafaela Bassi

    Age 27

    Occupation: Heiress

    Brazilian Rafaela is as wealthy as boyfriend Felipe Massa – her
    family owns the huge fashion firm Guarana Brasil. She was
    holidaying on the family yacht when she met the Ferrari driver
    at a disco. She hates the F1 paddock because it’s a ‘cold and
    unfriendly’ place. Flying in and out by private jet must ease
    the pain.

  219. tanya thanks!!!
    Rafaela Bassi is much better than Raquel Del Rosario :) ;)

  220. no problem chryso! and yes, I agree…she’s definitely prettier than Raquel!

  221. tanya you have msn?
    i have msn you?

  222. yes. my email on msn is f1angel@hotmail.com

  223. i’m 99% sure that fernando return back to renault with fisichella yes yes!!
    :) :) :)

  224. thank tanya ;)

  225. thank tanya ;)

  226. no problem! :) to chryso: I agree! After all the madness that’s been going on here this week, he basically has no choice but to leave! I’m actually kinda glad that he knew about the documents, but what upsets me is that he didn’t tell the FIA right away! At least he’ll be granted amnesty for his actions which is good, but I hope that the Mclaren team get what they deserve! I was hoping they wouldn’t do something like this, but now that it has, it’s time to pay the price!

  227. i’m so sud as fernando this season can’t get for third time the title if he don’t try in monza get first plase.

  228. hey tanya do you now where is melike?

  229. I’ll be disappointed too if he doesn’t get the title, but it’ll be the fault of the team not him! BTW, I’m not sure where Melike is; no one seems to know where she is!

  230. i agree with you tanya ;) :)

  231. tanya how old are you?? ;)

  232. OMG, i hope he goes back to Renault at the end of the season, i think it would be the smartest move all season, because that was his team -did you see how Flavio treated him as a son, and how could Ron Dennis is….I wish he would go back, that team brings him good luck. :) :)

  233. Flavio said that he want Fernando Alonso get the title! ;) :)

  234. I’m 21 chryso! The Renault team are expected to announce their driver line-up this weekend so we shall see!

  235. Has anyone seen Raquel’s new music video?!

  236. heya everybody

    im back miss me(i dnt think so)
    so watsu wats going on?n wats dis bwt raquels new video tanya?

  237. chanelle of course you miss us!! :) ;)
    tanya what is the song name??

  238. Hey chanelle! Long time, no hear from u! ;) Anyway, her new song is called Demasiado Tarde. Here’s the link for the video!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DWvSlQWeSws I think she’s kinda jealous in this one! :P

  239. lol yea i did abit lol bnt take it 2 urs heads nw huh

    n do u knw wat it means n english?

    im soooooooooooooooo happy hes gt pole 4 2days race thats so wonderful im reali happy 4 him hope he wins it
    does ne1 knws if hes goin bk 2 reno o wat?

    o n 1 mor thing does ne1 ere hav migg33?

  240. o mayb even mixt?

  241. this is a fantastic win for fernando!!! ;)
    i’m so happy :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

  242. Brilliant performance by our man! :) I’m very excited and proud of him! Lets hope for a repeat at Spa next week!

  243. i love him even mor lets hope nxt race he does the same and gets bak hes 3 points 2 beat hamiliton

  244. 3 points – just three freaking points…..this is unbelievable. I guess we saw today what he can do, and who’s the better driver. Hamilton doesn’t stand a chance when Fernando has a good weekend (like in Monaco). Lets just hope it happens more often now. ;) ;) :)

  245. well done Fernando, but can i just say in Monaco Lewis was told to let Fernando win! :)

  246. no alexis you have wrong about monaco gp!! :)
    alexis how old are you?
    hamilton yesterday why was not punish??

  247. I’m 18 :)

  248. alexis what is your email?? :)

  249. Alexis_Panettiere@hotmail.co.uk what’s yours :) :)

  250. chryso.alonso@hotmail.com :)

  251. well i doesnt matter who told who what 2 do as log as alonsos bk ton top im happy

  252. chanelle what is your email?? :)

  253. hey its chanellelutchman.yahoo

  254. i mean its chanellelutchman@yahoo

  255. Hey Alexis, any chance you know if Hamilton is really dating their boss’s daughter, because I saw a couple of pictures of him with a girl, and I’ve read that she’s the daughter of McLaren’s main shareholder?
    And to Tanya, have u heard anything about the USGP yet, because I’d really like to go, but not to Montreal…not really my favorite track? :) :)

  256. There is no USGP in 2008, but Indianapolis Motor Speedway CEO Tony George said that he is gonna try to get the USGP back to his track for 2009. Bernie Ecclestone just wants too much money! I heard he asked for double the amount that was orignally paid to host the track! I heard he wanted between 60 to 90 million dollars which is ridiculous!

  257. That guy is unbelievable, he’s like totally insane. I think he’s trying to get F1 in some attractive countries with a lot of tourists, just to make more money…I don’t blame him though, I just wish he’d bring it back to the US.
    Thanks, Tanya. BTW, that was an awesome win on Sunday, huh?

  258. OMG! It was awesome to see a Mclaren 1-2 at Ferrari’s home turf! (no offense louki :P ) Tomorrow though, I’ll admit I’m worried about the hearing. I do believe they’re innocent, but at the same time, I’m curious as to what that new evidence is! I hope they are not disqualified this year and next over this! It’s stupid IMO!

  259. Girls, check out these videoclips.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0pQvaGz3mfA and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3pnhEyt_d_c. These clips just goes to show how she can’t handle the pressure of the press being all up in her face when it comes to Fernando. Maya, if u would be so kind to translate for those who don’t speak spanish. :)

  260. tanya what exactly happen with ferrari and McLaren???

  261. maya what is your email? :)

  262. Chryso: Here’s what happened:Ferrari’s chief designer Nigel Stepney had a meeting with the chief designer of Mclaren Mike Coughlan. It was said that during their meetings, Nigel gave Mike over 780 pages of documents of the design of the Ferrari cars. Mike took the documents and it was said that he revealed the documents to several people in the Mclaren team including test driver Pedro De La Rosa. Pedro then told Fernando Alonso about the documents via emails and Fernando didn’t believe him. It was also revealed that on the weekend of the Monaco GP, Nigel tried to sabbatoge the team by putting white powder into the fuel tanks of the cars. Nigel denies this, but there was white powder found on his clothing and Nigel said that he was framed. Back to Mclaren, when Mike showed the documents to the employees, they told him to destroy them, but he not only kept them, but his wife made copies of the documents. This led Ferrari to fire Nigel and right afterwards Mclaren suspended Mike in connection to Ferrari. At the first hearing, Mclaren were found guilty of possession of the documents, but were not punished due to insufficent evidence to prove they used the documents to their advantage. They were told however if new evidence were to come up, they could face severe punishment including disqualifying of the 2007 championship and possibly 2008! New evidence arised a week before the appeal hearing that Ferrari requested claiming that one or more of the Mclaren drivers knew about the documents and requested from each driver to submit what they know! Only Pedro and Fernando were the only ones to submit what they know!

  263. woh dam i hope everythings arylt i hop nando comes out clean tanya iheard that apperantly nando found some sorta evedince 2 help the fia o sumthng lyk tat

  264. To Chryso, my e-mail is saintorwitch@hotmail.com
    To Tanya(and every1 else), the first video wouldn’t open so try again. On the 2nd 1 I did my best, so here goes: The journalist woman had an interview with the group about their new album and when they showed up, apparently Miss Perfect had tears in her eyes because someone asked about her marriage with Fernando, and the journalist was forbidden to ask any questions about him. There is a song on their album that talks about life in the spotlight, u know with press following your every move and Raquel said that the song was mainly about her life. She wouldn’t answer any questions about Nando or their marriage (because the press is certain that they’re married), and the woman who did the interview said that she doesn’t understand why won’t she admit that they’re married; they’re both, young, they have great careers and they’re “in love” so what’s the point of forbidding every1 to talk about Nando, when it’s only natural for a journalist to be interested in that area of her life….and the song from the album is called Para Toda La Vida (”For the rest of my life – forever”).
    They say that it’s hard doing the interview about the CD when you know that people are more interested in another segment of your life, but the boys were all very friendly and talkative, but she wasn’t – which btw, you can tell from the look on her face.
    I think that’s bout it…if you have anything else just let me know. LOL

  265. P.S. Tanya, u wouldn’t by any chance be registered into Facebook, would you?
    :) :)

  266. McLaren hit by constructors’ ban
    McLaren have been stripped of their points in the 2007 Formula One constructors’ championship after the outcome of the ’spygate’ row.

    The team was also fined a record $100m (£49.2m), which includes any prize and television money they would have earned from the constructors’ championship.

    But drivers Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso can keep their points.

    The team must also prove there is no Ferrari ‘intellectual property’ in their cars next year before racing.

    The decision means Ferrari, who are currently second in the constructors’ championship, 57 points ahead of third-placed BMW Sauber are almost certain to be crowned champions.

    When he left the hearing, FIA president Max Mosley was asked if justice had been done, and replied “Yes.”

    McLaren team chief Ron Dennis is due to give his reaction to the verdict at a 1915 BST news conference.

  267. thanks tanya and maya about the information!!
    that another rason fernando go back to renault!! :) :) :)

  268. Maya, I don’t have facebook, but I do have myspace! As far as the verdict, it could’ve been alot worse! Mclaren are awaiting to hear the FIA statement tomorrow and that will decide if Mclaren will appeal the decision or not!

  269. Maya, is there anyway u can copy that first one and paste it where u type the address? It should work! That one is kinda interesting because I think her manager steps in!

  270. Yeah, I tried that but I can’t copy it, I don’t know why and when I type it in, it just says that something’s wrong, sorry. Nwys….check this out…she’s nowhere to be found, and she’s usually with him.
    P.S. Tanya do you think he’s really 5′1″, cause I think they got it wrong, he can’t be that short.

  271. Yey, I got it…finally…I managed to open the video so here goes (I feel like the official interpreter of Raquel del Rosario):the first part is about the group and it’s a bit boring so forget that, the trouble comes in the second part: that guy David wrote the song and Raquel she could relate herself with the song and she believes in all that I love you forever or something like that. So he (the reporter) asked her who she feels right now and she said she was happy with her life, where the group is and since she’s 25 he asked her how does she see herself “not personally, because we’re not allowed to ask you that”. That’s when the manager walked in saying the interview is over (you saw the look in her eyes). :) :)
    One of the women in the studio said that she’s “acting like an adolescent…if you like him and you’re together just admit it….it’s ridiculous. The public is interested in El Sueno de Morfeo, but they also want to see the personal side of their ‘idols’, and since they’re married she should start acting like the wife of the bichampion of the world, who happens to be the most important person in Spain right now”. (OK, long quotations).
    As u can c, Spain believes they’re married, which just make me hate her even more, plus she’s got a b-day 2 days after mine. :( :( :(

  272. Thanks Maya! If u are upset because her b-day is 2 days after yours, try sharing it with her! My b-day is on Nov.3rd! The only difference is that she’s 3 yrs older than me! As far as Fernando’s height, he ain’t that short! I saw him at Indy this year! He’s about 5′6″! If he was 5′1″, he would be shorter than me! :P

  273. hi girls!! :)
    what final happen with Fernando and renault??

  274. The FIA has published accounts of “systematic” contact between McLaren chief designer Mike Coughlan and Ferrari’s Nigel Stepney – evidence that led the governing body to severly penalise the Woking-based team.

    In a 14-page document issued at the Belgian Grand Prix, the FIA details how the World Motor Sport Council reached its verdict at its hearing on Thursday.

    As was expected, the evidence revolves around an email exchange between McLaren test driver Pedro de la Rosa and world champion Fernando Alonso, plus logs of calls and SMS messages between Coughlan and Stepney.

    In the emails, extracts of which have been published, de la Rosa talks about information coming from Stepney.

    On March 21 de la Rosa wrote an email to Coughlan stating: “Hi Mike, do you know the Red Car’s Weight Distribution? It would be important for us to know so that we could try it in the simulator. Thanks in advance, Pedro.

    “P.S. I will be in the simulator tomorrow.”

    Coughlan replied to that email with a text message with the details that were required, although in the end those settings were not tried out.

    On March 25 de la Rosa then sent an email to Alonso setting out Ferrari’s weight distribution to two decimal places on each of Ferrari’s cars for the Australian Grand Prix.

    Alonso then replied under a section headed Ferrari: “Its weight distribution surprises me; I don’t know either if it’s 100 percent reliable, but at least it draws attention.”

    De la Rosa then replied: “All the information from Ferrari is very reliable. It comes from Nigel Stepney, their former chief mechanic – I don’t know what post he holds now. He’s the same person who told us in Australia that Kimi was stopping in lap 18. He’s very friendly with Mike Coughlan, our Chief Designer, and he told him that.”

    The evidence then details emails from de la Rosa discussing a flexible wing, aero balance, tyre gas, Ferrari’s braking system and the team’s stopping strategy.

    Furthermore, the FIA examined reports from the Italian police of call logs between Coughlan and Stepney.

    The evidence said: “In total, at least 288 SMS messages and 35 telephone calls appear to have passed between Coughlan and Stepney between 11 March 2007 and 3 July 2007.”

    The World Motor Sport Council found that:

    “- Coughlan had more information than previously appreciated and was receiving information in a systematic manner over a period of months;

    “- the information has been disseminated, at least to some degree (e.g. to Mr. De la Rosa and Mr. Alonso), within the McLaren team;

    “- the information being disseminated within the McLaren team included not only highly sensitive technical information but also secret information regarding Ferrari’s sporting strategy;

    “- Mr de la Rosa, in the performance of his functions at McLaren, requested and received secret Ferrari information from a source which he knew to be illegitimate and expressly stated that the purpose of his request was to run tests in the simulator;

    “- the secret information in question was shared with Mr. Alonso;

    “- there was a clear intention on the part of a number of McLaren personnel to use some of the Ferrari confident information in its own testing. If this was not in fact carried into effect it was only because there were technical reasons not to do so;

    “- Coughlan’s role within McLaren (as now understood by the WMSC) put him in a position in which his knowledge of the secret Ferrari information would have influenced him in the performance of his duties.”

    It looks to me that Pedro De La Rosa is the driver who started this and got Alonso involved!

  275. Hey,Tanya…so sorry about the b-day, and I thought MY luck was bad. Looking at the things you wrote above, I can’t help but think that you must have sneaked into that “trial”….where om earth did you get all that info?
    And bout Fernando, that was precisely my point, 5′1 would mean he’s shorter than me, and there’s no way in hell that’s true, cause he does look taller (I read somewhere that it’s about 1m71 in European, which is pretty nice), although I wish he was more like Rafael Nadal in height. :) :) :) :)

  276. tanya now fernando is going to be punish???????

  277. hi everybody this room has been flooded wid info jus n 1 day dam bt nvm so is nando in trouble o nethn 2 me it seems as tho de la rossa is the pwbm he startd twakin n tellin every1 evverythg and as 4 she who mus nt b named i haV NO WORDS 4 HER

  278. Well, there’s this rumor going around that Fernando threatened to reveal all he knew about the documents if the team didn’t start treating him like the #1 driver he is! It’s just a rumor so no one knows for sure what’s going on! Maya, I so wished I was at the hearing; man they wou;d’ve gotten a whole mouth full of words from me!

  279. Hey guys! It’s been rumored to believe that Ron Dennis was the one who squealed to the FIA!

  280. hi again everyone, i am melike, i was on a vacation and i have just returned home..i read the written things and i want to ask you a question, are they really married? or is it just a rumour.??. if they were married, i could only say that fernando would lose so many fans of him!!!

  281. melike hi again!! :)
    how are you?
    if fernando merried i never stop be fan for him!! :) :) ;)

  282. I’am fine thank you.How are you?Good bye ;)

  283. hello everybody! i am alonso big fan too and i dont like raquel so much and i also will never stop be fan for him if they get merried. whatever he do i will always like him.saludos

  284. Melike is back :) How are u girl? Why do u ask if they are married? Did u hear something recently?

  285. gud question tanya did u hear anythn melike? n weather alonso is married o nt ill always support hm n everyway possible bt i wnt soport hm n hes marriAGE

  286. i read that the press is sure that they are married, do you know that whether it is true or not??

  287. i dnt knw wetha it is bt i dnt wana belive it 2

  288. hello melike i’m fine too. ;)
    alonso 4 ever: what is your realy name?? if you want to tell us!! ;) :)

  289. Last time I checked, he wasn’t!


    n loukie im sure u mus b reali happy 4 massa congrates

  291. yes yes yes yes yes only 2 points :) :) :) :)
    and then we are 1st in champiochip ;)

  292. I’m happy for Alonso finishing in 3rd, but for some weird reason, I just wasn’t thrilled! Maybe it’s because of what happened to my team!

  293. yea tanya i knw wat u mean i ws the same normaly ill b jumpin n screamin at the tv 4 alonso bt 2day i ne:(

  294. neva

  295. no girls you don’t screamin because of what happened to team just
    today the race it was boring! :) i thing

  296. Well, the top 4 wasn’t gonna change so that’s what made it boring! What amazed me was the performance of Spyker Ferrari driver Adrian Sutil! I mean c’mon! Did anyone imagne that he was gonna have that great of a drive ever?

  297. hello, my realy name is adna.

  298. Well today the race was ok,in the start was exciting but later not so much.
    Alonso was good,now he is just 2 points after Hamilton…Im very happy for him and i hope he will be champion =)
    Alonso eres el mejor!
    p.s.sorry for my bad english

  299. hey, u’r right….there was something about 2day’s race that made it kinda boring, but nevertheless i’m happy Nando finished ahead of Lewis, but that verdict kinda ruined the whole thing, and is it just me or does it seem that Ferrari got wings after the trial…did u c Kimi today?
    BTW, Adna where are you from? And to Melike, welcome back, we’ve missed you.LOL ;) ;)

  300. Maya,thank you…, i missed you,too. see you, byee… ;)

  301. how old are you anda?? :) ;)

  302. girls who is fernando team for 2008??
    i confuse!!! ;)

  303. Probably he’ll be given the boot from Mclaren after this year (even though his manager says he’ll stay with the team). If he does in fact leave, he’ll most likely go back to Renault. If not Renault, there’s been talk of him going to Ferrari!

  304. i don’t want him to stay mclaren this year!! :(
    i want him go to renault!! :)

  305. I’d much rather have him stay with McLaren, than go to Ferrari….that would be horrible. Imagine, people would probably say that he wants to be like Michael. To quote Novak Djokovic: “I don’t wanna be Roger Federer, I wanna beat Roger Federer.”
    Since Fernando managed to beat Schumacher on track when he had a great season, it don’t think he should be going to Ferrari….it’s just insane….especially with Schumi there (even though they get along really well), but that’s just my opinion, and I don’t want Fernando to turn into Michael. LOL :) :)

  306. Alot of people are already saying that he already is becoming like Michael Schumacher Maya! :P

  307. wat r they all insane o sumthng hw caN they say alonso is juslike micheal he aint nothn compared 2 hm n i hope e goes 2 renault tey need hm n he needs them jus as muc

  308. I hear ya chanelle! I hate it when people compare him to Michael Schumacher! :)

  309. Oh, come on…ya’ve gotta be kidding me….there’s no way he’s ever gonna be like Schumi (no offense to his fans, the guy’s a great driver), but lets face it he’s had some doubtful moments on track and off…Nando is not that arrogant, at least not yet, but if he continues to date Raquel things are really gonna change… :( :(

  310. Hey Maya! I agree with u about everything! He needs to get rid of Mclaren and Raquel asap!!! Did u notice how everytime she’s about to start singing, she always saya “vamos arriba!” Is that like her trademark kinda like how Paris Hilton had “That’s Hot”? If so, she’s gotta do better!

  311. hey raquel del rosario is silly like paris hilton :P
    any news about nando??

  312. hey guys so wat does vamous arriba mean tanya?

  313. vamos arriba means something like let’s go….you know how singers tend to do that at concerts. I personally think she’s worse than Paris Hilton, because we all know Paris is “bad” and she doesn’t try to hide it, but Raquel is like the Spanish sweetheart… she looks so naive and she has no bad habits (I think Tanya already said this once).
    Hey, this is just a though,and don’t be mad at me 4 this 1….but what if she’s not bad, and we’re just saying this cause we hate her. I know it contradicts everything I’ve said before, but still…….what if we’re wrong and he in fact is in love with her? :( :(

  314. lol ya maya u ryt wat if bt stil we say these stf nt knwin wetha its tru o nt cos we dnt lyk her n i dnt knw y everytym i c a pic o sumthng of her i o them i thnk they reali r in love

  315. hey people,whats up?
    i just want to say i agree with you that there is a lot of people who compare alonso to schumacher,they say that alonso is arrogant and conceited and he is trying to be like schumacher.i dont agree with them,alonso dont wanna be like sumi… and about raquel i dont know is he realy love her,think its perhaps truth…who knows…
    btw im 16 and im from croatia =)
    pozdrav svima

  316. Welcome back Adna…..ili bolje da kazem dobrodosla nazad….drago mi je da Nando ima obozavatelje u Hrvatskoj….pretpstavljam da ti gledas F1 na HRTu, oni decki su stvarno zakon, ha?

  317. Maya, what did u just say???

  318. I just welcomed her back and asked if she watches Formula 1 on Croatian Television, because that’s where i used to watch it back home….sorry about that, i just felt weird writing in english when i didn’t have to. LOL

  319. lol its fine maya

  320. hey maya how many languages do you now?? :)
    how old are you? (if you want to tell me)
    and i now that nando love raquel but we are funs and we have the right to judge them!! ;)

  321. Well, Chryso, I can speak about four languages: Bosnian – my native, English of course and Italian and Spanish relatively good. I can also speak a little bit of German, but definitely not my favorite language. ;) ;)
    And yeah, why wouldn’t I wanna tell you how old I am – I’m gonna be 18 on November 1st. :) :) :)
    To Chanelle, girl do you even read your mails anymore? LOL

  322. hey well maya i do hey n i dnt thnk im gertin of ur mails da las mail of urs was da 1 askin if im angry at u o sumthng n i thik im da youngest 1 ere that talks bwt alonso n raquel lol me a smal gal lol bt i knw alot(in a gud way) n yea maya u so lucky i always wantd 2 leARN spaniseh n u spk bw 5 dif launges i spk english abit of africkaans n i lean zulu n school of ne1 of url knw bwt these launagages

  323. oh maya very good!! :) ;)
    chanelle how old are you?? :) ;)

  324. Hej Maya odkud si ti?…Naravno da pratim F1 na HRT-u i jesu,decki su zbilja zakon… =)
    I also speak English,Italian and Spanish.I learn English and Italian in the school, and about Spanish I dont speak so good but I can understand it, and i speak Croatian of course…
    do you have msn?

  325. Ja sam iz Bosne,jedno malo mjesto na granici s Hrvatskom, tako da dok sam bila tamo dosta vremena sam provodila na Jadranu. Sad inace zivim u St.Louisu, idem na faks. :) :) :)
    Chanelle, does it really matter ur the youngest…..we’re all round the same age, it’s not like there’s s big difference, huh? ;)

  326. My hotmail address is written somewhere above: it’s saintorwitch@hotmaill.com and I just got the MSN today. LOL
    To Melike and Chryso, you can write there, it’s easier..if you want to. :) :)

  327. lol yea bt im like 14 dam n url al r bigger then da age 16

  328. hey chanelle i’m 15

  329. does anyone know Greek? ;) :)
    the next year i learn Spanish and Turkish!! ;) :)

  330. Hello Maya,Tanya,Chryso,Chanelle.I will write in Turkish.I’m sorry :( Raquel Del Rosario,kendini zeki sanan aptallardan biri sadece.Raquel Del Rosario’yu 2,5 yıldır taniyor ve yakindan takip ediyorum.İçinde bircok kötülügü barindiran ve popülerligide sadece Fernando Alonso Diaz ile kazanan gercekten kötü bir insan.Tanya,Maya objektif baksak bile Raquel Del Rosario’daki kötülügü sezebiliriz.Ne yazık ki Fernando asik ve bunu anlamiyor.Aslında bunu bizim gibi Fernando’nun ailesi de biliyor.Mc Laren,Fernando Alonso’ya 2007 yilinda adeta bir kabus yasatti,Schumi gibi olmasi beklenirken imajina Mc Laren olaylari kötü bir izlenim meydana getirdi.Fernando’nun üzüldügünü gördükce benim icim sizliyor.Fernando Alonso,yasanilanlarin hicbirini haketmiyor,simdi Schumi gibi olmasa da,Mc Laren’dan ve Raquel Del Rosario’dan uzaklasip,yeniden sampiyonluklari elde edebilmek icin yarismasini istiyoruz.Cünkü bizler Fernando Alonso fanlari olarak Fernando’yu cok seviyoruz. ;)

  331. why you write in Turkish?

  332. so,necessitate.Good Bye ;)

  333. http://gportal.hu/portal/alo-naty/

  334. Can u please translate for me Melike what u said? Thanks a bunch! :)

  335. yes melike pls do n wer u rm chryso

  336. http://www.raquel-gallery.extra.hu/index.php

  337. hey melike wats the web site thng 4 i went on bt dn knw wat da hell is cuttin

  338. http://gportal.hu/portal/raqueldelrosario/

  339. cyprus :)

  340. is that like in egypt o sumthng?

  341. Hello,Chanelle.I don’t understand you.Good Bye… ;) Maya,Tanya,Chanelle,Chrsyo,look at me perhaps Raquel likes Nek.Who knows.?I like Nek’s song ‘Contramano’ very much.But unfortunately Raquel is singing his songs. :(

  342. hey girls i listen raquel songs i know her songs very good esta so yo, para toda la vida,una mas uno siete…. :( :(
    forgive me for that!!!
    but ofcourse i don’t like her!
    hey melike can you send to me the song contramano

  343. i read that nando is going to ferrari for 2008!!

  344. That’s just a rumor chryso! Nothing has been confirmed yet! If he goes to Ferrari, all my friends are gonna be laughing at me! Reason for that: they know that I don’t like Ferrari, but if Nano goes there, I’ll support him! :)

  345. HE’S NOT GONNA GO TO FERRARI, I hope so at least. OMG, my friends would be all over me for if he left….they know how much I hate Ferrari.
    Nwys, Melike, how do you know Raquel listens to Nek (that guy is hot)? Now, I’ll stop listening to his songs if that’s true. It’s a pity, cause that guy really can sing. ;) ;) ;)

  346. tanya that hapen to me too all laughing with me and ofcourse i will support him if he go to ferrari :)

  347. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YkB8ApduUXs this is the url of the song contromano

    http://gportal.hu/portal/raqueldelrosario/ this is the url of the photos of nek and raquel, right bottom you can see nek and her..

    byee.. ;)

  348. Doesn’t seem that she’s kinda flirting with him???

  349. Is it just me, or are this people from Hungary obsessed with Raquel and her group….I mean how many fan sites can she have…and they’re portraying her like she’s the most popular girl on the planet when in fact no one heard of her outside of Spain until she met Nano….COME ON. :) :) :)
    Tanya, do you have MSN? :)

  350. Noooooooooooo it cant b happein it cnt b tru sumtngs def nt ryt ere nando wudnt go 2 farrari i cnt let it happen its mayb jus a rumor da only place he goes it is renault n nthn else i cnt beive it
    al my 4wnds wil b laugin at me cos hw bAD i talk bwt shumi n farrai n sff

  351. To chanelle: it’s just a rumor! Calm down girl! I don’t want him in Ferrari either! To May, yes I do have msn: f1angel@hotmail.com.

  352. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SAFa9Gf61Bs&eurl= El Sueño de Morfeo and Nek

  353. girls nando for next year is going to ferrari and massa to toyota! :( :( :(

  354. http://www.raquel-gallery.extra.hu/displayimage.php?album=145&pos=0
    Good Bye… ;)

  355. http://www.raquel-gallery.extra.hu/thumbnails.php?album=lastup&cat=0
    Good Bye… ;)

  356. OMG, my favorite song and he’s singing it with her…hell NO. That songs sonunds so much better in italian….why did he do this????? :( :(

  357. u don’t really hear her sing at all! her voice is just too low!

  358. Ok, after seeing those photos, I’ve reached a few conclusions: 1- No sense of fashion whatsoever! 2-she has by far the worse facial expressions onstage that I’ve ever seen! 3-Alonso and his father look so much alike! 4-she really likes to get cozy with her bandmates! and 5-I think she was flirting with Nek during the shoot of the video! I really cannot understand what he sees in her!

  359. hey sorry my email is alexis_panettiere@hotmail.com :) :)

  360. hey alexis! :) how are you? ;)

  361. Hey, Tanya, I definitely agree with you….she looks like she’s suffering when she sings and what’s with the outfits…she really needs a stylist, huh. :) :)
    And I think Nek is not at all intersted in her, so I don’t see the point in trying, but maybe she’s looking for a change, especially if she and Nano are no longer in love….. :) :) :) LOL

  362. hi i’m good :) how are u?

  363. Hey,I agree with you too and I hopes that Raquel and Nano are no longer in love =) he deserve much better girlfriend than Raquel…

  364. Hi,I love Fernando,and i think that he is the hotest driver.If someone want to send me some pictures of him or Raquel my e-mail is jelena-k@neobee.net

  365. Hey Melike! The pics u sent me with the house. Is that Fernando’s house? If so, I would definitely luv to live there! :)

  366. Hey Jelena, are you by any chance from Serbia?

  367. hey alexis i’m fine :) ;)

  368. adna what is your email? ;)

  369. Majo

    jesam iz Srbije

  370. Ima nas dosta njegovih obozavatelja koji smo s tog terena, ha?
    Koliko imas godina?

  371. Girls! on the website http://www.motorsportinsight.com there’s a report saying that Fernando and Raquel may have broken up! Nothing has been confirmed, but a friend of mine told me (and I posted it on their section) who attended the European GP was told by a Mclaren crew member that they were no longer dating and that they’ve had issues since the Monaco GP! Nothing has been confirmed yet! Lets hope it’s true!

  372. yes yes yes yes i’m so happy for that
    tanya thanks for this news!!!!!
    :) :) :) :) ;) ;) ;)

  373. thanx Tanya, u really made my day…God I hope it’s true. :) :) :)

  374. She’s there at Fuji girls! :( There are photos of her there! However, when I saw the pics, I think she has on a different ring on her right hand. I remember before, her ring was thin and the photos of her show her with a real thick ring band!

  375. oh no :( :( ;(
    tanya were did you find the photos?

  376. http://www.raquel-gallery.extra.hu/displayimage.php?album=145&pos=0
    Raquel Del Rosario bad gril….. :(

  377. http://www.raquel-gallery.extra.hu/thumbnails.php?album=lastup&cat=0

  378. Someone help me out here! Is that the same ring or is it a different one?! It looks alot thicker than before!

  379. it’s the same. :( :( :(

  380. It looks the same to me, but maybe I’m wrong…who knows maybe it doesn’t mean anything!!!! I just read an interview with him and he says that he’s almost definitely staying with McLaren, even though all the other teams are awaiting his decision….they all want him as a part of their team. :) :) :)

  381. yes maya i read this interview and i still hope that it’s go back to renault!!
    :) ;) ;)



  383. i hate hamilton.
    he steal nando pole position!! :@

  384. http://www.raquel-gallery.extra.hu/displayimage.php?album=lastup&cat=0&pos=0

  385. hey girls raquel and nando was going in fuji together to tell us that is together :( :( :(

  386. i’m so happy that lewis got pole position :) :)

  387. hamilton is so lukcy. i don’t believe that nando is go out :( :(


  389. raquel bring nando curse and hamilton lukc :( :(

  390. hey girls sorry about fernando bad luck :( :(

  391. OMG! I stayed up until 2 AM only to watch my man crash! Did u guys notice how the Mclaren crew didn’t show any signs of emotions whatsoever after the incident?

  392. bad gril raquel

  393. http://www.aloraq.extra.hu/galeria/thumbnails.php?album=486


  395. she probably didn’t give a damn either!

  396. I cannot believe that this is happening……I knew he shouldn’t go to McLaren the minute I read that he is going….why didn’t he just stay at Renault. I hope with all my heart that this is not true, but I think that the battle for the Championship just finished. :( :( :(
    Alexis, Lewis had a great race…in moments like these he shows why he’s where he is.

  397. Yeah lewis did really well, i’m so happy :)

  398. I agree! Alexis, Lewis did very well!

  399. Majo,imam nekih problema sa postom.Ali cu se potruditi sto pre da resim to.Zamolila bih te ako mozes da mi ponovo posaljes par onih videa jer sam nesto izbrisala i sada ih ne mogu gledati.Zanima me koliko minuta ti treba da posaljes te slike.Probala sam ti slati i slike i video ali to slanje traje satima a nista.

    Hamilton is a good boy and he desirve the best,but i’m very disapointed.I’m big fan of Alonso,and this year was the worst.Ferni go to Renault.

  400. jelena i agree with you nando must go to renault :) ;)

  401. hey girls i wish good month!!! :)
    and for nando of course!!! ;)

  402. Girls you really should read this…..I can’t believ that this is true.
    http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20070515182121AAXa3gu&show=7, open the link below the question.
    God, I hope this opens,LOL

  403. Majo,primila sam danas tvoja dva mejla,provitala ih izasla iz inboxa,kada sam ponovo usla nijedne tvoje poruke nije bilo kao ni drugih koje sam primila.Opet su mi se i videi izbrisala i doslo mi je da razbijem kompjuter.Kako kod,posalji mi tvoj mejl jer mi je nestala.A ja se necu smiriti dok ti ne posaljem te lepe slike koje imam.Ti si meni slala i hocu i ja tebi.Pozdrav.Imam 19 godina>

  404. mislila sam na e-mail adresu da mi posaljes,pogresno sam napisala

  405. That is old information,if that’s thrue,they wouldn’t be together in Japan.But some newspaper write that he call that girl to go with him in some hotel,but she didn’t wanted to,because she said that he hurt her very much.I think that he loves Raquel,and that’s not going to change just because we want.We just have to accsept and respect that.

  406. Te queremos Nando! ! !

  407. hey girls!!
    for the one hand if nando break up with rosario i will be verry verry happy
    but in the other hand if nando and rosario break up that mean this two person break up for one reason and that maybe is other girl for nando so i prefer rosario :(

  408. hey maya i don’t believe these things!
    this girl is crazy :P

  409. I don’t believe these things either, I think she just has a wild imagination and she probably made it all up…he isn’t like that, at least he doesn’t appear to be. She probably just wanted some attention and maybe she has a thing for him just like we do – so she combined the two things and made one hell of a story. ;) ;)
    That girl has got twisted imagination, huh?

  410. http://www.raquel-gallery.extra.hu/thumbnails.php?album=lastup&cat=-14

  411. http://www.raquel-gallery.extra.hu/thumbnails.php?album=lastup&cat=-14

  412. http://www.aloraq.extra.hu/galeria/index.php?cat=67

  413. http://www.aloraq.extra.hu/galeria/index.php?cat=102
    Fernando Alonso Diaz’s Family…Good Bye.. ;) ;)

  414. wats goin on ova ere girls

    o n ive sorta gt news 4 yaull i heard tat apperanlty lewis passed a comment sayin tat nando beta leave meclern this seson because he wnt and cnt workl wid hm

  415. http://www.raquel-gallery.extra.hu/thumbnails.php?album=lastup&cat=-13

  416. chanelle i heart that he go back to renualt for next year! :)
    OMG i don’t like her dress :P

  417. Yes,Chryso.I don’t like Raquel Del Rosario dress…… ;)

  418. Does she dress in the dark?! OMG! That dress is UGLY! This girl clearly has no taste whatsoever!

  419. lol ive herd of people wid they wardrobe malfunctions bt so man tyms sum1 pls get her glasses 4 her ears

  420. hey girls that is was a great race nando is so lucky!!
    :) :) :)

  421. Good news is he’s back on track and he did great today. The bad news is it’s unlikely he’ll be able to get those 4points in one race remaining – Hamilton is nit going down without a fight….even if it means getting them both of the track. Also, girls, yes the dress is horrible (if you can call that a dress – more like a rag), but what’s more important is that he’s in the pictures….doesn’t look as cozy with her as he used to, but still……… :) :) :) :)

  422. I have total confidence in Alonso! Lewis is getting cocky and it’s putting him out of focus! Interlagos has been good to Alonso (with the exception of ‘03) so I believe he’s gonna do well! :)

  423. http://www.raquel-gallery.extra.hu/displayimage.php?album=lastup&cat=-13&pos=7

  424. God Tanya, I hope you’re right. I know he’s a good driver and I believe he can win this, but I’m just saying….Lewis wants this title really bad and I wouldn’t want anything bad to happen. He does love Interlagos and I just hope he continues his good tradition there.LOL

  425. is like beggar with this dress :P
    yea i hope you’re right :) ;)

  426. If u continue scrolling down the pics, u will see her holding his race suit. She looks like she’s about to drop it! Girl, get your act together!

  427. well, I guess they’re still together, but wth is he walking so far ahead of her – maybe he’s ashamed to be seen with her, I mean with her styling and all. So, girls we didn’t get our wish after all, huh. :( :( :( :( :( :(

  428. Hey guys! Great to see so many dedicated nando fans here. anyways, about his personal life though, I checked out the f1 photos in motorsport.com and there are raquel’s photos (yeap, the one trying to hold his coveralls) and it said that she’s Fernando Alonso’s wife! So, since you guys are so informative about this, IS THIS TRUE? Hope to hear from any of you guys soon. Adios!

  429. Suhaila, they are not married!

  430. :( :( :(

  431. I think most people believe that they are married, but there doesn’t seem to be any real evidence of it, I mean no pics or reports on it whatsoever. I just hope he wasn’t that stupid and married her….. :) :) :) :)

  432. Hi Maya and Tanya and the rest of you here! I hope you guys are right that they’re not married. Sorry, but I always believe two famous people cannot get together. Not when both are famous. Like them. Well… of course Fernando is more popular but still. I agree with y’all here, that she could be using him for her popularity. My opinion? Fernando need a decent girl, not a celebrity and perhaps a smart one that can help him run his career. That’s what I think.

  433. Suhaila, u are right on everything! Lets hope that Fernando will open his eyes and make some necessary changes. First on the list, win the title, Second, leave the Mclaren team, Third, dump the gypsy girlfriend! He does these 3 things, his life will be much better! :)

  434. Hey Tanya, well said! HEAR! HEAR! :-)

  435. hey suhaila where are you from?

  436. hey girls i thing nando is with rosario :(

  437. nando must cut his hair it’s not sexy with this hair is will be like einstein
    :P :P

  438. Come on Chryso, i think he looks much better when his hair is a bit longer. To Tanya, I agree – he really needs to reconsider his priorities and start making some changes for next season.
    hey, do any of you guys know if f1 can be watched on-line?

  439. hey maya it’s sexy but i don’t like his hair very much :P
    hey if fernando is with rosario or not will see that in FIA prize in the end of the season ;)

  440. is it just me, or does he look like he’s thanking God in this pic

  441. Hello chryso! How are you doing? I’m from Malaysia and our country host the Sepang track which was the third one for this year’s race. Anyways, I’m 26 yrs old (yeap, born in the same yr as Fernando) and actually I’m a Kimi Raikkonen’s fan. I’ve been watching F1 since 1998 starting as Mika Hakkinen’s fan. Then when Kimi made his debut in 2001 I was taken by his performance as a rookie and when I checked his backgroud he got the least I must say than the rest of the other F1 drivers. So, I started supporting him since then.

    I’m actually unaware of Fernando until he started winning races with Renault in 2003. Then of course all the lights were on him since he won the past two F1 WDC. If you guys were wondering why on earth do I take an interest in his personal life, well, F1 is about competition. I want Kimi to have a worthy opponent and so far, no one fits the character better than Fernando. It was even predicted in the F1 magazine that these two would be head-to-head battling for WDC one day. And so, if you can see, Fernando and most of us are affected by our personal life. It’s so hard to separate personal from professional lives and thus we must make the personal one worked. If you asked me, Fernando got two screwed relationships this year. The first is with Raquel and the other one is with Mclaren. As I said before, he must get an ordinary woman from simple walk of life but a smart head to support his career. So, he needs to ditch Raquel and return to Renault as soon as possible. If he’s too proud to do that, I believe that’s the end of his career. And he’s far too young to quit or being shunt away just because of his pride.

    So, what do you guys think? and btw, where are you girls from? Hope to hear from you girls soon. It’s been fun chatting here. C ya! :-D

  442. Oh I forgot something very important! There’s a quote saying,”There is a woman behind every successful man”. Raquel? You be the judge.

  443. I’m from the states (Illinois to be specific)! To Maya, man that’s one hot Spaniard! :) He’s soooo cute! If he was praying he was probably saying “Thank u God!”

  444. hey suhaila! i’m fine!! i from Cyprus and i’m 15 years old. i agree for what you say.
    hey maya fernando is so cute and sexy in this foto. and i thing saying > :P haha

  445. hey suhaila! i’m fine!! i from Cyprus and i’m 15 years old. i agree for what you say.
    hey maya fernando is so cute and sexy in this foto. and i thing saying “God help me to get for 3 time the champioship and married chryso” haha :P :P

  446. http://www.planet-f1.com/story/0,18954,3213_2792939,00.html

  447. Hey, Suhaila…I think you’re my new best friend :) :) :) . Anyways, I’m gonna be 18 soon and I live the States too, but I was born in Bosnia. I totally love what you said – you’re so right….he needs to ditch both Raquel and McL.
    To Tanya, that pic is unbelievable…he looks so hot and I’m falling apart when I see him.
    I just hope that this article is true, that’d be smartest move of the season. LOL

  448. http://www.formula1.com/news/headlines/2007/10/6965.html

  449. Hello,Maya,Tanya,Chryso… ;) How are you?Hello Suhaila,my name is Melike,how are you?Suhaila,I hate Raquel Del Rosario Macias (Raquel is a bad and ugly girl) but I love you Fernando Alonso Diaz…take care Suhaila,Tanya,Chryso and Maya.See you. ;)

  450. Hey guys! Now I know why Raquel doesn’t spend that much money: Most of her concerts that she does, they are all for free! I bet Fernando probably gives her an allowance! ;)

  451. What do you mean, they’re for free????
    That’s probably why she has so many fans…..perfect excuse to go to a concert without paying. :) :) :)

  452. Ok, on her official website it shows the date of the concert, time, and price. Most of them say that they are for free!

  453. Hey guys! I don’t know if u are aware of this, but there’s a petition going on about the corruption of F1 this season and Fernando Alonso. I know that everyone here is a fan of him so go to the website and sign it! There are almost 100,000 signatures! It’s in spanish, but there’s a link where it can be translated into different languages!http://www.petitiononline.com/fealonso/petition.html

  454. http://www.raquel-gallery.extra.hu/displayimage.php?album=lastup&cat=0&pos=10

  455. http://www.raquel-gallery.extra.hu/displayimage.php?album=lastup&cat=0&pos=15 bad Raquel

  456. http://www.raquel-gallery.extra.hu/displayimage.php?album=lastup&cat=0&pos=14 ooooo David Feito and Raquel

  457. http://www.raquel-gallery.extra.hu/displayimage.php?album=lastup&cat=0&pos=9 BAD GRÄ°L RAQUEL

  458. http://www.raquel-gallery.extra.hu/displayimage.php?album=lastup&cat=0&pos=5 OOOOOO DAVÄ°D AND RAQUEL ,FERNANDO SLEEP

  459. http://www.raquel-gallery.extra.hu/displayimage.php?album=random&cat=0&pos=-2617 DAVÄ°D AND RAQUEL,SLEEP FERNANDO

  460. http://www.raquel-gallery.extra.hu/displayimage.php?album=lastup&cat=0&pos=109 SLEEP FERNÄ° OOOOOOO BAD RAQUEL :)

  461. http://www.pre-monition.com/mundomorfeo/galeria/displayimage.php?album=20&pos=2 sleep fernando alonso diaz :)

  462. http://www.pre-monition.com/mundomorfeo/galeria/displayimage.php?album=18&pos=1 ooooooooo ferni vah vah

  463. http://www.pre-monition.com/mundomorfeo/galeria/displayimage.php?album=63&pos=9

  464. http://www.pre-monition.com/mundomorfeo/galeria/displayimage.php?album=57&pos=35 BAD BAD BAD RAQUEL,SLEEP FERNANDO :(

  465. http://www.pre-monition.com/mundomorfeo/galeria/displayimage.php?album=54&pos=78 NOT SLEEP FERNANDO :(

  466. hey gals im missin url so muc:(:(:(

  467. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n5TBREyrk4E

  468. hey guys,whats up?my computer was broken so i couldnt go on the internet…p.s.i signed petition for nando =)…

  469. Hello! How’s everything going with everyone?

  470. Hey, Tanya, what’s up?
    I wanted to ask you if you know what’s going to happen with that petition, we didn’t sign it for nothing, did we? I just hope that it’s put to some use, because it’s time that something is done about the situation in McL. I read that FIA is going ti appoint a special judge for the race in Brazil, just to make sure Nando and Lewis are treated equally. I hope that can help him win the title. ;) ;)

  471. Well Maya, from what I heard, the news on the petition has traveled all over the world! News networks around Europe have been talking about! What I also heard is that those who created the petition are planning on submitting it not only to the FIA but to Ron, Mercedes-Benz, Vodafone, and Santander! It’s to show all the sponsors and the FOM that the fans are speaking out! The goal is to get 200,000 signatures before the race!

  472. She’s in Brazil with him!

  473. How do you know….where can I find the pics? I wanna see them.

  474. http://www.alo-natygallery.extra.hu/galeria/thumbnails.php?album=414&page=1

  475. http://www.pre-monition.com/mundomorfeo/galeria/displayimage.php?album=183&pos=32

  476. Hey guys! I just found out that they’re re-releasing the second album in December! They’re the only ones that I know who released albums and then months later, they re-release it! What’s the deal? She’s barely making any money!

  477. gals yip maya they are putin a brazilian judge 2 make sur ite its fair play 4 da 2 drivers i jju hpe alonso can make it 4 camipoin i reali want a 3 tyms world champ ere

    n did url guys watch da rugby da bokkies won yay!congr8z 2 al da boks fans
    missin u guys lots lov ya chan
    until nxt tym

  478. Well girls looks like we didn’t get our wish after all, or maybe I should say wishes, because Nando didn’t win the championship and he and Raquel are still together. :( :( :(
    But on the bright side, he’s leaving McL and moving on, and I’m happy for Kimi….I think there isn’t anyone who deserved to win this title more than him (plus he beat Hamilton). :) :) :)


  480. omg gals did url hea tat aperenly hamiliton may b champion nt kimi cos apperntly nico(wu myt i say i cute)and sum oudA DRIVERS HAD SUM DIFERENT TYP OF FUEL O SUMTHNG SO I HOPE HE DOESNT END UP BEING CHAMPION

  481. I heard about that! I don’t think it’ll make that much of a difference! According to the rules, it’s up to the stewards to move up the cars! If they take the championship away from Kimi, all hell will break loose all over the world!

  482. Hello to Maya,Tanya, Chryso and the others. How are you guys doing? I hope everybody is fine. I’ve been very busy celebrating the Eid ul Fitr (I’m a Muslim btw) and at the same time working *sigh*. However, I’m so thankful to God and so happy that Kimi finally wins his first ever F1 WDC title. A well deserved one, I believe. As for Fernando, I hope he’ll leave Macca, it’s no good for him. And he should leave that Raquel too. I still stand by that notion.

    And Maya, yes, I’d like to be your bestfriend too. :-) We do share the same opinion yeah? Okay girls, I try to be active in this website ya.. but anything just email me at melkishi_81@yahoo.com. Till then, enjoy!!!

  483. Hi all, I’m Veyonce and from Singapore. Accidentally stumbled here looking for Raquel’s photos cos I’m curious whether she’s in Brazil etc. Sort of relieved that they are not married. Didn’t know much about Raquel but I know a lot of Nano’s fans don’t like her.

  484. Good God,there seems to be more of us on this page every day, which is so cool. I’m so happy Fernando has a lot of fans.
    To Veyonce, we’re actually not all that sure that they’re not married, but since there’s no evidence of it we live in the belief that she hasn’t snatched him yet. :)

  485. Girls, check this out and let me know if u guys see something missing on her right hand and I just want u to know that this is a new pic!http://www.raqueldelrosario.net/galeria/displayimage.php?album=lastup&cat=0&pos=4

  486. Thanks, Maya. I was a bit confused cos some websites stated that she’s his wife while some said his girlfriend. At last I found this site to talk about Nano & Raquel cos most fan forums don’t talk about their relationship.

  487. Hey, Tanya, you really think it means something or are we just trying to hold onto something????
    Veyonce, it’s OK, I was really happy when I found this site too, as you can see – we chit-chat a lot. Nwys, how old are you, we usually ask that all newcomers, that is, if you wanna say?
    BTW, I don’t know if you read what we’ve been writin, but in case you haven’t, we all hate Raquel, so I don’t know if you’re there with us. lol :) :)

  488. Hello Veyonce! We’re practically neighbours aren’t we (I’m from Malaysia, btw)? Anyways, yes, I have to agree with you guys that most forums that I’ve been to were not discussing his private matters i.e. his relationship with Raquel whatever that is. And yes, I don’t really appreciate her in Fenando’’s life as much as Jenni in Kimi’s life. So, I’ve yet to check out some of the photos so, I’ll do that for now. Adios!!!

  489. Maya, it may mean something! I mean, this magazine cover is no different than the other ones she’s done and she’s worn the rings! Why would this one be any different?! The rings would’ve gone with the dress that she wore!

  490. Hi Suhaila, yes we are neighbours!!! Speaking of Kimi, his wife seldom accompany him???

    Hi Maya, think I’m the oldest among you ladies… I’m turning 30 this Sunday!!!!! lol…

    I’m neutral with Raquel & Nano. A love hate relationship I guess. She rarely went to the races this year, no??

  491. Hey Veyonce, I just wanted to say how lucky you are…I mean Singapore finally got the race next year and it’s gonna be held by night, that’s probably going to be a spectacle.
    About Kimi, I think his wife is almost at every race, but Raquel is rarely there, at least there aren’t many pictures from the beginning of the season. :) :) :)

  492. hey girls!! what’s up. does anyone miss me ( i gess not) anyway voyonce welcome to clup. about kimi wife is much better than rosario!!;) ;)

  493. hello everybody,,kimi raikkonen yes,!!!MASSA yes,,,and aloNSo t00..!!! ;) :) :) w0w

  494. http://www.pre-monition.com/mundomorfeo/galeria/displayimage.php?album=134&pos=26 ugly raquel :) :):)

  495. Hi Chryso!! Thanks. It’s cool to know you ladies too!!!

    Maya: I’m pretty excited about the night race too but the tickets are so ex!!!!! It will be interesting to see the qualifying session too. Hope I can get up close & personal with Nano (as in see him in person). Guess I have to search for Kimi’s photos so I can see pics of his wife..

  496. Hey girls! On motorsportinsight, one of the people (fernandosbabe) said that yesterday, she saw on sky sports tv Fernando saying that Raquel “was” a nice part of his life! Maybe they’re over? I’m kinda skeptical on this because remember: Fernando is easily misquoted, but who knows?

  497. hello everyone! My name is MAria and I’m from Greece! I am a huge Formula 1 fan in general and even though I am a really huge M. Schumacher fan, I really like Fernando Alonso. In races, I was always next to Michael’s side and this year with Kimi but Fernando is also a great driver for me – and 100% better than this stupid boy Hamilton! Anyway, apart from race life, I LOVE Fernando and I totally hate Raquel ’cause I think she just doesn’t deserve him. I liked your conversation so I thought I should enter. So… Hola!

  498. hello maria welcome to the clup. i’m chryso and i from cyprus! how old are you (if you want to tell me). about fernando i’m so happy for that. at least he break up with her :) :)

  499. hi mariA.i am fan M.Schumacher too!!!:) ;)

  500. Whoo! We got newcomers! Welcome everyone! I say we should create a anti-Raquel website for all those who despise her! I know for a fact that there’s alot of people who hate her!

  501. hahahah so ugly woman … I can’t belive she is Fernando’s wife
    fernando you could have better one like meeee :-)

  502. Sziasztok Fernando Alonso a legnagyobb király mindig nezem a F1-et mert nagyon őrülők anak hogy ilyen jól teljesit A Meclaren nagyon becsaptta és átverte de remélem az új csapatánál mejd jóbb lesz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  503. I’m 16 girls…I have been watching F1 since I was 10. I’ve never been to a GP, but I am going this summer probably in Monza. I love Ferni. God! And I tatally hate her, but are they really broken up????

  504. hi!!!!my name is Dina!i’m from greece…i saw a report to a spanish magazine which is called “hola”.FERNANDO ALONSO: ‘CUANDO CONOCÍ A RAQUEL ESTABA MUY NERVIOSO. CREO QUE ERA PORQUE ME GUSTABA MUCHO’.Please i want to translate this because i don’t speak spanish.i love fernando….he is very handsome!!!!

  505. Hi, girls welcome to the club, it’s nice to have you here. Dina, the article title would be something like – Fernando Alonso: ” When I met Raquel I was very nervous. I think it was because I liked her very much.” He’s an idiot and she’s taking advantage of it – I wish he would just leave her. ;) :)

  506. More and more stories are going around that they’re not together! She’s a gold digger!!!

  507. thank you Maya…if i find something like this aticle, i’ll tell you.ok? are they really broken up? i hope so….i want to learn the latest news…..

  508. God! He’s soooooo idiot. I mean, ok, they may be in love or anything but can’t he see that she is taking a great advantage of it??? Oh… Hey Dina!!!! Where are you from in Greece and how old are you? As you saw I’m 16 and I’m from Serres…

  509. No problem Dina, I’m happy to help, feel free to let me know when you find something else about the two of them.
    Yeah Tanya, u’r right, more and more info is starting to appear about their not-so-perfect relationship, lets just hope that they’re right, huh?

  510. Has anyone checked out his speech in Oviedo! OMG! He looked like he was about to break down! I just wanted to pop up right next to him and give him a hug!

  511. Alonso el mejor esta temporada no ha podido ser pero has luchado como un campeon eres mi idolo.



  512. ;) Dina i’m from Cyprus and i’m 15 year old. How old are you?And welcome to the club

  513. hey girlsz!!! :) ;)
    raquel bad girl :@

  514. http://www.typicallyspanish.com/news/publish/article_13283.shtml

  515. i’m 17 year old….i’m from thessaloniki…hi Chryso!ooooo he is very very handsome….i went to budapest last year….i saw fernando and i think that raquel was here….
    i want to learn some spanish word!!!!kalinyxta….

  516. Hey, Tanya, is there any way to find that speech somewhere on-line, cause I just read parts of it….let me know.lol

  517. shes sooo ugly i rekon fernando could do better

  518. Here’s his speech in english. It’s very touching!”Hello everyone and an enormous thank you for being here. This tribute is to you, not to me. It’s the tribute to support. I believe that it was imperative to come back on this balcony this year, whether winning or not.The support I had during all these moment is unlike any other support given before in Formula One.

    Like I said last year, it was a privilege to have this support and feel backed up at all moments. But this year, you did more. You have been incredible and gave me support when I needed it the most. There have been moments where I was a bit sad, but I received your support, the support of my sponsors, I saw you with your banners during the Granx Prix, the banners of Spain and Asturias, and this is what gave me the strength to believe, each and every day.

    Before this is me, who used to be imitated on TV, but this year, this is you. With your banners from Spain and Asturies. I saw the japanese and chinese races and people imitating you, following your example. It was really amusing, to see that you inspired others.

    I know I repeat myself, but thank you so much, really. Without you, I wouldn’t have had the strength to keep on next year and try again [I don't get the end, but it's the same kinda thing]

    Next year will be another difficult year, but that will be the same fr the 22 drivers that we are. But I, have the chance to have you and all Spain by my side. And [approximative] I can only wait for winter to pass for me to try and win again when the time comes.

    Since today is a beuatiful and spectacular day, I am not going to keep you any longer. Thank you again, seems I can’t get enough of saying it. You have made me the happiest man in the world, even if I lost. See you next year, bless you all and another enormous thanks.

    Thanks a lot. You’re the bests. ¡Arriba Oviedo!”. I got this off a Fernando Alonso forum!

  519. oh…. So touching! I would give anything to be there… was there raquel, too?

  520. Nope! Raquel wasn’t there!

  521. Hello girls what’s up? I agree with you maria this speech is so touching and i’m so happy cos 1) Raquel wasn’t there 2) this speech is for his funs and we are nando funs.3) i don’t care what team join in next year i support nando all my life.maria and dina can you send me your emails?

  522. Hey girls what’s up? I agree with you maria this speech is so touching and i’m so happy cos 1) Raquel wasn’t there 2) this speech is for his funs and we are nando funs.3) i don’t care what team join in next year i support nando all my life.maria and dina can you send me your emails?

  523. OMG, the speech is unbelievable, it just makes me cry…poor guy, the things he’s been thru this year, and still he sounds so honest, that there isn’t a doubt in my mind that this is how he truly feels. I wish I could have been there to see it…see him. I agree with Chryso, I’m with him no matter what he does or where he goes next season.

    And I’m so happy that witch wasn’t there *laughs*….lol :) :)

  524. hiii…….how are you?i agree with chryso…i learn that some drivers come to greece for a football match!!!but fernando will not come….but ok because i can’t go to athens these days….byeeeee
    chryso my e-mail is fernadina_alonsita@hotmail.com

  525. Hey.. Yeah, they are coming next week in Greece!!! I think Nando won’t be here, but schumi and others are! Unfortunately, I can’t go. On Monday I’m leaving for Italy!! Anyway, mine is maraki.92@hotmail.com or ilemossoglou@gmail.com (I use than more..)

  526. ευχαρίστω κορίτσια για τα emails. i give evrything to be there in Greece to see massa kimi fisichella and all other drivers play football.

  527. OMG, girls didi you see his website with the dedications…if you haven’t you simply have to, it’s unbelievable. Whoever wrote that deserves an Nobel prize in literature, because it just makes you wanna cry. Check it out. LOL

  528. Hey!

    I have found this website by accident and was immediately very fascinated.

    Here you also meet people from another website!

    I am also not a fan of Raquel and I do not know what’s going on with Fernando and Raquel. This is not normal! For a long time nobody has seen photos of them together. And most pictures of them together of the last few weeks are awful. They look really unluky and she is always several steps behind him. Very strange!
    But if I see this model then I prefer Raquel…
    Did Fernando and this model really have a relationship? This is a totally new information for me! Did anybody know that?

    Fernando apparently will be in Stuttgart (Germany) at 03.11.2007 on a Fanparty of Mercedes.

    Hamilton writes in his autobiography “My Story” also about Alonso!

    There is also rumour that Fernando will go to Red Bull?! Do you call that a joke? But everything is better than the current situation.

    This is a really cool website!

  529. i saw this article…she is called felicity jaine.but this is old new..felicity jaine: race ace Alonson had me flat out all night.
    she is more beautiful than raquel.do you agree?
    chryso perimenw e-mail sou.ok?polla filia maraki…..kalinyxta

  530. hello! i saw this article with model….her name is felicity jaine and i think that this is old new…feicity jaine:”race ace alonson had me flat out all night”.she is more beautiful than raquel…do you agree? At 03.11.2007 raquel has got birthday…and will fernando be in Stuttgart?
    geia sou maraki!!!!!chryso perimenw e-mail soy ok?polla filakia.byeeeeeeeee

  531. hello girls. maya for what website talked about? and of course HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAYA!!

  532. hi girls. maya for what website talked about? and of course HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAYA!!

  533. I know that this is an old story (2005) but for me the story is new.

    It doesn’t matter to me, if she is beautiful or not. But it seems that she is or will be a celeb (category B) and tells such a story. That makes she unpleasant for me.

  534. ok nina….where are you from, nina?

  535. I’m from Austria. Where are you from?

  536. Happy B-day Maya! Mine is on Saturday!!!

  537. Hey, girls thanks so much, means a lot…lol
    Nwys, I’ve said this before, but I’m so happy to have found this site, because I really met a lot of cool new people who I have a lot in common, and I’m glad the fan club is getting bigger. :) :)
    About that article, as I’ve said – I think she just has wild imagination and I don’t think it’s true…he just doesn’t seem like the type.

  538. Τί κάνουν οι όμορφες Ελληνίδες?? So… I read that article too and I have to say that I don’t care If she is pretty or not, she just seems to be… a slut?? I mean, she is telling people about her bed experiences? that’s what I didn’t like with that article and it made me feel that it was kind of fake, you know? There’s no way a model would have come out and say what her relationship was with a F1 driver. I think something’s wrong. And I hope I do. Because she made people notice her by telling all this. Just like Raquel… Can’t Fernando find another girl? More…. like him!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAYA!!!! I hoep you get what you wish! ;-)

  539. Hey guys!whats up?wow how many new alonso fans,cool =)…
    I didnt find that articele…Where did you find it?
    I zasto na mnogim web stranicama pise da je Alonso ozenjen ako nije?
    p.s. Majo sretan ti rođendan!Zelim ti sve najbolje! =)

  540. article,sorry

  541. Is she in Germany today for the Mtv European Awards? I know that her band is nominated for an award! Hope she loses :P

  542. Thanks Maria…my wishes actually came true already :) :) , but there are still a few(you know what I mean). :) :)
    Adna, hvala, bas mi je drago da si se vratila. Razlog zbog kojeg vecina stranica pise da je ozenjen je da su spanjolski mediji sigurni da su njih dvoje vjencani. :(
    Clanak je negdje gore objavljen, ima link, ja sam ga stavila, datum je oktobar 2, pa pokusaj naci, i ne znam jesi vidjela onaj video na youtube, datum august 25, ako hoces….
    Tanya, which idiot nominated her for the award, he’s a jerk, hope she doesn’t win. ;) ;)

  543. “Tanya, which idiot nominated her for the award, he’s a jerk, hope she doesn’t win.”

    you said it all Maya!!! I’m glad! Btw, I hope she doesn’t win, too. I was in a website the other day for the awards and I voted for the others! Κορίτσια, οι φίλοι σας έχουν ακουστά την Ρακέλ? Γιατί εμένα, παρότι ρώτησα πάρα μα πάρα πολλούς, μόνο μια κοπέλα την ήξερε γιατί είχε ακούσει το Dejame verte!

  544. They lost!!! :D

  545. Tanya, who did they lose to…I’m becoming a fan already *evil laugh*? :) :) So happy.
    Maria, are you asking about he songs, cause I’m not sure…dejame verte is good, and try Hoy Me Ire and Para Toda La Vida, cause they’re the best (I can’t believe I’m saying this, “the best”, but they gotta have at least some good songs, huh)? Nwys, if that’s not it, sorry. LOL

  546. No, no. I know her songs, but thanks anyway. There are some of them that I listen to. (f.e. Para toda la vida, Un tunel entre tu y yo etc..) I was just asking the Greek girls If they have any friends that they have heard of Raquel. ‘Cause in the city I live I have asked many many many people of her and only one girl knew her because of Dejame verte. Who did they lose to? And where they there? Did they perform?

  547. They lost to a group called Violadores del Verso. They weren’t scheduled to perform and I don’t think they were there!

  548. Hey girls! It’s official: Fernando is no longer with Mclaren!!!!!

  549. Μαρία κανένας απο τους φίλους μου δεν έχει ακουστά ούτε την raquel ούτε το el sueno de morfeo Τότε έχω την ευκερία να λέω οτι η raquel δεν είναι καλή κοπέλα και ναι το hoy me ire είναι τέλιο τραγούδι Tanya i’m so happy for that http://www.formula1.com/news/headlines/2007/11/7062.htm

  550. hello girls!!! whats up??? ;)

  551. Now, I have 2 reasons to party! :D

  552. aha..Γεια σοΥ Λουκια τι κανεις??

  553. Γεια Σου χρυσω…ειμαι καλα…εσυ??

  554. Λουκία είμαι καλά!!

  555. Λουκία είμαι καλά!! tanya why you have two reason to party?

  556. Well, First off, on Saturday it’s my b-day, and I’m gonna celebrate Fernando leaving Mclaren cause I really wanted him to leave that team! He doesn’t deserve to be treated like that!

  557. OMG, I am so freaking happy…this made my day, when I read the article on BBC sport. He finally made the right call, but I don’t know about that “leaving to Red Bull” thing. I like them and everything, but they don’t have a care to match the McL or Ferrari’s.
    I hope I don’t eat my words when I say that anything is better than this. lol
    P.S. Tanya, happy b-day girl, throw an awesome party, will ya??? :) :) :)

  558. Sorry, ” I don’t think they have a car…”

  559. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAYA!!!!!!!!

  560. SORRY !!!!!!!HAPPY BIRTHDAY tanya!!!!!!!!

  561. I read that Alonso dont wanna go to Renault cause they want contract for 3 years and Alonso want for 1 year and then he will go to Ferrari,that said spanish media.Where they get that? I mean they are so sure that Alonso will siting in Ferrari 2009…I dont know.
    And Tanya happy birthday! =)

  562. I’m sorry.Tanya and Maya happy birthday. :) :):)

  563. Hello everybody!! Thank God he’s leaving! I mean, ok, I am a Ferrari fan but I could see that Fernando was no happy at McLaren. I wish he goes to Renault. It was the best team for him and I wish him a good 2008 championship! Thank God!…

  564. Thanks guys for the B-day shoutouts! u guys rock!!! :D

  565. Hello!Jus found this forum and thought of adding my say,since I am a Alonso fanatic.Well!First of all,I`m happy that Fernando left Mclaren,b`coz I felt that Mr Ronn Dennis and the team have cost Fernando Alonso to loose the championship.All b`coz they wanted Hamilton to win,to break records with a british driver.

    Anyways……..This is my story of becoming a Alonso F1 Fanatic :)
    Well! Being a female in my late 20`s,and a kind of a tomboy…….
    I always went to car racing in my home town,but never watched or liked F1.Until I went on holiday and watched a F1 race from the grandstands in 2005.I noticed that most people was Schumi fans,but I picked Alonso that day during Friday Practice.The next day I was so happy b`coz i got to see him and got his autograph with the other renault drivers.
    (Wasn`t I right b`coz he won his 1st championship that year)
    Since then,I learnt about F1 racing and never missed a race on TV.

    favorite saying… “Time puts everyone in there place”

  566. http://www.turkiyef1.com/newsfull.asp?id=9880&r=04%2E11%2E2007+00%3A36%3A16

  567. http://www.pre-monition.com/mundomorfeo/galeria/displayimage.php?album=184&pos=39 ooooooo

  568. http://www.pre-monition.com/mundomorfeo/galeria/displayimage.php?album=184&pos=83 david&raquel ooooo

  569. http://www.pre-monition.com/mundomorfeo/galeria/displayimage.php?album=184&pos=83 david&raquel ooooo

  570. hello nacamichi, welcome to the club. you are so lucky that you buy autograph for fernando.did you give them kiss?anw how old are you?where are you from?
    an raquel fotos is yiax i can’t look at her.

  571. The hairy and ugly beasts together! Perfect combination! I think she has feelings for him!

  572. Hi, Nacamichi, welcome to the club..nice to have you here. You definitely are lucky to be able to get his autograph….I WANT 1 2!!! :) :)
    Tanya, I agree with u – the way she looks at him, kinda weird. They are so perfect 4 each-other. She’s never so close with Nando on their photos together. lol

  573. Hello,Maya,Tanya,Chryso,Nacamichi.How are you?Chryso,you please send the slight you sent yesterday,thank you.Good Bye…. :) :)

  574. Hi Melike.I’m fine thanks.you?do you mean the email with picture?

  575. Hey Melike! How’s it going?

  576. http://www.homeofsport.com/f1/news/item.aspx?id=20611

  577. Hi all! Nice to see you guys again. I’ve been so busy at work that I don’t have time at all for this forum. However, I second to the notion of having anti-raquel website or whichever that allow us to talk about nando’s life other than F1. Anyways, how are you guys doing? And belated Happy B’day’s to Maya and Tanya (if I’m not mistaken, I’m thoroughly confused sorry ;-) ) So, heard about nando’s leaving macca. then also heard that he’s actually fired. well, whatever. he better get back to renault or else, puff! it’s hard to tell these days. what do you guys think?

  578. Hey Suhaila! Well here’s what I heard in terms of what happened with Alonso and Mclaren: He went to Woking thinking he was gonna go there to negotiate his contract. When he arrived there, Ron Dennis sat with him and had his contract in hand. What happened next was very unprofessional: He tore up Nano’s contract right in front of him and said “you’re fired!” Donald Trump style! :P Reports say that Alonso was shocked, but I think in the back of his mind, he knew that this was gonna happen! There’s news now of him almost sealing the deal with Renault for a reported $20 million and Mexican Billionare has offered $90 million to Renault if Alonso rejoins the team!

  579. hello girls.whats up?

  580. WOW! OH MY GOD! That’s really really bad! Oh God! That is so hard to accept… even I’m a Kimi fan, I felt so bad to hear Fernando has to face that. But, maybe this is for his own good. He is better off without McLaren. They took him and abuse him, and now, they just treat him like dirt. They don’t deserve to live in this world! Cruel!!! Anyways, I really hope Renault is his destination cuz I think he should opt for no more uncertainties. Enough is enough. Well, now we can see how “good” Hamilton really is. No more Fernando in that team to help them and let see how they survived without him. Gosh, they are harsh! Thanks Tanya for the info. :-) Have a pleasent day ahead everyone!

  581. Maya, I need your help with something. I’m planning on making a video of Fernando Alonso with a song I picked up, but I don’t know what to do! Can u help me out?

  582. yeah, Tanya no problem, just tell me how can i help you. Is there any particular question you have, cause I kinda don’t know how I can help you. Nwys, it’d be easier if you msn me, i’m online 24/7….

  583. Hello,Maya,Tanya,Chryso,Nacamichi,Suhaila.I’m fine.How are you?Chyrso,thank you.Good Bye… :)

  584. Hey Melike! :D

  585. hello girls!! hello Melike!! i can’t wait anymore what is nando team for next season!! :(

  586. Chryso, I have no idea! Right now, Renault is facing the FIA for allegedly spying on Mclaren so I think Alonso is holding off his decision of maybe going to Renault until this matter gets resolved! I don’t think he wants to be involved in another scandal!

  587. hey everybody, i would like that alonso come back to renault but now…this scandal…i dont know…i hope he will decided whats the best for him…
    alonso 4ever

  588. Hey!

    The manager of Fernando met this week with Mateschitz and Berger in Madrid. If Fernando comes to Red Bull than Coulthard changes to Torro Rosso.

  589. OMG i don’t believe that! Tanya thank you about the informations.
    hello Adna and Nina whats up girls?

  590. http://www.pre-monition.com/mundomorfeo/galeria/displayimage.php?album=lastup&cat=0&pos=0

  591. ugly ugly girl Raquel :P Fernando pain lot of money to buy rings for her!! i never see Raquel look Fernando like this man in the pictures i thing love this man more than Alonso and i don’t like this….

  592. She gives good H_AD

  593. Someone I know in another forum said that he’s been spotted with a girl that looks like her but wasn’t sure if it was her! They did look a bit flirty during the making of the video and the video itself! I think she has a thing for him! I can’t recall a time where she looked at Fernando the same way!

  594. Hey girls! I have something for us! Since this site is over-crowded with replies, My friend runs a Fernando Alonso forum and there’s a section she created just to bash on Raquel! The catch: u have to be a member of the forum and that section requires a password (she will create it for u!) If u want to take part in the forum, here’s the link http://falonsof1.proboards51.com/index.cgi Her name is Mel and she’s one of the administrators, u can personally send her a message letting her know that u want a password for that section and just let her know that I told ya so she’d know!

  595. Tanya, dear how many forums are you on???
    Actually, a better question is – how many forums about Nando are there? I though I was keeping the pace,but obviously not.
    Now, about the pics from Melike…man, she looks cozy and the look in her eyes…..awwwwwww – you’d think they’re in love. Although I personally think she’s way outta his league.
    Someone told me that I shouldn’t pay so much attention to Nando’s personal life, so I better stop.
    BTW, before i go…there’s something i want you to see…hope you like it.

  596. Oops, I got something wrong. Allow me to correct myself…” I personally think he’s way outta HER league…” sorry bout that.
    But, who knows – maybe I’m wrong

  597. Who told u to stop? Better question: did u tell that person that u like to talk about his personal life? Oh and btw, I’m in many forums!

  598. Nobody actually told me to stop, but I kinda realized that maybe it was wrong calling her his “biggest mistake”, I mean who am I to judge her – maybe he’s happy and I know I’d hate it if someone would talk about my personal life like that.
    I mean, I just put myself in that situation. That still doesn’t mean I’m gonna stop writing stuff here, don’t worry….btw,Tanya, know Tension???

  599. hey Maya your video is so good. i want to make video like this too!!can you tell me how i can do? btw i know how do you fell about nando and raquel but we are funs and we can judge her like magazins

  600. from fernandoalonsofan.com? Yep! Why?

  601. Chryso, you can msn me and I’ll explain how to make a video. Tanya,you asked who told me to stop….that’s the answer. He didn’t say it in those precise words, but close to it. And he was right, I’m glad he did.btw, what ever happened to your video????

  602. I’m still working on it! Btw, did he see this site or did u tell him? That guy freaks me out!

  603. I don’t think he knows the site..i believe he’s freak out, honestly. So, nwys, do you know anything about him, cause we all introduced ourselves and there’s nothing about him. He’s kinda “mysterious”, huh??? ;) ;) ;)

  604. HI girls…!!! whats up???? raguel is bad girl!!!

  605. I could ask Claire aka supafly!

  606. Oh I had fights with Tension before just because he has absolutely no manners and thinks he is always right! And to be honest: most of the times he doesn’t have a clue and is just smart-arsing!

    And the forum Tanya posted the link of exists longer than most of the other boards around! It used to be a different place but we moved to a new domain but the ppl are still the same! Actually that group of ppl is together for about 4 years now minimum…. and most of them support Fernando already since 2001!

  607. Yes, he does seem to be a know-it-all, but I’m fine with it.
    Nwys, Tanya (and all you other girls), do you know why Schumi is testing for Ferrari, does this mean he’s back, cause I read that “Michael Schumacher made a triumphant return to the F1 cockpit on Tuesday…”. IS HE BACK?????? lol

  608. Yes, I did know, but he’s just only testing the cars! He will not be racing!

  609. God, I hope not, we certainly do not need him and Lulu in F1 at the same time….

    xoxo Maya

  610. Girls (and guys)… I’d first of all like to thank you for all your contributions to the site. Seems you all have a real passion for Fernando and a real dislike for Raquel hehe ;)

    We once had some forums on this site but they were very unpopular (even though our main blog page is very popular). Would you like us to start it up again so you can grow your little community? We could even appoint a few of you as moderators of the Fernando/Raquel pages ;)

    Alternatively, I’ve been looking at improving the comment system here by allowing replies to appear under other messages (threaded comments) and user icons etc… would that be better than a forum?

    Very keen to hear your feedback and thank you once again for all your great contributions and Nando-News! :)

  611. Maya – “Lulu” – ha! That’s so funny!! :D SchuSchu and LuLu :)

  612. Hello Girls!! Unfortunately, Schumi is not back (ok, ok I am a Schumi fan, I hope you don’t hate me) and unfortunately Nando is still with her…. Btw, in a conversation I had about them with my bf, I realised the danger of Raquel becoming pregnant?? Isn’t it… scary??

  613. hey girls i have a great news over here :) :)

  614. dScribe, that is an AWESOME idea…you’d definitely have a lot of visitors – as you can see, we’re quite a big family here. lol
    You have some great ideas there, and I’d be more than happy if we had a forum here – that’d be soooo cool. You know we’d post a lot (as usual).
    If you need any help, just let me know – more than happy to help out. lol ;)
    Maria, well…if she’s pregnant we’ll just have to make our peace with it, but I hope she’s not – they’re still kinda young for kids (at least that’s my opinion). lol

  615. Hey everyone!I agree with maya its excellent idea… =)
    yeah mclaren lost the batlle =),lewis doesnt deserve the title of the world champion….

  616. It’ll be tough, but nothing we can’t handle! Oh and yes, I’m very excited to hear the FIA’s decision! It’s about time they actually did something right!

  617. dscribe that is great idea!!
    :) ;)

  618. http://www.aloraq.extra.hu/galeria/displayimage.php?album=501&pos=1

  619. http://www.aloraq.extra.hu/galeria/displayimage.php?album=119&pos=3 raquel more power to your elbow :)

  620. Oh God, I think I’m gonna be sick! Yuck!!!

  621. Oh girls! New pics have been posted on one of the forums I’m in and it shows Alonso without his ring! Can we say the sexy Spaniard is single?

  622. http://img528.imageshack.us/img528/7913/1555525dn8zj3.jpg Here’s the proof ladies! :D

  623. heya gals hw hav url al been me been missin url alot n was very busy wid exams n al so soooooory o maya HAPPY BELATD BIRTHDAY SWEETHEART me so sowi e nva wish u

    and wats dis ihear apperntly fernando AND raquel is over omg tats soooooooo gud ad wers he leavin and goi 2 nw?

  624. hello girls!!
    I’m so happy for that at least Fernando and Raquel its over wow
    I’m going to cry about the news. :D

  625. hey Fernando is going to be Rudolf!! Με λίγα λόγια κερατάς!!
    :D :D :D

  626. WOW, omg…that’s a nice pic, i mean wtf is that suppose to mean???? :) :)
    Nwys, so glad the McLaren lost, i’m having a party 2nite ti celebr8 *evil laugh*.

  627. It’s a possible sign showing everyone that he’s no longer with her! :D

  628. Hey girls! Chryso wassup? Hi Maya and Tanya! Fernando&Melike, what’s going down? I’m so sorry that i’ve been so unactive for the past few weeks. Work is up to neck and going for a few courses and seminars outside the country :-) so yeah.. busy but happy. Anyways, is it true? HE SPLIT WITH HER? OFFICIALLY? PLEASE GOD! Enlighten me on this subject girls!!!

  629. Well Suhaila, there are recent pics of him (view the link I posted above) showing him without his ring! I believe without a doubt that they’re over!

  630. Hey! Are you sure that these are recent pictures? Raquel has her hair cut on this poto (as previously)! And the photo of Fernando looks like a pic from the year 2005!


  631. Yes! They got the year messed up! They were taken in October of this year! Plus, in 2005, he wasn’t that heavy!

  632. those pics are NOT from 2005! He didn’t have that haircut in 2005 for example!

    This pic is from Feb. 2006 and he has way longer hair and he can’t grow his hair that much in such a short period of time…especially since he still had long hair at the FIA gala 2005 in December!


  633. http://afp.google.com/article/ALeqM5jvNj4vt3WHN8niB92UONx6fAMEeA
    yioupiii yioupii that is great news :D :D

  634. hello Suhaila i fine girl whats up!! i hope Raquel and Fernando brake up and then i will be the most happiest girl in the world :D

  635. OK, first if all….Nina(and every1 else who might know) in the first link you posted, in the second picture where there are a lot of drivers – who’s the guy that’s second on right(i think he’s wearing sunglasses). HE IS HOT. I know we discuss mainly Nando here, but guy is…wow. ;)
    Nwys, hope you girls are right, cause I’m sick and tired of all the speculations first about his future and now about his private life…nobody knows anything for sure and it’s driving me insane. The good sign is that he’s not wearing that gd ring, but how will we ever know for certain (unless we see him with a new girl). :) :)

  636. Hi girls, Maya, Tanya, Chryso! Wassup? Yeah… I agree with you Maya. It’s kind of tiring but I couldn’t help guessing about it. It’s weird, I support whole-heartedly Kimi but I like Fernando. Well, there’s no point denying he’s HOT! and yeah, damn good looking too. I envy him, seriously. Hehehe… any hot news, pls update. daa! :-D

  637. Nada yet Suhaila, but I’ll keep a look out! Me and Lena are gonna do our best to find out the truth!

  638. Hello,Suhaila.I’am fine,how are you?Hey,Maya,Chyrso,Tanya,How are you?Raquel Del Rosario and Fernando Alonso Diaz to branch?I hope so :)

  639. maya i c u al 4gt me nw gals:(url found new 4wnds:(

  640. hello melike i fine how are you? Chanelle where have you been girl? and why you say that? of course you are ours friend!! :)

  641. Chanelle, don’t say that! we’re all pals here! :D

  642. Oh, Chanelle, come on – you know that’s not true, I’ve missed you a lot and I though YOU must have forgotten all about us. You know we’re friends and we’ll never forget you. Nwys, where have you been…it’s been a while, I even sent you an e-mail????? You gotta post more, girl, we’re trying to get to 1000 comments. lol :) :)

  643. hi guys!!!!!!! I have written all the msgs and I’m totally agree with you about everything

  644. Maya, since when was it our goal to get 1000 comments??? Not that I’m complaining!

  645. chriso you’re from cyprus,right?

  646. Well Tanya, since we’re doing so well, I just thought that it would be so cool if we could reach 1000 – I mean we’re not that far away, right? ;) ;)

  647. maria yes i from Cyprus!

  648. i’m from cyprus too!!!! apo p eisai???

  649. http://www.lespipoles.com/image-2019007476-Medium.html Fernando’s sister Lorena Alonso
    fernando alonso&raquel del rosario video.Good Bye..

  650. http://www.lespipoles.com/code/php/video/index.php#blocvideo

  651. http://fernando-alonso-swicki.eurekster.com/fernando+alonso+raquel/

  652. http://flickr.com/photos/13276330@N04/2047040677/

  653. Eparxia Larnaka. esu? poso xrono eisai? mporeis na m doseis to email sou? :)

  654. hey girls fernado is on holiday and maybe is with raquel. if someone can find information about that please tell me.

  655. Fernando is on holiday, but I don’t think she’s with him! I’ll keep a lookout!

  656. New photo of Raquel! Notice anything missing? http://img98.imageshack.us/img98/8138/dibujo2pv7cy9gp6.jpg

  657. Hey guys! How is Everyone?? Great news! Everything in the right direction… I do hope they are no longer together. They just don’t fit! Finally… Ti kanoun oi ellinofones tis pareas???

  658. Hey! Does anybody know where Fernando is on holiday?

  659. Olla,guys whats up?o im so happy cause Croatia won =)))))

  660. He is some unknown place in Spain now to do some training. At least I heard that…

  661. k egw apo eparxia larnakas!!!! to email m einai maria_89@live.com

  662. http://www.bnjm.cu/librinsula/2005/febrero/57/entrevistas/entrevistas142.htm

  663. http://www.video35.net/video_izle_Kt7gwlKC3FE.html

  664. hello!!!!how are you? i think that fernando alonso and raquel del rosario are no longer together….chryso σ’ευχαριστω πολυ για το τεστ….geia soy maria!ti kaneis?

  665. Maria apo kupro apo pou akrivos eisai? fernadina tipota! maria apo ellada eimaste mia xara esu ti kaneis? :) :)
    i’m so happy about nando and raquel
    this video is one year ago. :(
    this video one year ago too :(
    one year ago :(

  666. Those were the so-called “good times” of their relationship. ;)

  667. http://www.aloraq.extra.hu/galeria/displayimage.php?album=587&pos=0

  668. he he he…”so called good-times”….luv it Tanya, well said. Well, since all the signs point to an ending, I think we should celebrate a little, what do you say girls???
    I just hope it’s not like before, I mean we were wrong a couple of times. But still, picture’s worth a thousand words, right? LOL :) :)
    *acts crazy and waves to *

  669. http://www.alo-natygallery.extra.hu/galeria/displayimage.php?album=lastup&cat=0&pos=1
    http://www.raquel-gallery.extra.hu/displayimage.php?album=lastup&cat=0&pos=1 bad raquel :)

  670. Yes Maya, a pic is worth a thousand words and this other forum that me and Lena part take in (not the one I posted the link a while back) and we’re at war with them! They think they’re soooooooo in love despite what the pictures show and we’re trying to make them see the truth here, but they’re living in Neverland with Peter Pan and the gang! It’s alot of fun! :D

  671. geia sas gyus!! ti kanete?? chrysoui m eimai apo ormidia (an ksereis p kofkei:)),esu?

  672. hi :P

  673. maria den to pistevw k egw pou ormidia eimai :) :)

  674. http://pan.videos.starmedia.com/video/iLyROoaftE5W.html

  675. Hello, people…what’s up??
    Tanya, some people just see what they want to see and hear what they wanna hear, and nothing you do or say is gonna change their mind, so just let it be – it’s important what we know.
    To Ipek, hello and welcome….nice to see newcomers here, plz join in – we always need new faces and info on Nando.
    God, I sound like the moderator or admin. of this page…sorry, ppl. lol

    *waves to everyone*

  676. Sorry Maya, I know that I can’t change people’s opinions, but what gets me is that they don’t listen they just shut people up without hearing our reasons for believing this! :p

  677. I bet anything that her and Nek will get together! ;)

  678. Hopefully!!!

  679. http://www.raquel-gallery.extra.hu/displayimage.php?album=lastup&cat=0&pos=4

  680. good song cute nek but idiot Rosario ha ha!

  681. God, she has no fashion sense whatsoever!

  682. Good God, what’s with the outfit….is she blind , seriously??????? Are those boots or what, they look like socks – really ugly socks.
    I hope she and Nando are over, but I wouldn’t wanna see her with Nek either cause I think he’s too good for her

  683. She always wears so terrible shoes!

  684. Girls, get a load of this! Raquel’s actually pretending to look like she’s got a brain! LOL! ;) http://www.raquel-gallery.extra.hu/displayimage.php?album=lastup&cat=0&pos=0

  685. Hi everybody, I don’t want to upset you, but I’m expecting news about wedding of Fernando and Raquel soon. I’m afraid that they are still together. ok, you haven’t seen them on pictures together outside paddock, but you haven’t seen pictures of them with new partners as well (maybe they spend most of the time outside Spain and the reason they took of their ring is that they are going to marry eachother and put ring on their left hand. They seemed to be really happy together at last grandprix weekends. But it’s just a theory and I can be wrong. I will belive that they are not couple any more if I see pictures of Fernando without ring from this week (made after his holidays).

  686. Strange: I am expecting them to be just friends and nothing else.

    And you don’t need to have a new partner when you have broken up with one. Actually normal ppl prefer to have some peace for a bit.

    Happy at the last Grandprixs? he even refused to touch her… but well … everybody has a different understanding of happiness.

    So that were just my five cents.

  687. http://www.raquel-gallery.extra.hu/displayimage.php?album=184&pos=9 bad bad bad raquel mono vocable awful… Note:Ugly :)

  688. She’s not wearing her ring again! and I heard that when she was asked about Fernando, she told them she didn’t wanna talk about it!

  689. wow my dream come truth!! :D

  690. http://www.f1girls.proboards102.com/index.cgi?board=raquel&action=display&thread=1143871695&page=21 – there are some info about our issue.
    And o a previous page there’s a picture of her with the ring on her left hand (it looks like ring at least). I would like to be wrong, but i still think they got married.
    To Lena: The fact they didn’t touch eachother in front of cameras (probably Fernando doesn’t like it) doesn’t mean they don’t touch eachother at all. I really doubt they have separate bedrooms in hotel ;) .

  691. Actually I do think they have seperate bedrooms… or even worse: one has to sleep on the sofa! ;)

    It is the viceroy ring!

  692. Yes. but on her left hand she has sth that looks like a wedding ring.
    What kind of 26-years old man would invite pop star for a weekend only as a friend. Common, do you really think she’s kind of best mate, drinking companion or sb like that? If he needs to talk about his problems, he probably chat with guys that understand what he’s talking about not with a bit dim singer. IMHO if she was with Fernando during GPs, they are still dating.

  693. But Fernando is NOT normal when it comes to relationships!

  694. http://www.bangkokpost.com/sportsplus/sportsplus.php?id=124081

  695. I’d choose Honda over Red Bull, but not Renault!

  696. But in former days they touched also in front of cameras, outside,… There are a lot of videos and pics (e.g. youtube).

    Fact is that there were no pics from them together for a long time. And then the pics from the last GP’s. Maybe they wanted to show something. E.g.: We are still together. Who knows if this was a right or a wrong information.
    But perhaps they decided to try it again (after a beak – time without pics) with each other (to start new together). And then they saw that this is not possible and now: No rings.

    Rumours, rumours,…

  697. but she has a ring on her left hand, ok on the “wrong” finger but maybe it’s just her personal choice. Find a picture with alonso from last days without ring (on both hands) and it will be clear. For this moment, i think they got married.

  698. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SLoRQQgSC9o

  699. What’s that? A T-Shirt?!


  700. no is a dress i thing :D

  701. Sure, it’s a dress. I think and hope she doesn’t wear a shirt on stage :D But who knows? It’s Raquel-Styling…

  702. nina can you give me your email? (if you want)

  703. At AS.com there is information about where Fernando is now and it’s written that he’s in Spain with Raquel and his family, so we have to wait few months to get another reason for gossiping about their break-up. :) Connie has a personality (Raquel is still looking for one ;) ), that’s why she is so popular and likeable (among guys and girls) although she is not what you call a hollywood beauty.

  704. She never used to talk about him or their relationship, and now (in a recent interview) she says how everything’s great and how happy she is. I don’t even know what to believe anymore and since there’s no pics, we can only speculate about the relationship.
    AND I HATE IT…i wish they’d just go public – whether about their marriage or the break-up, i mean the world is not gonna come to an end if they do. lol

  705. I was talking to Lena about the videoclip and we discussed it with some other girls and we all agreed that she seemed like she was putting an act like she didn’t really mean it! Plus, she said I’m happy; not we’re happy because the question was about him and not her and yet she spoke in the first person language so to us she was kind of avoiding the question. Also, as for the article on AS.com, many people aren’t believing it because most of the reports are saying she’s in the Canary Islands with her family and not in Asturias. Yes, it’s getting frustrated, but to be honest, this shouldn’t be new to us. We all knew that if they are (were) gonna breakup that no one was gonna say anything and that there was gonna be speculations. And to also add, we should only rely on Fernando because remember: if they (meaning reporters)keep asking her about him and she gives an answer (like she did during the interview), it’ll keep her interested in the public’s eye! Fernando without his ring says alot so it’s best to keep an eye out more on him than her! And I just wanna add a couple more things: It was reported that during the event, she said that u’ll see them together when u leave him alone and I can tell u right now that alot of people are confused on what she said because everyone knows that in Spain, privacy doesn’t exist over there when it comes to him! And at the award show, she was seen again without her ring!

  706. To Chryso: My mail-address is: formula.austria@gmx.at

  707. Another photo of her without the rings! http://img512.imageshack.us/img512/1366/viceroy0032rx4oe8zf7.jpg

  708. I have had a nervous breakdown! The headline of this article is “baby break or racing?”! But in the article they write only about a possible break and nothing about a baby!!!


  709. I’ve just read that Raquel is going to take part in Eurovision song contest. Is it true? If yes, after her show we will have excellent topic to laugh about (it’s live, everything can happen). :)

  710. Nina, what did the article say?

  711. Well, vivium, there’s nothing online about anyone representing Spain yet, I don’t think they had a contest already.It’d be fun to see her perform live, huh?
    Speaking of Eurovision, I wish I was back home….I could go see it live. :( :( :( I probably won’t be able to see it on TV either, hate it.lol


  712. Tanya, the article ist called “Nobody likes Alonso: baby break instead of racing?”. The wrote that D. Coulthard said Fernando should make a Sabbatical and that this would not be a disadvantage for him (because he is a very good driver). And DC said that Alain Prost did the same and after his break he became word champion. They wrote that the opinions for F. are Renault, Red Bull, Honda, Toyota. DC said that he could not imagine that a driver cancelled his contract with a team like McLaren in order to go to RB. DC said: “Why should he do that?” And than they wrote that this means with other words: “Don’t do it, we don’t want to have you here!”

    You see, nothing new. And no word because of a baby!

  713. Raquel at the European Song Contest? *dies laughing*
    They have to sing live, does she know that? And usually it is better when you hit the tones!
    So Fernando is not enough anymore…she tries it with that song contest…
    Oh dear: last year was already embarrassing but next year is going to be plain hilarious!

    Tempted to invite you all over to a Grandprix party *chuckles* We would have so much fun!

  714. It seems (article in the internet in German) that McLaren wants Fernando back!!! Information are from the Spanish AS!!! There are rumours that they have submitted an offer and the Alonso-crew has sent back a list of requirements. I can’t belief that! I think the newsmen haven’t to do anything…

  715. Well if Fernando even considers that I am losing respect!

    McLaren is embarrassing if that really is true!

  716. Mclaren have already denied the reports so we can relax!

  717. I don’t think it’s true. In this case McLaren will take alonso for just one year and then let him go to ferrari (most worthy opponent) with all information about mclaren’s car. It would be hilarious.lke neverending story :) . The best situation for them is alonso in poor team for 3 years, so that he could’t join ferrari in future.

  718. i want Raquel go to eurovision coz i want Cyprus win Spain haha

  719. I don’t think that Nando would go back to Macca, he doesn’t seem like the type who would just forget all the things that happened in the last season, and definitely not with Lulu there – that would be unforgivable and a very big mistake. *hopes Nando still has some brain left in his head, with Raquel and everything*.
    I definitely wanna see her on Eurovision, wouldn’t that be hilarious. *evil laugh*.lol

  720. Sheila, Hello! I just have a few questions: How come there are pics of them (recent ones I might add) that show both of them without their rings? Why hasn’t anyone seen them together after Brazil? (If u recall, last year, we had video footage and pics of them all over the place).

  721. Hello Tanya, as I’ve already said I think we can see them together at FIA gala, but if you pay attention you can see that Raquel wears her rings in the last pictures, but she wears them on her left hand. There’s no pics of them together, but the press asked her how she was with him, and she answered everything was good and she was very happy. She also answered Fernando appeared more in Spain whe the press left him alone! She is a bit silly!

  722. I guess she deleted her comments! Nevermind!

  723. Guys, I’m really really sory (you won’t believe how much) but they are still together. I’ve already seen pics of the Gala and they are together there…

  724. I saw the pic and to be honest there’s something a bit odd about it! Question to everyone: When was the last time u ever saw Fernando soooooooo happy like he didn’t have no pressure at all whether the press was there or not? Reason I’m asking: The picture looks just like that! There’s just something about that pose they did that doesn’t convince me that they’re together couple wise!

  725. Here’s the pic u guys make your own judgements! I’m not convinced at all! http://img513.imageshack.us/img513/9317/1675762hn8ih1.jpg

  726. Man, he sure looks happy…haven’t seen him like that in a while. and she actually looks kinda nice, her outfit makes sense and they even look nice together, unlike most of the pics we’ve seen lately.
    Hate to admit it, but maybe they still are together, maybe even married. :( :( :(
    *cries hysterically and slams her phone to the wall*

  727. And fernando has ring on his finger again. :( Looking on the bright side: she has nice but very inappropriate dress. it’s simply not an evening dress. It should be definitey long and more elegant (like jenni’s dress). It looks strange when fernando is wearing a bow tie and her look is very casual, like going on a date or informal party.
    Putting on short dress and no stocking for this highly formal occasion (i think,prince of monaco is there) shows how immature she is. Next time they will write on their invitation what evening dress means (just for her becasue fernando understoopd it perfectly). If she wasn’t wife of so importanat person, she would have problems with entering the gala dressed like this. It is amazing that nobody told her about diplomacy protocol.
    She is 26 years old and I can understand dressing like a teenager at stage pretending that she is younger than in reality (becasue of target she is singing to i.e. 15-years old girls), but this time it looks silly and rude (it really is, you can check in protocol).
    I had to say it to make myself feel better. It really works. try it :)

  728. but maybe it’s just a artistic licence :) .popstars are usually dressed outstanding to be in a limelight,so possibly i judged her too soon :) . nevetrheless it’s great to bash sb i don’t even know after hard day.

  729. but maybe it’s just a artistic licence :) .popstars are usually dressed outstanding to be in a limelight,so possibly i judged her too soon :) . nevetrheless, after hard day it’s great to bash sb i don’t even know.

  730. sorry for double post. it dissapeared for fewm minutes and i tought i have to write it again

  731. well, it certainly is better than the one she wore last year, that one was horrible. maybe he hired her a stylist just for the occasion, cause he wanted her to look like a proper F1 “wife”. ;)
    As I said, I’m just glad he looks so happy.lol

  732. http://fiadev.kaninternational.com/templates/imgs/gala07/gala07_05.jpg

  733. http://www.raquel-gallery.extra.hu/displayimage.php?album=lastup&cat=0&pos=0 bad raquel :(

  734. i don’t believe that i want to die
    :( :( :( :(
    but i have to tell that his dress is so good :(

  735. terrible:

    I know “smoking” already was a topic here. But now I found this pic (I think you know it):

    I have no problem if sb smokes. But either I smoke or I don’t smoke. I think you have to stand by yourself and by the things which you are doing. But I think that’s not her opinion. I think she’s an actress and she loves to be in this way. But on the other hand I think she is not only stupid, shallow and bad dressed. I think she can be/is also nice, smart, funny, there are pics where she looks really pretty and the clothing is not bad. I think she hasn’t found her way until now… Probably it’s hard to find yourself in such a business and in such a relationship (if it is still one). I like Fernando but I think that he is not a easy character. That’s a reason why I like him. He is not easy and as slippery as an eel like other. But it’s a big difference if you are a fan or if you are on his side and his girl-friend. If I imagine that I would be in her situation I am sure that I would make mistakes, people would misunderstand me and criticize me. Because I think if you want to find mistakes you will find them.

    I think I am gentle today…

  736. Ok, has anyone viewed the highlighted clip on youtube? My personal opinion: last year’s was better! I mean it’s ok, but I wasn’t crazy about the music that was selected (esp the macarena)! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-B1XuSN4_Ww

  737. http://gportal.hu/portal/alonso-raquel/ ooo my God!terrible,terrible,fernando&raquel ooooo my God :( :(:(

  738. http://gportal.hu/portal/alonso-raquel/ Hey Maya,Tanya,Chryso,nina look video.Good Bye…

  739. Nina, I agree with everything you said! Just “normal” girls would have probably not taken everything he does. He is no easy character and I like it. But now seriously: would any of you ever agree on walking behind or ahead of your bf all the time? Or not being allowed to kiss him when he has done something great etc? I doubt it! Her accepting this shows that she does everything for her career…and that she probably was quite happy she didn’t have to kiss him! Just speaking for myself here but if my bf had won the championship it wouldn’t have been a thumbs up but me jumping at him and kissing him madly the moment he gets out of the car :S Noone would have stopped me from doing so and I just assume it is the same with you girls!

  740. wow i want to been there it’s so cool

  741. Girl, I would’ve givin’ him not only a kiss, but plenty more! *bangs head on desk*

  742. Lena, I agree with you. I wouldn’t accept such a behaviour (to go behind him, no kisses,…). But why it was in this way? I don’t understand why you have a girl with you and then you have such a behaviour. And remember: there are pics etc. which show that the two were happier in former days (they held their hands, they laughed together etc.) I think (I repeat myself) that they had some problems during the year and so we saw such pics.

  743. But he has never been as “touchy” and emotional as now at the FIA gala… I am sorry but to me it looked fake cos last time I have seen Fernando like that must be years ago… Even when they had just started dating he was colder than that :S
    I think nobody will ever understand why he has that behavior. I recall him saying he finds it sad that he can’t just kiss any girl he wants in public. But why on earth can’t he? Kimi can. So can Jenson. Lewis can. Heikki does… so why on earth does he make such a fuss?

    They had not just problems. They definitely broke up after Monaco. I must have missed the moment when they got back together though…actually as i said: I would be more convinced if he had kissed her… *evil grin*

  744. Well, after all I’ve read – i don’t know what to say. He does seems happier than usual, and they look nice together, but his behavior in these past couple months showed differently. And in 90% of their pictures together,she’s either behind him or not with him at all. I don’t know what happened with them,but I agree with Tanya – definitely more than kisses. *imagining what she’d do if she had him*

    Maybe he just has problems with PDA, who knows. But something definitely happened towards the end of the season, maybe they got married. ;( :(
    *tries to jump out the window*

  745. i thing nando he don’t want kiss raquel public coz that is his character but if you see the pics that paparazzi take you see that nando kiss raquel….i agree with you maya i believe that nando married raquel… :(

  746. erm…just me being a bit stupid here… but do you marry someone after looking absolutely miserable together?

    last time I saw him kiss her must be pics from over a year ago…if not even older…are there more recent ones I haven’t seen?

  747. No Lena, there aren’t any new photos, at least not to my knowledge, but they’ve never looked so happy as they did on the Gala night.
    Something’s definitely going on, and i hate that we don’t know what. lol

  748. They put on an act? Maybe that is going on…

  749. *sarcastic laugh* u know me all too well already Maya!

  750. I’m still hoping it was just an act and nothing more, because that would probably ruin my entire Christmas vacation.
    Well Tanya, after all these months together, we all know each-other too well, it’s not hard to know cuz we all want the same thing.
    *sends kisses*

  751. http://fiadev.kaninternational.com/templates/imgs/gala07a/gala07a_09.jpg

    Just read the title under the pic….my hopes are officially gone.lol

  752. Ok, i just realized that there’s no title so I’ll tell you:

    “Fernando Alonso and HIS WIFE……” that’s the official FIA website, should that mean something????

  753. Don’t worry. They get the photograph from some agency and just take over their text. Doesn’t mean something! Half the agencies write wife the others girlfriend. Some even write partner so they can do nothing wrong.

  754. Girls it’s official (I actually read it on eurosport.com so it’s reliable): Fernando has a new contract with Renault for the next 3 years with an option of leaving in the first year. It’s a 35million dollar deal and his new teammate is Nelson Piquet jr. Way!!!!! Good for him! Finally everything in its right place. But ubfortunately, I think that they got married. Because in the GP of China they had pics of Posario in F1.com and she was identified as “girlfriend” and, now for they Gala they wrote her are “wife”… Anyway, for me break up is just a realisation (from feranndo) away…

  755. Alot of people refer to her as his wife cause they have nothing else to say so I’m not buying that! As for the photos on the FIA website, if u take a look at last year’s pics, they show Felipe with his gf at the time and they referred her as his wife and they weren’t even engaged!

  756. YAY! He’s going home! I’m soooooooooooo happy for him! Time to celebrate!

  757. Can I just say how happy I am-there are no words to describe it. I WANNA SCREAM…..

    After a difficult year for both parties, Renault have confirmed that Fernando Alonso will return to the French team next season. Before Alonso jumped ship to McLaren, the winning union won consecutive double titles in 2005 and ‘06 and with the news they’re getting back together, they could recreate that same magic again. Here the Spaniard discusses his decision and hints at what he hopes to achieve in 2008…

    Q: Fernando, you are the new ING Renault F1 Team Driver for 2008. Happy?
    Fernando Alonso: Yes, very. Everybody knows what a great team ING Renault F1 Team is and what they have accomplished in Formula One. You can’t forget that together, we won the championships back-to-back in 2005 and 2006. I had the chance to be part of this success. It is one of the greatest teams, supported by important companies. A team that knows what it takes to win.

    Q: Has it been a long wait? How did you feel the past few weeks while waiting for the decision to be made?
    FA: To be honest, the first three weeks of November, I was on a much needed vacation and during which I disconnected from Formula One. The decision to choose a team did not take more than a week, as me and the people close to me were clear about what we wanted.

    Q: Why did you choose Renault? How many options did you have?
    FA: Options…well, to tell you the truth, we do know that’s not easy. I’m one of the 22 privileged people who get to drive a Formula One car each year and I’m even more privileged to be one of those who can afford leaving one great team and end up in another great team, while there are a lot of drivers who never get the chance to drive a Formula One car. The decision hasn’t been an easy one to make. I would like to thank all the other teams for their interest to have me work with them. Like I said before, I chose Renault in the end considering their commitment to the sport and because of their strong track record.

    Q: Do you realize how much media attention you have drawn?
    FA: Not really because like I said the first three weeks I was on holiday, but as soon as we started to look at our options we realized that all the newspapers and almost every website reported that we had already been in contact with all the teams. They were talking about a one-year contract or a three-year contract, even saying that I had been visiting factories, some suggesting I was taking a year off. That’s when I realized what was going on and it was fun to read every morning the papers.

    Q: But don’t you think it’s normal for people to be eager to find out where you were going to race or if you’d end up without a drive?
    FA: Well, it would have never come to me not having a drive for next season. Sure it was not like I had to choose between a grey pair of trousers and a black one. We are talking about a very important decision and since I could not get back at the wheel of a car until January or February, there was no rush. I understand why people were so eager. The fans have always been the ones to support me. I still remember how much people have been there for me this year and how much it touched me. Maybe I never saw what they really were told, because there was some sort of competition between the newspapers as to which one of them would print the news first. Too much has been invented.

    Q: What grade would you give your past season with McLaren?
    FA: It’s not easy to sum up a season with just a grade or a number. What is certain is that 2007 has been a very good year for me in spite of what people think. I don’t like that people forget that 20 laps before the race lap in Brazil I still could have won the world championship. Then, Kimi overtook Massa and Kimi, with this victory, scored the number of points he needed to be world champion. When you take this into account, at the start of the season I would have put my signature for being able to fight till the last laps of the season, for a new world title, I would have been more than happy.

    Q: What will happen next season?
    FA: This is a question we all ask and I believe nobody can answer for certain. You know that teams like Ferrari will always be favourites. Also, the teams who have had problems adjusting to the Bridgestone tyres will hopefully have solved their problems and will be back at the top. Maybe Renault can be part of the top teams again this season. Today’s challenge is for Renault to go back to the top of the sheet already in January or February and then come closer to the podiums next season. They have suffered more than enough this year.

    Q: Will you fight again for the world title next season?
    FA: We will see what can be done… We shouldn’t put the cart before the horse. The first thing to do is to put the R28 on track in January and then start working thoroughly in order to get to the first Grand Prix of the season with the best car possible. I had to rise to the same challenge last year during the winter season and I am confident that this can happen again. After that, I will have to have a perfect season and hope for the others not to be too quick.

  758. yes yes fernando is going back i don’t believe that i’m so happy i feel very good…..
    the last thing now is to break up with her and i want that new is my present for Christmas wow :) :) :) :) :D :D :D :D

  759. I think they’re still together…

  760. I don’t know. they are together at the F1 gala but don’t see the ring though.

  761. They were wearing their rings.

  762. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t57M_KibSF4 Hello,Sheila,Chryso,Maya,Tanya.How are you?Hey girl,bad bad bad,ugly,Raquel Del Rosario :)

  763. I only saw him wearing his, but on each pic I saw, she was covering her hands while posing! Is she hiding something?

  764. girls is with her and that doesn’t change :(
    melike I’m ok how are you?

  765. I think they both were wearing their rings? Why wasn’t she going to wear it? Unless she was wearing any Viceroy jewel, in that case probably she would have to take it off.

  766. http://de.youtube.com/watch?v=Ua3-y-SEYkU
    http://de.youtube.com/watch?v=JzXbJBbv6Gs&feature=related.I‘m fine Chryso.Good Bye:)

  767. LOL…Kathiuska, luv what you said
    “her voice isn’t much impressing but,probably,for alonso is much more beautiful than whitney houston’s”
    Probably true, though I don’t see how. We’ll never get tired of talking about her (at leaast I hope not), so plz, join in…we need more people who actually don’t like her.lol

    *sends kisses to every1*

  768. Hi kathiuska! Glad to have you with us! No no no… I’m not giving up on bashing Raquel. It’s not like we’re enemy or what, it’s just that I can’t see the genuinity in her when in comes to her relationship with Fernando. As for her voice, my opinion is that she sounded no better than Britney Spears. So, welcome to our club. Basically, we hoped and pray that Fernando isn’t married to Raquel. Hohoho! And yeah, I want to send loads of mmmuuuaaaahhhhh to all you girls! :-D

  769. Hello Kathiuska!!! How are you? I really started liking you because of what you said! Well done! :-) ! Where are you from? I’m maria and I am from Greece! Whatever you would like to say or ask, I’m, here, ok?? And If you want we can speak a bit of Greek, ok?? Kisses to everyone! Ghia sou!!

  770. hello girls whats up? hello kathiuska how are you? i’m chryso and i from Cyprus i’m so happy that you speak Greek it’s so cool :D how old are you anyway? btw welcome to the club… :D :D

  771. Girl, no one is gonna exclude u from this! We’re all pals here and we have soooo much in common: we love F1, Fernando Alonso, and we hate Raquel!

  772. Hey Tanya! I second to that motion! Hear hear!!!

  773. Yes,Maya.We hate Raquel Del Rosario.Bad raquel

  774. Hey Suhaila nice to have you back…you’ve been gone for a while. I just had an ides :) , can you imagine Nando coming across this site and reading all of this…he’d hate our guts, huh?? Let’s hope he doesn’t, especially if they’re married. lol

    *laughs nervously*

  775. I think he’ll find it amusing to be honest! Plus, there are a ton of Spanish forums that are just as bad about her as we are! Plus, u guys should see the photos from the premios principales awards (she got quite comfortable with Nek!) ;) Also, u guys I heard that she screwed up on her first song! I’m trying to find the link to it so I can laugh at her! :)

  776. Omg..! Tanya, please, do whatever you can and give us this great link, ok??

  777. http://www.raquel-gallery.extra.hu/displayimage.php?album=187&pos=4

  778. http://www.raquel-gallery.extra.hu/displayimage.php?album=187&pos=4 Nek&Raquel

  779. hello everyone!!!! who is Nek? i saw the photo…raquel and fernando are together? because raquel is very belong to Nek…
    geia sou maria k chryso!!!!
    ti kanete?


  780. Geia sou Fernadina!! Mia xara emeis, esy? Guys, I saw a new pic of Fernando and Raquel. It is taken this Saturday (15th Dec) and it’s at Juan’s wedding. The bad thing is that they are together. The good thing is that they returned to the very encouraging (for us) style of not walking together and looking miserable!

  781. Nek is the singer who sings “Para ti Seria” with her group! and Maria, yes, I saw the pics of them together and they didn’t look too happy either! My opinion: either the wedding sucked or they didn’t wanna be seen together. Personally: weddings don’t suck unless u wanted to marry one of them, so I’m gonna go with #2!

  782. Alonso sucks Hamilton is the BEST!!!!!!!!!

  783. Girls, this is very interesting: Now I don’t believe wikipedia, but if u go on hers, someone put down that she did date Fernando until June of 2007 and is linked to Nek! Now on his it says they’re married! u be the judges! Oh and to the last reply, this isn’t about who’s a better driver here!

  784. http://de.youtube.com/watch?v=_UWF395BB0I&feature=user David&Raquel. On December 15, 2007, Formula One champion Fernando Alonso and his lady love, “El Sueño de Morfeo” vocalist Raquel de Rosario.On December 15, 2007, Formula One champion Fernando Alonso and his lady love, “El SueÅ„o de Morfeo” vocalist Raquel de Rosario, were among the 250 guests to rise from the rows of fabric-covered chairs inside the 17th century chapel at the Palacio de Meres in Siero, Spain as Beatriz Fueyo Montequin made her grand entrance, La Nueva EspaÅ„a reports. Dressed in a traditional white wedding gown designed with a square neckline and long illusion sleeves, her diaphanous, lace-edged veil gently brushed the crimson carpet aisle runner which marked the path to the groom, “El SueÅ„o de Morpheo” guitarist Juan Luis Suárez, who wore a morning suit accented with a red tie for the occasion.

    Leaving the chapel to the strains of Handel’s “Hallelulah,” family and friends christened the couple’s new life together as husband and wife with white rice before heading to the reception.

    Hey Maya,you know Spanish,please English to interpret okey?Take care,good bye :)

  785. OK, first of all I wanna see the pics from the wedding, can somebody post them…I need to see them look miserable 2gether again.
    Secondly, Melike, I’m sorry, it’s practically impossible to hear what they’re talking about. I know there’s something about them being nominated for three awards, but that was all I could hear – the sound is awful. I don’t think it was anything , but I’ll see if I can try again. lol


  786. I’ll download the pic, but it’s kinda blury but it says alot! They didn’t win any awards *cheering*. The rumors are getting stronger of her being with Nek!

  787. Maya, I saw your comment on the Hungorian site and I have your answer: I’ve been pestering them about the relationship being in trouble and possibly being over so I decided to harass them! The person in charge of the site is in a forum that I take part in in which myself, lena, and a few others bug the girls around in the relationship! It’s fun!

  788. Here’s the link to view the pic. Mind u I had to resize it because it was too big! http://img249.imageshack.us/img249/993/487ye3.jpg

  789. She acts like a horrible, stuck up Diva in that video!

  790. gia sou fernadina eimai mia xara esu pws ta pas? yes is true fernando and raquel look miserable 2gether and i’m so happy for that and i hope this time it’s true :D

  791. girls fernando and raquel are married on 15/12/2007 :( :( :( :( :( :(

  792. No, no Chryso.. They are not married. they attended another wedding together…:-)
    Well, Fernando has to check his head now ’cause he’s gonna play the deer If he doesn’t…

  793. No that was Juan, her bandmember!

  794. *laughing her head off*
    You’d think she’s come up with a better outfit for that occasion, huh? there’s something about those shoes…..
    Hope she didn’t catch the bouquet, though.lol

  795. If that was their wedding and they walked out of the church looking like that, expect the divorce papers right away and that’ll be the shortest marriage in history!

  796. They’d outdo even Britney Spears, with her 52h marriage. :) :) lol

    God, I’m mean. I better stop and go study for my economics final tomorrow, or else I’ll ruin my “perfect grade”. lol

  797. hello!!!! i’m very happy with these news…geia sou maria kai chryso!!! k ego eimai poly kala….i think that fernando wears his ring but raquel no…

  798. hello!!!! i’m very happy with these news…geia sou maria kai chryso!!! k ego eimai poly kala….i think that fernando wears his ring but raquel no…


  799. we can’t really tell if he was wearing his or not, but the picture clearly shows her not wearing hers! I haven’t seen other pics with them from the wedding but this one says alot!

  800. I found her performance with Nek! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yGmPiJ-SRqU

  801. HEY GÄ°RLS :)
    Good Bye :

  802. http://de.youtube.com/watch?v=MxZp6vshgG8

  803. hi tanya!!!from where are you?
    what’s up?
    i wanna learn all last news about fernando alonso and raquel….


  804. Guys guys!!!! You won’t believe what I just read in another forum!: The girl in the pic we saw (from Juan’s wedding) who was in front of Fernando, was not Raquel!! She was someone else and I actually saw another pic of Raquel in the wedding (different hair and dress and it’s really her – her face is clear). It is said that they both were at the wedding but they didn’t go together!! Do you believe that???

  805. By the way, can someone (from Spain) explain to me what does Fernando say in this video? (the video Chryso gave now)…

  806. Maria, I want pics of that! and Fernadina, I’m from Chicago, Illinois!

  807. Maria, the videoclip was when he was on a break and he was in Oviedo with her and when he walked out the lady wanted to talk to him about their relationship. He threw a fit and told the lady that if she wants to interview him to do it on the track and not on his break. The rest pretty much speaks for itself!

  808. I found her! http://img89.imageshack.us/img89/1739/rakaixr8eu3.jpg

  809. are you sure that is the same wedding?

  810. That’s the wedding of her bandmate!

  811. Hey girls, it´s so nice to find other fernando´s fans, I was reading the talk, so you think they split up?

  812. Thanks sooo much Tanya! I was very curious because he seems very angry… They got our boy angry! Anyway, Su, no they haven’t split up – that’s for sure. But I also don’t think that they got married or anything because especially after that is pretty much obvious that they are facing problems. Or they are not facing problems and they just want to make big fusses about their name or something like that and I would hate that because Raquel may be a total hypocrite but Fernando seems to be a decent guy…

  813. Thanks Maria, where are you from

  814. I’m from Greece Su! Where are you from??

  815. I found her performance of Demasiado Tarde from the premios principales awards and she sounds horrible! http://www.premiosprincipales.com/videos.html?grafico=3&offset=0

  816. Fernando taking part in a tennis match to raise $$$ . http://img521.imageshack.us/img521/8758/capt14dac688398d435f9c1vi5.jpg

  817. He looks yum in red! *g*

  818. It´s so cool you´re from Greece Maria, it´s nice to find fans from so many diferent places. I´m from Brazil, that´s why it´s a little hard to match the time with you guys, because of the time diference, for example, now is 10:04 in the morning here in Brazil, but i´ll try to keep talking to you even with a little delay

  819. hey Su i love Brazil welcome to the club so how old are you anyway?

  820. Hey Su! Yes, you’re right, time is a problem but talking at different hours is better than not talking at all, right?? So, it’s won’t hurt us… I would love to visit your country some day but unfortunately I can’t right now. Maybe someday I’ll visit your Home Grand Prix!@

  821. Hi girls, I´m 19, it´s nice to know you like Brazil I´d love that you could visit my city São Paulo, unfortunatelly i couln´t go to the brazilian Gp, but maybe next year, maybe to see Nano being the champ. again.

  822. OMG, I’m gone 4 2 dayz and u’ve already flooded this site…what’s gonna happen when i’m gone 4 a month.lol
    First of all, hello to new people, Su – welcome to the club, nice to have you here. So, what’s Brazil like, I’ve always wanted to visit.
    Secondly, Love the live performance, she sounds sooo bad. :) :) and he looks so cute in red, even though i hate red color.lol

    *sends kisses*

  823. Don’t worry Maya! We’ll keep u up to date!

  824. Hey guys!Im back!How are you all?whats new?
    I miss formula 1,I cant wait till 16.03…

  825. hi Su! how are you? welcome to the club!!!
    ooo fernando is so handsome……..


  826. Adna’s back! Welcome back! How are u? I can’t either for Melbourne!

  827. Hello Su :) My name is Melike ALONSO DÄ°AZ :) Welcome to the Fernando&Melike Club :) :):)

  828. God, i haven’t been so anxious since……..well, last year. If only the season would start – i can’t wait.

    welcome back Adna, where the heck have you been….we haven’t heard from you in a while, girl.lol

  829. Melike, since when did u become Mrs. Alonso Diaz???

  830. hello girls! :D
    hello adna i’m fine. how are you?
    melike why didn’t you invited me in your wedding with fernando? :P

  831. Hello Maya, Fernadina and Melike thanks for receiving me.
    I also miss waching the F1, and let me say, is a bit hard to know that fernando´ll be with a brazilian next year in Renault, but I´ll keep suporting him anyway

  832. Oh, I forgot to answer to Maya, Brazil is a big country so here you can find a lot of diferent cenarios, and a big mix of cultures, my city has people from many other places (specially when the F1 comes), it´s a big city, so here you can find everything, hope you can come someday!

  833. Chryso :D :D :D :D
    Bad Raquel :P

  834. Melike, u leave me from the list of guests? *sniffs* I’m hurt!

  835. good good F 1 driver

  836. well girls, i guess this is it…..I’m officially leaving on Monday (finally going home) and I’ll be gone for about a month. I don’t know how often I’ll post or if I’ll post at all – I’ll try but I can’t promise anything.
    Hope y’all don’t forget about me. I’m gonna miss you and your remarks about Raquel.
    Be back soon….hopefully.

    Kisses to every1.


  837. maya have a nice holidays with your family i miss you very much and i wait for you to talk again in MSN!!! :)

  838. Hello,Im fine,thanks.I was busy,school and other things but now school is finish and Im on holidays =))).
    Majo bas super sto ides u Bosnu,ajde sretan ti put i uzivaj tamo. I ja idem u Bosnu sutra al se vracam za 3 dana.Cool bit cemo cak u istoj drzavi =).

  839. Did u guys see the Christmas message in fernando´s site? It´s so cute… an he look so handsome in the new pics…
    Anyway i´m just posting to say MERRY CHRISTMAS!! I wish you a very nice day, kisses to all of you!

  840. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone!

  841. Merry Christmas everyone!@!!! I hope you have fun these days! Happy Holidays! Kisses to everyone!

  842. MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone and happy new year :D

  843. trust me fernando isnt with her,his just with her for publicity.what a shame ha? ask him what happened in france (monoco)
    hehe cya fans tc ;)

  844. I would ask him If I could, trust me! But, what happened in France?

  845. Hello meme! Welcome aboard! I’m curious to find out too what happened in France!

  846. I really want to know… Anyway, girls, don’t you find it a little bit of strange the fact that Fernando and Raquel don’t spend the holidays together? I mean, they only were together in Monaco for the Gala and previously they were kind of cold, so know that they have a chance for some romantic moments why aren’t they together? Especially, for a married couple (as some people say at least)…

  847. Yes, it is weird and if u go to the forum that I’m in, they think it’s pretty logical! Total garbage if u ask me! Like I told the other girls: If u’re married or planning to get married, u’d wanna get the families together so that they can get to know each other! It is awkward that they were only together at the gala and at her bandmates wedding, they didn’t go together and they didn’t leave together after that, nada!

  848. Hi girls! How are you guys doing? I’d like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas!!! :-D I hope you guys are having a marvellous time at home with your family. As for the current posts, I agree with y’all. I think he did it for her image. I mean, wouldn’t people want to know her better since she’s dating a two timed F1 WDC?

  849. Hy girls!My name is Marianna.I’m from Hungaryan.I live in GödöllÅ‘.I love Fernando and Raquel but I hate Jenny Kessler.Jenny is not beautiful!

  850. hi marianna!!!! welcome to the club….
    i have visited hungary and i saw fernando alonso and of course
    i watched the race!!!i think that budapest is so beautiful city!!!
    fernando alonso is so handsome….i don’t like raquel but ok if you like her…


  851. marianna who is Jenny Kessler?if you want give me your e-mail.
    how old are you?


  852. Jenny is a german girl who pretends to have had an affaire with Fernando! Personally I think he might have slept with her once if even!
    She has a new bf now (football player) and is pregnant with her second child!

  853. thank you Lena……i wish to everyone a happy new year!!!!!


  854. hey guyzZzZz….i was wondering when the season will start ..?
    am new here :)

  855. Well, look who’s here! Hey Fernandosbabe! Season begins March 17,2008 in Melbourne, Australia!

  856. hello to everyone….tanya do you have any picture from house’s fernando?if yes i want to see it!!!!


  857. I could try looking, but I can’t promise anything! ;)

  858. Don’t do that! I know you are curious but I think this is invading his private life way too far!

  859. Finding a pic of his house is invading privacy??? Doesn’t matter cause I couldn’t find anything!

  860. I think it is as there are always people who might try to find even more about the house or actually visit him! In the end the place he lives in is not big and it is rather easy to find his house then!

  861. hi!!!i wish a happy new year……
    are there news about fernando and raquel?are they together?


  862. well they celebrated christmas and new years NOT together…so make up your own mind ;)

    Happy New Year! ;D

  863. Hey, happy 2008 for everybody, have nice holidays!!!

  864. LMAO! u guys have got to check this out! If this was really how it happened, I feel bad for them! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1D8aR2aFVdY

  865. hey girls!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!! :) Marianna welcome to the club… i’m so happy that raquel is not together with fernando.. :D :D

  866. hello fans of fernando alonso and raquel.
    I am Lucia and i am from Slovak republic.i am a big fan of fernando and i am new here and i have got some questions. can somebody answer me? first: i have not time to read all you wrote here, so is fernando married with raquel? second: if they are married, when they got married? do they have children?
    oh, and if somebody has some good link to fernando biography or something like that, can you write me this?
    big thanks for all.
    with love Lusia and happy new year

  867. hi,ferni’s babes!!!i’m back,how r u?

  868. hello Lusia welcome to the club so we are not Raquel fun we hate Raquel here of course we are Fernando funs only. We don’t know if hes married with her and he don’t have children yet. How old are you anyway?

  869. Welcome Lusia!

  870. thank you…
    I have read some articles about fernando and there wrote he is really married with her!!! now I realised I hate her… I saw some videos and i think it is true… :(
    and Chryso i am 17 and you? :)

  871. hello Lusia!!!welcome to the club…..
    we think that fernando alonso isn’t with her….
    ti kaneis chryso?
    happy 2008!!!!


  872. Lusia: i’m 15 years old. i hope that the articles is not true
    Fernandina eimai kala esu?

  873. Hello Fernandina.
    thanks. I hope it isn´t true, too… but… videos on youtube.com and many others…
    so we can only hope…
    does somebody have some good photos of fernando, which are not on google, yahoo, etc. and can send it for me? 8)


  874. Wouldn’t worry too much about reports Luisa. One writes married one writes not married!
    Personally I don’t believe he is married! And to be honest: I don’t believe he is even with her anymore…

  875. I don’t go with what the reports say either! The fact of the matter is that they haven’t been seen together since the FIA gala. I’m not saying that they were together at her bandmates wedding because they didn’t arrive nor leave together so in my opinion, that doesn’t count!

  876. and of course,A HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of u

  877. hey girls!how are u?tanya I agree with you and Im quite sure that they are not married and I dont think that they are together but for that Im not so sure…
    have you heard something new about him?where is he now,what is he doing…?

  878. Word right now with him is that he’s beginning his work for Renault right now. Her on the other hand, no one knows for sure. I do know that they didn’t celebrate Christmas nor New Year’s together!

  879. hello guys!!!what’s up?kala eimai k egw chryso.eida kai to e-mail soy…


  880. ok… thank you.
    and where did you read that they did not celebrate Christmas and new year together?

  881. omg hey gals look wus bk yip non outha then me lol yoh i missd url alot n 2 da outha gals hi all n welcum it b nyc 2 get ta knw url i sowi i havent bee on just tat ive been soooooooooo busy wid skwl n i had sum pwbs at hme neways i bk

    tanya chryso i c url stil on yoh bt wat hapend 2 maya? y aint she sndin msgs n urm i knw i mayb a pain b wats da ltest wid alonso i miss grand prix sesion so uc cnt w8 4 it ta cum bk

    o do ne of u gals ere hav migg?

  882. Hey Chanelle, Maya’s away on holiday for a month so she won’t be online for a while longer!

  883. Hi girls, just dropping in to say hello and wish every1 Happpy Holidays. Finally managed to find the internet here, so I came here first. Love what you wrote down, sincerely hope its true, especially the part about them not spending holidays together. :) :) I missed not hearing news from you guys, so I read every new comment. :)
    Also, wishing a huge welcome to all the newcomers here…welcome people, njoy yourselves.
    To Chanelle, where the hec have you been…i was thinking of putting a WANTED poster on-line…lol

    So, that’s it from me…..don’t know when I’ll write again. Lots of love to everyone and hope you all had great holidays.


  884. @ Luisa: he celebrated in Oviedo and she celebrated on the Canary Islands! Both were spotted in those locations without each others company!

  885. Lena: really? where did you read this? I cannot find it… :(

  886. You can read it on her forum (even if there are some ppl who pretend to know things while it is just their wishful thinking (Reichel4ever for example)) and you find it in other places as well!

    Other than that you simply have to trust us ;)

  887. Hey, Maya! What happened to “I’m not gonna be online for an entire month”?! ;) Glad u found internet access!

  888. hello girls!!! chanelle how are you? i miss you very much :D
    maya i miss you too it’s everything ok in your country? :D
    Lena is nando celebrated with Raquel?

  889. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kcPyBtt6Or8&feature=related

  890. Chryso, They didn’t celebrate anything at all together! Rumors are continuing about them no longer being together! Only time will tell!

  891. Really Tanya? Is it real? WOHOOO!!!! Hahahhaha!!!! Yippie!!! Hehehheeh…. :-D I’m so frickin’ happy!

  892. Lena: I trust you because of your “friendship” to raquel, you wrote here ;)

  893. hey chryso i missed u 2 gal ive been fine gin great just been vei busy n hw r u gals doin

    n i tnk its great news that they wernt seen togetha cos that means tat they takin tym out 4rm eac outha o that they ended the relationship which wil b da st news ever!

    n maya reason i havent been on g chec ur mail i explaind it al there

    todles 4 nw gals!xoxxoxoxoxooxo

  894. o ya n tanya thanks u 2 4 da welcum

  895. thanks tanya so i’m so happy for that but sad cos the holidays finish :( :( :(

  896. @ Luisa: I have absolutely no friendship with Raquel at all! Hell no! I don’t like that woman! But you can still trust me! :)

  897. aranızda türkce bilen varsa beni anlayabilir :d raqel hamile diolar dogrumu bir yada bir bilgi olan varmı tam ingilizce bilmedigim icin ingilizce yazamıyorum kusura bakmayın

  898. uh, sweet, do u mind translating what u said please? Thanks! :)

  899. Lena: I trust you. be relaxed ;) and I thought your “friendship” with her ironically of course.
    and I have some request: I am not Luisa, but Lusia or Lucia. thank you ;)

  900. Sorry that I got the name wrong *blushes* Lucia is a pretty name! :D

  901. it s OK… am happy, that this site exist and there are many of great people, because all of my friends hate fernando… :(
    love for ALL ;)

  902. it s OK… am happy, that this site exist, and there are many of great people, because all of my friends hate fernando… :(
    Love for ALL

  903. heya x

    i just found this website and i agree with all of you!
    raquel does not deserve fernando he can’t see the real her
    shes only with him for his money!

    my names lyla im english (i hate hamilton tho!) i’m 15…
    message me on sparkle_gemzz@hotmail.com and ill talk to you

    muchoo lovee && kissess

  904. ıs raqel pregnant

  905. Lena: it s Ok… am happy that this site exist, because in our country (in slovak language) is nothing like this… all of my friends hate fernando… I think there are great people fernandos fans :D
    love for ALL

  906. No sweet. Raquel isn’t pregnant! Thank God! Nice to meet ya Lyla! If u want to msn me, it’s f1angel@hotmail.com Welcome to the forum!

  907. heya tanya x

    yeah thank god raquel isnt pregnant!
    thank you for being so nice!
    so where are you from, how old are you?

    lyla xxx

  908. I’m 22 and I’m from the states!

  909. hey girls did you see the new mclaren and Ferrari for 2008

  910. Lyla welcome to the clup i’m 15 years old too :D

  911. Saw the new Mclaren! Anyone see any resemblence to the F2008? ;) Small joke! :)

  912. Cool I’ve Been America Before, Twice, We Went Skiing At This Place Called Breckenridge It’s In Colarado You Might Of Heard Of It…
    Awww Thank You Chryso!

    Yeah I Saw The New Launches…
    Lmao Tanya :D

  913. Hola girls!Welcome Lyla!Im glad to see this site become more and more popular.Im so happy that you all love Alonso like me.Lusia,my friends also hate Alonso,they all loves Ferrari…

  914. Hey, I’m a Ferrari fan but I don’t hate Alonso. I think he’s phenomenal and a great rival to my favourite driver, Kimi. Why am I here? Gosh, I think Fernando is damn good looking! *blush* I hope you girls share the same feeling with me! :-D Cheers to all!!!

  915. We all pretty much have the same feeling as u Suhaila!

  916. Hello,girls.Look at the pictures:raquel&nek
    more power to your elbow Raquel Del Rosario :)
    Take care,Tanya,Suhaila,Lusia,Chyrso,Chanelle,Lena,Maya.Good Bye :)

  917. Now, u guys tell me when was the last time u guys ever saw Raquel look at Fernando or even be that close to him like how she was with Nek? I know that the song is a love song and all, but to be honest I think they’re taking the meaning of that song a bit to seriously!

  918. tanya NEVER

  919. Hi girls! How y’all doing? Thanks for sharing the same feeling. Yes, Fernando&Melike, I see your point when I see those pictures of her and Nek. I really think that Fernando is so over with Raquel. It’s too obvious. I can’t wait for the season to start. It’s going to be a great year, I can feel it! Take care everyone!!! :-D

  920. Hola!I hope u have right about fernando and raquel but we dont know that for sure.suhaila I also cant wait season to start…pozdrav svima =)

  921. Hi Adna, please to meet you here! Yeap, I’m getting edgy since new year. Also, the Jerez test starts today until 17th January 2008. Fernando will be testing on 15-16. I really want to see how the results go. Hopefully all well for Kimi and Fernando. :-D Cheers to all!!!

  922. Wow, I missed so much this site while i was on my holidays, but now i’m back and is so nice to see new people, and like Lusia said, is nice to find people that like fernando as much as me even not being spanish!

  923. welcome back Su!

  924. Hi chryso, is good to be back, and i have smth to say, i think if we wanna know if nano and raquel are married or not we have to wait for him to confirm ´cause i´ve been reading some pages on internet, and since 2006 people say they got married, and if they really did, i don´t see the point on hiding,´cause everyone knows they´re together, wouldn´t make any diference

  925. Su i agree with you!! :)

  926. http://www.formula1.com/news/interviews/2008/1/7262.html
    :) :) :)

  927. I read the interview chryso, oh, i miss so much having news from him, i can´t wait for the season begin!!!

  928. He is back! I hope we will have a great time in 2008!


  929. oh is so cute with his new clothes :D

  930. http://www.formula1.com/news/headlines/2008/1/7264.html

  931. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bQfj6tAivBA

  932. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bQfj6tAivBAhttp:

  933. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j9QWkBHivOk&feature=related

  934. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bQfj6tAivBA :)

  935. Girls, he’s still wearing that annoying ring! Check out his new photos in motorsport.com. :(

  936. *sighs* I’ve been discussing with this with Lena and several other girls who believe that it is a different one!

  937. I saw his new pics on renault, oh my, it seems he looks even more cute..

  938. New pic and he’s not wearing the ring! http://img329.imageshack.us/img329/7587/72246a2ed7a8eg1uu1bd9.jpg

  939. OOOOO My God!Hey Girls
    Formula 1`in yeni şampiyonu Fernando Alonso`nun eski kız arkadaşı, dünyanın en güzel kızı seçildi. Filipinler`de yapılan yarışmaya Venezüella adına katılan Alman asıllı Alexandra Braun Waldeck, açık farkla birinciliği kazandı. Profesyonel mankenlik yapan Waldeck, 2003 yılında Miss Üniverse seçilmiş Hayalimdeki kadın` diyor
    Filipinler`deki Dünya Güzellik Yarışması`nda tacı giyen isim Venezuellalı Alexandra Braun Waldeck oldu. Alman asıllı 1983 doÄŸumlu güzelin, en büyük özelliÄŸi isminin F1 pilotu Fernando Alonso ile anılması. Alonso`nun Alexandra`yı görür görmez “Hayalimdeki kadın” dediÄŸi ve bundan sonra çiftin 1 ay kadar aÅŸk yaÅŸadığı konuÅŸuluyor. Daha sonra Alonso, baÅŸka aÅŸklara yelken açarken kraliçenin ise ÅŸimdilerde kalbi boÅŸ.
    EFSANE aktris Audrey Hepburn`ün veliahtı olarak gösterilen Alexandra Braun Waldeck, yarışma kuralları gereği önümüzdeki 1 yıl sinemada rol alamayacak ve özel hayatıyla gündeme gelmeyecek. Ancak kraliçenin en büyük hayali iyi bir aktris olmak. Öte yandan Filipinler`deki yarışmada Sırbistan Karadağ`dan Jovana Marjanovic (18) Miss Fire, Dominik Cumhuriyeti`nden Amell Santana de Jesus (19) Miss Air ve Polanyalı Katarzyna Borowicz de (20) Miss Water güzeli seçildi.

  940. http://www.thaibinhonline.com.vn/Uploaded/Vanhoa/images1150201_hoahautraidat.jpg
    Miss Earth 2005 Alexandra Braun Waldeck from Venezuela (2nd from left) is flanked by (from left) Miss Earth-Fire, Jovana Marjanovic from Serbia & Montenegro, Miss Earth-Air, Amell Santana from Dominican Republic, left, and Miss Earth-Water, Katarzyna Borowicz from Poland, during the coronation night as she bested 79 other contestants from around the world in suburban Manila, Philippines, on Sunday, October 23, 2005. Miss Earth is a privately-organized annual beauty contest that aims to promote public awareness of environmental protection issues and promote tourism.

  941. Alexandra Braun Waldeck (born May 19, 1983 in Venezuela) is Miss Earth 2005.

    Growing up in Caracas, Braun graduated cum laude with a Technical Degree in Marketing and Advertising.

    The 5′9″ Venezuelan of German descent went on to compete in the 2005 Miss Venezuela pageant. While she only placed first runner-up, representing Nueva Esparta, she was selected by Sambil Model Caracas to represent Venezuela at Miss Earth held in Manila, Philippines. She was the first Venezuelan to win the competition. Her win makes Venezuela only the second country after Brazil to win all of the “Big Four” pageants.

    As the reigning Miss Earth, Braun will travel the world to participate and promote environmental awareness programs with the Philippine-based Miss Earth Foundation. As of June 2006, Braun is expected to visit several countries including Canada, Puerto Rico, Chile, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, and her home country of Venezuela.

    Braun crowned her successor, Hil Hernᮤez during the 2006 Miss Earth pageant finale on November 26, 2006 in Manila. Her Miss Earth Venez

  942. http://astrumas.com/blog/?p=733
    Fernando Alonso”My dream women Alexandra Braun Waldeck”
    Fernando Alonso’s ex girl Alexandra Braun Waldeck (19 may 1983)Miss Earth (The Whole World)Beatiful designated
    Fernando,please Alexandra Braun Waldeck to turn back but more beatiful.:)We like Alexandra Braun Waldeck :)
    Raquel Del Rosario,to be affected by the fumes of jealousy :) to green with envy :) to be eaten up with envy HE HE HE HA HA HA :)

  943. How mean you are Melike!!!ha,ha,ha
    But seriously, don´t u think you´d hate any girl that is with Fernando? i mean, ´cause we all wish this for ourselves, or the problem is just with raquel?

  944. su i agree with you i hate any that is with fernando but i agree with melike cause alexandra braun is more beautiful than raquel

  945. * any girl

  946. Personally my problem is just with raquel she’s a golddigger and not very beautiful, alexandra is very beautiful so i would mind THAT much if he went out with her…

  947. Is this seriously just about beauty? To be honest: I’d rather see him with someone normal like Corinna Schumacher!

  948. Lena you have right!!

  949. I agree with Lena! It shouldn’t be all about beauty physically! As long as the woman by his side is respectful, trustworthy, and is there when he needs support, it’s all good! ;)

  950. Well that sums up Corinna, doesn’t it? Well maybe we should add to the list “intelligent” and “loves him”.

  951. Chryso i agree with you:)

  952. I agree with Lena too, if i have to see him with a girl (so hard) i prefer is someone normal and cool, instead of super beautiful girls
    ´cause they make the ordinary fans like me feel even worse…

  953. And especially not with someone who wants to boost her career due to him!

  954. Hey girls I read that on promition of her new sponsor Raquel admited that she and Fernando are not married and it was 2006.
    we hope its true =)

  955. u are right Lena, personally i don´t no ´bout that, but people say she got famous more because she dated him than because of the band. i think her songs are nice but i don´t how things really are in Spain, where are you from?

  956. I was in Spain at the end of 2006 and there was no day without a few songs of R. in the radio, bar,… It follows me… Her career wasn’t like that before.

    But in Austria NOBODY, really NOBODY knows her, only me.

  957. Hi, girls…..I’m baaack!!!
    Just got home last night around midnight and now I’m here….yay!! Read all the posts (naturally), and well, what can I say: HE IS SOOOO CUTE IN THE NEW RENAULT COLORS, but what’s with the hat in the first pic…ha ha ha.
    Gotta tell you, i saw Raquel perform live when I was back home (well, love on TV) with Nek in this award show for “Record of 2007″ (ESDM didn’t win :) :) ) and I think some1 told them that they look to “up-close and personal”, cause they were behaving very strangely; she wouldn’t even look at him and when the hostess asked him what it was like to work with her, he said: “IT’S EASY TO WORK WITH SOMEONE WHEN THERE’S CHEMISTRY….I mean,professionally and we’re really good friends” (YEAH, RIGHT!!!!!)
    They were also presented by this guy who’s in racing and Raquel was asked about Nando (”Of course, we all know that you Raquel are involved with the bi champion of the world”)….she just had this look on her face like she was stunned and sort of smiled. WEIRD

    So, that’s it from me and the news. I’m just really happy with the testings, and can’t wait for the season to start.
    Best wishes to all the newbies here, and lots of love!!! :) :)

  958. Hi Maya welcome back! u actually like him with the Renault colors?! I’m not too crazed over that, but give me time and I’ll get used to it! ;) Anyway, what show was this and did she give him a look like what are u talking about? I’m glad they didn’t win! :) Italy isn’t gonna be too nice to her when she goes there in February with Nek!

  959. I’m curious Maya, did she say anything back or did she just give him a dumbfounded look?

  960. Old, but good…

  961. that´s a cool video Nina, now i was reading that he tested the new Renault, and he seems happy, about R. as you said nobody knows about her here in Brazil either, except for Fernando´s fans, and that´s because of him of course

  962. oh is so sexy, hot…….. :D :D
    MAJA welcome back girl!!

  963. Well, from what I could see she’s famous in Spain and in Hungary, but that’s basically it. The band is not really in the top 10 in Europe, and can you imagine how it would be if she wasn’t dating Nano…she’d probably be a nobody…but i appreciate the hard work…..


  964. I was thinking that maybe they’re not dating anymore because I think she didn’t like hearing Fernando’s name and that’s why she felt uncomfortable and tried to put on a fake smile for everyone thinking that everything’s alright between them when in reality, it’s not!

  965. Pics from yesterday show him with ring. What’s going on? This guessing game annoys me…

  966. It is not that ring. It is a new one. Let’s face it: most rings look alike and are still not the same: I have a minimum of 7 which look very simliar but are still different.

  967. A new ring? so what does that mean?

  968. The same it already means since middle of 2007: he is not with her anymore.

    Has nobody realized that her diamond ring is gone and the one on the right hand also doesn’t look the same anymore?

  969. Wow, that must be why he looks happier now, ha,ha,ha!!!
    Lena, where are u from?

  970. I am from Germany :D

  971. Cool, i´m from Brazil, but even with brazilians in the F1 i still support Fernando =)

  972. It’s hard to convince people that they’re not together because people go by the rings because people believe they’re the same ones while others believe that they’re wearing different ones but they’re just fooling the press and the fans by saying yes we’re still together, but in reality they’re not!

  973. He never said he is still with her :P

  974. He doesn’t talk about his relationship at all! ;) I never said he would say something. All I said was that they could both be wearing rings to fool us into thinking they’re still together!

  975. hello girls in Cyprus nobody know raquel only me :D
    now is with her or not???

  976. it´s a guessing game as Nina said before, ´cause it´s easy to discover when people are together but is harder to discover when they´re not, especially in fernando´s case he is always involved into gossips, i don´t know what to believe

  977. it´s a guessing game as Nina said before, ´cause is easy to discover when people are together but is harder to discover when they´re not, especially in fernando´s case, he is always involved into so many gossips, i don´t know what to believe anymore

  978. Strangely enough I think it is no guessing game at all. The FIA gala was a publicity stunt. Sorry but his fake smile was simply amazing. And the rest speaks for itself.

  979. Lena, u and I both know that there are alot of people who believe that the gala attendance was a stunt! and with them both being present at her bandmates wedding was just pure coincidence!

  980. I always thought that FIA gala was very unconvincing, especially when there was no pictures of them looking that happy anywhere else EVER. Even when they were still dating, they never looked that close and that happy….we’ve all seen that he’d walk miles ahead of her in the pics on the web and even in those rare ones when they were actually seen together he never looked truly happy, more like miserable….I even felt sorry for him sometimes. lol
    Recent pictures show him smiling, which is something we’ve been missing for a while (like the entire past season) and I don’t know if it’s cause he’s back home with Renault, or what….but it’s nice to see it, that’s for sure!!!! ;) ;)

  981. did you girls all fell asleep, or what…any news people???


  982. Hey, Maya, I woke up!ha,ha
    I agree with u, his happier now and i loved to see this.
    ´bout raquel, the news i always see are gossips ´bout a possible marriage, but not ´bout a split up

  983. I haven’t! The latest that I have is that a couple of days ago during testing, the fans decided to play a joke on Fernando by shouting her name to him! I guess he just ignored them!

  984. Hey everyone!
    Interesting speculation if they’re still together I don’t think they are the FIA gala was SUCH a publicity stunt and you’re right I think the rings have definately changed.
    It’s nice to see him smiling again :D

  985. @ Tanya, just wondering where you find these things on him…I could be online 24/7 and not find a thing.lol
    Guess I just don’t know where to look…..

  986. Tanya is very good at digging out info! Personally I don’t even have the time to look up all those things.

    A funny forum is:


    They are totally nuts over Raquel just not Tanya, me and some other girls…so we actually enjoy seeing them cry whenever there are rumours that they are not together anymore :D

  987. hola!Ive been busy but Im back…did you hear something new about them?are you sure that is not the same ring?

  988. In the words of Britney Murphy: “I’ll never tell”! ;)

  989. Ok, I get some from a spanish forum, but I credit Lena for most of the news! :D

  990. Lena, sorry for putting u in the spotlight like that! I met u in the kiddie area and we just conducted our own investigations! And I just wanna say that on the spanish forum most of the people there hate her! Hard to believe since they’re from Spain! Adna, as far as me and Lena are concerned, we believe that they’re wearing different rings! And I just also wanna say that in that forum Lena posted, they really are a bunch of kids! Especially one person (Lena, u know who I’m referring to)who worships Raquel *rolls eyes*! As far as Lena and I think, we believe that they’re not together anymore!

  991. Actually it is not just us believing this btw! ;D

  992. OOOO MY GOD!!!
    Raquel is pregnant

    In the last few hours has come to our drafting one of the most unexpected news. Raquel del Rosario and Fernando Alonso expecting their first child.
    And with this news bomb, controversies and differences have not ceased to exit. Then, an exclusive this Christmas.

    A young Ruby proclaims to be the father of the child she hoped Rachel’s rosarío

    Raquel del Rosario, singer’s dream Morfeo, declaardo has in the last few hours that she is pregnant. And of course, all have given congratulate the alleged father, Fernando Alonso bicampeón of Formula 1. But hours later, a young Ruby, named Sergio, said that the son who hopes the young singer is not Formula 1 pilot, but from him.

    According said the agency EFE, the child was conceived in one of the meetings that took prinicipios this summer and autumn, when the singer was beyond a few days in Barcelona, putting as an excuse to promote his record and its continued 2007 tour, we are on the way

    Sergio continued: “She came to Ruby and that nobody saw us, we were going to the floor of my cousin, on the pretext of playing the console. Only my cousin knew what was going on between us two”
    But one day, everything ended. Rachel told Sergio that this did not lead to nowhere, and that should be maintained next to her boyfriend / husband at such times so hard that Alonso was happening.
    Recall that Alonso was being unjustly criticized by the British press, his partner and head of Mclaren team

    At that time, Raquel and Sergio was loved for the last time. At that last meeting, the couple says, the baby was conceived that the singer is in its belly
    Both, what Sergio has explained to us is true or not, what is certain it is that the child will be born with the passion of the engine running in his veins.

    Hamilton, when he heard the news has not wanted to be left behind, and said that he felt something very beautiful singer by the Canarian
    With tears in her eyes, she recalled the last time she saw the Spaniard. “It was at the grand prize of Brazil. She was so” pretty “with her black dress and Alonso was so outstanding that I revolvía stomach. And know that it was me who went telemetry Alonso!”
    “At the first curve I could not endure more. Alonso saw that I passed, and the radio team told me that Rachel had gone to Renault box to see the race … I did not want to know anything about me!”
    This, plus a gesture that made him Alonso became nervous Hamilton, who said that “this could be me, and that he felt unwell, and the tears that were falling, I nublaron sight and apreté the wrong button”

    So far, Rachel’s Rosarío has not wanted explciación or giving any reply to the hearsay being virtiendo about her and her future baby.
    OOO MY GOD!!!!

  993. Read it closely and you will see it is a joke! It appeared on the “Spanish fools day”.

  994. What a crazy story! But of course it is a joke, it makes no sense, the funniest part is ” and the tears that were falling…” ha,ha, it´s so dramatic, i´m just imagining this scene..

  995. LMAO! Apparently they didn’t try harder to really convince the public!

  996. of course is a joke!!!

  997. hey girls,look at the video
    The Canaria island’s gypsy Raquel Del Rosario :(

  998. If you look closely you will see it is NOT Raquel! ;) No worries girls!

  999. Love the joke…”tears were falling down….”totally convincing!!! I think the girl in the video is not Raquel, certainly doesn’t look like her, but who is she then???
    About the article (love the way they bring Hamilton in), it sounds a lot less convincing than the article about Nando and that British chick he allegedly hooked up with a while ago.IMHO, they’re just writing this stuff to make them go public about their relationship (break-up or marriage). Hopefully it will work.lol

  1000. Hey Tanya, looks like we reached a 1000, love it…what’s next???

  1001. It wasn’t her at all! I think it was just a friend of one of Fernando’s friends! @ Maya, we go now for 2000! :)

  1002. He doesn’t even say bye to her but waves at his friend twice!

  1003. So, I guess she’s a nobody then! :P

  1004. girls is Raquel in the video

  1005. it is NOT Raquel! She looks completely different!

  1006. is here someone from Serbia???

  1007. hello guys. that girl looks similar as raquel, but it isn´t she… look it closely. love for all

  1008. She looks nothing like her! To me, there’s nothing similar about her at all!

  1009. http://www.resimupload.com/ds342327664_f1ladies017.html
    HA HA HA Raquel Alonso ha ha ha :)
    HA HA HA Raquel sexy ha ha ha :) lie lie lie :)

  1010. Was that list made in Spain? If it was don´t worry Melike, all the countries put their girls in the list, just because they´re famous in the moment

  1011. Yes Su! It was from FHM magazine in Spain listing the top 35 most beautiful women in the world and she was listed #2 behind Rihanna!

  1012. the first pic is so funny :P

  1013. OK….i have no idea what the people from FHM were doing when they were putting the list together, cause it’s totally ridiculous…their number 1 is not that hot and she’s probably there cause of the pics on the web. Secondly, Raquel being hotter that, Jessica Alba or Rebeca Romijn….honestly, in which universe is that true??? That list needs to be worked on.
    BTW, love the first pic, it’s hilarious.lol

  1014. http://www.formula1.com/news/headlines/2008/1/7313.html
    :) :) :)

  1015. Hey Chryso! I was just looking for the same thing on the internet now, it´s so good to see him again isn´t it? Well, i see pics and videos almost everyday, but i miss the races! Nelsinho is cute too, don´t u think? =)

  1016. http://www.motorsport-total.com/f1/bilder/cat.php?c=08renault1&bps=999&sort=1&d=

  1017. hey su!! how are you? i agree with you nelsinho is cute and Alonso of course but he have to cut his hair :D

  1018. Oh no, he should not cut his hair!

  1019. Hi Chryso, i´m fine, i was just wondering what´s up with that Hamilton that keep saying bad things about Alonso! I hope this season can be better! Anyway, do u have msn?

  1020. Hamilton is a sore loser! F1 is considered a gentleman’s sport. u respect all the drivers whether u like them or not! He is acting like a child by blaming everything on Fernando and convincing everyone that he is the angel of the team! At least Fernando has the respect by not talking about what happened between them! What went on with those 2 is no one’s business but theirs!

  1021. u are totally right Tanya, many people criticize Fernando, but they don´t see the wrong things that Hamilton say and do, because he keep pretending to be as u said an angel, and everybody buy it

  1022. Lauda praised Fernando today and I am still not over it! He basically said that Piquet will stand no chance as he is no Hamilton and that Fernando is absolutely special (Nina what would be the word for Ausnahmefahrer?) and probably the best of all.

    Is he scared he has to bash 2008 world champion and starts praising him already!

  1023. Hamilton want to be number one but he can’t cos number one is Alonso and Schumacher this time. And hes jealous Alonso cos all the people support Alonso more than him….
    Su my email is chryso.alonso@hotmail.com

  1024. Found it in English:

    Niki Lauda has rubbished Nelson Piquet Jr’s chances of showing up Lewis Hamilton or Fernando Alonso in 2008.

    Piquet is – like reigning champion Timo Glock – among the latest graduates to Formula One of the sport’s main feeder category, GP2.

    The 22-year-old, who was Renault test driver last year, is also the son of the famous triple world champion Nelson Piquet, and the new team-mate for double world champion Fernando Alonso.

    But Lauda, another triple world champion and a winner of 25 Grand Prix, told RTL that he does not have high expectations for Piquet Jr’s debut campaign.

    “Nothing against Piquet,” the Austrian legend said, “but he is not a Hamilton. And Fernando is an exceptional pilot, perhaps the best of all.

    “Piquet will have no chance,” Lauda added.


  1025. I can’t believe Lauda said anything good about Nano, he’s is such a LuLu fan. I too noticed how Hamilton keeps saying bad things, like he will not repeat Nando’s mistakes, how he knows better than that and how Nando showed him how not to act on track.
    He’s just a bad loser, as Tanya said, and I think what bothers him the most is the attention Nando got in the testings and the excellent results. Hope the season will show how bad Hamilton is when Nando has the number 1 position.

  1026. Lauda is like Lewis: A 2 faced idiot! I cannot tell u guys how many times I’ve seen stories of Lauda bashing on Fernando and praising Lewis like he’s the Lord of the tracks and now he’s coming all nice to Fernando calling him “a special driver” and a very talented driver! I think he’s doing this because of all the letters he’s received from fans who were ticked off at him for his attitude towards Alonso! Lewis is the same way: He first came out praising Fernando for all he’s acheived and now, he’s saying negative crap about him!

  1027. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AJS8JCl_Y4c

  1028. girls look Alonso hand he were the ring

  1029. I’m not gonna focus anymore on the ring cause it’s just a piece of jewerly and it has no meaning! What matters is that they haven’t been seen together in months and I doubt that we’ll see her at the circuits!

  1030. a gals me jus checkin up o ma faviovte gals hw r url din im so busy wid skwl i dt evn hav tm 2 breathe yoh n urm is this wedding rumors btween alonso n raquel stil goin around dam bt they not 2gtha

  1031. Chanelle would you mind writing proper English… I find the slang very hard to read and I always thought my english is not even that bad.
    Thank you!

  1032. What a shame that people in Spain,´c´mon i don´t support Hamilton either, but that racist attitude is awful, is stupid, and i think it can even affect Fernando´s image and his other fan´s too, i totally hated to read those things!!

  1033. I like to be an Austrian. But Niki Laudi is really terrible! And the best is, that he doesn’t know Fernando! He told the whole last season that Hamilton makes no mistakes. But I saw a lot of mistakes… Hamilton thinks he is the high-flyer. And maybe he thinks that he can win the World Championship eight times in six years!

    A fried of a friend of mine will work next season for Honda and she will be at every race. And she likes chit-chat…

  1034. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yooja1V4dKg

  1035. I feel that the Spanish fans who said those comments pushed it too far! As a fan, yes, u’re free to express your opinions, but at the same time, u have to set some limits to what u can do and what u can say. I’m sure that Fernando didn’t find this appreciative at all! What they have said gives people around the world the impression that Spaniards are racists! Now because of this, the FIA have threatened to remove both GP’s from Spain should this happen again! I doubt that Bernie would do something like that because Spain is one of the top countries that earns top $ and we all know that Bernie loves to make $. But this threat by the FIA should be taken seriously by the Spanish fans because Bernie could remove Spain from ever hosting a GP! This is a lesson to all fans; not just in Spain, but everywhere!

  1036. As I said before: I have witnessed very nice spaniards (sat next to them) totally freaking out at the Monaco GP 06 throwing stones at Michael. That really scared me. Before we had such nice conversations but after that we just left so we could get away from then. Thanks god they had calmed down the next day!

    I think Fernando needs to stand up and say something about this all. He seriously needs to distant himself from those people.

    Oh we will get gossip then Nina :D Way to go :D

  1037. http://www.crash.net/motorsport/f1/feature/12434-0/qa_fernando_alonso_-_exclusive.html

  1038. That was definitely not nice of them to do. I mean, none of us likes LuLu, but a line has to be drawn – you can’t just go on saying stuff like that, even if u hate his guts. Nando will not be happy with this, I hope he says something about that.
    Appreciating the fans that he has, but let’s keep this on the track, cause when it all goes down, that’s what actually counts.

    And one more little thing…I know this is a Nando fan place but I gotta say this: NY GIANTS RULE!!!!! Goodbye Patriots—-

  1039. Watched the superbowl as well and was totally happy NY Giant won! God was that an interesting game. Probably the most exciting game I have ever seen!

  1040. @ Lena, where are you from??? I didn’t think anyone else from this site was gonna watch it…lol
    I am sooooooo happy, I couldn’t believe it. My pretty boy was unbelievable, I just wanna hug him and squeeze him real tight. lol

  1041. Hola girls.I was busy so and just now read the joke about Raquels pregnant…and its good joke…=)…And about fans in Spain I konw it is wrong what they did cause Ron was complain FIA about that, but Lewis deserve that.They didnt offend Lewis becaose he is black than they dont like him…

  1042. Such things shouldn’t happen. I think Fernando has to comment these things. He made the headlines the whole last year. This was not good for his image. And now he is indirectly involved again. These “fans” are stupid, this is no support!

  1043. I agree nina! He needs to speak up and say that he has nothing to do with it and that he is not fine with it at all! Otherwise papers will say again that he basically asked his fans to do something like that.
    (schau dir mal die Bild an. Da steht schon: der einzige der nix sagte war Alonso! Aber von der Bild kann man ja eh nix erwarten!)

    @Maya: I am from Germany.

  1044. Lena, hab mir die Bild angesehen, danke! Aber auch in anderen Zeitungen steht nicht wirklich, dass er dazu was gesagt hat (außer im nachfolgenden Link, aber das würd ich eher als fragwürdig bezeichnen):

    As Lena wrote, different papers write now that he says nothing. And that he could calm down his “fans” but that he hasn’t done it! That’s not good…

  1045. Fernando meets with hard citicism:

    What has come over him?

  1046. Can we have a translation please? btw, I wrote a letter to the Renault team as well as BBC network expressing my feelings on what happened. Here’s what I said: Hello, my name is Tanya. I’m from the U.S and I run a F1 myspace page composed of daily updates of F1 news, practice, qualifying, and race results. I have many F1 admirers who support many of today’s drivers including Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton. What took place on the weekend of February 1-3 in Barcelona, Spain really has disappointed not only myself, but most of my viewers as well. Let me explain what has happened to me on Tuesday, February 5, 2008: I have gotten several messages and comments containing negative and racist remarks not only aimed at Fernando/Lewis, but also on me! I cannot stress how much this has affected me.I had to remove these people of whom I’ve had contact with for a long time! If there’s one thing I don’t tolerate it’s racists! I understand as a fan that you are obligated to voice your thoughts, but these individuals who have made these remarks, have crossed the line. Because of this, people have now called the Spainards “racists” and I don’t believe for one second that they are! Fernando was mistreated by the Mclaren team and it is my understanding that the team including driver Lewis Hamilton should’ve seen this reaction coming now,if not, probably at the two grand prix’s Spain is hosting. The press, British press, in my opinion, are making this incident bigger than it is. The Spainsh press are reporting what happened and they have issued statements saying that they don’t tolerate racist comments at all and the circuit have issued their statement saying that it won’t happen again while the British Sports Minister has said that he will look further into this incident and I feel that it’s not required to do so. The fans that I talk to on several forums, believe that Fernando Alonso should express his reactions to the public on the matter at hand, while others feel that he should not say anything at all! I am not sure at the moment what is the best option for him, but I know that there has to be some action that needs to be done to insure fans of both Lewis and Fernando that these type of remarks are unacceptable in F1. I hope you understand not only my point of view, but the view of my friends on my site and I hope that this will diminish soon so that us fans can enjoy what is to be a great battle for the 2008 FIA F1 World Championship.
    I don’t expect a response back, but this is just to show them how not only I feel, but the fans that I talk to feel too!

  1047. It basically just siad that the real fans would be disappointed with Fernando cos he has said nothing about those idiots. They claim that last year he knew very well how to use the media for his purposes but now doesn’t open his mouth in order to stop the freaks.

    In the end I personally think he needs to say something but it seems like the issue isn’t going down too well with him.

  1048. @ Tanya, great idea..love the letter, just hope they make something out of it. I hope that it wasn’t for nothing, cause you’re right, the British press is definitely blowing this outta proportions. I’m not saying what the fans did was ok, but let’s not go crazy because someone said sth they shouldn’t have. There are people who take stuff like this every day and nobody has been complaining that much.lol

  1049. Hey I’m a huge Fernando and El Sueno De Morfeo fan and Fernando is probably married if you look on the ring finger on his right hand he is wearing a plain white gold ring if he’s not married he’s definately engaged to Raquel

  1050. Hi Lynette! Sorry to say this, but there are people here who dislike Raquel so don’t take it personally! We’re F1 fans too just so u know!

  1051. Yes, I have to agree with Tanya: we are F1 fans and not ESDM fans (that voice *shivers*).

    Besides they are neither married nor engaged… they are not even sleeping with each other!

  1052. @ Lena, love that sentence “…they’re not even sleeping with each-other…”
    *laughing her head off*
    I wish that was true,ah….that would be like getting an A+ in my Philosophy class.

  1053. Well it is the truth *laughs* and I know the truth hurts for some people but well.. *g*

  1054. hey….guys…. lemme tell ya…. i hate Raquel Rosario….she dosent suit ….d heart throb nando at all////…….he deserves sumbody better…..may b me…..hmmmmmmm……:)))

  1055. hello sarah welcome to the clup!!!
    where are you from?

  1056. Welcome Sarah!

  1057. One quick question – WHERE THE HELL IS EVERYBODY????Did you girls just decided to leave or what…come on ppl I need news and I miss you guys. Get back here, now!!!
    :) :) :) :) :) :) :)


  1058. Well I don’t know about everyone else, but I’m still kickin’ ;) The latest I have is this: Her band is gonna put out a greatest hits album in a couple of months. They’ll be doing a small tour in Italy and in Spain during the springtime as well as touring with several other acts (cause they can’t make money on their own) ;) and once the tour is done, they are gonna start working on their third album. Now the question remains is: If they’re still together (and I do mean “IF”) will she be present at any gp’s? All I know is that she’ll not be at Monaco or Spain cause she has performances scheduled for those dates! That’s the latest I have! :)

  1059. hello girls,
    I don’t have news about Fernando or Raquel but i still there!
    and maya i have to talk to you!

  1060. hello!!!
    what’s up?

  1061. Hi girls i´m here too, i just didn´t have any news either!
    But let me say congratulations Maya, u called and everybody appeared! i promise i´ll try to find smth interesting to say the next time, and won´t take that long!

  1062. Hehe, I can do magic.lol
    I just missed you guys and nobody was posting. I don’t really care much about the news but I miss talking to all of you.
    @ Tanya, thnx for the update…lets hope she won’t be on any GP this season, Nando needs to focus on the season and he’s had a mess yesterday on track.
    Chryso, you can msn me any time or just leave me a message in hi5 if it’s an emergency.

  1063. sorry been extremely busy but I can’t recall knowing anything new to share!

  1064. The papers write that Fernando said that the rasicm-attack against Hamilton was a joke because of carnival… If this is true i think this statement is questionable… I’m wondering.

  1065. That day was a holiday (to me I think of it as Halloween!)people were allowed to dress up and people decided to dress like Lewis and his family! There is nothing racist about that! Fernando has also said that people called him a dog last year and no one came to his defense!

  1066. Fernando said please not to put the dressed up people to the group of racist that shouted! And carneval means you do dress up but it has nothing really to do with Halloween and Carneval tradition in Europe is way older than Halloween so I assume maybe american companies found it nice and changed it around a bit so you have Halloween… like they try with us in Europe with other things…

    And Fernando is kinda right! He was called names by many Hamilton fans (and I have heard it myself) and he never whinged about it.
    In the end I think he is right that not whole of Spain is racist and that some people are overreacting. He just should have said it in a less offensive way… loved it by the way how he mentioned that Nikki Lauda bashed him live on TV! ;D

    Actually I think he might have had a bad day as he had many rants about things yesterday…

  1067. I think everybody knows that not whole of Spain is racist! But Lena has expressed in a good way what I wanted to say: “He just should have said it in a less offensive way”.

    It’s terrible and not right that other “fans” call him “dog” or something else. But it’s not the right way to say that because this things happens it’s ok that other things happens too. Because I hope and think Fernando is on another level than Hamilton (and I don’t mean the racing only).

    What happened with Lauda?

  1068. Niki Lauda has attacked Alonso pretty much all of last year with negative comments from what I’ve heard through several European fans!

  1069. Girls how are u?I was busy so…whats new?kisses to all =)

  1070. As I wrote a few weeks before Lauda attacked Fernando the whole time. But Lauda doesn’t know him personally!

    Lena, what mentioned Fernando concerning Lauda?

  1071. I will find you the article…

    “Niki Lauda said those things about me and no one came to me to show me their support.”


    He is right! Nikki really insulted him badly through out most of the season! I recall him saying in China last year that Fernando’s family was not very educated and that apparently Maria de la Rosa had said they have no manners! Pedro totally freaked out when he heard about it!

  1072. Thank you, Lena!

    In Austria we would say: “Lauda speaks a lot if the day is long”. I’m really wondering why he is still commenting on TV… There are a lot of people who don’t like him and who have problems with him, for example Alex Wurz.

    I don’t know a lot about the family of Fernando. But I can say that the F1-commentator on “ORF” (Heinz Prüller (he is a little bit kinky); Lena, maybe you know him?) says very often that Fernando is very well-behaved!

  1073. Where in the hell did Niki get the idea that Alonso’s family wasn’t educated? and I’m shocked to hear that a member of De la Rosa’s family criticized Alonso too!

  1074. i heard people saying that fernando is snobish, and other stuff here too. I think people on tv say these things because he doesn´t pretend to be nice (like others do) and he say what he thinks, sometimes criticizing the midia, that´s what annoy this people!

  1075. I’ve heard through a friend of mine in Spain that people in Asturias don’t like him because of his personality. She says that when he’s there, he always has a bad attitude, doesn’t smile, nada! Press here in the states don’t care about his or any driver’s personalities, all they care about is how they do on track and that’s what counts! I believe that Fernando is a good-hearted person, but I think that he’s afraid to show his emotions (kinda like me) ;)

  1076. God, that makes me hate the guy even more – I never had a good opinion on Lauda, and now I can see why…jerk.
    I’m not saying Nando is perfect, he has his faults (his relationship with the public is certainly one of them, he often says how he hates the press, especially the paparazzi), but just cuz he’s not a “pleasant, smiling guy who makes everyone feel better” doesn’t give Nikki the right to say stuff like that about him, or his family (or anyone’s family, for that matter). Who is he to judge how people behave????
    Shouldn’t he be more focused on what’s going on with his life, not someone else’s???

  1077. Ok, this is a bit off topic, but it looks like we’re seeing a year of F1 divorces! First, former driver Mika and his wife split, then Ron and his wife split, now I just found out that Jenson and his girlfriend split!

  1078. Jenson and Florence split? Why? *scratches her head* I always liked that couple!

    Mika has had a girlfriend for years now! At least I remember being told ages ago that he cheats on Erja!

  1079. Here’s the article Lena: ‘Untamable’ playboy Jenson Button splits with model girlfriend
    By KATIE NICHOLL – More by this author »
    Last updated at 20:53pm on 23rd February 2008

    His playboy ways have cost Jenson Button dearly.

    Last month the 28-year-old Formula 1 racer was seen drooling over a pretty brunette.

    Now I can reveal he has split from his longterm girlfriend Florence Brudenell-Bruce.

    My sources say Flee, as she is known, gave Button the push last week.

    “Flee is gorgeous but Jenson couldn’t be tamed,’ says a friend of the 22-year-old.

    “They have cooled things off.”

    Button’s spokesman says: “They have split.”

    “They both have busy lives and their own careers

  1080. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SbjzrGR48jw Bad girl Raquel Del Rosario

  1081. I’ve seen the video! Really BORING! :P

  1082. If u guys have a youtube account, rate good comment to the one where she says that Raquel seems closer to him (Nek) than Fernando cause it’s a true statement!

  1083. Hello Tanya.How are you.What is your e-mail adress?Take care… :)

  1084. http://www.formula1.com/news/interviews/2008/2/7407.html

  1085. I think u already have my email Melike, but in case u lost it, it’s formula1gridgirl@yahoo.com

  1086. hello
    how are you?
    ooo jenson button is single?
    and fernando alonso is with her yet?
    oooo noooooo


  1087. Hi girls! Sorry for not being here for so long! Anyways, how are you all doing? I’m good just been so frickin’ busy with my work. So, the seasons going to start in two weeks time. Yaayyyyy!!! I can’t wait! Any news on Nando’s marital status? ;)

    *Send flying kisses to everyone*

  1088. LOL! Suhaila! We shall know in 2 weeks hopefully what his status is, but as far as I’m concerned, he’s single! ;)

  1089. tanya y dnt u email me sumtimes pleas cos i heardly cum on this site o neouda site i jus so busy and i miss chatin 2 u gals almost everyday but yoh im just ova busy neways hws every1 doin i cannot wait for da 1st granprix i countin da days

    OMG and mmmmmmmmm me got gud news =me ay meet alonso dis year i cant wait hehe

    mwaz until nxt tym xoxoxoxoxoxxxxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  1090. Sorry Chanelle! Can u give me your email again? I don’t think I have it!

  1091. Girls, finally Fernando said smth about those racist supporters, he said that personally he didn´t see or hear what they said, but he called those supporters a minority and said that he get annoyed with the fact that this people is associated with his spanish fans.

  1092. BBC Interview.. very, very,very good!Well he is…the question are partly stupid!


  1093. Someone on the Renault blog site posted the interview! And yes, it’s a very good interview!

  1094. Loved the video, he looks so good on it…=)

  1095. OMG, OMG, OMG…his English is so bad, but he looks sooooooooo adorable in that video, makes me want to squeeze him tight like a teddy bear. I love it, he looks happy and I’m glad he is somewhat positive about next season – it’s gonna be a nasty one. Guess we’ll see how it goes in 10 days.lol

  1096. His english isn’t that bad! ;) Try to understand his position. It’s not so easy speaking a different language! The way how he speaks english, it’s how he would say it in Spainsh so yes, it is difficult, but for me, it’s not so bad! Every year that I went to Mexico, I would see people make fun of the people there for either how they speak in english or their lack of the language (in terms of not speaking at all!) It’s not his fault nor anyone else’s! He’s doing the best he can and that’s good enough for me! :D

  1097. I have to stand up for all the none-native english speakers here. Fernando has a rather bad english for having lived in England for years and working in an english speaking environment!
    I have lost my accent completely and compaired to him I just spent a tiny, little period in an english speaking country!
    But then again: at least he speaks other languages than just spanish! :D

  1098. He speaks Italian and I think French too if I’m not mistaken! ;) I just hate the way everyone makes fun of him speaking in English!

  1099. Hello girls look at the video:
    Criss Angel fly ooooo my God :)

  1100. I think nobody really makes fun of him cos I think everybody can be happy that he does speak other languages! In the end Spanish is a world language and he could just expect the rest of the world to speak it but he doesn’t!
    I don’t understand though why on earth he has such probs with pronounciation *scratches her head* Cos his grammar is usually not even the problem.

    His French is not as good as his english and italian though. He speaks some german as well but not good enough for interviews.

  1101. Criss angel scares the hell out of me! When I saw that, I had chills!

  1102. I didn’t mean anything bad by saying that….I think it’s rather cute, but it was just something I noticed. I’m really happy that he can speak any language other than Spanish, and his Italian is pretty good. I certainly didn’t expect a debate on this matter.lol

    I love Chris Angel, but as Tanya said he scares the hell out of me.

  1103. I agree with u Maya, i found his english funny but cute, and i could´t find a better expression than “makes me want to squeeze him tight like a teddy bear” he looks so cute on that video!!!

  1104. He looks overly cute in the video! I love it when he says “very, very busy” when he is asked about the life of an F1 driver in winter ;D It sounds like he is driving: very, very fast *g*

  1105. *sighs* I don’t care what the topic is, but I just can’t help but love the way he speaks! I love that accent of his! :D

  1106. True… i also love his accents. So sexy!!! :D

  1107. He arrived in Melbourne with his physio and manager and nobody else. So fingers crossed ;)

  1108. hello!!!!
    how are you?
    fernando and raquel are ok?
    or no?
    when fernando arrived in melbourne?


  1109. Fernando arrived yesterday!

  1110. raquel is not there?
    i’m so happy….
    if she didn;t arrive with him
    maybe they will not be together……


  1111. hi!!
    i wanna to see some pics from alonso in melbourne….
    i hope to find someone…..thanks


  1112. hello girls!!
    how are you?
    i like alonso speak like that is so cute and funny :D
    this weekend is a big weekend for alonso i’m so nevrous

  1113. I know what u mean chryso! I’m nervous too!

  1114. I’m not nervous….I’M FREAKING OUT!!!!!!!
    I soooo hope this weekend goes well. He needs all the luck in the world. Lets hope he can be back on top again with Renault.

    *Good luck, Nando*.

  1115. Hello Girls
    Fernando Alonso Diaz,good luck:)
    good bye

  1116. http://www.20minutos.es/noticia/340397/0/fhm/rihanna/sexy
    ooo raquel than sexy rihanna ha ha ha ha stupid communication

  1117. That was a couple of months ago! Anyway, so far the update is that Raquel isn’t at Melbourne!

  1118. hey girls!
    yayy! finally the weekend is here! I can’t wait for the race on Sunday! GOOOO KIMI! And good luck Fernando! :-D

  1119. girls alonso was 13th. i’m so sad for that place :(

  1120. Please Chyso don’t remind me! That was very sad to watch! I can only hope that they’ve made improvements on the car and will do better in qualifying and race!

  1121. yes i hope that too!!

  1122. Qualifying in 2 hours!!!

    I think Renault needs still time. But I’m sure that Fernando can improve the car. We have to be patient… The main thing is that he is happy with Renault! But how long will he be happy if the car is really bad?

  1123. new update on raquel, she is there with fernando…


  1124. I’m gonna be real here:1)For a split second, I didn’t recognize her! and 2)I have talked to Lena and she has told me that he’s forced to bring her because if he didn’t the press would be all over him!

  1125. LOL, irony…the magazine she’s reading is called “GONE” or did I read it wrong??? :) :):)
    I don’t know if you girls saw this, but check it out. It’s pretty awesome.

  1126. LMAO! Great website Maya!

  1127. Alonso qualifies 12th!!! :(

  1128. What a terrible dress!

  1129. Hey Girls Raquel Melbourne O my God! :(
    Take care good bye…

  1130. Is it just me or is she starting to breakout on her face? http://img225.imageshack.us/img225/8489/36w46qg4op3mk1.jpg

  1131. I have to point out two things… one good and one bad:
    The bad thing is that Fernando’s performance unfortunately was bad. As he said it was a problem in his car. I hope tomorrow he’ll do better…
    The good is that If you noticed last year the Formula 1 site was reffering to Raquel as Fernando’s wife, while today it says only girlfriend…

  1132. OK, first of, I’m a car addict and the say that his differential was off or something like hat, so that’s the reason he did so bad. Secondly, I can say that I wouldn’t wanna be in a relationship like that,even if it’s for the press only….are they ever together????I think there’s that one pic where they are and he looks like he’s screaming at her or something.
    About her outfit – the dress is awful, but the shoes are even worse. When we started this forum, I remember we talked about how she never has any shoes on when she performs, but she outdid herself with those in Melbourne.I mean, wtf???
    Well, hope Sunday goes better that today. We’ll know tonite around 23:30.

  1133. omg this dress is awful. Tanya you have right she breakout on her face
    :D and Maja you have right the magazine called GONE….
    Alonso tommorow wiil star 11th because Toyota’s Timo Glock originally 9th was penalized 10 places for rule infringements.

  1134. Tanya, I had the same idea with her face when I saw this picture and Maya, yes, this shoes are AWFUL!

  1135. Maya I think u might be right cause after that pic, she did the infamous walk behind him and that was it! u never saw her near him like that afterwards! The reason that Alonso didn’t make it into Q3 was because there was a differential that broke during Q1 and they couldn’t fix it with the amount of time they had at Q2 so that’s what cause him to not continue! Flavio also said that during Q2, before the problem, Flavio stated that he was quicker than Jarno Trulli! Lets all hope that they fixed it as well as Nelson’s issues with the car, and lets enjoy the first race of the season!

  1136. Hey, great race by Alonso but not so good from Kimi. :-( But nevermind, they still got 17 races to go. Come on Kimi!!! :-D

  1137. OMG!!! it was scary race today and Alonso did very good job… :D :D :D wow 14 out new recor!!! :D :D :D

  1138. hey loukia.. How are you? Alonso did very good job.. :D i’m sorry about Massa!! kimi did very good job too Suhaila!!..
    and yes T

  1139. hey loukia.. how are you? Alonso did very good job.. :D :D i’m sorry about Massa… kimi did very good job too Suhaila!!

  1140. I’m very proud of Fernando! Excellent work! 4th place is a good start for him! :D

  1141. Hey girls:
    copier raquel del rosario :)

  1142. http://img529.imageshack.us/my.php?image=74426067mz6.jpg

  1143. It seems to me that he’s been avoiding her all weekend! u see pics of them sitting together, but he doesn’t look at her at all and it seems like she’s trying to make it look like they’re happy! Something doesn’t seem right! We only saw that one pic of her actually standing next to him, but I think he got mad at her!

  1144. Hey everybody!Great race today,it was very interesting and exciting. Im happy for Alonso,he was great! =)

  1145. Hey girls, i was so proud of Fernando too… he did an excellent job, and gave us hope that this year can be good for him, because even without a very good car he showed again that he is amazing! =)

  1146. Hey girls, hi Chryso, Tanya, Fernando&Melike! Yep, good job Fernando. I love his overtaking move on Heikki and Kimi. Good one! Hopefully Kimi will bounce back and win in Sepang!!! Come on KIM! :-)

  1147. Hi Suhaila! Weather conditions show rain and thunderstorms for Malaysia so far and if that’s the case, not only expect Fernando to dominate (we all know he’s good in the rain), but expect a far more crazy race! This should be interesting!

  1148. What’s that? A T-Shirt :-)

    I can’t understand this relationship (if it is one)!

  1149. It’s not even a relationship! It’s nothing! This is just for the press!

  1150. Nina is a dress not T-shirt and of course is awful

  1151. Hello ppl…
    OMG, i thought it couldn’t be worse than the yellow one, but this one is omg!!!
    But, forget that. Nando had an unbelievable race on Sunday and I am soooo happy for him. I’m sorry for Kimi, though, I wish he wasn’t part of the new record (14 out), but hopefully he does better from now on.
    We’ll see how Malaysia goes, he is usually good in rain.
    @ Adna, jesi gledala post race show, kad je Mladen rekao kako je Alonso dobar vozac. Ne mogu vjerovati da je on to rekao.lol

  1152. It was actually 15 cars that were out! Rubens was DQ after the race for his pitstop!

  1153. Da gledala sam i ni ja nisam vjerovala kad je rekao da je Alonso briljantan vozac i da ga smatra jednim od najboljim vozaca danasnjice,mozda i najboljim.ja ono gledam,ne mogu vjerovat jer on uvijek nesto pljuje po Alonsu…jedva cekam Maleziju,bit ce jako zanimljivo jos pogotovo ako bude kisa.Samo se nadam de ce Alonso bit dobar ko i prosli put pa i bolji ako moze=)))

  1154. hi girls i am riri whats up ? what is the latest news about raquel???

  1155. I think Raquel smokes. If you see, her skin is in bad condition, uneven surface, scars, and breakouts. The colour also faded. It’s due to smoking and alcoholic drinking. Just compare her skin to Fernando’s. His is better. Just my observation though :-)

  1156. LOL! u guys should see this! On the hungarian site for Fernando and Raquel, they think that they are so in love based on those pictures from Melbourne and believe me, I gave them a mouth full! One of the girls even had the nerve to tell me that maybe he’s shy of showing his feelings! A little 411: Remember in 2006, he didn’t have any problems showing his feelings for her and now she’s telling me that 2 yrs later, he’s now shy?! Those pictures clearly showed that he didn’t give a damn if she was there, he was completely ignoring her and it looked as if he wasn’t happy that she was there! If u guys look at the pictures of Fernando when he’s alone to the ones when she’s near him, u can easily see that he is more comfortable when he’s alone and that he’s very stiff and uncomfortable when he’s near her and apparently those girls just don’t understand! There is something bad going on in that relationship but the only reason that Fernando is bringing her is to avoid the press speaking about his private life cause we all know that he hates that! And yes Suhaila she did smoke, but I thought Fernando told her to quit because he didn’t like that! Oh well, maybe she decided to smoke again! As far as drinking, I don’t know!

  1157. i totally agree with you, there is something going with theme ….
    but i am so pleased cause i dont really like her….

  1158. http://www.raquel-gallery.extra.hu/displayimage.php?album=14&pos=84

    There are a few pics where you can see that she smokes but I don’t know if she gave it up.

  1159. ugh! I wouldn’t kiss her if I was him! Bad breath right there! :P I got a question for all of u guys here cause someone on the hungarian site told me this: This person said that Fernando has actually said himself, not by the press, that he’s happy with Raquel! Now, I may be blind/deaf, but as far as I know, he’s never said anything like that to anyone! They assume that when he says he’s happy, they think he’s talking about her! *rolls eyes*

  1160. We’ve established that she smokes earlier, and I agree with Tanya…I wouldn’t kiss he for the world.
    I don’t know why someone would say that he’s happy with her, cause that right there is complete nonsense, and we have evidence to prove it.lol

    @ Riri, welcome to the club, hope you like it here.


  1161. Riri I forgot, welcome aboard! :D 2nd, I told that person that unless there’s physical evidence of him saying that they’re happy, I won’t believe it! This person claims that he said this last summer well, last summer it’s when the rumors came out of them not being together anymore! ;) I told this person to show me evidence of him actually saying it; not an article from the press cause they’re known to say things that weren’t said at all!

  1162. Hey girls! Totally agreed with you there, Maya and Tanya. It’s so obvious that he’s unhappy with her. I agree. I still have all his previous photos with Raquel. They even hold hands together! Now, he’s like walking up front and she’s somewhere at the back. And when they both sit together, he actually don’t even look at her and had an angry face! I mean, come on! And I also agree that he did this to avoid the press speculating his love life. I think he needs someone new. ;-)

  1163. hi girls ! i hope you accept ma as a friend ….
    i am so excited for the next grand prix!!!

  1164. what is the latest news about nando any way ?

  1165. Hello riri, nice to meet you! Welcome to this club! Well, Fernando has arrived in Malaysia. I’m from Malaysia btw. Now the main concern is the weather. It’s always raining in the afternoon so… I hope the weather is fine during the race. :-)

  1166. Riri, we are friends with everyone here so there’s nothing for u to worry about! :) We’re all pals! As far as the weather, well, I heard that all weekend shows thunderstorms so if u guys thought Australia was interesting, just imagine how Malaysia is gonna be! ;)

  1167. nice ti meet you suhaila . iam from saudia arabia ,iam a big fan of fernando alonso …
    let us hope that every thing will go well down their!

  1168. i need websites to see the latest photos of nando …pleassssse.

  1169. Welcome riri! There´s a site that i usually see called http://www.safety-car.net it has a huge quantity of photos, including the new ones where he looks soooo handsome!!!

  1170. nooo raquel is disgustinggggg!!!

  1171. hello riri welcome to the clup mert welcome to the clup too!!
    how old are you riri?
    fenrnado is good in the rain and maybe this gp is going to be the best gp this year :D

  1172. U are right Chryso, Fernando is more confident, and saying he´s gonna be more agressive in this race, we hope he can do good ´cause it´s his favorite race.

  1173. Hi girls! Well, today the weather is fine. Clear blue sky. So, I hope it’ll be the same in the afternoon. Fernando did quite well, just fifth in the first practice session, while Kimi 2nd. I hope it all goes well for Kimi and Fernando. :-)

  1174. We need the rain! Where is the rain???

  1175. Girls, I don’t think we need rain. It will be a very difficult condition to all drivers. Not to mention they’d be soaking wet! I pity them, it’s better to drive in dry condition even though it’s hot. But at least, we can expect to see great overtaking moves by loads of them. With TC out, if it rains, then the real challenge will come. Whatever it is, I hope Kimi wins tomorrow. And good luck Fernando! :-)

  1176. According to the forecast, it’s raining now and it’s supposed to continue all weekend! Fernando rocks in the rain so I can see him doing well as long as he doesn’t suffer another problem, then he’s all good!

  1177. hello girls Alonso was 6th in practice 1 and 14th in practice 2 :( :(

  1178. if you speak spanish send to email to me.. pleaseee

  1179. To make matters worse, LuLu seems to be doing a good job on the practices. Hope things go better on Saturday and Sunday, with or without rain Nando has to do more. I can’t expect miracles, cause he’s got a weaker car, but lets hope he can work some magic and pull a few aces out of his sleeve.lol

  1180. i thing 9 plase is good plase for one renault..
    and i hope tommorow nando do good job like th australia gp

  1181. hello to everyone!!!!how are you?welcome to the club riri
    raquel is in malaysia?

    good luck fernando………

  1182. Fernando got moved up to 7th because both Mclaren drivers were penalized for blocking both BMW driver Nick Heidfeld and Renault driver Fernando Alonso in the pits! They were taking their precious time while Nick and Fernando were on their fast laps. After hours of debating, the stewards found them guilty for blocking and dropped them 5 grid places! Lewis and Heikki will start in 8th and 9th! Serves them right! Fernadina, I don’t know if she’s there or not. Usually we have pics already, but so far no so we’ll have to wait!

  1183. Oops sorry it wasn’t in the pits, but they were doing their fast laps!

  1184. She’s there! Is it me or is she trying to pull off a more feminine look cause if so, she’s not doing so well! :P Oh, and she decided to trade Fernando’s ring for a different one! http://img156.imageshack.us/img156/9578/23177rotation20of20resisd3.jpg

  1185. What is that photo??? u are right Tanya, she´s trying to look like a sweet girl, but is not working!!!

    i just wanted to say good luck fernando…


  1188. OMG this drees is awful and she’s shose and she’s hair too…

  1189. Riri, u evil girl! ;D She has completely transformed herself and usually when people make themselves over it’s for the better, but in her case NO! Fernando will probably say to her “If this is a way to get me to notice u again, it’s not working and it’ll never happen!” Guess that’s why we haven’t seen her with him! ;)

  1190. LOL, you girls are soooo evil (LUV IT!!!)
    That look is not as bad as some of the looks she pulled out before, but it’s not working for me either. I mean, what’s with the shoes, where does she get them…they’re that awful.
    I’m glad for Nando’s good qualifying (we can’t expect better, he can’t do miracles), but I’m happier that LuLu got pushed back (YAY :) :) )

    Hope the race goes well tomorrow, and just wanna say

  1191. Who’s that??? Is it really Raquel? Oh dear God, she looked awful! Duh… and now she thinks she’s going to keep him? Try get a mirror next time, dear. Those Formula Unas girls are eating you right and left.

    Btw, I’m so happy Kimi wins his race today and it’s great that Nando gains a point. Great race!!! :-D

  1192. i thing nando did very good job!! and one point is very importan for the team!!!
    of course kami did very good job too and i was sad about massa i prefer hamilton get out!!!

  1193. New pics from raceday with Raquel shows how sad she was (and I don’t think it had to do with Fernando finishing in 8th) and that once again, he was totally ignoring her, big time! http://img386.imageshack.us/img386/5269/113ne8.jpg http://img262.imageshack.us/img262/7738/f12008malxp1000xy9co3.jpg

  1194. raquel does not look so sweet with her clothes, and i agree with you tanya he is completely ignoring her liker if she is nobody (or even lik a ghost ) ….

  1195. why she had red bag? she don’t have sence of fashion

  1196. what’s up?fernando alonso was good today!!!!!
    why raquel and fernando are together yet?

  1197. I have no idea why they are still together or why they pretend. If this is a real relationship than it is bad (it seems so) and if it is only an act than it is stupid. The press is not a reason for me because sometime (if they are not together any longer) the press will know it. At the latest if one of the two has a know mate. It makes no sense for me. Anyway, sooner or later the hide and seek has an end… And so it makes no sense for me which time it is…

  1198. Again people think that they’re still dating cause they’re together at the circuits, but in reality, it could bring anyone he wants and not have a personal relationship with that person! u can tell very easily that she didn’t look too happy at all and once again, he was at a distance where he didn’t wanna be anywhere near her! She is always stuck in the back like a toy that a kid no longer wants to play with! It really annoys me how people say that this is love! They’re blind as a bat! Even on the hungarian site for Alonso and her, one girl (german girl) is calling me a negative person and I’m not! I see things and I make my own judgements just like everyone else!

  1199. People (her fans) just don’t want to face the fact that they’re not happy, and it’s soooo annoying. The picture is worth thousand words and their pics say it all….how can anyone say that they are in love. Compare to the pics of other couples in F1 they look miserable when they’re together.
    @ Tanya, luv the kid and toy metaphor…I wouldn’t have said it better myself. lol


  1200. That’s exactly what I’m trying to say to people, but they just don’t get it! Even my own mom says that she doesn’t see love in them! The ones that I really admire is Rafela(Felipe’s wife) and Karen(David’s gf)They show not only love, but support for their partners!

  1201. lol…my mom says the same thing. She says she doesn’t understand why he takes her to all the races, cuz it just looks stupid.
    There are plenty of couples in F1 but Fernando and Raquel are something special, they truly have a unique relationship (if you can call it that).

  1202. hello!!!what’s up?
    it’s a strange relationship….i don;t know if he loves her….

    we will see at the next race….


  1203. Hello!
    she loves his money, but i can’t understand why he don’t see that, watching the pictures i see that he spend more time with Robert Kubica than with her!!!

  1204. hey girls!Maya i agree with you,they are really special…

  1205. lol…nika i totally agree with you. We do see plenty of pics of him and Robert (????), and I know that Nando was pretty shaken up when Kubica had that accident last season.
    I guess we’ll see how the next few races go, cuz right now he has to be really upset that his season isn’t going well (at least not as well as we all hoped, I’m sue he did too) and I read somewhere that he’s given up the hopes of winning the title this year (just hope LuLu doesn’t get it :( :( ) – so maybe he takes it out on her.lol

    I guess we’ll just have to wait till Bahrain and see.


  1206. are you girls trying to say that Fernando is gay??? Eeeewwww!!! :-D

  1207. He is not gay! Robert Kubica is only a good friend of him and they know each other for a long time.

  1208. Hahahahaa! I was just kidding. ;)

  1209. Whoa! Time out girls! First off, Fernando isn’t gay! Like Nina said, him and Robert are very good friends and if Fernando were to leave Renault after this season, I would like to see him at BMW with Robert! I think they would make great teammates!

  1210. Duh… ladies, PLEASE! I WAS JUST KIDDING!!! Dear God, why can’t you take it? Of course he’s not gay! Duh. Duh. Duh.

  1211. Hahaha *lmao*
    Love it. Course he’s not gay, and I’m glad he gets along with someone so well. Robert is a really nice guy.
    You girls don’t panic, Suhaila didn’t mean anything bad and my comment (now that I read it) sounds a bit funny. Sorry bout that.lol

  1212. Suhaila, I made my post around the time u posted yours! Sorry! :)

  1213. OK, I have no idea who wrote this, but you gotta read it; it’s hilarious. ENJOY

    “Fernando Alonso may be a 2 time World Champion, with a strong chance of sealing his third by the time this article sees print, but given a choice, most photographers would swoon over his lovely fiancée, Raquel del Rosario Macías, a Spanish pop star that can melt a set of Bridgestones just by looking at it with her deep brown eyes.”
    (from autoracingdaily.com)

  1214. Ewww! Gross! If she’s gonna melt the tyres, Alonso better not be inside the car or else that’s it for him! ;)

  1215. Hey girls, yeah… I understand. Hahahah :-D

    Anyways, just to tell y’all, today is my birthday!!! I’m 27 today (March 27th, 2008). Well, I’m going out to enjoy myself. Take care!!! :-)

  1216. Happy Birthday Suhaila! :D btw u guys have to check this out. On this website, they did an interview with Raquel and I translated it and on one of the questions they asked her if she’s flirtatious and she said “Yes, I’m very seductive” http://www.hola.com/musica/2008/03/24/raquel-rosario-entre/

  1217. Oh my God, Suhaila, it my birthday today also!!! It’s nice to hear…!!! happy birthday to us!

  1218. Happy Birthday to u too Maria! :D

  1219. happy birthday girls!!!
    maybe raquel and fernando are together and they are very well
    ooo noooo


  1220. happy birthday girls……
    do you wanna to say anything about raquel’s interview?

    i;m waiting…


  1221. Hello Tanya,Maya,Fernadina,Suhaila,Chryso.How are you?
    Hey http://www.fernandoalonsofanclub.com/FanClub/ I’am on this web site.Hey girls good bye take care…
    Raquel Del Rosario big head :)

  1222. thanks girls! to all of you… now, about Fernando – Raquel. i don’t know the reason why and i’m not in the mood of speculating, but their behaviour in the Grand Prix (even last year’s) is not normal. I mean, you are 26 year old and you are with the person you love (or supposed to love). Shouldn’t you be all cheesy and smiley and happy about it? Instead, they don’t look at each other! Fernando spends more time with his opponents than with her and she smileys to the cameras and not to him! For me, it’s been ages since I saw a good photo of them and I don’t really buy these 2 “good” photos of the FIA Gala.. We don’t even know what were they like inside. I don’t know what’s going on. All I can assume is that: ok, her songs are fine, she is fine but why all this chaos about her the last few months, especially from the media outside Spain?? A magazine said that “her look can melt a pair of Bridgestone tyres”. Are they serious? I mean, she is ok but If it wasn’t for Fernando she would have stayed just “ok…” And now, I have to stop writing ’cause I think I have driven you crazy. But something more: To me Raquel seems kind of ok. But honestly, I don’t see how her pride allows her to make her carreer better due to a marriage. the only excuse is a big love with her guy. Something that fades away day by day to my eyes…

  1223. Happy b-day girls…best wishes. Sorry if I’m a little late, it’s the time zone!!!lol
    @Tanya, I had the same impression when I read that article (from autoracingdaily.com)…who on earth would write that???? It’s just too stupid.
    Maria, you said it girl. I couldn’t agree more, their situation is getting out of hand.

  1224. What’s really questioning is the interview that I posted from hola.com! That one question really got me thinking. I mean, who says they’re very seductive if u claim to be in a serious relationship?! She could’ve said something like “I was a flirty/seductive girl in the beginning, but now I’m in a committed relationship therefore I’ve stopped!”, but No! She, in my opinion just made herself look like she’s a slut. She just basically said:I can make men think what they want to think and I don’t care! This conversation to me doesn’t sound like it’s coming from a woman who’s in love!

  1225. happy birthday suhaila i rememper your birthday when i was to school!!
    xronia polla maria k eutixismena!!!

  1226. Hi GIRLS!!! Thank you soooooooo much for all the birthday wishes!!! :-D I’m absolutely ecstatic!!! And Happy Birthday to you too, Maria!! Fabulous! Now I can celebrate my birthday here every year then. :-)

    Btw, I was quite busy since I’m at a course and I have to sit for exam yesterday. Then I got classes until this afternoon. Maybe I’ll check out the Raquel’s interview this weekend. Oh, how I wish we all could get together! One day… I promise you girls. :-)

    Take care everyone. Adios! :-D

  1227. Hi girls….
    i know its tooooooooo late but happy birthday suhaila and maria!
    i was sooo busy thats why i could not have the time to type any comments .
    and about raquel: boy she sounds to silly i mean what the hell is she thinking!!!!

  1228. Hey, i´m late too, but happy birthday girls!
    About Raquel i agree with u Maya, a person don´t say she´s seductive ( even if u think) u let other people say this about u.
    i can´t believe she was serious

  1229. hey girls!happy birthday suhaila and maria!
    im busy so…bye

  1230. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Thank you sooooo much girls! I love you all! :-D

  1231. Hello Girs!
    Suhaila happy birthday to you… :)
    Take Care…
    Good bye…

  1232. thank you all girls for your wishes… You are all great… thank God, we’re not like Raquel,right?? Oh, do you think she’ll be in Bahrein?

  1233. Ha,ha, i liked that Maria “thank God we´re not like Raquel” , but i think she´ll be there; she has been in the last 2 races, maybe she´s trying to appear more this year.
    But, anyway, how old r u now?

  1234. I am officially 16! Well, not that old, right?? But anyway.. Hey when does her concerts start??

  1235. Her tour begins April 12 so it’s possible we may see her again in Bahrain! Even if she’s there, don’t expect Fernando’s face expression to change when he’s near her cause I definitely don’t see him changing anytime soon!

  1236. hi girls…
    i know its been ages since i was in touch with you!!!!
    how are you????
    maria i am 16 too, but where are you from???

  1237. LOL,wonder how many cities is she visiting and how many people are gonna show up for the concert…there’d probably be more people if she brought Nek along with her…
    *evil laugh*
    Can’t wait to see the pics from Bahrain and her new “outfit”

  1238. Well, apparently he’s gonna be touring with her!

  1239. Thanks Fernando&Melike. :-) I’m officially 27 this year. Same age as Fernando but yeah, he’s going to be this age this July though. Anyways, yes Maria, THANK GOD we’re not Raquel!!! :-D

  1240. I think that Nek will only make some appearences – not the whole tour. I’m from Greece Riri.. How about you?

  1241. hi…
    i am from saudia arabia

  1242. hello….i saw some foto from alonso in bahrein.he is so handsome!!!
    i didn;t see raquel with him….


  1243. She usually just shows up on Saturday and Sunday… wonder if we will get another weekend of unhappy faces… actually by now it is his own fault and he deserves this f***** up lovelife! Every other grown up man would have just kicked her!

  1244. LOL! I agree Lena! They do in fact deserve each other!

  1245. Hello Riri.Welcome to Club.My name is Melike.I’am from Turkey.I’m 18,years old.How old are you Riri?We club,Fernando I love you:)You?
    And bad gril Raquel Del Rosario.I hate Raquel Del Rosario:)
    Tanya,Lena,Maya,Fernandina,Chrsyo,Suhaila,Riri,take care..Good bye:)

  1246. Hi girls!!! ‘Sup? I am looking forward for the race in Bahrain in weekend. I hope Fernando will do well and still collect points. However, the most important for me is Kimi. I hope he wins this weekend! Gooooo KIMI!!! :-)

  1247. I don’t care who takes it, as long as it’s not Lewis! ;)

  1248. in first practice alonso was 10th in secon practice alonso was 12th!!!

  1249. Yea, and we can blame Sutil for what happened in the 2nd session! Fernando was trying to get his fast lap in when Sutil blocked him on the final corner slowing Fernando down and kept blocking him until they passed the start/finish line! Fernando then tried to get ahead of Sutil but when he made the attempt, Sutil boxed him in the first corner causing the 2 to make contact! Luckly there was no serious damage to the car, but had Sutil not done that, Fernando could’ve gotten a higher position!

  1250. i am so sad!!!
    i hope he will do well tomorrow…
    hi malik nice to meet you, i am 16.

  1251. Hello Girls
    Hey,Riri nice to meet you.What is your e-mail adress?
    Take care Girls…
    Good bye…

  1252. Hello!Bahrain is one of my favourite races!I wish all luck to Fernando and hope he will be well!!!

  1253. Hey girls, ’sup???
    OK, so the friday practice was a mess, obviously, and i’m starting to freak out bout this whole season, cuz it’s not going well. And to top things, there are rumors (not openly denied yet) that Nando might be off to Ferrari next season. I mean, wtf? I know the conditions in Renault aren’t perfect rite now, but they do pay him 18mill a season and he(’n’ the entire team should make an effort 2make this work). But that’s just me being totally upset.
    I know u girls have something 2say bout this.lol


  1254. Big differences:


  1255. Isn’t she ugly?


    Looks like she is annorexic! And as usual totally unhappy!

  1256. hello! how are you?
    raquel is bahrein……good luck fernando !!!!!!!


  1257. alonso was 13th in first practice today..i hope get well in secon practice so good luck nando!!!
    i hope next season nando go to Ferrari is much better.. don’t you think?
    Lena you have right she looks like annorexic and is so ugly and she’s clothes is awful again..lol!!

  1258. She has that “Why the hell am I even here” look on her face! Totally unhappy indeed!

  1259. my e-mail is r_ml)r@hotmail.com
    what is yours?….

  1260. sorry.. r_ml_r@hotmail.com
    ps:i dont open my e-mail allot…

  1261. i am really upset about the result, fernando is 10th and that isn’t a good sign for him…
    malik dont forget to tell me what is your e-mail?

  1262. Okey Riri thank you.but my name is MELÄ°KE not MALÄ°K :)

  1263. hello girls i’m happy for 10th plase for alonso is very good plase for one renault….
    Flavio said that Renault will do one very big step for spanish gp..

  1264. I’m happy that Fernando made it into Q3, but I’m very proud for Robert Kubica and BMW! They worked like hell to get their car to the top and it paid off! This should be an interesting race on Sunday! :D

  1265. LOL….I’m so happy for Kubica, he definitely earned this :) :) As for Nando, well he made it to Q3 which is nice.
    That video from YouTube was awesome, there were like 3 pics of them together and on all the others she was alone.lol
    And the other guys have really nice wives/girlfriends. Kimi and Jennie look really happy and close and you can tell Felipe is head over heals for his new wife. That is true love.
    There is a HUGE difference between them and our duo who occasionally look like they can’t stand each. :) :)
    @Tanya, luv what you said about her, couldn’t have said it better.


  1266. Good luck Alonso (mi amor)!!!

  1267. Raquel looks pissed off today again and it is not even surprising. German commentator told us yesterday that Fernando spends his evenings playing cards with Robert and according to Fernando himself he did yesterday as well!

    So why on earth does he bring Raquel?

  1268. So that she can get as much publicity showing off her Viceroy crap as much as possible! Just guessing! ;)

  1269. good race for Alonso today!!! and i’m happy that hamilton is 13!!
    and of course very good job for massa and kimi!!!

  1270. Oh, somebody better keep me away from Lewis cause if I ever see him, all hell will break loose! That was a stupid idiotic thing he did to Alonso!

  1271. Didn’t affect Fernando’s car though! At least not much! But it very much affected Lewis race ;D

  1272. Hey girls, hamilton was ridiculous in this race (and i loved that) but nano needs to get better urgent!

  1273. Hi girls! Actually Fernando could have done better yesterday if Lewis hadn’t hit him from the back. It was totally Lewis’ fault and he admitted it. I think Fernando is doing better than expected because you all have to realize that Renault have been off pace since Fernando left them last season. And, yes, I’m absolutely happy for Kimi and Felipe and Ferrari! Great job! :-)

    I’m sure Fernando will bounce back in Spain. It’s his home GP, aight? ;-)

  1274. Renault have said recently that their new aero package will get Fernando hopefully in 2nd place so lets hope they’re right!

  1275. hi girls
    in my opinion, fernando will not do well this season because renault is not improving this year…

  1276. Ej Majo ne znam jesil cula al u f1 studiju poslije utrke je Mladen nesto govorio da je Alonso mozda malo kriv za ono sto mu je Hamilton napravio jer je kao vidio da Hamilton dolazi i onda malo usporio i pomaknuo se udesno tako da se onaj debil zabije u njega.
    E ja nisam mogla vjerovat kako je taj covjek bezobrazan.Sta uvijek nesto sere o Alonsu,ne voli ga ok skuzili smo al nek prestane bit tako glup i izmisljat gluposti!Sta on zna sta je alonso mislio?bas me izivcirao!

    Riri I think I agree with you,but still belive in Alonso and hope he would be better…

  1277. OK, OK Adna smiri se…znas kakav je Mladen kreten, bilo je i za ocekivatida ce nesto tako reci. Zato nisam ni iznenadjena, ali je potpuno u krivu i zapravo i nije bitno sta on misli. Koga briga,ha?

    I just hope that Renault will be able to make some improvements soon, but I’m not expecting miracles, just a few podium, or at least top 5 finishes.lol

  1278. u guys are not gonna believe this, but ING has asked Raquel to sing the song “We got the whole world in our hands” for their new ad!!! I don’t know if she’s gonna sing it in English or Spainsh, but whatever the case is, it’s gonna be nasty!


  1280. She is so cheap! I mean hello: has she ever got a job because she was good? Nope, instead she gets them cos she slept with someone. That person puts me off more each day!


  1282. In case anyone wants to actually hear her! She’s singing in english and she sounds even more ridiculous! http://www.elmundo.es/elmundo/2008/04/09/videos/1207745129.html

  1283. I am still laughing! 3 year old sing better!

  1284. OMG OMG OMG….what the bloody hell was that????
    Lena, you’re definitely right, she sounds horrible, even I sound better.On the other hand, he is so cute in that video, especially when he gets on the desk. lmao

    I’m gonna be laughing for a while after this, it just made my day…no, no WEEK!!!!!!lol

  1285. I think that thsi fact is actually the proofs to what we have been trying to say all this time… She has a proposal to sing for a commercial to her boyfriend’s sponsor?? And she honestly thinks that it is because she is good at it?? Give me a break… Well, that is a carrer I wouldn’t want to have.. AS for Fernando, that is a girlfriend I wouldn’t want to have.. Doesn’t she have a thing called “integrity”?? Oh, and by the way, she sounds really bad…

  1286. That was absolutely HORRIBLE!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHH!!!!! :-D
    Dear God, what was she thinking? Sorry girls, if Fernando actually agree that she can sing, he’s definitely deaf. Too bad. But still,
    BWAHAHAHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!!!! *rolls on the floor* ;-)

  1287. I think Suhaila is gonna have a heart attack any minute! ;) Personally, there was no reason for her to be involved in the commercial because u couldn’t barely hear her because of the speaker talking about the products and the students in the classroom were louder than her! It was a complete waste! I wonder if ING asked Fernando if she would like to do it or if they just went straight to Raquel!

  1288. If u guys thought that tiny clip was hilarious, try listening to the whole song! http://www.marca.com/edicion/marca/motor/formula1/es/desarrollo/1110438.html click on the tiny play button below the title of article!

    i felt like i was listening to a song for children ( you know like twinkle twinkle little star…..)
    but i wont deny that she had a good accent! and i was surprised…

  1290. i have survived listening to whole song now (well okay, most of it *g*) and I have to say: you can hear that they did loads of things to her voice with a computer as she usually has a way weaker voice. Besides that I am not too thrilled by her accent as I am thinking she sometimes “swallows” endings or so….

    overall this was more the work of an computer than hers and she wouldn’t be able to sing that live!

  1291. well i didn’t listen to the whole song, but why the hell did they choose her to sing the song? i mean there are allot of famous singers who have a good voice.

  1292. Are 3 words enought to describe what i just listened to??
    Oh my god..
    Or maybe 5?
    Could not have been worse…

  1293. Riri, there’s only one word for that question: Fernando! and that’s a stupid excuse right there! This just proves that she’s taking advantage of him!

  1294. i do agree with you , but in my opinion fernando has agreed on this offer for her to show the public that the relationship with her is fine ( which it is not….)it is obvious not only to me but to other people that they are clearly not ok with each other …the photos would prove that , we don’t see them together except in the gp and they not talking, she is like a statue next to him and he is taking to somebody else …
    this is sooo silly is he going to be stuck with her for ever to show others that they are fine!!!

  1295. Actually I think those two have some kind of deal and nothing else!

  1296. Riri, I absolutely agree with you but I don’t get why he still goes along with that whole parade of a “relationship”? He seems way better than that….it just kinda surprises me.
    The most logical explanation is a deal between them

  1297. i agree with you riri!! he want him only about his money and cos is popular!! but what we have to do? nothing…

  1298. i don’t know what to say, it will be a puzzle to me…

  1299. If there is a deal, she’s obviously getting the best of it! He’s getting absolutely nothing on this! And I’m surprised that Fernando is allowing her to walk all over him! She is nothing but a gold digger! She’s gonna clean him out until he has nothing left! It’s obvious Fernando doesn’t wanna go with the flow anymore so, what the hell is wrong with him? He should just dump her and move on! I remember him saying that he doesn’t like to have people tell him what to do, so what makes her so special?

  1300. I think it is a deal where they both benefit from! Sounds weird but I doubt he will be the one giving more than her. Unless she is blackmailing him with some nude pics *g*

    I doubt she has a creditcard to his bank account etc so she still has to do something to get money.

    Look at them…do you really think he thinks she is special? *laughs*

  1301. Would he really wanna see her nude? It’s bad enough he’s gotta look at her when she’s clothed! ;)

  1302. Well I was more assuming she might have some nude pics of him and uses those as blackmail ;)

  1303. If she had a nude pic of him, I’d bet u she’d blow up the pic and have sex with it cause that’s as close she’ll ever get in terms of being “intimate” with him! :P

  1304. OMG Tanya, that was hilarious.lol
    Gotta say u’re probably rite, cuz otherwise she wouldn’t come close to him in a “real situation”.
    If they honestly have a deal he’s gotta be getting something huge out of it, or I don’t think he’d agree to it in the 1st place. Just wish that we could somehow find out what the deal is with those two. But, I’m perfectly willing to accept your theory….makes us look mean!!
    *evil laugh*


  1305. I love being mean and evil! It suits me well ;D

  1306. Greetings from Singapore…
    glad that there’s strong support for Alonso here :)

  1307. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAH! YOU GIRLS ARE HILARIOUS! NO NO… this whole thing is hilarious! She can’t sing a single note correctly! OH MY GOD!!!!!!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA! *laughing badly, rolls on the floor* :-D

  1308. Hey ppl,
    Suhaila, you gotta calm down–we don’t wanna lose you yet. lol
    To Fan, welcome to the club, hope you like it here. Quick question, are you going to the race this year?

  1309. I’m gonna have 911 on speed dial for Suhaila! To Fan, welcome to the club!

  1310. Hehehe… :-D

    I had so much fun! Maya and Tanya, don’t worry, I’m A-OK! But seriously, she sounded like my three year old niece! OMG! How did she become a singer in a first place? What an immature voice. Duh. But, that makes me laugh so hard, my room mate thought I had gone crazy! Thanks girls! :-D

  1311. Gotta tell u Suhaila, i kinda understand ur friends reaction.lol
    I’m just kidding, we need to find more of this funny stuff. it’s pretty awesome. *scratches her head*
    I’m thinking what mean thing to say next…..lol

  1312. well how about Raquel is obviously shopping in the kids section of a store! ;)

  1313. hi girls…
    in my opinion , if fernando has gotten married from raquel they would be alot of photos of them ( raquel in her wedding dress and fernando in his suit ) i mean the Pps would not miss the chance of taking their photos , but there are no photosof them and i am so happy because that means they are not married …. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!

  1314. Nice one Riri!!! Hear hear! :-D

  1315. hello girls!!
    what’s up??
    alonso is 1st in Barcelona with new Renault!!! :D :D :D

  1316. ya i am so surprised with performance of the car, he was at the top i can’t believe it !!!!! that is amazing… i hope he will do on Sunday as excellent as today . is there is any signs that raquel might be there?…

  1317. I doubt it! I think she has a concert that weekend!

  1318. i hope she will never be their…

  1319. Here a little treat for you: Sweating Fernando! ;)


  1320. Get me a towel and I’ll take pleasure of wiping the sweat off! ;)

  1321. Tanya,not if i get there first.lol
    Ah, why did i have to see this pic now…I have to focus on Calc, but how can i :) :) :)
    *sighs* oh, well, there’s always the weekend.lol

  1322. I saw the video first so….tough luck! ;) :P

  1323. *coughs* Actually *I* did see it first :P

  1324. Hello,Tanya,Maya,Lena,Riri.How are you?
    Tanya Paniagua,Do you have “Facebook”?
    Good luck Fernando Alonso Diaz :)
    Take care girls,good bye…

  1325. Hi Melike! Sorry, but I don’t have Facebook; only myspace! :)

  1326. Hey, i have facebook account!! Add me pls! :-)

  1327. i have facebook too!!

  1328. Okey,Tanya.No,space :) Suhaila and Chryso surname?
    Good bye… :) :):)

  1329. Chryso Georgiou

  1330. OMFG! This better be a rumor, but I saw on a spainsh forum that she’s pregnant!

  1331. And the same article said instantly that she doesn’t look more fat neither does he look happier! So the article itself assumes it is a bad rumour and nothing else.

  1332. oh shit i hope that is not true

  1333. well even if: we all know that this kid would not grow up with daddy and mommy! Look at their faces at normal race weekends! They just give each other disgusted looks!

    SOS i need help!!!! she is PREGNANT….!!!!!!
    I am having a heart attack right now…
    what the hell are they talking about????? she does not look pregnant and he does not look happy …. if that is true i am going to stab myself with a knife … wait a second are you guys kidding me???…
    because if you are kidding, that is a very very bad joke…

  1335. No one is kidding! Just one paper wrote something like that and even in the paper they are saying that they are not believing it and that Fernando doesn’t look happy etc!

    No need to stab yourself with a knife!

    IF and I highly doubt it this was the truth I am feeling awfully sorry for the kid!!! Daddy and mommy obviously don’t like each other much lately (lets say the last 12 months minimum).

  1336. Lets say she is pregnant:Fernando can’t be the father cause I highly doubt he has sex with her and I doubt he will never have sex with her!

  1337. Well I assume they did have sex at some point otherwise I honestly would be stunned! But then again: who knows *g*

    OMG I am dying laughing here: Imagine their faces if they really have sex… will they also look disgusted?

    OKay, that was evil now but it did cross my mind *blushes*

  1338. OO My God!
    Raquel Del Rosario Macias,Pregnant :( :( :( I hate Raquel Del Rosario

  1339. She is not pregnant! At least nothing is visible and nothing is confirmed either!!!!

  1340. It probably wasn’t good enough for him! LOL! ;)

  1341. @ Lena, lol….that was good. Love it when u’r all evil. I HIGHLY doubt that she’a actually pregnant, cuz I don’t think he even held her hand in the last 5-6 months. At least from what we’ve seen. If (and that’s a giant if) she was pregnant, u’d think he’d be ecstatic, or at least show some sign of happiness. I think he shows more emotion when he beats Kubica at poker (or whatever they’re playing), than he does when he’s with her.
    I wanna say she might get pregnant just to keep him around longer, but that’d be kinda mean.lol
    Riri, no need to stab urself he’s not worth it. :) :) :) …plz, don’t go near any knives yet.

  1342. If she gets pregnant to just keep him by her side, she’s insane! I can just see it: Her having the baby, Fernando takes one look at the child and he’ll immediately deny the child and kick her ass to the curb!

  1343. Maya

    yup..i’m going to Singapore race this year…
    u coming?

  1344. well maya i am really not going to stab myself it is just an expression to show my feelings toward this crazy news( i maybe exaggerated little bit)…

  1345. riri do you have email?

  1346. @ Fan, I wish I could, but it’s a little too far for me. Maybe someday,who knows.
    Riri, lol….I know all about that, do that often myself. Hope we don’t hear any more crazy news, they’re not good for us :) :) :)

    Suhaila, what’s the full name on your facebook, i wanna add you?

  1347. yes chryso, i do have an e-mail .
    what is your e-mail?….
    oh ya and where are from? how old are you?….

  1348. my email is chryso.alonso@hotmail.com
    i from Cyprus and i am 15 years old..

  1349. Hi Maya, my full name in Facebook is Suhaila Mohamad Noor. My email is melkishi_81@yahoo.com. What’s yours?

  1350. Suhaila Mohamad Noor hello :) Suhulia nice to meet you.I’m Melike.Suhulia,how old are you?
    Hello,Maya,Tanya,Chryso,how are you? :)
    Take care,good bye…

  1351. Tthat is great i went cyprus and it is a very nice country …!!!!…
    i am 16 years old and my email is r_ml_r@hotmail.com
    what is the latest news about fernando and raquel?…

  1352. The latest is that no one’s buying the fact that she’s pregnant so that’s good news right there! Then there’s the question of whether or not she’ll attend this weekend’s race. She has a concert on Saturday so don’t expect to see her at qualifying, but she doesn’t have anything on race day so no one knows at the moment if she’ll be there or not!

  1353. riri realy….what place did you meet when you come to Cyprus?

  1354. i know the places but i don’t know how to spell them …
    i have visited Larnaka and Limasoll( the spelling must be wrong)….

  1355. my vilage is near to Larnaka

  1356. oh that is great….
    hey i am very sorry about not chatting with in the messenger i was so busy ….
    you could send me an e-mail if you want to!…

  1357. it’s ok we talk other day!

  1358. Hi Melike! I’m 27 years old. How are you? It’s nice to meet you too. How old are you? :-)

  1359. Hello,Suhaila Mohamad Noor.I’m fine thank you.I’m 18 :) I’m from Turkey.Your the Islamic religion.Same here :) :) :) Very beatiful :)
    Suhaila Mohamad Noor,take care good bye…
    Hello Tanya,Maya,Chryso,Riri how are you?Girls take care good bye :)
    Fernando Alonso good luck :) :) :)

  1360. hello girls Alonso in 1st practice is 6 and Nelsinho is 7… very good job for Renault…. :D
    and today is Massa birthday :D

  1361. I’m not a fan of Felipe, but Happy B-Day to him! :D I’m very happy to hear that Renault did well at the first practice! I’m looking forward to the 2nd session!

  1362. Assalamualaikum Melike! And Hi to all! It’s great to meet another muslim friend! :-) You take care as well. It’s an honour to meet you. Girls, are you ready for the weekend? I am!!! GOOOOO KIMI!!! And good luck Fernando! :-D

  1363. yes of course we are ready for the weekend :D

  1364. The Renault drivers were 2nd and 3rd best in the 2nd session! :D

    and hi to every one else ….
    it is really good to see fernando in the top three!!!….
    GOOD LUCK FERNANDO!!!!!! and oh ya i am so ready for the GP it must be exciting!…

  1366. wow great job i don’t believe :D
    is Alonso home and i don’t think so he lose this race

  1367. Hello Girls
    Suhaila Mohamad Noor and Riri Esselamun aleykum ve rahmetullahi ve berakatuhu :) :) :)
    I’am so ready for the Spain GP.Good Luck Fernando Alonso Diaz :)

  1368. Esselamun Aleykum to u girls, hi to everyone.
    LOL, i am soooo happy he’s doing so good, but at the same time i’m scared cuz i want everything to go well this weekend and no mistakes or accidents or anything like that.
    Keeping my fingers crossed.


  1369. Hello girls, i´m so glad the weekend is coming, and fernando is getting better positions, i hope he do well in front of his people!
    kisses to all of u ! and fingers crossed!!!

  1370. Yes, P2!!!

    Just hoping he didn’t sacrifice a good race result for a good qualifying though!

  1371. yessssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!


  1372. yiiiioooooouuuuupppppiiiii :D :D :D :D
    i’m so HAPPY!!!
    it was fantastic i don’t believe!!!
    Alonso you are the best!!!!

  1373. OMG! He was sooooooooo close to pole! I’m very proud of him! I hope he gets a podium tomorrow! Congratulations to Fernando! :D

  1374. WOW….un-freaking-believable. I can’t believe he’s starting 2nd tomorrow. OK, so i missed the qualifying cuz I was watching an english showdown between Chelsea (♥) and Manchester Utd, but i can’t wait for the race tmrw. It’s so worth getting up at 6:30am.lol

    Congratulations Fernando, you are amazing.

  1375. hey Maja what is the last score for the game Chelsea-Manchester??

  1376. Light on fuel or not, that’s an awesome improvement! Awesome Alonso can fight for points rather than just waiting to luck into them!! And Piquet in the top 10 too. Whoo!

  1377. hello renault girl welcome to the clup!!

    i don’t believe!!! i’m so sad!!

  1379. Such promise and then two DNFs! Rubbish! Of all the weekends to have an engine failure!!

    Bring on Turkey!!

  1380. Oh girls, I’m so sorry for Alonso and Piquet and Renault. I was counting Alonso to make it to podium today alongside the Ferraris. Well, there’s always the next race! Don’t give up girls! Btw, I hope Heikki Kovalainnen is okay though. That was a tough crash. My prayers with him.

  1381. The latest I heard about Heikki is that he has several bumps and bruses on him and he has a concussion. I haven’t heard anything else yet! My thoughts and prayers are with him at this time! That was a heavy impact! Of course I was disappointed to see Fernando retire after his engine failure, but I’m very proud of him for working soooooooo hard all weekend giving the car better results than anyone expected! Hopefully things will get better at Turkey and I hope Heikki will be able to race!

  1382. I hope Heikki is gonna be ok after the crash, it was pretty bad. About Fernando….well, I feel bad for him, and the entire team. They worked so hard to make everything work and this was not really fair to them. I honestly hope that they manage to sort things out before the next race and I hope everything goes well.

    @Renault Girl, welcome to the club.

  1383. Hi girls , i am so disappointed to see fernando retiring ,because i was putting so much hope the he could win the race.
    and i felt very bad for Heikki …..
    it must be a very awfull day for every body ha…..
    any way how was Raquel’s concert? what is the latest news about her?

  1384. One thing i want to say ( I THING IT WILL MAKE YOU ANGRY)


  1386. you are going to figure it on the last minutes of the enterview …

  1387. Uh…this isn’t new news Riri! He’s been wearing a ring on his right hand for 2 yrs now! Anyway, I don’t know what is new with her except she does have a concert today and she didn’t show up to the race!


  1389. OMG, he looks so adorable in that video, I almost fell off my chair – he lookls amazing.lol
    About the ring, as far as I can remember he’s been wearing ring on his right hand for a couple of years now, and it’s always the same. I think it was a gift or something like that. I don’t recall him having one on his left hand. I don’t know, I might be wrong.


  1391. Me neither! I never remembered him wearing one on his left! I did notice however at the press conference on Saturday after qualifying that the ring looked more yellow gold than silver! I don’t know if anyone saw the same thing!

  1392. Just watched the press conference back again, and it does look like it’s gold rather than silver. But definitely on his right hand. (Would be left for a marriage band here in the UK, don’t know if the convention is different elsewhere…)

    The one he had on at testing earlier in the year was silver though.


    Unless it’s just a trick of the lights at the press conference??

  1393. Left hand would be marriage band in Spain if I am not mistaken. In Germany it is right… so it really changes from country to country.

    To me it looks like the same ring and maybe the lights are to blame! On the other hand Raquel keeps wearing that Viceroy ring constantly instead of the two rings she got from him…

  1394. Ring wars! :-D LOL

  1395. so nobody talked about Raquel’s concert ….
    was it bad ? was it good ? …..
    and about fernando’s ring it is strange to see him wearing tow different rings but in my point of view he wanted the public and the Pps get confused so nobody well know the truth…

  1396. If u are a fan of hers, the concert was good. But I can tell u guys now, she still looks like crap! http://img120.imageshack.us/img120/5424/r1zp8obp6.jpg

  1397. For those that choose to listen to her singing Para ti Seria! This was Sunday’s concert I just wanna add! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0wus-zvGvI8

  1398. EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW… a fan of Raquel ?… are u kidding me….!
    i just asked you because i was hoping that she would look bad on stage
    and obviously she looked like crap !… she has no taste in choosing cloths for her …EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!

  1399. and her voice was very bad( i could barely hear her voice it was toooo low )….

  1400. I didn’t mean to say u in particular is a fan of Raquel! What I mean to say was that if anyone is a fan of hers u would like her shows no matter what! I wonder if she watches the races when she’s not with him at the circuits! Probably not! ;)

  1401. hello girls!!
    i saw Nelsinho wear the same ring like Alonso maybe is a present for Renault

  1402. girls i dont wanna make you sad but i just saw something that we wont like.i dont think that she is pregnant but i guess she wants to tell something http://img231.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=88847_158a99d_3375_x_5005_122_203lo.jpg

  1403. I saw that pic! She was singing the song mi columna de opinion which reflects on how the media talks about her life and that was just to show people the latest story about her being pregnant. She is just simply making fun of the press! Nothing to be worried about!

  1404. thanks you …this made me relaxed..=) anyway i am nadide from turkey =) hi everyone=)

  1405. Hi nadine, welcome, how old are u?
    So girls, i always see fernando wearing a silver ring in his right hand, and if the tradition is the same in all latin countries, this means just dating,for mariage the ring is golden and in the left hand

  1406. Well, I keep hoping she’ll do something about her wardrobe, but now I’ve stopped hoping. That dress (if u can call it that) is so bad, it’s beyond words.lol
    The sound is bad so you can’t hear her well, but that’s not really her fault. I though Nek might be with them, but obviously not….hah, wonder why is that? :)

    @Nadide, welcome to the club of crazy girls who are all obsessed with Nando (except Suhaila, but she’s on her best way)….just kidding.


  1407. thanks girl…nice to be here = ) i am 18 and you??

  1408. Her and Nek will be touring together in the summer!

  1409. hey nadine, i´m 19

  1410. where are you from??=)

  1411. Tanya, that’ll be fun to see—-how they act around each other, cuz the last time I saw them together they were pretty weird. Maybe someone told them that they act too ‘flirty’ when they’re around each other.lol

    Nadide, I’m 18 and I live in the USA, but I’m originally from Bosnia.

  1412. Girls, watch this esp at 3:09. Seems she really likes to get cozy with her male admirers! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bKaC3Y9wnb8

  1413. hello Nadide welcome to the club!!!!
    i’m Chryso and i’m 15 years old and i live in Cyprus

  1414. Merhaba Nadide sen de Türksün galiba :) ben de Melike tanıştığıma memnun oldum 18 yaşındayım Ä°stanbul’da yaşıyorum.Sen?

  1415. I´m from Brazil nadine

  1416. HI GIRLS…

  1417. I’m from the USA Nadine! Welcome!

  1418. nadide do you have e-mail?

  1419. hello to everyone!!!! how are you?
    what’s the last news about fernando and raquel?


  1420. I haven’t heard anything new yet Fernadina, but I’ll keep everyone updated! ;)

  1421. Hey girls! How y’all doing? Anyways, I’ve checked that Raquel’s photos. She’s a clear fashion criminal. How thick can you be? I mean… just dress a little better, hire someone professional if you’re so stupid! Kimi’s wife is a whole lot better dresser. Maybe because she’s a model, but still. You can work on it. Hey Maya! What’s up with that comment about me ha? ;-) Heheh… love teasing you!

    Anyone here going to Turkish GP esp. my Turkish friends here, Melike and Riri (if I’m not mistaken)?

  1422. And, oh, thanks soooooo much for the youtube video on Fernando. You girls are absolutely spot on: he’s GORGEOUS. Absolutely gorgeous. How can that be? I’m so jealous. ;-) :-D

  1423. hi suhaila, what is up?….
    your welcome( for fernando’s video)… don’t mention it.
    i am not turkish , i am from saudia arabia ( it is a country near Bahrain and Emirates )…. and yes i do agree with you he is HOT!

  1424. Hi Riri! I’m fine, thank you. How are you? Oh, brilliant, you’re from Saudi Arabia! I’d like to go there one day. I’d like to perform Umrah and Hajj. Insya Allah. :-) I want to bring my family as well but currently, I’m still lack of money and time. But, insya Allah… it will happen one day. :-)

    So, any news about Nando?

  1425. inshalla you will visit Meca and Madinah someday….
    currently there is no news about him or her but i am still searching for the latest news…

  1426. Piquet was at the factory today, but I didn’t spot Alonso. Don’t know if he stayed on in Spain after the race or not…

  1427. Hi girls, I’ve found this on you tube:


    It’s an interview with Raquel.
    Would be great if someone could translate it.

  1428. Well, the first one was about their collaboration with Nek and how they’re going to try to make it in Italy and Raquel is learning Italian and that’s basically it.
    “Raquel starred in some tv show and that’s her first public thing.The band started with Nunca Volvera, and kept making hits, mixing pop with elements of folklore. Their plans for 2008 include concurring Italy and a new album.”
    Her favorite memory:when they said that they were signing them, offering them a contract,
    Her fave anti-depressive song was something i couldn’t understand. She cannot live without: chocolate.
    Car or motorcycle: motorcycle.
    Loves romantic dinners.
    The movie she hates:”War of the worlds” (I think she said that one).
    Best character feature: she’s emphatic
    Worst: she’s stubborn.
    They’re talking about their dreams: hers is to have a puppy, cuz whenever she has one it runs away ( :) :) :) )

    I think that’s it. I just wrote down the ‘important’ stuff about her. Sorry if I got something wrong.I was pretty tired when I was writing this.lol


  1429. Hello Girls.Look at the video :)
    O my God!Fernando super :)
    Take Care.Good bye

  1430. it’s so hot and cute…..!!!! :D

  1431. god, imagine she had a child when she is already too stupid to keep a puppy *rolls eyes*

  1432. Thanks for translation, Maya.
    I was curious, what she has chosen from, when she answered “romantic dinner”. I couldn’t hear the second option.

  1433. I could understand why all her dogs would runaway! ;) What I don’t get is how she could like motorcycles! I always saw her as this careful girl; not so much as a little daredevil! Or maybe she is just saying that because of Fernando!

  1434. really…. i mean does fernando like to ride a motorcycle.is it his hobby?

  1435. Nope. As far as I know, Fernando don’t really like bikes. It’s Kimi who loves bike. He even rides to the GP sometimes. :-)

  1436. I think Fernando wanted to learn how to ride a bike years ago but I assume he never did. So far I have just seen him on Scooters at racetracks!

  1437. Yeah… besides, Fernando isn’t “bike” kind of guy. He’s more of a proper guy you know. Kimi is more of a rebellious teenager guy, in which, I love his attitude ;-)

    But still, Fernando is, in my opinion, a handsome and beautiful guy. Really. :-)

  1438. I know about Kimi’s obsession with bikes and it true. I think that Ferrari produces a limited number of bikes with “Iceman” written on them as a product due to Kimi. I have seen him ride this kind of bikes but I’m not sure If it is an official Ferrai product. As for Fernando, I have seen him on bike with him driving (some with Raquel on it also…) but i don’t think he enjoys it that much Also, If you have noticed it, fernando always returns to the pits with a bike when he retires while some other drivers go with the cars.

  1439. well, the one thing that i know so far that one of fernando’s hobbies is( next to football) cycling , and i even have tow or three photos of him riding a bicycle,plus there is an interview with him in Monaco and he and the reporter were riding it during the interview…so i guess he likes to ride a bicycle but i am not sure whether if he likes to ride a motorcycle or not…. and that ia what i am asking you about….

  1440. i don’t think he’s that into motorcycles. I know Kimi is, but Nando is more into football than into anything else. I have no idea why she said that, maybe cuz Nek likes motorcycles???
    Vivum, I couldn’t understand what were the options when she chose romantic dinner, sorry about that, but it sounded weird.

  1441. Thanks anyway, Maya. I believe she said motorcykle, because she cannot drive neither car nor motor, so she has chosen sth that sounds more cool :) .
    BTW, do you know anything about Raquel’s skills (like languages or driver license or sth like this), education etc. i wonder who was she before ESDM…Was she working somewhere?

  1442. All I know is she grew up in some small place in Asturias, second of six children. Learned to play the guitar at 14 and at 17 met David with whom she formed a band. Then Juan came along and they formed El Sueno de Morfeo. There isn’t much stuff about her private life, but I don’t think she went to college or anything like that. She says music is her life, so I figure she lives for that.
    But, I don’t know…I’d love to know more about her. If anybody knows anything, plz write.lol

  1443. I wouldn’t be surprised if she didn’t finish grammar school LOL!

  1444. I think she grew up on the Canary Islands and then left for Asturias. She did castings for a TV show and that is how ESDM got popular but I have no idea if she ever finished school.

  1445. what about fernando , what did he study in collage ?
    do you have any idea about that?….

  1446. he never went to college as far as I know! He came into F1 very young and there is probably no time for university besides that! But he definitely is smart enough for college/university!

  1447. didn’t he study at Oxford university ? could u search for this information to make sure it is true that he didn’t study in collage or university ? coz i couldn’t find the answer when i searched….

  1448. Alonso was in full time racing in Spain when he was the age that he would have started university at. (At least in the UK, I know some places start later.) So certainly no time to study!

    He used to live near Oxford (might do again now that he’s back with Renault, I’m sure) and he’s been interview by their student newspaper for that reason, but he’s not one of their alum.

  1449. I read that alonso had good marks at school! He had to learn much (by his mother side) otherwise he wasn´t allowed to drive a race on the weekend. But I think he never had study!

  1450. I read that alonso had good marks at the school! He had to have otherwise he wasn´t allowed to drive a race on the weekend. (from his mother side)

  1451. I thought he already has a new place near or in Oxford.

  1452. I heard he had to do good at school, because otherwise his mother wouldn’t let him race, so he had like really good grades. I don’t think he went to college, cuz his focus was on F1 since he was little so….
    I also heard he got a new place at Oxford, but I don’t know for sure. Does anybody know if he had to give up that amazing Mercedes he got as a gift(!!!!) when he joined McLaren last year?

  1453. well, who knows maybe he was doing (THE HOME SCHOOLING) thing coz in my opinion if fernando’s mom won’t let him race unless he gets good marks that means to me that she really cared about education so i don’t think she would allow him not to continue learning in a collage or a university especially when his place is near from a famous university in the world …. and Maya if ur news is true i would say that it is really rude u can’t take a gift back !…

  1454. what is theometry?….

  1455. @ Maya and Riri, I have read that once he left Mclaren, he did in fact had to give back the Mclaren SLR he received! It is a nice car don’t get me wrong, but if I was him, I wouldn’t be too disappointed on giving the car back after what the team did!

  1456. Well, Tanya I agree with u. Especially ‘knowing’ Nando’s temper he probably gave the car back, but it was such a nice car :) and it was rare. Not many people can say that they can afford one of those and he got it for FREE! So, I wouldn’t be surprised if he did give it back, but I don’t know whether he HAD to give it back or it was just his choice.
    Pavla, where did you hear that, cuz I looked everywhere and I couldn’t find any info??? :) :) :)

  1457. No, I heard he had to give it back! I even heard so much as to him saying that they didn’t give it to him to keep; it was just as a loan!

  1458. I saw an interview (video) with him last year in which he said he paid for it as he had no intentions of giving it back.

  1459. Theometry is to do with religion and the nearest thing you can study to that at Oxford is Theology. But it’s very hard to get into Oxford and I doubt that they’d accept a student with the commitment of a full time racing career.

    I don’t know about the SLR but there was a gorgeous Ferrari in the car park today!

  1460. Ferrari???? At Renault?
    Nice, I love the new 2008 F430. I’m generally not a Ferrari fan (I mean, fan of their cars), but that F430 is just amazing.lol

  1461. is that true that fernando has studied theometry or it is just a rumor

  1462. coz i didn’t find this info when i searched for it

  1463. hello girls!!!
    whats up??
    alonso was 4 in 1st practice today…… :D

  1464. Yes, and he was in 9th during the 2nd session! :(

  1465. But he is very positive about the weekend so far and he would just have to work on the balance of the car a bit!

  1466. Can we see the picture Pavla? Oh, I’m rude! Welcome aboard!

  1467. Fernando qualified in 7th! :( What is wrong with Nelson? He’s in 17th!

  1468. i think is very good job for alonso 7 place…Palva welcome to the club!!
    i want to see this foto…

  1469. girls i have new news about fernando and raquel..you know fernando was in istanbul this weekend..so and there were a lot of news about him.i heard that on tv.someone who is on paddock, told that ”alonso is going to divorce with his wife.so he is a bit stressfull.then he is going to come here again and he will make investment in turkey”also he added”here, everybody is talking about his plans”

  1470. Awesome news Nadide! Thanks! And welcome aboard!

  1471. LOL, that’s great news. Hope it’s true.


  1472. Sounds really strange.They comment Fernando’s relationship in Turkey? Why she was in Australia ans Bahrain then? She looks much better now than 2 years ago (haircut, face, body, clothes), so i don’t understand why should he leave her now. If he needs a good friend (that has something to say), he can talk with Robert …and he does so :)

  1473. great news!!! i’m so happy for that…..

  1474. vivum: not everything in life is about looks!

    In case it is true I don’t think it is such great news as he just managed to be married for an extreme short while. I understood if he broke up with her and there had been no marriage before but if there has been one this is somehow sad.
    Besides I heard that divorces (no matter how badly they are needed) are always very stressful!

  1475. When you read my post, you cannot hear the tone of my voice, so i will explain that it was a bit of joke as he spends a lot of time with Robert recently.
    Of course not everything is about look but when you choose life partner look matters. Some people are sexualy atractive for us, some not…
    In case of Raquel I mentioned her look because IMHO she doesn’t have anything interesting exept that.

  1476. u can’t base marriage based on looks! If u’re gonna marry someone, it has go be more than just looks! I see many couples who are married that are complete opposite (like one is pretty and the other is a total slob). Looks aren’t everything! Marriage is based on love, trust, compromise, and support! If marriage was just based on looks, I think our world population wouldn’t be growing as much as it is now! Obviously in Fernando’s case, if this is true, that means something went wrong that cannot be solved. It’s obvious that for the past year that he wasn’t happy and that they probably stayed together to try and fix whatever it was, but they couldn’t find a solution and the problems just kept occuring! Divorce is stressful cause I’ve seen it happened to my aunt and she was really stressed out, but once it was finalized, a couple of weeks later, she was much more relieved and now she’s happy and I think that is what will happen with Fernando! How will Raquel deal with it? I have no idea!

  1477. I will fight as a lion :) . If you marry a popstar after few months of knowing her, the reason is not “trust, compromise and support”, because you are not able to check it after such a short period of time.
    And beeing sexually atractive for someone doesn’t mean beeing miss of beauty. If this doesn’t matter, what is a difference between choosing friends and boyfriends?

    If this gossip is true, raquel will deal with this pretty well. Many pictures in newspapers, interviews…This will only make her new disc more popular.

  1478. I don’t think it’ll make her disc more popular. The people will be more interested in what happened to the relationship for a while before they focus back to her music.

  1479. In my country there is expression that we use when there are new information about popstar or actor in magazines. It says: What matters is not what they say, but that they say”. Sounds strange when translated, but i hope it’s clear. And bad news (divorse is generally bad news) spread faster, so she would appear in newspapers again and this is really good PR move.

  1480. She will get alot of press there’s no question about it, but I don’t think it’s the kind of publicity that she would want, but u know the Hollywood saying “There’s no such thing as bad publicity” I wonder if they keep asking her about it, she will probably cry again like when they questioned her about the wedding rumors!

  1481. Hold on. Ho

  1482. Hold on. How can he divorces when he’s not even married to her? I’m so confused!!!

  1483. Maybe they did in fact get married and now they’re getting a divorce! It is strange, but I guess we have to wait and see!

  1484. I am soooo confused right now….first of all, we didn’t believe them to be married and now suddenly we’re discussing their divorce?
    I don’t know, it’s all a little weird to me, cuz I know how stressful these things can be, and yet he seems to be doing better now than at the start of the season. On the other hand, he does know how ti keep a cool head in bad situations. So, all of this somehow doesn’t make sense.
    I don’t think she’ll handle this well, if it actually is true, unless she finds someone else soon. And of her family is religious as we heard they are, divorce is not really the best thing to do. So, besides the fact that we won’t be seeing them together anymore, there’s nothing really good going on now. And if he truly married her based on looks, well that was a pretty stupid move…you can’t base a marriage on that!

  1485. So you think that all this marriage where old rich guy (or young rich handsome sportsmen)and top model or popstar (david bekham and popstar name i don’t remember or flavio and his wives) are based on friendship and trust etc. ? Sportsmen usually date models or popstars, because it gives you a good, cool image.
    I don’t know if raquel and fer are married or not but i believe they have truly fallen in love with eachother but maybe they understood that for a long run you need a perfect match of charachters.
    And maybe they are still happy togheter…

  1486. I am honestly confused but well who cares if we are confused. I would have placed a bet on them not being married!

    If so they were obviously very unhappy the past year and still don’t even look at each other! Surely you all have seen those amazing pics of those two sitting at one table being bored to death in each others company.

    I have to agree with vivum: After such a short time you hardly have a chance to get to know everything about a person especially not in that job. To me it always looked like Fernando had a crush on her and she was quite pleased with that.

    A divorce after such a short time is quite embarrassing if you ask me because that shows you did something extremely stupid. If you get divorced after many years oh well: things happen as people change. But this is different.

    I think actually Fernando is beyond that stage of bothering. A divorce will be stressful but I think it is harder to make the decission to get a divorce than finally have the divorce. Sounds weird, I know.

    Nevertheless I keep wondering how come that just turkish TV talks about that.

    @ vivum: I noticed Robert and Fernando spending tons of time together. Made me already laugh that he plays poker with him instead of spending the evenings with Raquel at raceweekends. Best proof that this is not about looks :X

  1487. @ Lena: :) In fact they know eachother from times before F1, so I guess all in all he spent more time with robert than with raquel


    AND IS IT TRUE?!…..

  1489. it was spoken on paddock..someone told it on tv..he was sure..

  1490. And let’s face it: Robert has definitely more talent than Raquel! And he seems to treat Fernando nicer! :D

    Well Paddock rumours always have some truth to it. No smoke without fire!

  1491. @ Lena…lol,I completely agree with you about Robert – well said. But I just don’t get this thing that’s happening right now, I hope things clear up soon.

  1492. Hey Nadide, do u know who said that? Was it someone from the team or was it just someone random?

  1493. This might be off topic…but…well, the picture is worth a thousand words and I’m still speechless.


  1494. LOL!!! That was funny!!! :-D

    Anyways, I hope someone can confirm on this news. Maybe a link or something. Good day y’all! :-)

  1495. Hey girls, that´s all very confusing to me too, no one knew for sure if they were married, and now this thing about divorce sounds weird, specially coz they looked happy, she was going to all races, if u have a serious relationship (they r together for such a long time) u don´t just finish everything so quickly, i mean, one day she is there, supporting him, and then gets divorced? maybe is just a rumour. Anyway, loved the pic Maya LoL!

  1496. erm…they looked happy? Did I miss something? Tanya could you dig out the pic of them sitting there feeling not watched?

  1497. oh and btw: in Barcelona he already refused to have dinner with her on Friday night! She had to sit somewhere else to have dinner than him in the same hotel. And he left without her. People there said they had a major fall out and he didn’t want her to be there!

  1498. i don´t know everything that happens with them i just mean that if they had a serious problem, i don´t know why he would take her to travel with him to the races. i think they look weird when they´r together coz nando gets nervous with the press always trying to find out things about them, let´s face it, it must be hard to have your personal life so exposed, and we know he doesn´t like that

  1499. Here’s the pic that Lena was talking about! This I believe was in Bahrain if I’m not mistaken! http://img522.imageshack.us/img522/5011/wri00002588007rp1zj8kq3.jpg

  1500. @Su: but why do you take someone along when you don’t spend any time with that person. The evenings he always spend with Robert playing cards. *shrugs*

    Who knows why he takes her along.Certainly not because he is madly in love!

  1501. i think the reason why she travels with him to make sure that the relationship between them is fine … she is not proving this only to the public or the press, but to him ! she wants him to know that she is beside him, always supporting him by attending races… but obviously that is not working!!!!!!

  1502. I think he knows that she is not supporting him!She shouldn’t underestimate him. Besides: where has she been when he needed her most last year!

  1503. Here’s someone’s reply to all this from another forum (Lena and I are very familiar with them!) in turkey every fernando fans speak that fernando will be divorced.and his manager said he was married and wanted to be divorced to someone who i dont know very well..but i prefer not to believe these..

  1504. Guess we all know who they talked about! *laughs*

    I am loosing respect! How could he marry her after such a short time. Thought he was smarter!

  1505. There’s going to be a fashion show with drivers and their wives/girlfriends in Monaco, so it’ll be interesting to see if she’s on the catwalk for that…

  1506. She has a concert… besides Fernando would probably kill her if she did!

  1507. Yeah Lena, i understand, i was trying to search for some news, and even the spanish press sounds confused about their relationship, some call her his wife while others don´t know if they´re just dating or engaged, so i think is hard for us to understand what is going on. About this divorce thing: i don´t even think they´re married in the first place, i think they´re just dating, and of course they may have good and bad moments, raquel doesn´t seem to be easy to deal with.

  1508. Neither does Fernando! Or do you think it is easy to deal with someone who makes you walk a mile behind him?

  1509. I have also told Lena that in case anyone has noticed, she has also added more tour dates to her schedule and most of them are around the race weekend!

  1510. So, the conclusion is: even if they’re not married, the relationship is in trouble and it’s showing now more than ever. It’s easier for me to imagine this second scenario, cuz I never thought of his as reckless and marrying her after such a short period would be. Maybe they just decided they need a time-out, so they’re focusing on their careers instead on each-other.
    I agree with Lena…how do you deal with someone who makes you walk a mile behind him and would rather spend the evening with his friends than with you? I don’t think Nando is an easy person to deal with and Raquel maybe thought she could get the most out of the relationship when they started dating, but now the situation is very different.

  1511. Well, so far that I’ve read (sorry if I missed some of the points, it was quick read btw), I agree with all of you girls that their relationship is now falling apart. However, I have to say that Fernando acted that way, like leaving her far behind, is based on his current feelings for her. Not because it’s in his nature to treat her that way. When they were an item, all their photos are good-means it can be seen that they are happy together. I think Fernando is more than happy to share with the world if he is in a happy relationship. I really think the mistake of their relationship is moving on to each other too quickly. Now, they both sick of each other and can’t wait to get rid of each other ASAP. I think they both need to quit this game. It’s highly damaging for their own life. If Fernando wants some peace in his life, leave her and I’m sure Raquel would appreciate it as well. Who cares about the media? They will continue to write stories whether they are together or not. It’s time for Fernando and Raquel to realize that. :-)

  1512. hey girls!!
    we know that Fernando spend more time with his friends and not with her… can you tell me if Raquel do the same thing like Fernando?

  1513. i agree with you but the question is : why fernando a raquel are playing this stupid game?… there is no good advantage of playing this game… and you know what… the problem is not about getting in to serious relationship quickly, coz sometimes these kind relationships would last for ever like Tom Crouse and Kate, they got married after a short time!….
    i mean it has to be something else like: they don’t seem to have a chemistry between them or they don’t fit together or maybe this is about their career… you know maybe fernando wanted to have children but she refused to , claiming that it’s hard to take care of them and at the same time having a successful career!
    who know ( maybe i am right and maybe i am not).

  1514. Fernando did say at one time that he would like to have a family someday, but in her case she doesn’t wanna have kids because that would mean she has to take a break from her career and when musicians take a break, they are taking a risk cause people would tend to forget about them and move on to whoever is the next star. I don’t think she wants to do that; I think she wants to continue working (for whatever reason she has since her music sucks!) And please noone compare them to Tom and Katie! Tom and Katie are nothing like those 2!

  1515. well it is just an example to show you that some relationships that could be serious are success full !!!! (SO PLEASE DON’T GET MAD)…

  1516. Sorry girls but over here in Germany we are already laughing at Tom and Katie as they come across plain hilarious in the media…
    We tend to compaire Fernando and Raquel to the Beckhams! *laughs* Just that Posh seems to be in better control of David than Raquel is of Fernando!

  1517. IMHO neither Posh nor Raquel have control of their boys. We know how Becks has been behaving and Posh is with him only because he’s well David Beckham. Fernando is not at that stage yet and lets hope he never gets there.
    About Tom and Katie, well the media has said a lot of stuff about them that are completely untrue and I think they just wanna be left alone.


  1518. To be honest, I can’t stand looking at Victoria Beckham! In the 90’s she looked very pretty and I’ll be honest, I was a fan of the Spice Girls *blushes in total embarrassment* and now she has lost tremendous weight and I don’t like her anymore! Raquel never had nor will she ever have control of Fernando! If there’s anyone in that “relationship” that’s gonna have total control, it’s Fernando! I have seen men go nuts when their women tell them what to do (it’s like they’re the dogs). What Fernando needs to do is to find someone who he can have a great time with and if those 2 want to pursue a further relationship, they have to learn how to work together cause that’s something that both Fernando and Raquel lacked! As for Tom and Katie, I have nothing to say about their marriage, but I just love Suri! She is just so adorable!

  1519. http://www.alo-natygallery.extra.hu/galeria/thumbnails.php?album=lastup&cat=0

  1520. fernando looks: Hot , Hexy , Cute, And Unresistable!

  1521. He looks awesome in those pics. There’s one with an amazing motorcycle behind him and I love those Viceroy pics. Is he following in Raquel’s footsteps???

  1522. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He’s sooooooooooooooooooooooo HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1523. From 1985-1995 (the four years until the fourteen) he studied in the school Santo A’ngel of Guarda from Oviedo, where he attended and he finalized primary and EGB. But late frequented the Institute Leopoldo Wings Bugler of San Lazaro, where it was until 2000. He left the studies because the sport commitments prevented him to continue studying, so not even the COU finished.
    i got this article while i was searching, so it is not true that fernando has studied theometry….

  1524. but what is the COU?

  1525. I think he looks fake on the Viceroy pics!

    COU is something like the English A Levels, the German Abitur or the Swiss Matura I think.
    In the States it would be probably college as the high school diploma is less than the Abitur, A-levels and Matura.

  1526. http://www.spainexchange.com/educator_info/spain_education.php

  1527. so do u think it is true that fernando didn’t study in university?

  1528. Nope, I don’t think so. I think all the other drivers also didn’t attend uni. Where do they got the time? Besides, even if they did, it would be probably after they left F1 and of course to be done out of interest, instead of doing it to get a better job with a better pay. :-)

  1529. Well Fernando and me are about the same age (he is a bit older) and in the year I finished uni he became WDC for the first time. So he seriously had no time to study at a university! Still think he is for sure smart enough for that!

  1530. http://www.fernandoalonso.com/imagenes/galeria/grandes/Espana_260408_14_G.jpg

    I just gotta say how much i love this picture. It’s awesome…i so wanted to be there to see it live. :)

  1531. Hey Lena! Then you and I are also the same age! Cool! :-D

    Are you 1981 born? I was born on March 27th, 1981. I share my birthday with David Coulthard, Mariah Carey, Sir Elton John, and Fergie. How about you? When’s your b’day? :-)

  1532. 11th of October 81! So I am younger than you and Fernando *laughs*
    But its nice to know that I am not the only one around here who is older than 25!! :D

  1533. I have been cursed with my birthday! I share it with Raquel, but I’m 3 yrs younger than her!

  1534. Cool! Hey Tanya, it’s not curse. Maybe you’re next to be with Fernando, who knows? ;-)

    Anyways, yes Lena, I’m the eldest amongst us three! Heheh :-D

    So, how old is Raquel?

  1535. Hehe…but I am sure with you being eldest and me being youngest, he stands no chance in our little group *chuckles*

    Raquel should be 25 or something like that!

    Just read an interview of hers in which she claims to live in “her” house in Switzerland. I do wonder who paid for the house though! And I keep wondering why she tells people now that everybody talks about their divorce. She still says though they have a relationship and does not mention a marriage.
    You know I sometimes wonder if they even know if they are married or just dating…

    Have a look at that ring: new?


    Enlarge to 200 and then have a look!

  1536. hi Lena, could you paste link to this interview or said sth more about it?
    I think, it’s quite possible that they bought this house toghether. You can earn really large amount of many if you are popstar, especially when you sing in spanish (your market is not only spain but also south america and USA) and she has a contract with jewlerry company, so only from this she is able to buy a house.
    Still she wouldn’t have this money without beiing fernando’s wife/girlfriend…for sure :)

  1537. @ vivum: I agree on her just having the money because of him. And the fame as well! Sorry but nobody is after her for being the great singer but for being his whatever.

    Its an spanish interview but I will post it for you:


    -En plena gira junto a su grupo, El Sueño de Morfeo, Raquel habló con GLAMOUR de su carrera, de sus ilusiones y de lo mal que lleva el acoso de la prensa rosa. También de lo feliz que es junto a su marido, Fernando Alonso.-

    Cuando tenía quince años, Raquel del Rosario, ya escribía sus canciones y tocaba la guitarra. Pero su Canarias natal se le quedó pequeña y decidió marcharse a trabajar a la Península para intentar convertirse en cantante. Ese deseo se hizo realidad: ahora es la vocalista de uno de los grupos con más éxito del panorama español, El Sueño de Morfeo, y está casada con el campeón de Fórmula 1, Fernando Alonso, al que intenta acompañar siempre que puede en sus campeonatos por el mundo. Aprovechando el gran momento que vive,GLAMOUR ha querido conocer mejor a esta canaria de 26 años.

    Raquel, ¿cómo recuerdas ese momento en que dejas todo y te marchas a vivir a Asturias?
    Han pasado seis años desde entonces y te confieso que si tuviese que tomar una deicisón así ahora, no lo haría. Tengo la cabeza más amueblada (risas) pero tampoco me arrepiento. Yo no sabía qué hacer con mi vida, terminé COU y la selectividad, pero no quería estudiar ninguna carrera, sólo quería ser cantante. En ese momento, lo que más me preocupaba era el apoyo de mis padres, y eso lo tuve desde el primer momento. Lo peor que me podía pasar era que me tuviese que volver a casa y tampoco hubiese sido tan horrible. . . Los primeros años fueron difíciles, porque no es tan fácil llegar y vivir de la música; tienes que trabajar en otras cosas, escuchar muchos noes como respuesta, pero bueno, es indispensable para poder valorar ahora lo que tienes. Hay que empezar la casa por los cimientos.

    ¿Te llamaron irresponsable cuando lo hiciste?

    No. A mis amigos, a la gente de mi entorno, les llamaba mucho la atención y me decían: “Ah, pero tienes un grupo y cantas?”. Mucha gente ni siquiera sabía que yo amaba la música, fue toda una sorpresa para ellos.
    Les iba contando poco a poco mis progresos, mis proyectos, el disco que grabamos . . .pero siempre han respetado mis decisiones.

    ¿Cuál es el balance de estos años? ¿Qué cosas crees que son acertadas y cuáles no?
    Ahora valoro mucho más mi tiempo libre.
    Llegó un momento en el que tuve qye hablar con mis compañeros, Juan y David, y decirles que necesitaba pasar unos meses tranquila en mi casa, sin trabajar. Me decía a mí misma: ¡Madre mía, le estoy diciendo que no a un trabajo”!, pero tienes tantas oportuniodades, tantas puertas abiertas ante tí, que alguna tienes que cerrar. Además, por mi relación con Fernando, nos tenemos que poner de acuerdo con respecto a los días que tenemos libres para aprovecharlos al máximo. De hecho, la gira la vamos a hacer sólo por España en lugar de ir también a Sudamérica.

    De todo el proceso de grabación del disco, ¿cuál es la parte que más te gusta?
    La más bonita es cuando tienes todos los temas encima de la mesa y sabes que te vas a meter en un estudio de grabación. También cuando tienes el disco terminado; reconozco que se me caen las lágrimas cuando escucho en casa las canciones por primera vez.

    ¿Y lo peor?
    La parte mas dura es la promoción, sobre todo la de este segundo disco, que ha sido horrible.De hecho, la paré, porque me parecía muy mal que tres personas estemos presentando un trabajo y que sólo interese mi vida personal. No entiendo de qué sirve que estemos hablando de nuestro disco, de nuestro esfuerzo, si luego recortan a Juan y a David de la foto y me ponen a mi con un titular que no tiene nada que ver con el disco, y que encima no es ni cierto.
    Por eso, no sé si estuvo bien o mal, hablé con la discográfica y les dije que no podía más que me parecía una falta de respeto para David y para Juan, para nuestro trabajo; aunque también entiendo que mi vida tenga interés también lo tiene mi trabajo. Ha sido muy duro y se me ha criticado mucho por no hablar por no contar nada, pero tienen que entender que como abras un poco la puerta, te van a exigir más y más y eso no puede ser.

    Me imagino que tiene que ser duro vivir bajo el acoso de los paparazzi permanentemente . . .
    Es una sensación de impotencia tremenda, no sé explicarlo. Yo me empeño en sacar undisco, en hablar de mis caciones . . .y que a la gente sólo le interese mi vida privada es muy frustrante. Con el tema de los paparazzi llevo más de un año sin tener un problema con ellos, vivo tranquila en mi casa en Suiza: voy a comprar el pan, a pasear y no tengo a nadie esperando para hacerme una foto. Creo que somos la pareja que menos interesa en estos momentos porque no damos juego a nadie y estamos interesados en no interesar. Sí, salen fotos o imágenes en las que se nos ve juntos en algún premio, pero poco más. También es verdad que no hacemos nada del otro mundo . . .

    ¿Es eso lo peor de la fama?
    Si pudiese dedicarme a la música y no ser famosa sería ideal, si pudiese permanecer en el anonimato firmaba donde fuese. Lo llevo mal.

    Raquel, ¿te preocupa tu imagen? ¿Qué haces para mantenerte en forma?
    Aunque resulte extraño, me gustaría engordar un poco porque tengo la suerte o la desgracia de comer lo que quiero y no cojo un gramo. No llevo ningun dieta, además no soy nada de comer verduras ni ensaladas ni comida sana en general, me gustan más las “guarrerías”. A la hora de hacer deporte me gusta correr, ir en bici . . .Y en cada concierto pierdo casi un kilo: salto, bailo, me lo paso bomba. Pero reconozco que me cuido la piel y el pelo, viajo con un neceser gigante lleno de productos de belleza, porque soy muy presumida.

  1538. vc e muito feia para ele.e se veste muito mal.

  1539. Call me crazy, but I’m just surprised by this interview that she’s mentioning him! Before she was crying just by the reporters mentioning him and now………

  1540. @Lena: thanks a lot. “presumida” is the word that sums up her perfectly, i believe…
    I wonder if fernando believes in all this rubish, that she doesn’t want to be popular and was working so hard for her succcess.
    She recently signed a contract for being face of viceroy, so she is not so shy. IMHO someone who has finished music school and then music academy can say that he has working hard whole life to record first album. She was just lucky that her parents gave her money and that she got a role in a spanish sitcom and after this she met fernando…
    I don’t know if you have the same feeling but when I’ve read this interview it seems like all answers were given by 14 years old girl not 26 years old woman. It sounds so naive and simple what she says.

  1541. I have been wondering if this interview was done before the news of the apparent divorce! And I don’t think she would invite them to Switzerland to see “her” house.

  1542. Well, it was a nice interview, but I’m totally shocked she mentioned Nando. It was weird reading about their relationship, and I kinda felt sorry for her (Don’t kill me!) when she said how it was hard to promote their 2nd album when all the press wanted to know about her relationship with Nando. I mean when you look at it from a different perspective, it’s kinda disrespectful. I think that, even if she’s with him just to boost her career, there’s a certain limit and she really wanted people to pay attention to the band and the music instead of just her personal life.
    I don’t know about the house in Switzerland, but my opinion is that they probably share it (or they did share it).
    @ vivum, i totally agree..she is “presumida”.

  1543. @ Vivum: I do agree! She really sounds so naive! I mean imagine her running to the record company people telling them that people are too interested in her private life. I just see the looks on their faces and them laughing at her as soon as she has left the room. Probably calling the press telling some more stories!

    And for someone who is “presumida” she looks horrible most of the time! No sense of fashion and when she says she has all those skin products etc…well why does nobody show her how to use them?

    I wonder if she tries making up with Fernando. I loved the part about wanting to spend more time together when the time they do spend together they are totally bored with each other. And I am still convinced they had no clue there was a pic taken of them.


    To be honest: I would not want to be in their position as to me they are a very pitiful couple. It seems very obvious to us that they are not together cause they love each other. They treat each other with a lot of disrespect and don’t have something to say to each other! I mean we don’t want to forget the interview of him in which he was asked if he talks to Raquel about her opinion before he makes a main decission and he said no!

    (Q: Do you share your main decisions now with Raquel del Rosario?

    FA: No. )

    To me it is not just disrespectful but also very hurting. I guess none of us would want to be treated like that!Imagine your own husband not wanting to say that he is married to you! God, I would force him to scream it out in the world.
    So I do feel sorry for them cause one day they will realize that this is not it. That they wasted their time with someone they don’t love and who seems to mean nothing to them. And they will also realize that most people around the world are laughing at them thinking they are idiots!

    I was crusing another forum the other day where they were talking about the divorce and the common opinion was:- they have the weirdest relationship ever and they never look happy together anyway! Nobody was really shocked by the news (just by the fact that it means he must have married her at some point)and nobody was feeling sorry for them. And that forum is not full of Fernando fans.

    But Tanya: didn’t you say that one of the Renault folks said that they are no longer an item anyway the last days?

    Still think: no smoke without fire. And her coming up with such an interview now just shows how she wants to cover things up…

  1544. That person wasn’t a member of the team;it was just a fan who posted that on one of the blogs on their site, but I have heard through other people claiming they’ve heard they’re not together anymore. They first heard that around the Spanish GP (coincidence Lena?)

  1545. No idea if it was a coincidence. But if my husband would refuse to have dinner with me and I would have to sit on a different table you could be sure as hell that he would have the divorce papers the next day!

  1546. I was talking to Lena about this earlier and she pointed out to me that in case u guys haven’t noticed, they never questioned her about Fernando at all! She just decided to open her mouth herself and she contradicted to what she said during the interview. She said everyone has been more interested about her private life and she wants that to end and have people be more interested in her music, when she just opened her mouth during the interview about Fernando! If she didn’t want people to know about him, she would have NEVER said that! On this spanish forum I’m in, everyone has read the interview and no one is buying that one bit!

  1547. Oh my God! What a chaos! My summary about this story, I think she’s trying to get attention and sympathy from people. About Fernando’s treatment towards her, I cannot say anything. You’ve got to stay with them to know the real thing. But, about her opening her mouth on her r/ship with Fernando, well… that’s pathetic really. If she really can stand on her own, ditch him. If he’s really treating her badly just because he doesn’t love her anymore, why stay? If Raquel is so strong enough and she’s been through so much tougher times to get recognition as singer, why can’t she just quit a falling apart relationship? I wonder if she stays because she loves him or because of the money and fame he provides. Maybe they even had a deal. Who knows?

  1548. well guys , no question about that : their relation well end very soon i guaranty this to u ( this would be the summary of the whole conversation)…. and it is true and clear, that you could see this from their weird photos, conversations, body language , and their attitude!!!!! she is just talking and talking to cover things up
    it is just words words words ! and believe me a picture is worth 1000 word.

  1549. I agree Riri! A pic says more than 1000 words! I would say: okay, there are pics that are taken in a stupid moment and you look unhappy while the truth is that you were laughing all evening blablabla but it is amazing that there is absolutely NO pic of them looking happy together for ages.

    Here is btw a pic going along with the article *sits down and waits till the girls scream*


  1550. *screams hysterically*…lol
    This whole thing seems to be blown way out of proportions. I mean, it’s very convenient that this interview came out now when people say that their ‘marriage’ is falling apart, and for the first time she’s actually talking about them. Whatever it is, I still feel sorry for them, cuz this is not the type of thing you want people talking about even if you believe that there’s no such thing as bad publicity.
    The only thing I believe right now is that they’re not happy. When you see the pics, the only one where they actually look like a couple is the one from FIA Gala and they look fake in that one.

    OMG, I don’t know what to think anymore. This is so frustrating.

  1551. LOL so you noticed that something is missing :P

    You know I think it is best just not to think about it but sit back, take a drink *hands around mojitos* and think of it as a sitcom on TV! You can enjoy watching it, sometimes you are embarrassed for the characters or pity them and in the end you are very happy that this isn’t your life that is so f****ed up!

    So we can happily just be gossipqueens and enjoy the day *g*

  1552. I think some of the girls here may need either water or coke Lena!

  1553. LOL Lena, that’s the greatest idea EVER….like American soap operas. Relax and enjoy even though it doesn’t make any sense. :) :)
    Now, I just need to get something good to drink!

  1554. If anyone is into shots, I highly recommend the Peach Kamikaze or my now ultimate favorite dedicated to Raquel a Crazy MF (if u know what I mean!) ;)

  1555. Na, in moments like that you have to drink something posh…can highly recommend the chocolate martini sold in a wonderful hotel in Monaco :D

  1556. Bwahahahahahhaha! LOL! What a funny photo! I thought she’s wearing a wheatsack! *laughing histerically and rolls on the floor*

  1557. Hello guys and girls- i came here by accident somehow, it’s very interesting to read your comments.
    If Raquel is pregnant or not, well if she is it will starting to show, and a friend of mine will go to her concert on friday; she will take a close look at her belly!
    The clothes she is wearing those days could very well hide something here…plus dull hair and bad skin, another indication for pregnacy, probably.
    What i don’t understand is- why then is Fernando reacting like this? They do look pretty bored when you see them on pictures, and he seems to be a lot happier when she is nowhere to be seen. Its strange at best, and its giving me the feeling of looking at a farce.

  1558. first of all she doesn’t seem pregnant she does not have a big belly , she have no pics in shops buying babies stuff or even cloths for her , second of all her dark and pale skin is caused by doing a bad habit which is smoking!!!… and the most important thing fernando is not happy with her so how the hell he is going to have a baby from her?… that is illogical to me, this must be a rumor… beside i have heard of this news before three months so if it is true we could have seen that her belly is getting bigger and bigger….

  1559. It should be showing already since the rumours are out for quite some time. And even if she is pregnant: who says he is the daddy…remember they live that soap opera life *g*

    Hair and skin have always been a horror: if you judge by that *g*

    They are bored, they have nothing to talk about and he mainly avoids her and looks as you say, happier when she is not around!

  1560. okay, why does this page not let me post?

  1561. that is not true … this is a rumor! how the hell would fernando is going to have a baby from and he is not happy with her?

  1562. @Tanya, lol….i think the other one is better. I sort of reflects what you’re watching. Even though, that chocolate martini sounds tempting (everything with chocolate sounds tempting to me.lol)

  1563. @ Lena: could you write more about this interview with Fernando? Was it about his private life?

  1564. Sorry if my post is doubbled but i cannot see if my message appeared. i think sth is wrong with the site.

  1565. Same here vivum! The page seems totally messed up :S

    You are talking about the interview in which he said if he shares the main decissions with Raquel?

    Here is a translation done by a member (orion) of a Fernando forum:

    Do you consider your dreams have already been fulfilled with 2 world Championship in 2005 and 2006?

    In a certain way yes. Whenever it begins a new season you want to win the title another time because this is in the sportsman’s heart. We don’t like to lose and for that we get ready many hours a day, working hard with the team, preparing minutely the weekend and when the race arrives anybody want to lose or not to have motivation Anyway, it is clear that with two world titles my dream in this sport has already been completed.

    Is the proverb “it is easier to arrive than to stay in”, true?

    Yes, maybe it’s easier to arrive. A lot of people can arrive, like a lot of people arrive to small teams as Davidson or Sutil. In all the facets of this life it is easier to arrive that to stay because to stay in a high level, in a dream, either in the F1 or in any other place it requires talent doses.

    Did you believe the F1 would be like it has been, at last? Did you magine it in another way?

    I didn’t have any preconceived idea, so it has not surprised me. But well, maybe what the people see or what I saw myself before arriving here it was a little different. It was the maximum profesional level, the maximum objective for a driver, the maximum technology and when you arrive you realize that there is a lot of everything but also that they are human and at the end you realize that they are a group of persons, all friends, a group of persons like the karting, but instead of having 20 there are 200, although it is still a group.

    Among all the cathegories you have met, Is the F1 the most inhuman, the one that generates more hates?

    I don’t know. In the karting all the children want to be F1 pilots and all the parents want their children to be F1 pilots, so, there are also quite close contacts and quite bad ambient. In some occasions, hates and all these things are raised, but also satisfactions.In the F1 what happens is that everything is magnified. There is more much press covering and when having so much public interesting any thing that happens, either good or bad, it is multiplied by thousand and you are in the middle.

    what memories would you never want to forget?

    The two World Championships, of course. But I also keep in mind some karting races i will never forget (I hope) because it are maybe some of the best moments in my life and also moments that I had with my family at home. These are the moments that I love the most and hopefully I never forget it.

    Is there somebody that knows you better than yourself?

    I don’t believe that, since I spend a lot of time time being alone, and I don’t speak a lot. There are some persons that know me well, but to really know what I’m thinking or what I’m going to do….no.

    Do you share your main decisions now with Raquel del Rosario?


    You have always said: few friends but good friends. Do you have today so many friends like when you won races and championships?

    Yes I have kinda, the same ones. The friends are really always there. More or less all the F1 friends still support me, and they are persons who won’t have any relationship with me in some years, but they are persons that at the moment have not changed and they continue being there.

    Do you sometimes think about the thousand kilometers you and your father made by car(an old Peugeot) every weekend from Asturias to Italy? What memories do you have about those days and what do you think about the effort your family did?

    I have very good memories and a lot of gratefulness toward my parents. I owe them a lot of affection, because when you are small you don’t realize the things they make for you, you see it as something normal, and now as time goes alone, you give much more value to all that my parents made for me, to all their support and I feel I owe they a lot.

    Do you think without your family effort you had arrived to the F1?

    No, because it was very easy to throw in the towel. I have known many karting pilots that tried to run in Spain championships, in Europe championships and as soon as things went bad they had to leave the races because it cost a lot of money and they were centered in running the Asturias championships. On the other hand, my parents never threw in the towel and I suppose that without that extra effort I had not been able to arrive.

    The most characteristic thing about you is that you are a person with very clear ideas, which are your priorities now about the life?

    Right now the truth is I want to win again in F1. Maybe two years ago when I won the second World Championship, I had other ideas and plans in my mind. Right now I want “to revenge”, in 99,9% of my life I think of winning again.

    What sensations do you have when, at the moment, the traffic lights fade and you are the tenth in the starting gridl? What does a champion think of these circumstances?

    I think In trying to surmount, there is not another option and although I know it is difficult I still hope a good race if I can make a good starting manioeuvre, trusting in my strategies I start the races very concentrated in what I must do. But after three or four laps, when you see things are the same you already are centered in finishing the race as good as possible and also in taking the return airplane as soon as possible.

    What do you do to maintain the illusion, the motivation, with these results that are so far from those you used to get? Is it hard?

    Yes, it’s very hard. Every weekend burn a new flame, a new fire to open the hope and you arrive with illusion. When on Thursday I arrive in Barcelona to dispute the Spain GP I will think it’s possible to reach the podium and, if it is not this way, I will arrive to the following race in Turkey and I will think the same again. Because over the week you speak to the team and they tell you what novelties we are going to introduce which increases the hopes and you arrive quite motivated to the race weekend. Therefore, you don’t lose the motivation although the results don’t arrive.

    How important the fidelity of your family and your friends is for you?

    It’s quite important. However, It are things you don’t think in, because it is already supposed you have the support of both your family and your friends.

    Did you think what you would be able to do for them, at some time?

    I have never considered it , but for them I would do anything I suppose.

    What do you do to relax yourself inside and outside the circuits? Can a driver relax himself inside the car?

    Inside the car there are not many relaxation moments, because you are thinking in what you are doing. During the GP weekend in the paddock I don’t make anything special, maybe to play cards…

    And when you return at home, do you try to forget the race or, on the contrary, you review it a thousand times?

    Sincerelly,It depends. If it has been a good race for me, I review a re-run by TV; if not, I don’t see anything and on Monday I disconnect totally.

    When you arrived to McLaren they gave you a spectacular street automobile. Where is the car now?

    The car has stayed in Mclaren, they only lent me the car.

    Did McLaren people disappoint you?

    No, everyone is different, and I thing among a thousand people in McLaren there are extraordinary workers and excellent engineers, but yes there were persons that have disappointed me and It would have been impossible to work together; so, I was not interested to continue in such situation.

    was Lewis Hamilton among them?

    Hamilton does’nt have to do with the question. People have always spoken about him and the “fight” between us has been artificialy created, but there has never been any problem with him. It is always spoken about Hungary, about the pitstop and about what happened later, but he doesn’t have any blame because it is the team the one that has to take measures. If I have to run one more lap burning fuel, for example, they have to ensure that I give it, a matter in which they didn’t have great interest.

    Is Ron Dennis guilty you have not joined BMW this season?

    Absolutly not.

    Do you understand the madness to know which your future would be?

    It was normal. I left McLaren with an official statement in November after a year that had been already very commented, a very polemic period with the disputes inside the team and tge “spy case”, and therefore when the year ended up and we announced the separation it was normal some commotion, knowing that there were many interested teams. If it had been three teams perhaps it would not have been so much mess, but there was a moment we had on the table seven or eight options and everybody wanted to know where I went.

    Why did you leave McLaren, having a winning car, and why did you join Renault knowing that you would not be a Championship outsider?

    To leave McLaren had become a personal necessity and I tried to choose the best option. I knew, logically I had a good car, but also I knew I would not win with them. I put my life before the sport aspect.

    After three races everybody already speculates about your future. Briatore assures that he has you tied, other see you in Ferrari or BMW. Where are going to run you in 2009?

    I’m going to run in a winning team. I want to be in a champion team and, certainly, I don’t always see myself ninth or tenth. I will try to reach podiums again, to win races and championships. The first challenge, however, is to get it with Renault, a team with which we have already won in the past and we can make it again.

    Would you like to run in Ferrari?

    No matter either Ferrari or any other team, I want to have a winning car. That is the objective.

  1566. Hey girls,

    I think the comments aren’t working right away because this thread is so big. When you write a post, it gets stuck in the spam checker on the site until I manually approve it.

    We’re doing some upgrades this weekend so hopefully those updates will fix the problem.

    And we haven’t forgot about the forum we promised. In fact, we’re looking at something a little different to a forum but waiting to get acceptance from Google first – the solution is kind of a cross between blog comments/forum/social apps (like facebook and myspace) – and it will notify you when there are new posts and let you add friends to your social network etc…

    For now, enjoy Monaco and good luck to Fernando for you all ;)

  1567. So what do you suggest for now till you can do some changes? :)

    Thanks for your work btw! This is a very nice place!

  1568. hello! how are you?
    in pic lena’s raquel does not wear the ring…..

    good luck fernando!!!

  1569. Hi Lena,

    If you reply here the messages will still get through – but they’ll be delayed because I have to tell the system they’re not spam at the end of each day.

    Alternatively, you might be able to post on another Raquel/Fernando thread without problems (eg. if you post messages here it might work: http://www.formulaf1.com/2006/11/27/fernando-alonso-and-raquel-del-rosario-wedding/

    And thank you for visiting and posting so much in these threads! :)

  1570. hi girls….
    when is this site is going to be fixed?
    and if it is not going to be fixed where are we going to continue chatting?

  1571. Hello girls!I was so busy but Im back now =)…
    how are you?whats new about fernando and f1?

  1572. Hello Girls!O my God!Fernando Alonso and Raquel Del Rosario Macias wedding.True world.I hate Raquel Del Rosario Macias :(
    Take care.
    Good bye…

  1573. melike when you post again come to this site because all the girls we are there now

  1574. sorry in this one http://www.formulaf1.com/2006/11/27/fernando-alonso-and-raquel-del-rosario-wedding/

  1575. Hello,
    A Motorsport-Total.com megkérdezte olvasóit, melyik F1-es versenyz? felesége, illetve barátn?je a legdögösebb. A szavazást a 6,500 szavazó szerint Jenni Räikkönen nyerte 33.86 %-kal, így kiérdemelte a “Miss Formula-1″ címet. ?t Lewis Hamilton barátn?je, Nicole Scherzinger követ 24.6 %-kal, majd a harmadik helyen Raquel del Rosario található 12.96 %-kal.
    A további sorrend: Karen Minier 9.81 %, Rafaela Bassi 6.10 %

    ha ha ha Raquel 12.96 Jenni Räikkönen 33.86 ha ha ha :) :) :)

  1576. Hello,girls!I’m a new member on this forum.I’m 19 and I’m from Greece.I’m a HUGE fan of Fernando.By the way,I’m a little confused.Help me if you can.It’s well known that he is married wiyh Raquel but: ARE THEY STILL TOGETHER?Just a simple answer:YES or No.(I hope No).See you!!!

  1577. RAquel. I just think she is my cousin. We have the same eyes and nose. eehhh???

  1578. hi
    is fernando married or what?
    that women looks weird
    i thought fernando would go out with a blond sexy girl not some tramp


  1580. I hate Raquel del Rosario!!!!

  1581. i thnk that photo is amazing and u girls should stop hating her they just love each other and today he was really happy for winning the race and she was there to share that happiness i thnk they look soo pretty at that phto

  1582. I hate Raquel because Raquel play with Fernando,Raquel one money eater :) Really… PADOCK..Raquel photos very interesting she wants much popular.she uses Fernando and Fernando’s money.because she likes money.her life=money :D she likes gossip about padock girls. :) Her concer’s very bad because her voice very bad and she very ugly.I think Fernando and Raquel wedding but they don’t want say.
    Hey girls take care good bye… :) :) :)

  1583. Congratulation for Fernando Alonso.he was been a winner in singapore night race.alonso he is my star who always give shining to my dark heart.I hope you get best result in this year.May alloh always bless you and I hope U would like to study from earth

  1584. ele é mt lindoooo pa ela………
    nean nao ela é linda tbm heheheheheheheheheh

  1585. guau

  1586. you are all just jealous of raquel.

    can i ask you something?
    are they still going out? are they married or split up?

  1587. They are still together Tommy45.By the way, why are you asking? Are you ” in love with” Raquel?I hope you are not.
    Hey, Fernando and Melike:Raquel=one money eater…???Polloi isos na min katalavoun ti ennoeis, giati emeis oi Elloines xrisimopoioume diaforetikous tropous epikinonias.Anyway, it was pretty funny.I laughted a lot.Bye bye….

  1588. no i am not i am just asking…..i just want to know the answer………………..i have looked at all of the websites

  1589. :) > can someone tell me if they are married or not?

  1590. Hola yo soy española y muy fan de alonso, y para quien les quede dudas ellos si estan casados lo que pasa es que no quieren hablar porque quieren que la prensa les deje tranquilos, la verdad es que en españa ella no cae muy bien a la gente ( a mi desde luego no me gusta nada) pero bueno, parecen felices. yo entiendo el ingles pero me cuesta hablarlo….
    They are married an they are very happy now. they are living in suiza since 2 years ago

  1591. holla gente…

    I love Fernando..he is for me No1…. hee is so natural, friendly…but I m really suprised that he is still with Raquel..she is not for Nando, she looks like the child..

    Fernando need una mujer especial…

    I m studying graphical and web design, and my wish is to work in F1, so I learned spanish too…if one day meet fernando.. :D

  1592. Are raquel and fernando married NOW! please tell me about it

  1593. raquel me enkantas,me enkanta como vistes,como cantas…i k no te preocupe lo k diga la gente de ti!!!kien kiera ablar k able k maas dara…a ti k no te importe az tu vida kn alonso ser felices k aceis una pareja buenisisma…i k no os importe nada de nada raquel!!tengo todos tus diskos ORIGINALES jeje i estoy ansiosa de poder tener ia el 3 en las manos…ia no keda nada unos dias i lo tendre!!!pos na mas k sigas cantando x muxos años,k no agas kaso a naide,i k agas tu vida i k seas feliz!!aaa i me enkanta tu corte de pelo raquel!1te keda mbn wapa!!!!!SE FELIZ!!1 beso muy grande wapa!!TU FAN NUMERO 1

  1594. Guys, there are plenty of rumors now that Raquel is pregnant!!!! Are they true???? ‘Cause I’ve seen some photos and it really looks like she is!

  1595. raquel donna e un orribile e molto interesada a fare soldi da esso e far finta che non ha notato alcun .. pq e stupidi!

  1596. Hello! If u want to read all the latest gossip on Raquel, please join us here: http://s10.zetaboards.com/Fans_of_Fernando/index/

  1597. Hi! Raquel fan page! http://www.raquel-world.gportal.hu/

  1598. She’s ugly

  1599. Girls, Go on with the drama! Sorry, I guess time showed us everything we needed to know! ;)

  1600. la fea de muy hombre hacer paje!!!

  1601. Haha and who’s laughing now? The fans! Not the haters. They’re married and still together. She had won a couple fashion awards and they’re working on a new album. Fernando and Raquel are still spotted together like the GP of Spain in 2011! She designed his new helmet for the GP of Monaco 2011 too! He will wear it in Monaco and Singapore. And ofcourse Raquel did get some fame because she’s with Fernando but she has some good music and Fernando was already a fan of her when he met her at a show! If you’re a real fan of Alonso you should support his relationship with Raquel because he knows what he’s doing.

  1602. I am a fan of Fernando Alonso ‘coz he is a great driver (no need to explain that), and I actually think he’s hot. Now I don’t care who he’s with, it’s not like if I hate his wife they’re gonna break up and I will end up dating him. I enjoy looking at photos of Alonso, watching videos of him and reading articles or blogs about him, because I wonder what he does other than racing when he’s just HIM. I’m just being a fan -not being crazy. So I really don’t care who he’s with, as long as he stays the best damn driver in F1.

  1603. I love RAQUEL del ROSARIO and FERNANDO ALONSO.. they are separated, and i wish them both be happy.. they were my favorite couple.

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