Williams ‘leaked’ Photos are BS

{ Posted on Jan 19 2007 by dScribe }

Supposedly ‘leaked’ photos of the new Williams livery and car have been circulating the web this week. To label these photos ‘leaked’ is nothing but BS.

Earlier in the week another set of supposedly leaked photos were circulating – although they were of the new Renault car. It is extremely unlikely that either the Renault photos or the Williams photos were leaked. They are more likely a publicity stunt to build anticipation before each of the cars official launches.

At least the Renault photos were made to look leaked by being grainy and amateurish… whereas the Williams leaked photos look a bit too professional (the attempt to leave some jacks and tools on the ground in the background to make the photos look more unofficial are hilarious! :) )…

Leaked Williams F1 photos not really leaked

4 Responses to “Williams ‘leaked’ Photos are BS”

  1. very poor, not as funnt as the rest, who did this

  2. Well guess what it WAS ALL TRUE….don’t you feel stupid now?

  3. F1critic – Why would we feel stupid? This post points out that the photos are too good to be “leaked” or “spy photos” – ie. they’re obviously official photos that were released early to create some hype for the team. Who’s feeling stupid now? :P

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