Look-alike: Danica Patrick vs Holly Marie Combs

{ Posted on Feb 28 2007 by dScribe }

Ok, she’s not an F1 driver, but Indy driver Danica Patrick is looking very nice these days.. reminds me of Holly Marie Combs from Charmed

Look-alike: Danica Patrick vs Holly Marie Combs

This one’s for you Stuey.. ;)

49 Responses to “Look-alike: Danica Patrick vs Holly Marie Combs”

  1. I really enjoyed the Outer Mongolia sabbatical.. muhaha! ;) Seriously, the most I’ve seen of Danica lately (outside of the US mind you) are her Godaddy promos :)

  2. how could u compare then holly is way better lo0okin then that other gurl

  3. Maybe, but Patrick has an Indy car. That helps her win in this one. She’s much sexier in her race suit.

  4. please. holly marie combs has that girl beat hands down, u really cant compete against perfection.

  5. she doesn’t look like holly @all!

  6. holly is way sexier than that other gurl

  7. We’ve had a sudden surge of people finding this post after searching for Danica Patrick in the last week.. Any reason for that? :) Funny thing is most people commenting here like Holly better :) I think they’re both nice 8)

  8. They are both hott. Lets put them both in race cars and see who wins…wait, open wheel cars in the mud… Now that is more like it

  9. LOL! Good one King ;)

  10. well, holly rides dirt bikes in sand dunes instead of race cars. i think that’s hot!

  11. theres no way! that gurl looks like Holly Marie Combs, theres just no comparison. Ive been seeing H.M.C for years on the screen no one knows her, n her features like me!

  12. holly i love you u iz main dnt eva change
    u iz well betta dan dat wots er face. i mean i cnt even remember er name she iz dat much lower dan u well mayb nt in height bt wen comes to popularity u n alyssa r da queens of heaven.
    uz 2z r like the faces of angels mush. definate no need for a bloody face lift lmao
    luv yaz

  13. Most of you people are crazy, Danica Patrick is leaps and bounds hotter than that chick from charmed whatever her name is.

    I don’t think I have to say anything else, the truth speaks for itself.

  14. holly did a nude scene w/bj and has “super” nips to boot: if danica does that, she can compete in the “looks” category

  15. wondertwin, that is shallow beyond belief.

  16. Holly id marry, Danica id fuk on the side! Can u say 3some? HOLLY IS SOOOO DAMN HOT GOD IMPRESSED HIMSELF WHEN HE CREATED HER!

  17. BigDaddy what the hell dont talk about her that way. oohh your so smooth you can come up with a stupid phrase. true holly is beautiful but not just on the outside. and are you serious a 3 some give me a break i doubt your that hot holly would probably never talk to you your a pig

  18. Holly is way betta lookin than that other gurl yah ppl gota be on sumtin if yah think dancia what ever her name is is betta lookin than holly

  19. both r way past hot

  20. Oh well, I guess preference is a good thing but Danica is SOOOOO much more hotter than Molly … err, Holly. I can’t believe so many people think otherwise. Danica has a fresher face and is so much more cuter and isn’t from some lame ass show.

    Danica of course looks good in these photos, but seeing other photos of her will prove she’s even hotter.

  21. eu te amo (I love you) estou apaixonado por você, gostaria de te conhecer…
    ASS: Giovanne savedra

  22. there are some very similar facial features both women are gorgeous

  23. Holly Marie. That is a done deal.

  24. Often beauty is as beauty does, Holly has beauty Danica has never even heard or felt of. And please excuse the previous sentence ending with a preposition, I know what I am typing about.

  25. Holly je naprosto super, je výborná, úžasná je nejlepší

  26. hehe tnx for the pic!

  27. c’est pas les même personnes elles ne se ressemblent pas du tous

  28. Holly rides horses, and is on charmed (best show ever) and she is way sexier than that other girl. And they look nothing alike.

  29. go to my myspace


    i have some pictures of danica on there that i took at texas motor speedway at the Bombardier Learjet 550.
    I got close enough to shake her hand.
    All my friends tell me i look like her which i don’t mind a bit
    shes pretty :D

  30. she looks absoulutly nothing like holly marie combs! AT ALLLLLLLL

  31. heh…clever sharp eye…is there some similarity, (but a little)
    (: Holly is my favourite actress

  32. heh…clever sharp eye…is there some similarity, (but a little)
    (: Holly is my favourite actress and Danica is my favourite series driver :) (…this is that likeness :D maybe) … good luck for either
    FERRY_fan from Slovakia
    B Y E . . .

  33. i don’t know what you people are talkin about but Danica patrick is so sexy even with a little meanness she is still the hotest girl i have ever seen

  34. i know i went out with her

  35. Nope – I don’t think she could pass for Holly. Holly is sparkling and Danika looks nasty…..

  36. OMG that is so insulting I mean everyone knows Holly is much much hotter and sexy lookin and that picture is a bad shot of her choose a better one.I haven’t even heard of the other one so fuck off Danice you are such a insult to Holly every one Holly Marie Combs really well and so they know this girl ain’t anything compared to her.

  37. she does not look anything like holly she is ugly as hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!=)

  38. omg whoever said charmed is a gay ass show needs to back the fuck off u obviosly havent seen it…wen i get older i want to look like holly marie combs because she is super pretty…way prettier then that other chick…wats her name again?? i never even heard of her she is super ugly and holly is way prettier…she is the best actress ever and charmed is the best show ever..=] ily holly hope i get to meet u one day cuz ur my idol!!

    -holly fan for life =]

  39. I think Danica Patrick is One Hot Lady and Im sure that Holly babe is Hot too but Holly is by no means as sexy as Danica….Anyways I’ve seen a girl that looks like Danica…She is roughly the same size as her too….Ok..Im no perve but there’s this babe (Hottest Woman on Earth by the way)on this Livejasmin site (Yes its a Pornsite…lol) and this Goddess goes by the name of 1Cobra. She is Romanian and believe me when I say she totally does look like Danica…they could be sisters at least anyways…She has pretty much been compared to Danica Patrick and apparently she has the Hotter bod…Damn perfect in Everyway possible…Take a look you’ll be surprised….watching 1Cobra is like watching Danica..but instead of a racecar 1Cobra (Elena) is driving friggin fast in her bed!…Damn She is friggin Gorgeous…and Smart as Hell…But be careful…she does sting like a Cobra…she’ll leave you in pain for days…mind you a sweet good pain that is….LOL. :)

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