F1: White is the new Black

{ Posted on Mar 19 2007 by dScribe }

I really think the F1 teams can do better when it comes to designing their driver racing suits..

2007 F1 Drivers

Not even McLaren pass the test this year (and they are the team when it comes to style). Their car looks great, but their uniforms have been shocking ever since that ugly pinky-red gradient shirt last year.. :P

Seriously guys, inject some colour into the field! And no, I don’t mean red.. that’s used almost as much as white… 8)

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  1. Love the giant red vodafone sim card stuck on their bellies!! Gosh, must also be hard racing in black – as if it isn’t hot enough in the cars!

  2. Why doesn’t Fia allow every driver to wear and design his own uniform (like their helmets)? Think of Massa at the last Brazilian GP! There would be more colors and everone’s self-expression would be displayed…

  3. Great idea Gigi. Massa’s racing suit in Brazil last year was fantastic wasn’t it? :) I think it’s the teams that have the final say though..

  4. I agree they’re ugly – always have been. But they’re never going to look decent with 20 logos all over the place. These guys are like walking billboards.

  5. well the companies pay ALOT of money to see their logos on the uniforms and im sure the companies have some say in what the uniform looks like….

  6. Dolce et Gabanna are their only hope. Actually, why hasn’t someone stepped onto the F1-boy design scene? My favorite feature on ITV is Paddock Boys. Hey! Y’all get grid girls and don’t pretend you don’t actually pay attention to those trivialities- and we get-what? Bernie in grey pants and a white shirt, tie optional?! Is this fair?

    JV had the in-crowd-equivalent of grunge going on–albeit a decade late, but he tried and bucking the establishment is no mean achievement –too bad he can’t say the same about his own er, recordings.

    It just doesn’t make sense that the cars are gorgeous and the boys are dowdy. Team owners through team personnel and there is an increasing number of women within those ranks who no doubt shudder and smile when they don the obigatory poly-twill-colour-challenged pillowcase… Why be the pinnacle of sport if you can’t splash it about a bit?

    Case in point? Does anyone remember Peugeot? I’d kill for one of those gorgeous grey sweatshirts they sported in Montreal in ‘98. Trust the French for looking–and sounding–good. I always loved that throaty Peugeot engine sound…too bad about the rest of it.

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