McLaren Trick FIA into Banning Ferrari?

{ Posted on Mar 28 2007 by dScribe }

Autosport has revealed a clever letter sent by McLaren to the FIA that may outlaw a system used by Ferrari on their F1 vehicle. At the Australian Grand Prix, Ferrari ran a sprung device attached to the floor of their car to help reduce drag at high speeds.

Instead of simply writing to the FIA to ask whether the device was legal, McLaren’s Paddy Lowe wrote to the FIA asking if McLaren could fit a device to their car that does “*insert description of Ferrari device here*”. The FIA stated they could use the device, but the flexibility of the floor would have to be tested without the device attached.

As a result, teams currently using the device (believe to be Ferrari and BMW) will have to ensure their floor is stiff enough to pass the flexibility test in Sepang without the sprung device attached (which was allowed in Melbourne).

Very clever McLaren! 8)

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