McLaren Trick FIA into Banning Ferrari?

{ Posted on Mar 28 2007 by dScribe }

Autosport has revealed a clever letter sent by McLaren to the FIA that may outlaw a system used by Ferrari on their F1 vehicle. At the Australian Grand Prix, Ferrari ran a sprung device attached to the floor of their car to help reduce drag at high speeds.

Instead of simply writing to the FIA to ask whether the device was legal, McLaren’s Paddy Lowe wrote to the FIA asking if McLaren could fit a device to their car that does “*insert description of Ferrari device here*”. The FIA stated they could use the device, but the flexibility of the floor would have to be tested without the device attached.

As a result, teams currently using the device (believe to be Ferrari and BMW) will have to ensure their floor is stiff enough to pass the flexibility test in Sepang without the sprung device attached (which was allowed in Melbourne).

Very clever McLaren! 8)

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  1. Very cheeky indeed.


  3. I thought they went under the title McLaren International, not McLaren UK? :)

  4. dScribe, this is somewhat off-topic, but I have to ask. Do you think Hamilton’s performance in Australia was a fluke, or do you think he’s going to charge at Alonso all year? I’m sure it irritated him that this kid passed him on the first turn and put him on the offensive right away, but I have to wonder if he’ll be able to handle obstacles like wet roads or tire issues.

  5. Hi Clarke,

    I don’t think Lewis’ performance in Australia was a fluke. He will win races this year and I don’t think Alonso is worried.

    Alonso’s best quality is he’s always thinking about the season as a whole and not just one race. He’ll be happy to let a few slip just as long as his car is competitive so he can carry out the “master plan” (the championship) :)

    I think Lewis should do ok in the wet and when the car isn’t up to scratch, although I hope he doesn’t end up like Nico Rosberg in his first season (brilliant start, but when the car wasn’t as strong he faded in a major way).

  6. This is just a typical Ron Dennis smoke screen to cover up the fact that his cars are crap compared to another team so he accuses them of cheating…..
    happens every year….. im getting really tired of Ron Dennis

  7. StoneColdSpider: To be fair it works both ways.. Ferrari target their main competitors all the time.. They did it with McLaren’s 3rd brake/fiddle pedal back in ‘98 and they did it last year with Renault’s mass damper (although McLaren did make the initial complaint, Ferrari pushed it hard).

    I guess it’s just the game of F1.. you push the boundaries of the “law” until you get pulled up for it :)

  8. this happens all the time in F1 anyway, it’s nothing particularly clever by McLaren. every team finds out about something on someone else’s car, then writes a letter to the FIA asking if they themselves can use it. the FIA then writes to every team to tell them what that team asked them, and their decision on whether it’s legal or not, indirectly telling the team running the suspect part whether they should take it off or not.

  9. Hi Jon,

    I think you’ll find most teams simply complain about something another team has developed (ie: ask for clarification) and then the FIA rules on the matter. Here McLaren took a different approach by proposing a design that they knew was similar to what Ferrari was running. The key is they put forward a design and didn’t just point the finger at Ferrari.

    If they just pointed the finger at Ferrari it’d probably still be being debated and we’d probably have Ferrari leading the championship (just look how bad they went over the next few races when they had to modify their cars).

  10. LOL reading all these comments now that half the season is over…you’re all full of shit…you’re all so biased, opinionated and MISGUIDED…oh yeah AND pathetic. get a life losers

  11. F1critic – Please educate us on the unbiased truth of F1!! LOL! ;)

    Seriously though.. we put it on the line so why don’t you? Tell us what you actually think about things instead of b*tching about us and telling us how wrong we are.. Remember, nobody is forcing you to read this let-alone comment..

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