Webber Says Something Smart

{ Posted on Apr 22 2007 by dScribe }
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Mark Webber often doesn’t get to say much to the media other than things like “it’s not bl**dy good enough” when his car fails to finish almost every race. However, he recently made a very smart and constructive comment regarding holding an F1 race at night.

He raised the question of safety when it rains at night. I must admit, that’s something we didn’t even think of – and we love to be the devil’s advocate ;)

Webber said:

It has never been done before, so how do we know? … I have raced a sports car in Le Mans so I have driven at night – even in wet conditions – and that was fine.

But what we don’t know is a situation where a massive amount of lighting is being beamed onto the circuit through rain and spray. So the lights are above the spray- we are under the spray – how does that work for us? We think that this creates a difficult situation – we think, but we don’t know.

A Grand Prix held in dry, perfect conditions and if the track is lit up like daytime, maybe the event could run well. But there is the million dollar question that we don’t know – what happens if it rains?

This is the sort of thing we want to hear come out of Mark’s mouth. Too many times we only hear his frustrations (which are valid but…). So good job Mark! :)

5 Responses to “Webber Says Something Smart”

  1. he wont need to worry about the rain…. he will DNF before it even looks like raining ;)

  2. Stoney – Too right mate! LOL! ;)

  3. this website is shit my nan could make a better one and she is a drag queen

  4. its simple Jake….. if u dont like dont come back…. its not like ur being forced to view it….

  5. Jake – You’re funny :) You try to abuse the web site but in the end your slag off your own family more than anything.. LOL! :)

    Stoney – Thanks for the support!! :) You’re a champ :)

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