Lewis Hamilton Version 2.0

{ Posted on May 18 2007 by dScribe }
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Lewis Hamilton was signed to McLaren early in his career at the tender age of 13. This week another youngster looks set to follow in Hamilton’s footsteps.

Oliver Rowland, a 14 year old karting talent, has been signed to the McLaren Young Driver Support programme. Martin Whitmarsh has already confirmed they would like to put Oliver on a career plan similar to Hamilton’s despite denying he’s the next Lewis Hamilton.

It must be remembered that Nick Heidfeld is also a graduate of the McLaren programme.. so does this make Lewis Hamilton Nick Heidfeld Version 2.0? ;)   Just as long as he’s not Ricardo Zonta Version 2.0! (who’s a good driver, but just doesn’t have the same level of success)

5 Responses to “Lewis Hamilton Version 2.0”

  1. i think Hammy rocks… he is here for the long run and he sprints like a dark thoroughbred Arab. I wish him all the best for his career.

  2. boTTleJuice – “Hammy”.. what a fantastic nick-name!! LOL! :D

  3. hey it would b worse….. we could have a Jean-Denis Deletraz Version 2.0

  4. He sprints like a dark thoroughbred Arab? That is so wrong for so many reasons.

  5. Yeah but Hammie [and Ron's] comments after the race really got Mclaren in trouble now.

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