Super Monaco Brothers

{ Posted on May 28 2007 by dScribe }

Ok, well they’re not really brothers, but Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton were super around the streets of Monaco in their McLarens on Sunday. We haven’t seen a McLaren duo so dominant in a race since 1998.

Fernando Alonso – What a devastating show of composure and speed under huge pressure. Apart from a thrilling powerslide near the swimming pool he looked like he was ruby on rails. ;)

Lewis Hamilton – Lived up to the hype of performing well in Monaco, although did look very ragged at times. Seemed frustrated and quite disappointed for the first time this season. The media wants to point to McLaren strategy for ‘ruining’ Lewis’ race, but in reflection did Alonso ever really look at threat on the track?

Giancarlo Fisichella – What a great result from the Italian! Renault is struggling big-time, so these are well-earned points. 

Kimi Raikkonen – Establishing himself well as Ferrari’s new number 2 driver…

Felipe Massa – While the car was no match for McLaren, Felipe continues to do a good job in taking the no.1 Ferrari driver mantle for himself. Could be leading the championship if it wasn’t for his bad luck in Australia and over-driving in Malaysia.

Mark Webber – Even those who didn’t watch the race would know this result.

BMW – Not bad, but..

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  1. I am not even going to mention those commentators! I am a huge Alonso fan and think he is terribly underrated even after winning 2 world championships…he has a very cool head, I have thought this ever since he had Michael Schumacher on his tail for the last 8 laps of a race in 2005, I think he was about 23 years old then…talk about handling pressure.
    Great race….might of been a different story if the rain HAD come down.
    Really look forward to reading your comments after each race!

  2. Your comments are sometimes predictable, but i still crack up reading them all the time, really great work !


  3. Paula – You’re right – anyone who can mix it with Michael Schumacher like that is a superstar. Thanks for the support too! We look forward to having you read our future post-race comments and other commentary :)

    Ankit – Hehe.. yeah, some comments are always going to be the same.. like how Mark Webber retires every race.. and Kimi Raikkonen retires every other race.. :) Feel free to pick us up on the others though and we’ll try to come up with some new material hehe ;) I’m going to have to throw some support behind F1 Chronicles because you’re such a good supporter of us :) Many thanks :)

  4. “you’re such a good supporter of us”

    Thats because you write such interesting stuff.

    Thanks for visiting our blog also !

  5. well over here in Australia we had to stay up till well after 11pm to watch this GP… even tho the race had already been run and won before it was even on our TVs *sigh*

    the race was a Total snooze tho…. F1 needs more pay drivers to spice up tracks like monaco with more crashes… since theres no overtaking…..

    the commintators are also a snooze… even over in Australia we are subjected to the cruel and unusual punishment of hearing James Allen prat on and on about nothing…AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH dont get me started on James Allen… hes totaly usless!!!

    and if Mark Webber was a race horse he wouold have been shot a long time ago

  6. i agree with Paula, I myself was a Schumi fan but the way that “kid” handled the great Schumi, it was a revelation for me…No doubt Alonso is the new champion on the block and he is gonna have a legacy similar to schumi if he continues his form for a couple of yrs more.
    @dscribe: great job mayte with ur website…i’m a regular:)
    @Mark: dude keep on trying..u know trying has no pricetag but err ur car does;)…
    @SCS: yea u r damn rite mayte..That James dude needs to take a chill-pill..

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