Funny Pic: Red Bull soccer during Monaco Race

{ Posted on May 31 2007 by dScribe }
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Would love to hear your captions for the following picture:

Red Bull Mechanic - Playing Soccer or Limbo?

Here’s a few quick ones:

  • Limbo anyone?
  • He shoots, he scores!
  • Who left that banana there!?

19 Responses to “Funny Pic: Red Bull soccer during Monaco Race”

  1. looks like hes doing the can-can ;)

  2. hey Mayte, dont you listen to pavarotti ?

  3. Sorry ’bout this, damn toilet paper stuck to my foot, hold on while i shake it off!

  4. I’m not letting you go by until you jump over this stick.

  5. Hey David, Can you read my shoe size for me please ?

  6. Everyone – Great comments guys (and girls)! :) Many thanks for the contributions. Looks like we might have a few more “add a caption” type posts in the future :)

    Paula – Haha! Now that was a good comment. I was trying to think of something funny to say about the white part near his foot but couldn’t come up with anything good.. It certainly does look like toilet paper!! hehe :)

  7. I told them not to put that part on the wing, IT DOESN’T WORK!!!!!

  8. Ya put ya left leg in and shake it all about…………OOh the okey Cokey!!

  9. Scottish dancing anyone? Highland fling maybe? make David feel at home!

  10. All Singing All Dancing – Red Bull Racing The Musical

  11. It’s too early for snow sweeping, man :-) )

  12. David Coulthard, we apologise for your car’s bad performance – it has a cold. Let me try getting that tissue into this giant net…

  13. All around the world we see lots of athletes practising for the 2012
    London Olympics, especially the high jump

  14. Hey David problem with your car, lemme kick start it for you

  15. Great comments everyone! Really nice to see everyone getting in there and having a go :)

    I think we’re going to have to have a regular comment “competition” here on FF1 :)

  16. Bet ya A thousand you Cant Fit the Car under my leg!

  17. Formula 1’s new half time show idea.

  18. ok David…we all know that you are retiring soon, so take this special tissue from your mates at Red Bull Racing…

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